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Posted in: 18-year-old Sani Brown sets sights high in London See in context

Japan is getting some world class sprinters because of us mixed blood kidz.

That is WHY Japan has some sprinters...let's not kid ourselves.

Not quite, Kiryu and two other rivals are full blooded Japanese.

Sani and Asuka Antonio Cambridge are mixed.

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Posted in: U.S. thirst rises for Japanese whisky See in context

This article makes me wonder how much my two bottles of Taketsuru one 17 years and the other 21 years cost right now.

I bought it about two years ago and the seal is still intact waiting for that special occasion for it to be opened.

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Posted in: LDP eyes submitting Constitution proposals to Diet in fall: Abe See in context

Hahaha... yeah, right. They'll ram it through and say, when it's clear the majority are against him yet again, that he'll "seek to make the public understand" later. Abe has no idea what "debate" means, since he "expects legislation to go through in the current session", and talk about it to occur some time later. Abe seems to have mistaken "debate" with "compliance".

Oh brother talk about complete ignorance about the law.

To make amendments to the constitution you NEED to take it through a national referendum with a majority vote to ratify.

It's written within again in the constitution and no government is going to change that.

Abe already made clear stating that he will keep maintain paragraph one unchanged and either alter paragraph two OR submit a new paragraph, paragraph three to officially recognize the Japan Self Defense Force a military arm of Japan.

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Posted in: MRJ regional jet on target for first delivery in mid-2020 See in context

Neither Boeing or Airbus offers small regional passenger jets. In fact MHI and Boeing signed a service contract in which Boeing will provide maintenance service around the world for this jet.

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Posted in: Aggressive red fire ants found at Kobe port See in context

I doubt a queen ant stole away on the container. Without the queen to reproduce Japan should be fine,

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Posted in: The number is too large, considering they are professional drivers. See in context

I agree about adding the numbers, although I also think even one is too many.

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Posted in: Anti-base Okinawa activist, speaking at U.N., blasts Japan gov't 'oppression' See in context

The situation is very similar to the Ianfu claim in SK, they are represented forcefully by a non-political group backed by the another nation against the host nation for hidden agenda.

I wonder does UN do due diligence to weed out these threats?

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Posted in: Beer, butter, postcard prices go up See in context

i see no rationale for raising the tax on beer only at supermarkets. it's ridiculous.

They are not rising tax, they are changing regulations on how bargain sales can be carried out the amount prices can be lowered.

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Posted in: Japan launches satellite for high-precision positioning system See in context

I haven't heard of VPN smartphone apps. and even if there are any they defeat the use of Wi-Fi since they slow down communication speed too much.

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Posted in: Japan launches satellite for high-precision positioning system See in context

Free Wi-Fi isn't really free since they snoop for various information about you and place them on big data. It's basically the same as Facebook where you leave a digital footprint saying I am here.

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Posted in: CO2 concentration levels in Japan hit record highs in 2016 See in context

You condemn Japan for this and also condemn Japan for running nuclear power plants?

GEEZ, make up you mind already. There are no quick fixes for this problem.

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Posted in: Abe delays goal of no waiting list for daycare centers by 3 years See in context

It's not the central government's issue, it's a local government issue. Basically the only thing the central government can do is provide funds, make regulations lacks and hope for the best BUT unfortunately there are a lot of NIMBYs against developing daycare centers among the general population.

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Posted in: China's reforms not enough to arrest mounting debt: Moody's See in context


Looks as if you don't even know what shadow banking is. It for corporations entities not individuals. Banks in China are capped in the total amount it lends to companies so companies raise money from individuals providing higher return rate than placing into the bank.

It's like corporate bonds but much shorter terms like six month.

The problem is the money is basically off the books so it does not show how the actual financial situation of those companies.

As for zaitech it's basically corporate investments that was not their main focus of business like purchasing masterpieces, A&M of foreign companies, etc.

They had mixed result but definitely not what you call "sleazy".

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Posted in: China's reforms not enough to arrest mounting debt: Moody's See in context

Japan never had a shadow banking system in the first place.

China is not doing anything about their zombie SOEs and pumping frantically into useless infrastructure projects to maintain their growth but at the end there is going to be a point where it is going to give and when that happens the so called China dream is going to burst with all the wealth with it.

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Posted in: China urges Japan to be cautious over missile defense See in context

so believe we should retain Article 9?

Who's we?

I certainly doubt you are a Japanese citizen.

In any case SM-3 is a Ballistic Missile DEFENSE system and I stress the DEFENSE part.

Even if they shoot out some incoming planes that is within article 9's self defense and SM-3 cannot reach the other side of the sea of Japan so no land attacking possibilities with it either.

