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Posted in: Unification Church ex-members in Japan say they were treated like an 'economic army' See in context

Seems like the attention is focused to the Unification Church. How about some other religious cult with a tight hold on Jpolitics!

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Posted in: 2 dead, 7 injured after bus-car collision on expressway in central Japan See in context

Could be Meitetsu bus?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't investigating mistreatment of pregnant foreign trainees See in context

Just have to disagree that Japan is hiring trainees to save on pay outs. The handlers of these trainees are basicallly receiving the full amount of salaries which might equal to J and residents parttimers. The trainees are at the receiving end after the salary cuts. And we who are their co workers and residents are at the losing end since light and OT jobs are being prioritized to them. There was a time when overstayers intentionally hook up with a Japanese even married ones just to get pregnant and make their residence legal. Flaunting that the bay is Japanese. And when they do, all the previous taxes they shld have been paying all along is scrapped to zero.such an unfair life though, pitying the trainees while us residents are being squeezed dry.

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Posted in: War-displaced Japanese on Philippine island stand up to claim roots See in context

Just can't believe that there are those who could be real nikkeijins who are aren't proud of their roots! I thought those who are even in Japan who aren't just "bought" their nikkeijins bloodline.

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Posted in: Author Salman Rushdie attacked on lecture stage in New York See in context

@Dagon, include the visa privileges of groups in the guise of religion. Human trafficking in disguise.

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Posted in: Japan defense minister had help from Unification Church in elections See in context

@gintonic, surely you haven't read much about politics in my home country. It's wheelchair and neck brace!

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Posted in: Japan defense minister had help from Unification Church in elections See in context

Same idea with @BertieWooster. But the Koreans with all its dirt thru UC never plan to side step Japan nor the US. Unlike the Other Nation with the ultimate ambition to be number 1. And some are into Jpolitics as well.

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Posted in: Japan government plan for Abe state funeral sparks protests See in context

Being the longest serving PM is a feat. Can't understand Nihonggo but was able to watch how he evolved as a PM in all those yrs. just seeing how he rebutted in those parliamentary sessions. It pains me him being gunned down knowing that he spent more than half of his life in public service. He could have lived a comfortable life beyond the glaring eyes of the public after stepping down. Yet he chose to do what he believed. And for this, Iam for the state funeral. And if some would say tax payers money, they could say it again. And as @redstorm says, the cost will be small compared to other items.

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Posted in: British Open honors Abe See in context

Wonder if that's the same in Japan. Must be a cultural thing. I've seen some flags here in Japan not in half mast.

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Posted in: Japanese plastics firm charged over alleged bribes to Vietnam officials See in context

I'm one with @septim dynasty. I think the very people handling goods and human imports from Vietnam is China. They have the same recipe. Sending young and beautiful girls who can mesmerized senior company officials. Hope I'm wrong but I think China has long been dreaming to unseat the US as number one having unseated Japan as number 2. They could have strong political backing. A stealth way of propagating their kind of political system.

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Posted in: Philippine leader Duterte announces retirement from politics See in context

@asiafriend, for one thing majority of the Filipino people are doubting if he's really serious with that pronouncement. It has been proven time and again that he can't stand on his own words. Some are even calling it a prank. Some are counting the days when he would appear and retract what he had previously stated. But everyone looking for good governance are looking forward to its realization with warily.

And him out of presidency would make the Phils a haven for some people who wants drugs? If all the news and statistics even from PDEA is to be believed, the flow of drugs into the Phils heightened during his term. Killing the drug addicts and small time runners while the big fish run loose is more like sowing fear and eliminating competitors. For all what is worth, if I were his relative I'd beg for him to even resign. With the talk that he's on dialysis and with his advanced age, it must be so tiring facing the camera and putting on a show.

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Posted in: Philippine leader Duterte announces retirement from politics See in context

@Mocheake, utterly sad but so true. If you could just dropped by my FB account to read local sentiments and articles against him. If only people could satiate their hunger for wealth and power, the world can be a better place.

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls urge elderly to stay on job for pension system See in context

@0rei0, some of your statement are questionable. For one you stated that since the 90's Jpensioners relocate overseas and that the Jgovt froze their payouts. My husband was a pensioner and we lived for almost 9 yrs in the Philippines 2001-2009 and his pension was never frozen. I have experienced all what I've written here and elsewhere not from readings alone. And I'm not faulting all foreign workers. I'm a foreign worker here too. But thanks for reminding me some words like sardonic.

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls urge elderly to stay on job for pension system See in context

@0rei0, I believe it's a factor but saying their effect is negligible is shortsightedness. You haven't been on the tight end of the rope for yrs in Japan. Making oneself worth hiring in Japan whatever your nationality is involves some sort of politics, some luck, some charm not just being able to do the job more than the rest. And I don't consider it "miniscule". If you will just open your eyes, you won't use that word. That "Japanese mind" encompasses a lot and it's quite uncomprehensible to me despite these yrs living here. Just don't get me wrong. I love Japan and I'm just sad that it slid to 3 from being number 2 and with all these talks might not even regain it. Insinuating working in China and dodging taxes while working 2 jobs, I'm utterly in disbelief. You are really showing who you are!

