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Posted in: Police find body of pilot in SDF chopper crash See in context

To think that the men who perished underwent and passed several mentally and physically strenuous exams to be where they are, only to die because of someone else's negligence is beyond the mere word sorrow. RIP dear soldiers!!

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Posted in: Woman gets 12 years in prison for killing lover See in context

The price of living with the wrong kind. RIP, though!

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Posted in: Japan to curb asylum seekers' right to work from Monday See in context

@aly rustom, clamp down also on student visas. Safe to say that majority if not almost all on student visas without govt sponsored scholarships are just using it as a way to find work here. As students , they're allowed to work for just 3 or 4 hrs a day. Most abuse it and work two jobs at 4 hrs each without paying up to social security and proper taxes. I just remember in one obentoya I worked, when my job was over at 4AM(which wasn't even come to 8hrs), I was told to just go home after 4AM while a student in my same line was asked to gambatte kudasai 5 ji made. Surely the Hancho San was playing favorites since I was newer than the Vietnamese man in his early 20's. But she didn't even consider that I was paying up for my social security insurance and the right taxes and all things even my train fare deducted, my take home pay was just a bit over 10man. I don7t think it's the company's fault at all. Some people working in the company aren't aware of the impact of their playing favorites to the whole labor market. Quite unfair! I don7t feel anger towards any particular group per se. It's just that most are taking advantage of the humane side of the J People to the detriment of people like me who are ordinary workers to the point of making the labor market worse!

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Posted in: Wakayama man tries to woo woman by cutting her brakes See in context

I just think regardless of age, courtship is the most interesting stage of knowing if a person is the One. And I just think that most Jmen don't know how to court a lady.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after remains of 4 infants found in concrete in buckets at home See in context

@michael Jackson, no money for the funeral? A friend who got a miscarriage at the last trimestral had it cremated for 10,000yen. who knows if she's collecting child allowance up to the last minute!.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after remains of 4 infants found in concrete in buckets at home See in context

Just maybe she's just after the childbirth allowance. I'm just wondering why the city hall officials didn't try to investigate the whereabouts of those children not even once! I just thought that once the child is of school age, notices from the city hall would come. Even notices for vaccinations and health check ups would randomly come. And if she's worrying that she can't handle it, have it aborted. Doing it once is bad, doing it 4x is the worst of all bad habits! Most probably she's expecting a lesser punishment by owning to it.

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Posted in: Gov't to help middle-aged socially withdrawn people find jobs See in context

@Dr. lucifer, I just feel that the so called labor shortage is fake to give reason to procure foreign trainees. Full time housewives and the NEETS, and the retirees who are still able to work can be tapped. All the companies have to do is to map out plan and skeds to suit to each one's lifestyle. Hard work at first, though.

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@Wallace, I just don't think competency is a consideration. If ever a hikikomori man is hired, his rate would surely be higher than a woman worker's rate who has been ahead of him in a company.

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If a cat would attack a stranger, the scratches would surely be first on the hands not on the face. And if the old woman can't speak, if she's mobile enough, she could gesture or draw. Unless she's really bedridden and someone hold a cat close to her face.

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Posted in: Belongings likely linked to victims of Zama serial murders found See in context

@nanda, that's why I regret not studying Nihonggo. Just relying on English websites like JT won't let us know the detailed news. The TV talk shows would have a very detailed discussions on this horrendous crime.

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Posted in: 25 years on, slain Japanese exchange student recalled by friends See in context

@katsu78, Iam just wondering why English words like "please" is taught in katakana as "purisu". the idea of learning English is to be able to communicate with other English-speaking people either locally or abroad. So, yes, the school system is at fault. They can at the start teach please with purisu but they shld teach at the same time how it is pronounced properly. And that is my advocacy if ever. This is not disregarding the fault of the exchange agency which sent him. Just sad losing a young life unreasonably!

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Posted in: Duterte visits emperor See in context

May the dust of respectability, civility, peace and nobility be upon him.

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Posted in: Duterte pledges 'to limit my mouth' when he meets Japan's emperor See in context

He's been asking different nations to rebuild Marawi. I just wish for a thorough auditing by COA without outside intimidation. I'm just afraid a large unaccounted funds would be untraceable much worse than previous administrations. this will be his second visit to Japan. Will he topped ex Pres Arroyo who did a handful of visits here?

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Posted in: Japanese girl says school forced her to dye hair black; sues Osaka gov't See in context

Perhaps those rules were made to purge a certain group from "another era". Those people who are to execute the rules now never take into consideration the reality that some could have been born with colors other than black. As the other posters say, Jpeople have black hair colors but there are exemptions to the rule knowing that there were intermarriages with foreigners centuries ago and in recent times. Rules have no minds and feelings. It is to those who would interpret and execute them that makes them just and fair. Sometimes those responsible for interpretation and execution of rules are bigoted and narrow minded making the rule obsolete and shameful.

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Posted in: Pair of high-end persimmons fetch Y540,000 at season's 1st auction See in context

@Canadianbento, not all receiving welfare are deserving. And because that is bought thru auction and there are some people who derive their brand of happiness flaunting to the rest that they can afford such commodity. People in auction sites are the ones pushing the prices up. I just think they're not just buying the persimmon but the end product of a successful research thus giving thrust to more and more research and better products.

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If those shops are within the vicinity of large known shops which are opened as late as 10PM, they surely won't survive. They surely would be complaining a lot knowing that the pension they're receiving isn't much and the shop's income isn't as reliable. At least they had a grand time in the past!

