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Posted in: Coast guard still searching for the missing, 5 years after tsunami See in context

A line has to be drawn between the (understandable but not necessarily very rational) feelings of survivors and the reality of spending time, money and effort (better spent on improving life materially for the living) on a hunt for things with an infinitesimal chance of being found.

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Posted in: 4,000 police hunt for rape suspect who escaped from prosecutors office in Kawasaki See in context

Tatsuya Ichihashi all over again. I thought the police might have learned something from that time.

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Posted in: Men’s bras appear to be on the rise in Japan See in context

Methinks some of the (spluttering, outraged) males on this thread do protest way too much!

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit by vehicle in supermarket car park See in context

smithinjapan wrote: "This is the kind of accident that happens and that isn't really anyone's fault" Disagree. As soon as anyone starts driving as if driving is a routine activity, they should quit. Drivers must be constantly and acutely aware of everything and everyone around them - and awake to worst possible scenarios - especially when driving through places like carparks.

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Posted in: Alarmed by anti-Korean demonstrations in Tokyo, anti-discrimination groups in Japan are calling for a law to make hate speech illegal. Would you support such a law? See in context

Here's what this article is about, in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0aVy9ARQlE

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Posted in: Student dies of alcohol poisoning at party in Ibaraki See in context

The thing about Asians not being able to metabolize alcohol is nonsense. In fact, they metabolize it more efficiently than most non-Asians. Look up "Alcohol Flush Reaction" in Wikipedia, then "Causes"

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Posted in: Manga and anime declared good study tools for kids See in context

Comics are brain candy. Kids should be encouraged to get more solid intellectual nutrition from well-written books, too.

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Posted in: Man nears half-century on Japan death row See in context

dcog9065 wrote "Just ask any of the victims, they'd agree [that they'd prefer living in a country that treats murderers and rapists inhumanely]."

You're assuming an awful lot there. Some people, even if victimized, are wiser and more humane than you obviously are. The reason most murderers and rapists did what they did is because they were treated inhumanely to begin with. Intensifying the vicious circle doesn't fix anything - and shouldn't satisfy anyone.

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Posted in: Elderly driver arrested after killing two pedestrians See in context

Flashinthejapan wrote "Drivers in Fukuoka are notorious for being generally awful."

Having driven in Fukuoka once (just once was enough!), I can vouch for that. Is it something to do with Fukuoka's being so close to the Asian mainland, where driving habits tend to be more reckless? There must be some influence there.

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Posted in: Kono criticizes Abe for questioning war apology See in context

Europe got its act together after World War II, to the point that war between the formerly violently quarreling states is now almost unimaginable. Asia has to do the same - and it's even more in Japan's interest now than it was in any one European country's interest then, because China is so disproportionately huge. Better to make allies now while the playing field's somewhat even than enemies later when China has come to dominate.

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Posted in: Japan's whaling is not science, expert witness tells int'l court See in context

@ihope2eatwhales "I do not think Australian case is really serious. Australia Prime Minister just decided it for election in Australia."

If the Australian PM has decided it for the election in Australia, that means it's an issue that the Australian public has a lot of interest in. That sounds like a serious issue to me.

(BTW, why "I hope" to eat whales? You can eat them NOW if you want to!)

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Posted in: Thousands march for gay rights in Japan's first 'Rainbow Week' See in context

edbardoe wrote: "12,000 people who identify themselves by their sexual practices. Should have been some afterparty."

By that childish and flawed line of reasoning, any organization that excludes gay members (think Southern Baptists) must be a non-stop man-on-woman sexfest. Gay people identify themselves by way more than their sexual practices.

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Posted in: S Korea, China blast Japan over Yasukuni visits See in context

JoeBigs wrote: "I've been there [i.e. Yasukuni Shrine] and found it to be a great."

Sure, it's pretty and everything, but Yasukuni Shrine is the virtual HQ of right-wing goons: I go past it every day, and on several occasions have seen the flag-covered loudspeaker vans parked in there and leaving from there to do their rounds.

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Posted in: Mother, employer of epileptic crane driver ordered to pay compensation over fatal accident See in context

If this is going to be used as a legal precedent, then a lot of mothers out there better start saving - hard!

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Posted in: Aso says economic recovery a few years away See in context


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Posted in: Stabbing suspect says signals in his body told him to attack people See in context

hereforever: I know he may not have been homeless, but I was just responding to Kimokekahuna Hawaii's blinkered and complacent view of who and what causes problems in society.

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect says signals in his body told him to attack people See in context

Kimokekahuna Hawaii: the best way to "clean up" anywhere of homeless people is to make everyone in our communities feel wanted and useful. We're all part of the problem.

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