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Posted in: Relaxed mask usage guidelines barely spread among Japanese public See in context

Japanese people are crazy with the mask wearing. But if it makes them happy..Oh Well. I'm so glad I can wear lipcolour and show my lovely face again. Someone said, " masks makes unattractive women look attractive." Thats so true. Guys too...Sometimes It's shocking how people look without their mask. Thankfully I have no issues in that department. I do generate looks from people. But It's either because I'm beautiful or they want to tell me put on my masks, but lack the courage to do it. Either way, I don't care. Life goes on.

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An increase in STIs that’s what the board is concern about. Do they think grown women are babies??? How ridiculous!!!! I didn’t realized how serious this issue is in Japan until now..

Before I came to Japan, I thought it was like a leader and super advanced in Asia, but living here, I got to realize Japan is a very slow country to change. Very traditional and slow, bordering on Myopic. Light years behind the G8 countries on almost everything.

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Posted in: Businesses rattled by gov't caution to ease restrictions for foreign tourists See in context

Japan is a slow country, slow to adapt. Mannerism of western culture, norms and behaviour gets here late, so these things are expected. A large percentage of the population live in fear of the virus, which isn't quite shocking. I personally don't wear mask anymore. Only at work because it's required. I generate stares, but I'm not intimidated as there is no law that says " I must wear a mask."

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Posted in: Japan's virtual YouTubers make millions from fans See in context

While it’s cool to have a hobby, that car parts dealer needs a life. I can’t understand people who live online.

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Posted in: Air New Zealand relaxes travel requirements See in context


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Posted in: Train driver posthumously awarded ¥56 in docked wages for 1-minute delay See in context

This is so so sad! I tell people in the west. Only people who work for companies governed by non Japanese people are happy workers in this country. Everyone else is in some state of mental breakdown. The work culture here is so sick. I walk the streets here feeling sorry for the people, especially when I see them in the traditional black suit, white shirt. This is one thing I hope would change about Japan in the next century (can't say decade, because that's too soon for them)

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Posted in: Tokyo police arrest video game YouTuber for marijuana possession See in context

Lol… he really said he got it two years ago from a black person? Using the “black person” card probably works to get out of drama with illegal activities. Also, the quantity must have been large for him to still have. How lame. Hoping Black people aren’t targeted from his statement. Japan is already an archaic society and light years behind modern thinking, still thinking foreigners ruin its angelic society.

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Posted in: Business lobby calls for lifting entry ban on nonresident foreigners See in context

Anyway disagreeing with this article need to wake up from their bubble. Japan needs to move with the virus. Locking down everytime there is a new strain or keeping the borders shut, can't be a proactive solution. Not when the virus has been here over two years. Are they going to ever allow tourist again?? Come on now. Myopic and Archaic is what I think the leaders of this modern country are.

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Posted in: Business lobby calls for lifting entry ban on nonresident foreigners See in context

Exactly!! Why impose 10 days? Japan is like a modern backward country. Like Covid is here to stay!!! Open the Borders already!!! America will always be great!. They know how to deal. It's been two years now! Let move on!!

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Japan looks attractive before entering. Your expeience as an ALT or working at English schools will depend on your background. I am currently an English Teacher and I'll tell you this. I won't recommend it at all for something to make a life. It's ok if your intentions is to travel Asia and Japan. Other than that, Japan isn't a wowing country, not the life of the party. Unless your country is really struggling, you can come for a time and bounce. I found foriengers here are like wanderers. No real sense of goal or purpose. If you are reading this comment. Don't let that be you. Its more fun in the west. Here is like a military zone, clean and safe. The END!!

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Posted in: Japan requests U.S. base curfews; Okinawa reports 981 virus cases See in context

Japan government is so annoying. Covid is here to stay!!! Are you gonna keep the boarders closed forever????

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘Am I missing out?’ See in context

I totally agree with @jimizo it's quite joyless here... Nice place, but only for a time. That's amazing to all the people that found their bliss here..

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Posted in: Japan warns citizens of possible attack in 6 Southeast Asian nations See in context

This does not sound like reliable intelligence at all...I mean Singapore.???

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Posted in: Japan business lobby seeks to end quarantine for vaccinated arrivals See in context

I support this so much!!!! 14 days quarantine is ridiculous, not to mention how almost all the world is locked because of the travel restrictions. Open the Borders!!!!! Ease travel restrictions and for God sake, get rid of that stupid 14 day mandatory quarantine!!!. Japan is backward in the handling of covid and vaccine administration. For a developed country, it's shocking.

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Posted in: Suga, wife have dinner with Jill Biden See in context

Happy Olympic day Japan. So unfortunate you were the bad lucky country. But after all the money spent; Let the Games begin!!

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Posted in: Japan to issue vaccine passports free of charge See in context

Useless or not, I will be applying for it. At this point, anything to be able to Travel. The US is already back to normal, meanwhile Japan is lagging. Its stiffling, not being able to travel without all the rules.

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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context

When can we travel??? Open the borders. Not much people care about the Olympics that has lost its momentum.

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Posted in: Town hit by threats, complaints over COVID vaccination program for youth See in context

This entire vaccine roll out in Japan is laughable. It's so backward. Unbelievable for a developed country!!

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The vaccine role out here in Japan is beyond pathetic. All my friends in the US and London are vaccinated. This is the country with the Olympics and their movements are so archaic. Japan is really a slow country.

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context

Japan is can be so slow and backward sometimes, its mindboggling. Meanwhile the US that doesn't have an olympics, already vaccinated most of its population. Also I don't see why old age persons are being prioritised?? No statistic show that old people in Japan were the only ones that died of the virus. Japan is too backward in its operations. Here shouldn't even be considered part of the G8. Too slow!!

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

Too slow is the vaccine roll out. For a country that is scheduled to hold an international sport event, the vaccine roll out is ridiculously slow.

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Posted in: Free your smile with this clear mask See in context

I'm here for this. Its crazy to not see peoples faces. Like how do you remember someone if your only speak to them via their eyes?? I want one!!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping boiling water on 1-year-old daughter See in context

Given the kid appearance.. wow!! Truly sad. I hope she heals both mentally and physically

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Posted in: Japan faces longer state of emergency, casting doubt on Olympics See in context

Not forgetting how slow vaccine roll out is going.

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