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Posted in: I didn't expect I'd be a target. I didn't keep the key in the house because it would be bothersome. See in context

Wonder where those foreigners online sellers and door to door sellers get their cheap rice and other food items. Yrs ago there was a news item about an old Japanese man who steal vegetable products form some farms and sell it very cheap just for the thrill of being around young and beautiful housewives. So yes, not blaming all foreigners though.

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Posted in: During my meeting with Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, I couldn't help but notice how the Japanese express their respect and courteousness, even online. See in context

Him, being always in the presence of Duterte's meetings could so used to vulgarity and foul mouths!

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Posted in: Parts of cat's body found at Kobe apartment building See in context

Leaving something for everyone to see is a sign of someone needing attention and at the same time sowing fear. And yes, he could be a serial killer in the making.

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Posted in: University student killed in apartment; suspect dies in fire in apartment below See in context

No floor is safe esp if the next door apt is empty or the upper floor is. A really nice country but it has its creepy side.

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Posted in: Pandemic reveals hidden poverty in wealthy Japan See in context

Some comments are faulting the Jgovt for having people below or on the poverty line. I just can't blame them wholly. Just take my case. My job contract wasn't extended to accommodate some Jlanguage students/trainees. Being out of work Iam receiving unemployment insurance which depletes govt funds while those who are given the job meant for us aren't doing the same. At the time that most are laid off and out of work, hordes of them are coming in and presumably working and I dare say working beyond the 28hrs limit per week yet skipping the right fees. Some senior/sempai leaders/staff who are enamored by exotic beauties disregard the effect on the company production in particular and erosion of public funds in general. Yet some sectors would blame the govt for all of these social problems. There are rotten company employees/senior officials who don't realize that they are the reason why the retirement age is changed. The fund is depleted not just because Jpeople are living longer, it is simply because people who are legitimately contributing to the fund is regularly laid off to give way to some who don't even rightfully contribute.

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Posted in: 'Twitter killer' drops death sentence appeal; wants to get married See in context

@Hooktrunk, I've read that not only deathrow criminals are allowed to marry. Some female inmates gets some free intimate time and gets pregnant while in jail.

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Posted in: 'Twitter killer' drops death sentence appeal; wants to get married See in context

Not in Japan though. Read that sometimes women marry a convicted killer to get a detailed account of the crime and later make a book out of it and perhaps a movie rights after. It looks like a collab effort between the criminal and the woman. An enterprising effort in the midst of the pandemic!

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

She might have resisted the advances of a higher up and found something to sack her.

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Posted in: Woman hitchhiker stabbed by man in car in Kochi Pref See in context

@3rensho, that's the problem when a lady gives in to an invite from esp a JMan. It seems like they thought that the heavens must be so nice to them for delivering such a cutie romping mate! Answering positively from an invite right away means more on intimacy for most of them. Even if they're just offering a cup of coffee!

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Posted in: Trial of man accused of killing Yamagata eye doctor to start Monday See in context

A tragic end for someone who have made it. Rest In peace Dear Doctor. You could have served much longer but for that loser evil of a soul.

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Posted in: Once it becomes safe to travel again without the hassles of coronavirus tests, quarantines and being vaccinated, which countries are going to be top of your list to visit? See in context

@Pukey, the conflict with my son's sked was the main reason then. Last year I had actually paid and booked as early as June but had to cancel it because of a new job. I was out of work then and receiving unemployment insurance and planned to spend a month. Just sad I had that job for less than a month kind of duped since at the Hello Work office I made it clear that I want to work for 8 hrs and I was allowed to work by that factory for 4 hrs. Been yrs I felt I'm being hammered down though. Been a diligent and quiet worker without any complain re hard and dirty work though. Thanks for voicing out your concern. Out of work again since mid Sept. Sigh!!!!

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Posted in: The government has been one step behind on everything, and people have been forced to run around in confusion. It’s such a waste of taxpayers’ money. See in context

On the contrary, I think the Jgovt is doing well on this regard. We were allowed to buy premium cards for ¥20,000 whose value is 25% more. And the city hall just issued another set this month. Though I didn't received food packs, I understand early on some got one. Compare to my home country who're on no work no pay, I did receive more than 10 man for several months even without working aside from the 3man govt dole out. Yes, the Jgovt did and is doing well.

