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Posted in: Skywatchers in Japan treated to rare lunar eclipse that blocks Uranus See in context

I was awesome !!!

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Posted in: Emperor pays respects See in context

I'm glad he is there paying respects to the Queen, but why does he wear a mask in Japan but not in England?

Maybe because covid is far more rampant in Japan and he has more chance of being infected?

In England and in the US, mask wearing is not mandatory. However in Japan, especially during the pandemic, although wearing a mask is not mandatory, it is considered selfish and rude not to wear one - one is only thinking of oneself and not others. It is the reason why majority of Japanese wear a mask when they have the colds.

I think England is much safer than Japan currently, regarding COVID. I never thought I'd write those words, but here in Denmark, people are definitely wary about holidays in Japan at present because of how prevalent covid is there

COVID spread is once again declining in Japan; the variant B.5 is a weak strain. I don't understand how you can be so sure that Europe, UK, US other countries are not in the same situation. In the aforementioned regions, no masking, no more reporting of COVID cases.... Japanese government plans to lessen tourist restrictions end of Sept/early Oct - not looking forward to it at all.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono draws flak for blocking Twitter critics See in context

I am not sure what was posted in his twitter account, but if it was with abusive language, I think he has every right to do this, whether is it is his private or "public" account. I have had the same experience (the name calling, abusive language) when replying to a post regarding mask wearing, it is fine to disagree or voice ones opinion but have the decency to be respectful. I would have done the same thing if I had twitter (refuse to have one).

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

Just a bit of background…. I am a foreigner in Japan; have lived here for 30+ years. I divorced my husband and in Japan, the mother automatically gets full custody of the children, the exception to this rule is if the other is deemed unfit to take of care of the child/children, for example she is mentally ill. I remembered when I decided to divorce my Japanese husband, I was told so many things, for example, I will not have rights to my child, because I am not Japanese - so wrong. So I hired a lawyer ( a Japanese lawyer) mainly because I did not speak Japanese and I wanted to know my rights. Needless to say, I got full custody of my child, got child support until my kid turned 18 and when he entered University, the cost was 50/50. My ex got visitation right, it was part of the settlement. So my advice for Mr. Fichot and others thinking about it, get a lawyer to help you. Also a word of advice, in Japan, if the divorce is due to infidelity, the Japanese law allows the wronged party to sue the “other man/woman” (there must be proof of course).

As for Mr. Fichot, he is not helping his situation by not having a job, THIS will be use against him by his wife. I feel sorry for his situation, but his actions are not helping him.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

I wish they will stop putting age limits and vaccinate who ever wants to, isn't that more efficient??

This is how it is done in most countries, the US, EMEA, etc. It might not be efficient but it depends on priorities or who votes. In Japan, the older generation are the main voters :)

From next week companies with over 1000 employees can do in-office vaccination for their workers, ANA and JAL have already started. This should somewhat lessen the stress from the government sites.

It is moving... there is a light in the end of the tunnel.

Here we go again, only for the person on the other end of the phone to say no!

I don't understand people who come to Japan and expect them to deviate from the rules. Japan is the land of rules, live with it. Why do you put yourself in a situation when you know 1000% (for emphasis) that the person on the other end will say no ?!!! Why, oh why.

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Posted in: Japan opens mass vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

To be honest, I don't really care, I am just glad that the JP Gov is finally getting off their wrinkled arses and have the vaccination moving. FINALLY !!

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Posted in: IOC offers medical help for Tokyo Olympics See in context

My message to Thomas Bach, please come to Japan during the event. This idiot is not even planning to be here for an event that he is pushing so hard for Japan to hold.

And to Mr Suga/Japan gov (have some "cajones"), cancel it , so what if Japan can never host another Olympic game again. The olympic is a short term economic boost but if one really dig deep down, the long team financial effect is not worth it.

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Posted in: Coronavirus vaccination simulation to be held on Wednesday See in context

Sarcasm and unproductive criticism gets us nowhere. And I agree with others, this is necessary to determine logistics of implementing vaccinations. I am sure that even after the results are provided each prefecture will need to "tweek" it make it work for their demographic.

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Posted in: Pfizer files request for COVID-19 vaccine approval in Japan See in context

But mRNA vaccines DO contain the genetic code of the virus, actually that is the only thing they contain. Of course they don't include the part of the code for proteins that are toxic to the cells, or that mess with the immune system or the part that allow the virus to keep replicating. In general mRNA has been used commercially for decades, and has been tried in humans for many years already. No general negative effects have been observed for the technology itself.

I have to disagree here, what you describe is the traditional method of creating vaccines - influenza, yellow fever and such. This is the reason why some people have fever after getting an influenze vaccine for example.

mRNA vaccines have been studied and developed for awhile, the first in use is for rabies in 2017 (I am sure there are others out there being developed) and very new technology and this what makes it so interesting and exciting. As far as I know, COVID-19 mRNA vaccine is the first to go in full use. For those who are interested in knowing how it works, below are some good reads:



From Lancet on Phase 3 On COVID Vaccines: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)32137-1/fulltext

Enjoy !

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Posted in: Pfizer files request for COVID-19 vaccine approval in Japan See in context

why dont use other medicines widely used already in different countries say Sputnik in Russia

SputnikV has made its Phase 1 and Phase 1.5 test result available to any country. I think went directly to Phase 3 and the population demographic it was tested has only been on Russians.

I am also hoping that Moderna will apply for approval with the Japan government soon.

