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Posted in: What habits by your co-workers annoy you the most at your workplace? See in context

When your female co worker/s date your immediate male superior and he expect that I do the same. Otherwise, I'll get his ire and get to be assigned the hard tasks or won't give out overtimes. Or worst, my name would be included in the laid off list!

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Posted in: Taiwan seeks double-murder suspect who fled to Japan See in context

@Danny, they could be as long as they file necessary docs to their respective embassies. Many do even without wedding ceremonies!

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Posted in: Japan calls on ADB to reduce loans to China See in context

@Schopenhauer, maybe that's the reason why when China lends money to poor countries, the interest rates are higher. They are giving loans with higher interest rates from the loan they are receiving which has lower interest rates. Business acumen at its best!!

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Posted in: While the Japanese government relentlessly promotes the image of 'Cool Japan' and mega-tourism, the current reality is a country run by sociopathic Hitler-loving plutocrats, with plummeting press freedom, endemic poverty, rising censorship, deliberate destruction of public records, continual death by overwork, a corrupt bureaucracy, and a medieval justice system. Despite the triple meltdown of Fukushima, the government is rushing to start nuclear power plants again with reckless abandon. See in context

Since I've read his book Tokyo Vice, I have great admiration on his honesty in writing things as they are. But with this quote, I'm at a loss. Whatever happened to him? Whatever, I still believe Japan is still best. I just think me and the rest of the foreign community who are still here for many decades believe so. Otherwise why still live here? He who believes otherwise might as well go back to his ole hometown!

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Posted in: Taiwan seeks double-murder suspect who fled to Japan See in context

Granting he didn't do any surgical change, he won't go for too long with his looks. This is the ugly side of divorce made by people who can't take rejection. I'm just happy that when I had mine, no such thing happened.

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I just think the imperial system is a part of Japanese culture. So I agree with@Ganbare that to be anti imperial is anti Japan. I've worked with some whose nationality now is Japanese with them having Japanese names and all. But when you talk to them for a long time, they'd glorify the food and culture to which they originally belong and bash most about Japan. Some protesters could be some of them perhaps. The peace and harmony and stability just by seeing them even in pictures is enough assurance that everything is going to be alright.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you during the Heisei Era? See in context

Got married to a Jman, gave birth to a son who's now 28, got divorced, got widowed, got a job and jobless right now. Sooo much learning and I must thank all those yrs. Some political awakening both here and in my home country. And right now just before my birthday and just before Heisei ends, wishing to have a new gainful employment with no discrimination at all.

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Posted in: Celebration of Japan's new era big opportunity for businesses See in context

Unlucky or not, doomed or not, I'd loved to see myself in a wedding dress being married to a Jman who was able to afford a hanko stamping ceremony!! It's 2019, is that still believable?

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Posted in: When you eat sashimi, do you mix your wasabi and soy sauce? Some people say you shouldn’t. See in context

I once served meals to 2 western looking guys. One just ogled at the fest on the table and asked me which to eat first. And I answered whichever pleases you. Nobody wold cut your head off for making an etiquette blunder.

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Posted in: What’s behind all this is that Japan is still very much a male-dominated society and has not gotten used to women who are trying to take leadership roles and are speaking their minds. See in context

I have accepted long long time ago that this country is a male dominated country. I have no problem about it, if only they won't presume that all women can be bought.

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Posted in: Foreign technical trainees accused of shoplifting ¥12.58 million worth of drugstore goods in Japan See in context

@loren @TIJ, I once saw a male Asian foreigner who slipped under his armpit something in a rectangular box. I followed him for a minute and waited for him near the cashier's counter and looked at his underarm and on his basket. There was no more bulge on his underarm and I couldn't see any rectangular thing inside his basket. After paying, he hurriedly left while I told the cashier what I saw. And guess what the next time I went to that super market I was being tailed. The moral is just be mum otherwise they'll think you're one of them!

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Posted in: Gov't puts off plan to extend retirement age of public servants See in context

@Yubaru, you're right. But those men generally are receiving half of their pension while still working. And there are companies that give bonuses but not as fat as they used to be. I just think fair enough esp for us who works hard without receiving extra except our rates.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested over murder of roommate See in context

Some people do waste the welfare and the chance given by the govt. Living for 72 yrs and at the near end of his life, murdering someone. Mere words can't express the anger!

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Posted in: Emperor celebrates last birthday before abdication See in context

Hail to the humblest and sincerest royal I've seen in a while!

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Posted in: SDF member arrested for tailgating See in context

Some do want to be a member of certain organizations not to glorify but to disgrace them. A form of sabotage or just an emotionally imbalanced.

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Posted in: Japanese woman gets 6-year jail term in China for espionage See in context

@Matt Hartwell, refused to be a Chinese spy or was busted as a double spy? At delicate times like this the lure of money and power can easily overwhelm certain race which has the extreme ambition to outdo everyone. Just being skeptical and not being a racist, though.

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Posted in: Japanese woman gets 6-year jail term in China for espionage See in context

And if I wanted to indoctrinate someone, I'll jail him and release him after and nobody will never suspect!

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Posted in: Supporters of foreign workers call for same pay, permanent residence See in context

@jc, I do think so, too. But my point is why would that group heckle for those who are still about to come and not for those who are already here as immigrants and more so for those native Jwomen folks. Must be a matter of twisted priorities. Or that they're doing so for at the end they'll be able to extort more from the coming ones. Just skeptical here.

