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Posted in: Japan carries out drills on annual Disaster Prevention Day See in context

triangle of life: drop, cover, hold on. It will not work if you drop, cover, hold on to an IKEA table. It is a guideline, but definitely better than running outside where you are more likely to be hit by falling objects - we need to be sensible. My office also did our disaster drill last Friday and normally people ignore it and/or find it a nuisance. But when a disaster does occur, like the 2011 earthquake those same people who do not participate are the first ones who complain.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

Calm down people. Like most people my first reaction was, why did they not shoot it down ? But if they did, then what ? We go to war, for what? Loss of innocent life is never worth it. Missiles are fast by the time it is detected it could be over a populated area, the debris will cause more damage. I agree with one of the posts, take out the fat little guy in his own area.

What is even more amazing to me, and one I see not logical reason are American tourists flocking to go to North Korea before the tourist ban is in place. WHY ?????

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Posted in: Emperor's abdication ceremony likely to be held in Dec 2018 See in context

Why must foreigners be so critical, why just not be happy that the Emperor is allowed to do so and wish him and the Empress, good luck.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

A question for those who were denied housing, did you have a guarantor ? For most part, Japanese landlords prefer foreigners to have Japanese guarantors (with stable jobs). Some of you might find this to be rejudice and I do agree, however, one have to see it from their point of view. The main purpose of a guarantor is basically for shaming, it is easier to shame a Japanese and thus get them to pay in the event that the "gaijin" fails to pay the rent. They cannot really do this to a foreigner who (1) flight risk (2) will not be easily shamed to the point that they will pay the rent. When I was looking for apartments, I will use a housing company, also use a "guarantor" company like Recruit (there are other out there) and never had a problem - lived here for 28 yrs. I am not saying that Japan is does not have their share of prejuduces - we all do; all countries do and have experienced my share. But responding to it in "nastiness" or rudeness does not help our asituation here. I recommend, smile, say "Ahhh sou", bow and walk away. I always believe, don't want to be in a place not wanted.

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Posted in: Japanese firms wage war on 'smell harassment' See in context

How about smelly feet ????!!!! I never understand the removing of shoes in the office.

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Posted in: Hoshino Resorts opens new luxury hot spring ryokan in Tokyo's Otemachi See in context

Finally, I love Hoshino Resrts; will definitely give this a try.

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Posted in: China tells Japan to stop interfering in South China Sea See in context

Why is the international community only doing anything about this now ? They should have voice their concern to China when China started to build the islands. At the moment no one wants to tell the "Big Bully" anything because everyone and I mean EVERYONE is trying to kiss the Chinese arse for money.

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