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Posted in: It’s hoped that foreign students would join Japanese firms after graduation and continue living in the country. Furthermore, foreign students are, in fact, supporting Japan’s workforce as part-timers. It’s necessary for Japanese public and private sectors, and academics, to jointly develop a system to welcome foreign students as members of Japanese society. See in context

Just almost 2 weeks ago happened to exit on an eki where a nearby daigaku is. I met hordes of young foreign looking people just maybe in their early 20's or late teens all in their crisp and similar suits and shoes. I believe they attended the welcoming ceremony for foreign Japanese language students. It won't be too much to say that more than 90% of them are not money laden in their home countries to be choosing to study here in Japan. They are here primarily to work. Hence most if not all are working 2 jobs clicking more than 48manhours in a week. They don't pay the right taxes nor contribute to social security but they are given priority for work simply because they're willing to do more than just factory work to satiate the physical needs of some staff of the company just like what I've observed in my last workplace. I don't believe it's a company policy. Some who have stayed in the company longer are taking advantage of the financial needs of these students to serve their own desires.

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Posted in: Once it becomes safe to travel again without the hassles of coronavirus tests, quarantines and being vaccinated, which countries are going to be top of your list to visit? See in context

Just like @Toasted, to my homeland too! It's been 6 too looooong yrs!

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of homeless woman turns himself in See in context

The govt shld revise some regs re homeless people's application for welfare. The applicant needs a sort of address for them to apply. And how could that be when they're homeless in the first place. And secondly the govt shld change the welfare given to some physically and mentally challenged and seikatsu hogo recipients. How come they receive more than what some pensioners are receiving. Not being mean. Just asking for things to be fair. For all we know the guardians of those people are the ones benefiting from such.

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Posted in: Eco-friendly, healthy plant-based meat in spotlight in Japan See in context

In the late 70's in my home country, the so called TVP or textured vegetable protein was offered as a cheap alternative to meat. When we say meat, we associate it with protein. Health gurus are promoting soya as an alternative source of protein. Some supermarkets are selling soya meat minced and in cubes. You wouldn't even tell the difference even with the taste. But @James, I agree with you with the use of the word meat in the article.

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Posted in: Police suspect Vietnamese group stole hundreds of pigs, fruit See in context

@TokyoEngineer, most of them work 2 jobs and have more than 48workhrs per week yet they don't contribute to Shakai Hoken. They've been enjoying too much privileges. Imagine receiving some discounts even in travel and in leisure just by showing their students ID's yet they're earning more than 15 man. There was even a time many yrs ago when I was earning around 13 man and how much do you think was the take home pay after the social insurance and the taxes were deducted? So they're claiming poverty but they're not paying the right dues. Iam the one living in poverty yet I don't steal pigs, cows, fruits and veggies. It's time the police make a surveillance on some of those ethnic mini marts perhaps or your door to door or online food sellers.

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Posted in: Police suspect Vietnamese group stole hundreds of pigs, fruit See in context

I'm one with some posters who think that crimes like this doesn't represent the whole foreignerdom esp Asians. But to say it's because of poverty is quite assuming. I'm one of those whose job contract wasn't extended because the company prioritize some Japanese language students cum contract workers. And hard to say but they're Vietnamese. They do it out of poverty? Come on. They looked well fed, well dressed and have leisure money to spend. Those who looked poor are those who are newly arrived and it won't last for long even. They've been raking a lot. For one, they're not even paying the right dues to the govt. Hence people like me would be receiving unemployment insurance depleting govt funds while they don't add up to the fund. One reason probably why the retirement age kept changing. I admire them for being young and doing everything to reach their dreams. I see myself in them. If only they pay their dues and don't harm the economy in the long run.

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

@strangerland, to my understanding drawing cartoons re their prophet would incite anger and violence from believers that's why you are advising people to be civil and stop doing such. Igarashi San didn't do such a thing yet he was murdered. It's not only about cartooning their prophet, anything and everything that they deem disrespectful to their religion or to their people is haram. Hence I'm one with @Fu and @stormcrow.

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

@strangerland, when a Japanese writer just wanted to earn a living and hence translated into Japanese the Satanic Verses, he was murdered. The writer was civil and the perpetrator was enjoying scholarship benefit from the Jgovt receiving monthly stipend of which he's not obliged to pay back not like some Jstudents who ask for govt education assistance and need to pay back the exact amount. And in return what did he do? There was never a drawing nor any kind of hatred the writer did. There are good Muslims as I've witnessed and worked with some before but like some I believe it's violent. Once a fatwa was raised, no one questions and they just have to follow. Not sure what happen to the killer though.