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Posted in: Supporters of foreign workers call for same pay, permanent residence See in context

How could those supporters be shortsighted enough for proposing equal pay for those incoming foreign workers when we, us both foreign and Jwomen workers don't even receive equal pay for equal work? To be honest, I do understand the reason why the men receive a higher rate than us women. But gone were the days when the bread winner was the male. There are female breadwinners like me and it quite hurts to see someone from the opposite gender doing exactly the same work as yours and receiving a higher rate just because they are male. But kudos to a small congregation of factories who have the same rate for both men and women.

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Posted in: Spat over WWII brothels shows Japan's trouble in facing past See in context

I just believe those women did it to survive then and now in their twilight yrs still reliving it to survive again. Iam not demeaning nor downplaying the things that they've gone thru but to think that there were multitudes of women who were not able to see the end of the war much less enjoy the things that they had living inside the military camps(food, clothing and a bit shield from death, otherwise they won't be where they are now) and roaming the world for free by crying out sex slaves. Enough for comfort women issue!! They had their grand times before and grandier now! We simply can't judged something that happened before with the present measure stick we have now. The JGovt has time and again offered apology and some financial remuneration. Do they really sincerely ant an apology or a slice of Japan?

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Posted in: SDF recruiters struggle as applicant pool dries up See in context

As a parent with a son who have just ended his SDF stint, just can't help but be amazed with the info from "knowledgeable" posters. I know for sure that SDF aren't wanting in applicants.

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Posted in: Fugitive apparently fled police station 30 minutes after seeing lawyer See in context

@lorem, no matter how twisted it is, defendant's lawyers are just like that. They are paid to defend their clients. I just remember my ex who upon his lawyer's advice declared he got bankrupt because his wife is a foreigner. As if I was living in style and luxury!!

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Posted in: More sterilization victims to sue state in June See in context

Those with disabilities surely receive some kind of welfare from the govt that could be between 10-15man a month. Seems like what they're receiving isn't enough yet and they find a way to milk the govt. I just don't think sterilization is purely eugenics. I just think it is more on economics.

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Posted in: Rape victim wants Japan to do more on U.S. military crimes See in context

@Tokyo engr,, even in my home country, the Phils, many rape victims are adamant to file rape cases since once a court hearing is scheduled, the scenes before , during and after the act is re acted out and it looks like a second rape.

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Posted in: Student told to write essay promising not to fart See in context

Reminds me when I first time handled first year high school students in my home country. It wasn't a special needs school. Someone had taken a chocolate drink for breakfast and had a bad tummy. It wasn't just fart but the real pooh. The whole room stinker but nobody wanted to say he was the one. Until everyone, row by row were asked to stand up. Luckily the house of the girl was just near and she was so ashamed that she dropped out of school. Me and some members of the class cleaned up the mess. This is one of the gross but memorable incidents I can never forget after all these 30yrs.

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Posted in: As U.S. opioid crisis grows, Trump calls for death penalty for dealers See in context

And Duterte's crackdown on drugs is mentioned. The thousands who were literally executed for possessing sachets of shabu at the most were killed just to sow fear to the masses. Look at the tens of millions of dollars of shabu from China which was passed through the Customs, only the warehouseman was jailed and if one would wonder where that shabu is now. Nobody knows. What Duterte knows about drug addiction is addiction to shabu, cocaine and the likes. Addiction to prescription drugs like fentanyl is one thing he doesn't know about. If he knows, he'll probably just shut his mouth.

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Posted in: Waste report falsified at gov't request for discount state land sale See in context

I'm just wondering about the appraised value. Is that appraised value ¥956million based from govt appraisal or from independent/private appraising agency? I understand that the govt system of appraising is lesser than the existing commercial value. I'm just a bit confused about all these talks on being able to buy a land 14% of its appraised value. Is it not the same as in buying or selling a dollar from a bank. They would sell you a dollar at a higher rate and would buy yours at a lower exchange rate.

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Posted in: Abe's office knew of possible problems with land deal documents: Suga See in context

I maybe naive in my opinion but I just think that schools esp with religious inclinations when buying public land do enjoy some kind of discounted pricing. It just so happened that the one who did it is friends with the administration. As almost all kinds of religion have built schools not only as source of fund but a way to let others know their beliefs and recruit new believers. So much with the bashing of PM Abe. Look at other countries like my native country and the US who went off board in looking for change in leadership. The Olympics is just a couple of yrs. I just think that "scandal" is just overly magnified since Japan has that clean image and people tend to feed on scandals to pass their boring time!

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Posted in: Pressure grows on Abe; opposition boycott Diet debates See in context

@Darmstadt, I, too believe so! Well said!!

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Posted in: Japan association allegedly ripped off pay from Vietnamese interns See in context

@mizuame might be so or have gone underground working in obentoyas. The govt shld take a look on those who come here on student visas with the main purpose of working. How can one on student visa who isn't that well off and surely who doesn't receive extra allowance from their parents back home can afford living in Japan with just ¥60,000-¥80,000 monthly income? Most if not all of them work 2 jobs. That's why they dozed most of the time. Aside from the fact that they're not paying due taxes and social insurances. In this case the Vietnamese students and other international students for that matter(not sure those on govt sponsored scholarships) are ripping off the govt not the other way around.

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