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Posted in: Pfizer files request for COVID-19 vaccine approval in Japan See in context

@virusrex is correct and great answers -- Thank you. Pfizer needs to apply for approval, however before it can be approved, the vaccine has to be tested for efficacy for this demographic. To be honest, having the vaccine to be ready to arms by March 2021 is quick.

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Posted in: Abe says decision to resign before accomplishing his goals 'gut-wrenching' See in context

I am sad to see him go and I do wish him a speedy recovery.

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Posted in: Schools restart across Japan after short summer vacation See in context

At least the kids are all wearing masks (compare in the US, no mask wearing) and social distancing. COVID will be around for a long time and everyone needs to move with their lives (kids and adults) albeit with modificaitons (mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing etc. ). So may I suggest the additional precaution - when your kids get home, make sure that they take a shower upon arriving home; spray their uniform with sanitizer / do not re-use their clothes (anyway in this heat they should be doing it anyway) - put it to be laundered. I also suggest do not do "ofuro" / baths or do not share anyway. I know that this is not a 100% guarantee for not catching COVID from family members but it will help to lessen the risk as we all try to learn to live with this virus.

Keep safe everyone. If anyone else have other suggestions / recommendations, i would love to hear about it.

I notice that everyone are just so full of criticism, which to be honest really does not help anyone but just makes it sound like soar-puss/unhappy people.

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Posted in: Japan to grant re-entry 'gradually' to foreign residents stuck abroad See in context

Foreign residents in Japan being treated as Second class citizens is an understatement. Better vote with your feet...long term it’s gonna get worse...

As non-citizens of this country,, yes, we are "second class" , please let me know of what country out there that will put "residents" over and above their own ? I understand, the Japanese government (any good gov out there) will always take care of the return of their citizens above others and have absolutely no issue. Just be lucky that they have included foreigner residents for the 100,000 yen in coverage plan.

This is a human rights violation in my book but don't expect to be treated like any kind of citizen until you actually become an actual citizen.

How can this be a human rights violation ? You are not a citizen of the country therefore they (Japan as a whole) does not owe you anything. The way I see it, just lucky that they treat you nicely as long as you follow the law of the land. When I first moved here, someone said to me "You are here as a visitor, the Japanese did not ask you to be here. Like any visitor, if you are not happy, you know where the exit is."

The government should be ashamed of itself to not offer quarantine at least to those who wish to return.

I agree with you about offering quarantine period, and I don't know why they did not, I can only guess that they (the gov) might have been worried about the stress on the medical system that the influx of returnees might have had.

To be honest, even after a vaccine becomes available I will continue to wear the mask and will not feel safe to travel until the vaccine is well tested and established (I equate it to buying a vers 1.0 of a software - there are always bugs).

Keep safe everyone and wear mask when you are out of your "bubble" and follow the protocol at all times.

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Posted in: Japan carries out drills on annual Disaster Prevention Day See in context

triangle of life: drop, cover, hold on. It will not work if you drop, cover, hold on to an IKEA table. It is a guideline, but definitely better than running outside where you are more likely to be hit by falling objects - we need to be sensible. My office also did our disaster drill last Friday and normally people ignore it and/or find it a nuisance. But when a disaster does occur, like the 2011 earthquake those same people who do not participate are the first ones who complain.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

Calm down people. Like most people my first reaction was, why did they not shoot it down ? But if they did, then what ? We go to war, for what? Loss of innocent life is never worth it. Missiles are fast by the time it is detected it could be over a populated area, the debris will cause more damage. I agree with one of the posts, take out the fat little guy in his own area.

What is even more amazing to me, and one I see not logical reason are American tourists flocking to go to North Korea before the tourist ban is in place. WHY ?????

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Posted in: Emperor's abdication ceremony likely to be held in Dec 2018 See in context

Why must foreigners be so critical, why just not be happy that the Emperor is allowed to do so and wish him and the Empress, good luck.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

A question for those who were denied housing, did you have a guarantor ? For most part, Japanese landlords prefer foreigners to have Japanese guarantors (with stable jobs). Some of you might find this to be rejudice and I do agree, however, one have to see it from their point of view. The main purpose of a guarantor is basically for shaming, it is easier to shame a Japanese and thus get them to pay in the event that the "gaijin" fails to pay the rent. They cannot really do this to a foreigner who (1) flight risk (2) will not be easily shamed to the point that they will pay the rent. When I was looking for apartments, I will use a housing company, also use a "guarantor" company like Recruit (there are other out there) and never had a problem - lived here for 28 yrs. I am not saying that Japan is does not have their share of prejuduces - we all do; all countries do and have experienced my share. But responding to it in "nastiness" or rudeness does not help our asituation here. I recommend, smile, say "Ahhh sou", bow and walk away. I always believe, don't want to be in a place not wanted.

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Posted in: Japanese firms wage war on 'smell harassment' See in context

How about smelly feet ????!!!! I never understand the removing of shoes in the office.

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Posted in: Hoshino Resorts opens new luxury hot spring ryokan in Tokyo's Otemachi See in context

Finally, I love Hoshino Resrts; will definitely give this a try.

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Posted in: China tells Japan to stop interfering in South China Sea See in context

Why is the international community only doing anything about this now ? They should have voice their concern to China when China started to build the islands. At the moment no one wants to tell the "Big Bully" anything because everyone and I mean EVERYONE is trying to kiss the Chinese arse for money.

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