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls urge elderly to stay on job for pension system See in context

@0rei0, those "darn pesky foreigners working their way" are one of the reasons why the pension fund is deficient. Imagine me and the rest whose contracts weren't extended just because some senior company employees prefer them because they don't just do work inside the factory but do "entertain" them on their free time. And we who were outrightly laid off would fall in line for govt alms thereby depleting govt fund. On their side, they are merely working very hard. But they're actually destroying the Jeconomy and that includes the topic of the day, nenkin. The Jgov wants workers because of greying population but if the workers they're letting in won't or would dodge paying into the fund for the reason that they're still students even working "full time" is frustrating.

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls urge elderly to stay on job for pension system See in context

Seems like they have that inert despise of the elderly. They want us to keep working till we bend just so we can contribute to the pension fund but they spare the young foreign Jlanguage students who work 2 jobs with a total of more than 8hrs a day and at times 5 to 6 days a week without pitching to the system! Where is justice?

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Posted in: I’m glad that the court recognized my husband’s hard work and the power harassment he suffered. See in context

@Laguna, good thing you have just seen it. Me, I've experienced it time and again.

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Posted in: I didn't expect I'd be a target. I didn't keep the key in the house because it would be bothersome. See in context

Wonder where those foreigners online sellers and door to door sellers get their cheap rice and other food items. Yrs ago there was a news item about an old Japanese man who steal vegetable products form some farms and sell it very cheap just for the thrill of being around young and beautiful housewives. So yes, not blaming all foreigners though.

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Posted in: During my meeting with Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, I couldn't help but notice how the Japanese express their respect and courteousness, even online. See in context

Him, being always in the presence of Duterte's meetings could so used to vulgarity and foul mouths!

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Posted in: Parts of cat's body found at Kobe apartment building See in context

Leaving something for everyone to see is a sign of someone needing attention and at the same time sowing fear. And yes, he could be a serial killer in the making.

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Posted in: University student killed in apartment; suspect dies in fire in apartment below See in context

No floor is safe esp if the next door apt is empty or the upper floor is. A really nice country but it has its creepy side.

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Posted in: Pandemic reveals hidden poverty in wealthy Japan See in context

Some comments are faulting the Jgovt for having people below or on the poverty line. I just can't blame them wholly. Just take my case. My job contract wasn't extended to accommodate some Jlanguage students/trainees. Being out of work Iam receiving unemployment insurance which depletes govt funds while those who are given the job meant for us aren't doing the same. At the time that most are laid off and out of work, hordes of them are coming in and presumably working and I dare say working beyond the 28hrs limit per week yet skipping the right fees. Some senior/sempai leaders/staff who are enamored by exotic beauties disregard the effect on the company production in particular and erosion of public funds in general. Yet some sectors would blame the govt for all of these social problems. There are rotten company employees/senior officials who don't realize that they are the reason why the retirement age is changed. The fund is depleted not just because Jpeople are living longer, it is simply because people who are legitimately contributing to the fund is regularly laid off to give way to some who don't even rightfully contribute.

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Posted in: 'Twitter killer' drops death sentence appeal; wants to get married See in context

@Hooktrunk, I've read that not only deathrow criminals are allowed to marry. Some female inmates gets some free intimate time and gets pregnant while in jail.

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Posted in: 'Twitter killer' drops death sentence appeal; wants to get married See in context

Not in Japan though. Read that sometimes women marry a convicted killer to get a detailed account of the crime and later make a book out of it and perhaps a movie rights after. It looks like a collab effort between the criminal and the woman. An enterprising effort in the midst of the pandemic!

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

She might have resisted the advances of a higher up and found something to sack her.

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Posted in: Woman hitchhiker stabbed by man in car in Kochi Pref See in context

@3rensho, that's the problem when a lady gives in to an invite from esp a JMan. It seems like they thought that the heavens must be so nice to them for delivering such a cutie romping mate! Answering positively from an invite right away means more on intimacy for most of them. Even if they're just offering a cup of coffee!

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Posted in: Trial of man accused of killing Yamagata eye doctor to start Monday See in context

A tragic end for someone who have made it. Rest In peace Dear Doctor. You could have served much longer but for that loser evil of a soul.

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Posted in: Once it becomes safe to travel again without the hassles of coronavirus tests, quarantines and being vaccinated, which countries are going to be top of your list to visit? See in context

@Pukey, the conflict with my son's sked was the main reason then. Last year I had actually paid and booked as early as June but had to cancel it because of a new job. I was out of work then and receiving unemployment insurance and planned to spend a month. Just sad I had that job for less than a month kind of duped since at the Hello Work office I made it clear that I want to work for 8 hrs and I was allowed to work by that factory for 4 hrs. Been yrs I felt I'm being hammered down though. Been a diligent and quiet worker without any complain re hard and dirty work though. Thanks for voicing out your concern. Out of work again since mid Sept. Sigh!!!!

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Posted in: The government has been one step behind on everything, and people have been forced to run around in confusion. It’s such a waste of taxpayers’ money. See in context

On the contrary, I think the Jgovt is doing well on this regard. We were allowed to buy premium cards for ¥20,000 whose value is 25% more. And the city hall just issued another set this month. Though I didn't received food packs, I understand early on some got one. Compare to my home country who're on no work no pay, I did receive more than 10 man for several months even without working aside from the 3man govt dole out. Yes, the Jgovt did and is doing well.

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