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Posted in: Appeals court upholds block on Trump's travel ban See in context

Wasnt it 10 Dems and 3 Republicans on the panel?.....

I am just disheartened that no one can seem to put politics aside and look at the actual law

LoL, you start off the post with how many are within which party and goes on blowing off that people can't put politics aside.

The judge DID put politics aside and considered it from a jurisdictional stand point and that was their verdict.

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Posted in: U.S. military in Japan unveil Global Hawk surveillance drone See in context

This drone is big enough to carry a nuclear head.

Big enough yes, able to no.

It's a drone with no weaponry on board or hardpoints to hook bombs since it's sole purpose is for surveillance.


You can't shoot them down within ADIZ either since the concept of an ADIZ is not defined in any international treaty and is not regulated by any international body.

On the otherhand PLAAF planes files over or close by Senkaku regularly, is Japan allowed to shoot those planes down since Senkaku is Japan's sovereign territory?

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Posted in: Ex-mayor gets 4 1/2 years for car crash that killed 3 See in context

His license will be invoked for sure. As for compensation towards the families beyond insurance that will be a civil court matter and not at the criminal court.

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Posted in: U.S. military in Japan unveil Global Hawk surveillance drone See in context

Under Abe, Japan is steadly becoming a normal country.

What does a US military surveillance drone has anything to do with Japan changing into whatever is implied?

Japan has no control over those drones.

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Posted in: Moody's downgrades China; warns of fading financial strength as debt climbs See in context

This is the part that is the most scary.

Government-led stimulus has been a major driver of China's growth over recent years, but has also been accompanied by runaway credit growth that has created a mountain of debt - now standing at nearly 300 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

Basically their growth is based on debts meaning without debts there will be no growth.

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Posted in: U.S., Japanese firms collaborating on new missile defense radar See in context

To be clear Toshiba did not sell any US sub secrets to USSR, Toshiba Machinery sold a 3D milling machine to the Russians which was used to make their subs more quite.

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Posted in: U.S., Japanese firms collaborating on new missile defense radar See in context


It's highly possible that the US is wanting Japan tech like what happened during the F-2 fiasco where the US gained for free Carbon composite molding technique and on-board AESA radar technology that Japan was doing R&D on. This time it's utilization of gallium nitride IC chips for radar that Japan had already installed in the FSC-3 system.

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Posted in: It is the responsibility of our generation to put an end to the argument on whether the Self-Defense Forces is unconstitutional. See in context

And since it is under just an interpretation and not enforced by law the men and women fighting in a military conflict may be considered as civil servants and not considered as military therefore not eligible for protecting under the Geneva convention in which they can be held charges for murder under civilian law of the occupational force.

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Posted in: China confirms detention of 6 Japanese for 'illegal activities' See in context

Or the survey had been finished and they given their initial analysis to the resort company. The resort company unwilling to pay for their services called security and had them arrested for spying so to evade payment.

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Posted in: China, Japan extract combustible ice from seafloor See in context

This is not a personal speculation but what some geologist suggest as seen below.

Many geologists suspect that gas hydrates play an important role in stabilizing the seafloor. Drilling in these oceanic deposits could destabilize the seabed, causing vast swaths of sediment to slide for miles down the continental slope. Evidence suggests that such underwater landslides have occurred in the past (see sidebar), with devastating consequences. The movement of so much sediment would certainly trigger massive tsunamis similar to those seen in the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004.

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Posted in: China confirms detention of 6 Japanese for 'illegal activities' See in context

The Chinese company that hired these guys have an obligation to vouch for them.

I never heard of professional prospectors can become spies for military secrets.

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Posted in: China confirms detention of 6 Japanese for 'illegal activities' See in context

No, they have the 120% confession under torture system installed.

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Posted in: China, Japan extract combustible ice from seafloor See in context

Actually there is a small risk in causing a tsunami by extracting too much methane hydride from one location since the ground above the ice is not stable unlike a rock bed on top of a oil deposit, so it may collapse by creating a void underneath the sea bed above.

It's a very small but a risk none the less. The reason why Japan hesitating in extracting the material was to do research on how to extract it with minimal damage to the eco-system.

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Posted in: I believe that markets such as infrastructure construction, energy and transportation that will emerge from the economic zone will present huge business chances for Japan. See in context

So this is their sales pitch for Japan to participate?

I wonder what he is smoking?? LoL

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Posted in: Apple growers in Japan see opportunities in cider business See in context

Aren't they talking about an alcoholic beverage known in Europe as Cidre and not the non-alcoholic cider?

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