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

@the Fu, many political and religious refugees left their homelands and go the open arms of Europe to run away from persecution and violence. Yet they spread around the very violence they left behind. No gratitude at all for the countries and its people who accepted them as they are.

@Desert, nice observation between the US, Canada and Europe re immigrants. My son is a half Japanese half Filipino yet I understand he's still a gaijin in the eyes of the real locals and the same is true I think with some celebs here.

There are controlling religions and people who believe in them shld just stay put where they belong.

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Posted in: Fake residence cards proliferating as more foreigners overstay visas See in context

@Do the hustle, I just think even the crude method of telephone inquiry direct to the immigration office to check out the visa status of all foreign workers would put a stop to the production of fake alien cards and documents.

@Pukey 2, how can we really be sure that they were asking ¥5000 only? For all we know it's higher just to avoid a higher and a longer penalty.

@Dr. Lucifer, so true. My contract wasn't extended in the guise of the pandemic but the company keeps on hiring not Vietnamese trainees but students who work in 2 factories for a total of not less than 48 hrs a week. They are able to make a run around on a loophole of the law. Yet as students they don't add up to the coffers of the social security system while we who are technically dismissed from jobs taken by them are bilking the govt coffers via the unemployment insurance. I have a feeling that those behind this is out to destroy Japan.Just imagine the money being collected by the social insurance office would become lesser while more people will be asking for unemployment insurance. I won't be surprised if from being number 3, Japan would slide to 4. There's dirty politics behind all of these acts and from my own experience, some senior members of the company are in cohorts with the company managing foreign trainees and Japanese language students. They simply couldn't resist charming, young and beautiful Lolitas!

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Posted in: LGBT groups in Japan launch petition seeking equality law See in context

How can there be equal rights for the LGBT when there's no equal rights for women? Even with comfort rooms, we are only given 2 options she or he and nothing in between! Don't have bad feelings against the gay community. Got friends on both sides but I don't believe they have to spend time and money just for this. If worse come to worst for some gay couple they could execute wills and power of attorneys to smooth things over.

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Posted in: U.S. charges British IS members in deaths of American, Japanese, other hostages See in context

There are those who seek refuge to other first world countries running away from violence from their native lands. They were fed, clothed, housed and educated. And just when they are expected to stand by themselves and be a productive member of the community who nurtured them, they ran back to the violent ideals they left behind. Similarly in Japan, some are given a chance to work and improve themselves but at the end got a motive to bleed the economy dry in favor of their own native land.

I won't be surprised if they'll have book and movie rights offer and live comfortably while they cut short the lives of those whom they beheaded. And they have the gusts to smile and laugh while being interviewed!!!!Bastards!!!!

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Posted in: Abe tweets that he has visited Yasukuni Shrine See in context

I'm one with Jack. For being the head for around 8 yrs must be something. We must give respect for that alone. Don't know much about Nihonggo but whenever I see him being grilled in the Parliament during session, it takes a lot of guts facing different people watching his every word and moves. He's now a private person and he's twitting on his own account and there are still bashers. Envious folks! Just because he can have what he wants while we are toiling and yet we can't have what he has? Enough folks!

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Posted in: Japan revises law to make more part-timers join pension program See in context

@yubaru, those who were making tons of money before and deficient of their taxes are those who are in dire need of retirement pension most of the time. Most of them had their own flourishing business which eventually went bankrupt and are in need of retirement pension in which their contribution are almost always incomplete for them to receive such.

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte says no school until there is a virus vaccine See in context

Mr. Duterte says no school until there's a vaccine. But Education officials are telling that there'll be a month long enrollment in June in preparation for classes in August. And to maintain social distancing, half of each class will be home based while the other half would be in school in rotation. @Andy, the Phils isn't that difficult to run. The ones running it make things difficult.

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Posted in: Japan's elderly workers suffer as pandemic closes businesses See in context

@yubaru, so true. And he is eligible to be in a govt housing. One thing is really unfair. There are people who are receiving more than 20 man every 2 months but who haven't worked all their lives. Life's unfair!

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Posted in: What will we eat in the year 2050? See in context

Reading articles like this make me realize how lucky Iam living in a first world country. Back home in my native land some don't even have anything due to the pandemic extreme emergency measure. They have problem feeding their empty stomachs now what more with their stomachs decades from now.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving fetus in suitcase in Nagoya See in context

@Maria,one kind of contraception alone isn't a sure hit. In combination with say, rhythm method, could be.

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