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I totally agree with @jimizo it's quite joyless here... Nice place, but only for a time. That's amazing to all the people that found their bliss here..

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This does not sound like reliable intelligence at all...I mean Singapore.???

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I support this so much!!!! 14 days quarantine is ridiculous, not to mention how almost all the world is locked because of the travel restrictions. Open the Borders!!!!! Ease travel restrictions and for God sake, get rid of that stupid 14 day mandatory quarantine!!!. Japan is backward in the handling of covid and vaccine administration. For a developed country, it's shocking.

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Happy Olympic day Japan. So unfortunate you were the bad lucky country. But after all the money spent; Let the Games begin!!

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Useless or not, I will be applying for it. At this point, anything to be able to Travel. The US is already back to normal, meanwhile Japan is lagging. Its stiffling, not being able to travel without all the rules.

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When can we travel??? Open the borders. Not much people care about the Olympics that has lost its momentum.

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This entire vaccine roll out in Japan is laughable. It's so backward. Unbelievable for a developed country!!

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The vaccine role out here in Japan is beyond pathetic. All my friends in the US and London are vaccinated. This is the country with the Olympics and their movements are so archaic. Japan is really a slow country.

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Japan is can be so slow and backward sometimes, its mindboggling. Meanwhile the US that doesn't have an olympics, already vaccinated most of its population. Also I don't see why old age persons are being prioritised?? No statistic show that old people in Japan were the only ones that died of the virus. Japan is too backward in its operations. Here shouldn't even be considered part of the G8. Too slow!!

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Too slow is the vaccine roll out. For a country that is scheduled to hold an international sport event, the vaccine roll out is ridiculously slow.

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I'm here for this. Its crazy to not see peoples faces. Like how do you remember someone if your only speak to them via their eyes?? I want one!!

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Given the kid appearance.. wow!! Truly sad. I hope she heals both mentally and physically

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Not forgetting how slow vaccine roll out is going.

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