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Posted in: Armisen startled after learning his grandfather moonlighted as spy for Japanese emperor during war See in context

I remember a Filipina who went into a fake marriage with a someone she thought was Japanese only to find out he was Korean after he died!

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Posted in: Actor Akira Shimizu apologizes for son’s arrest for using stimulant drugs See in context

I simply can't get the logic that selling sex is legal but purchasing it is illegal. No one's going to sell something if no one is buying them! Or is it me who can't grasp the logic of things?

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Posted in: Koike says she wouldn't visit Yasukuni Shrine if she became PM See in context

Being a woman, I have that fleeting desire for my adopted country to have a female leader which could be a pre empted issue for a future Empress. Japan is hungering for a change. Just like my home country when it hungered for a change. look at it now. Just like when the US was hungering for a change. And look at it now, too. But the reality is, politics is a man's world. And Japan is basically a man's country. And the Olympics is just around the corner. If ever I'd able to vote I'd still vote for the present one. It doesn't matter who's the present PM. I guess the guts and determination of PM Abe is highly commendable staying this long with both locals and foreigners bashing his every action. Visiting Yasukuni is merely paying respect to the dead. Those deads were war heroes in this part of the world. People could have prayed for the dead even in their own homes or in different shrines but having all those memorabillias displayed in that particular shrine, isn't it just right to pray for them solely in that very place? It is a Shinto shrine, may we not respect that religious belief and practice religious tolerance? We, foreigners come from different countries and backgrounds and culture. Why shld we measure innate Japanese belief base from our own? Just an opinion . Peace to every one!

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Posted in: Abe proposes to add civilian control clause in Constitution revision See in context

@diillusioned, surely you're not using your common sense. With her height and surely with the length of her arms and the way she crossed her arms, (right arms over her left) don't you think it would be that way no matter who's at her left.

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@Dadude, even in my country the Phils, foreigners even tax paying ones aren't allowed to vote. One had to be a citizen to enjoy such right. what about in your home country?

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Posted in: Abe proposes to add civilian control clause in Constitution revision See in context

Just basing from the picture alone, I'd say well done PM Abe! And why ? He's the only one wearing the akai hane!

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I shld have inserted evertime.

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For the love of my adopted country Japan, I strongly wish that the status quo remain. It would just be a couple of yrs for the Olympic. The Jpoliticians shld focus more on that event to make it more successful and foil the plans of would be disrupters if there are any. Being a woman, I have that fleeting wish too for a female PM. But this is Japan! And no matter what I still would really want a male PM. Not that a woman can't do the job. There are some traits that only a man can do well. I stand for female equality in work places and in education. And I was in awe I hear the UK's female PM talked then. I maybe bash but this is my opinion only.

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Posted in: Filipino man flees after being denied entry to Japan See in context

Surely he has some kind of hoshonin when he applied for a visa. The police shld run after them or the agency which processed his docs. As one poster maybe in jest said he could be someone who dreamt of rising from poverty, a drug addict, or an NPA or Muslim terrorist tired of playing hide and seek in the mountains. Whichever he is, he has some kind of contact here and he'll surely realize that working without the necessary docs is very difficult jeopardizing the people who lend him the legal paers on the Japan side. I don't mean that there are no undocumented workers anymore. There are still a lot of them. It would be better if he'd just give up and be deported than regret later.

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Posted in: 3,000 stage rally against conspiracy law See in context

@yubaru, it seems you're a one-track minded man. Even in simple workplace bullying, it plays a role.

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Posted in: Police say Japanese couple found dead in Bali were murdered over business troubles See in context

When the Japanese are encouraged to establish a business in some third world countries, they may not be well informed about the lurking dangers. No matter how nice they want to be, there would always be disgruntled and greedy people just within their air. Back in my homeland, the Phils, I just don't know what ever happen to the murderer of the famous Jartist who had been living for around 20 yrs in the Phils prior to his death. Such a waste of life of some really nice Jpeople who chose to live outside Japan.

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@Futaro, I was married to a Japanese. though I gave birth to my son in my home country, the Phils, my son is a Japanese passport holder. It just hurts knowing that the young Cordero and the Peruvian children could be enjoying what my son didn't enjoy being a legal Jcitizen. I wasn't even aware if child allowance is already implemented during the younger yrs of my son. Iam not aware of it until I work in a factory with several compatriots who talked about it.

@goodluck, that is definitely my point. Illegal residents who are able to get legal status thru "drama" or by marrying a local get away with not paying their share of local, income taxes for the time they were illegals. Of course nobody would believe that they weren't working during those times. The Jgovt and the whole Jpeople are really kind to the point of being abused. And what about those fake Jdescendants who are paying for their visas. The money earn by their cohorts is tax free. While the poor me whenever out of work the City Hall staff would call at most inopportuned time, send prodding letters and knock at your door just to say pay up. Life is such a b......h!!!!!

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See what the Cordero's have done! I wonder what kind of humanity are they speaking of when parents are deported and the children are allowed to stay while presumably receiving welfare from the govt. Just unfair knowing that my son who's now 26 and is a half haven't received even a single child allowance. Enough with the drama!!

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I may not sound politically correct nor relevant but their act could have more impact had I not known that there's a number of Korean women who work in the fusoku till now who literally come and go every so so months till their tourist visas expire. The modern day comfort women. Then and now the difference I know are the kind and amt of remuneration they receive and their gets up. So what's up?

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