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Posted in: Is it OK to put other food on top of your white rice when eating in Japan? See in context

That is actually the proper etiquette in eating a meal in Japan.

You pick up anything with your chopsticks that is more than one bite, then you place it in you rice bowl(Ochawan) and not return it to the original plate.

That way you are not showing bite marks on things you are chewing.

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Posted in: Panasonic to move UK headquarters on Brexit fears See in context

I don't think many here sees the actual picture.

It's not the 10~20 people that is moving to EU that is going to hurt but the vast amount of Federal Tax that was paid to the British government that is going to sink in very fast into Britain.

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Posted in: LDP faction led by Aso seeks referendum on Constitution change by next summer See in context

J-DakeToday 04:48 pm JST

So all he wants to make something that already has existed for decades clearly constitutional? That's all huh?

Based on the Geneva Convention, civilian civil servants(non-combatants) are not suppose to participate in international conflict and if caught fighting against the enemy force they can be shot on site without court since they are not seen as POW but insurgents.

Under the present constitution since it states there are no military within Japan, the JSDF can be and will be labeled as non-combatants by the enemy force and shot on site.

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Posted in: Five reasons there’s no tipping at restaurants in Japan See in context

Tipping or 心づけ is accepted at traditional high end restaurants here in Japan.

You need to place it in a small envelop so the recipient cannot see the amount though.

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Posted in: Trump worries that Mueller interview could be a 'perjury trap' See in context

commanteerToday 09:34 pm JST

All you have to do is mis-remember a minor event from several years previous, and you can be facing perjury charges and several years in prison.

Purjury does not work that way. If you do not remember all you have to say is " I do not recall" in which case the prosecutor will need to produce evidence to sustain his/her question to go further. If they do not have any collaborating evidence to fortify their claim then they can not push further since it will be the defendants words against the prosecutor in which case the judge will simply demand to strike the question out to the jurors.

The problem for Trump is he does not know what Mueller has for evidence so he cannot simply deny nor discount as I do not recall in which it may bite back with Mueller coming out with collaborating evidence which will place him in the corner.

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Posted in: What do you think of rakugo storytelling? Can it be successfully translated into English, for example, and be funny? See in context

Rakugo is an art of one person acting and talking to other persona utilizing only two personal items that he usually use in his daily life, tenugui/handkerchief and sensu/folding fan.

With this it depends on how good the performer is able to draw in the audience with his sense in creating the story as well as his performance in acting the various personas.

Having said that Edie Murphy during his Saturday Night Lives eras is close to Rakugo type performance.

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Posted in: What do you think of rakugo storytelling? Can it be successfully translated into English, for example, and be funny? See in context

Talk about not knowing what Rakugo is.

Rakugo is no slapstick for one.

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Posted in: Former campaign aide to Trump testifies he committed crimes with Manafort See in context

Trump is cooked either ways like in chess where there either option will seals his fate.

Once Manafort is found guilt and Trump does not provide pardon then Mueller can go back to Manafort and show a plea bargain of reduced sentence in exchange to testify against Trump providing collaborating evidence.

If Trump does provide pardon to Manafort once proven guilty of conspiring with Trump Jr in talking with the Russians then the Democrats can demand impeachment trial in which many Republicans will either sit still and forfeit to vote or vote for knowing s/he may be next to be thrown under the bus at the next election.

Basically it's a lose-lose scenario for Trump.

Let's face it Manafort is not going to sit idle being loyal towards Trump when Mueller offers a bargain like the flea bag he is.

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Posted in: Trump's trade 'extortion' won't work, China state media outlet says See in context

and a steep decline in the value of the yuan versus the dollar 

Which means the Chinese exported goods will become even more cheap and beneficial for China. Lol.

No it never gets better since import of natural resources goes up due to the depression of the Yuan against all currency.

OPEC pegs their currency to the dollar and most all natural resource index moves with the dollar as well.

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Posted in: Trump's trade 'extortion' won't work, China state media outlet says See in context

PTownsendToday  02:57 pm JST

Mainland China also has a long history of revolution against a tyranny government in which many dynasties had fallen due to not taking care of the people.

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Posted in: Accountant testifies about problems with Trump ex-aide Manafort's taxes See in context

You could probably add money laundering and possibly racketeering.

I wonder how many more year that would jack up his sentence?

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Posted in: First woman fined in Denmark for wearing full-face veil See in context

It's not a religious issue, it's a security issue hiding one's face in public places.

Even in Japan you are flagged as a potential robber if you enter a convenience store wearing a full face helmet.

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Posted in: Made in Fukushima: Farmers struggle to win trust See in context

Thats certainly true...however the fact remains whatever levels are set, the EU and US have not had a nuclear disaster on the scale of Daiichi with 3 reactor meltdowns in an agriculture producing region. 

Haven't you heard about Chernobyl disaster?

In the US and Russia there were enough open air nuclear explosion tests in the 50's and 60's which makes Daiichi look like a fizzle.

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Posted in: Toyota plans to expand production, shrink cost of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles See in context


This is a common mistake - coal oil gas, solar etc can all be used as SOURCES to make hydrogen. 

In that sense coal, oil and gas are also medium of energy.

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Posted in: Japan's growing plutonium stockpile fuels fears See in context

Japan has amassed enough plutonium to make 6,000 atomic bombs as part of a program

This illegitimate ignorant phrase has been used too many times.

First off Plutonium has various isotopes in which some(240 Pu) poisons the fissile reaction making it unusable as weapons grade plutonium if it there is too much in the mix and the longer a nuclear fuel element remains in a nuclear reactor the greater the relative percentage of 240Pu in the fuel becomes.

For producing weapons grade plutonium, the irradiated fuel needs to be as low in 240 Pu as possible, usually less than 7% of the total plutonium.

Basically commercial reactors burns their fuel rods as long as possible so naturally the Plutonium within the rods would be more240 Pu than 239 Pu,

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Posted in: NHK aims to begin simultaneous streaming, with gov't approval See in context

Reading some people's comment about nicking NHK, I found something interesting although I believe it will tire some people out.

Basically no matter how the law is written at the moment you need to sign a contract with NHK and NHK needs to satisfy you with the explanation of the service they offer to obtain informed consensual contract to be binding. Since that is required under the commerce law in Japan.

SO what you need to do is hear out all what they have to say then ask any question you can think up of and then say you are not satisfied with the explanation they have given and tell them that I withhold signing until I gain further explanation of the points I had made and send the collector o his marry way.

Do it until the collector of your district gives up.

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Posted in: 1st live-action film of 'Gundam' anime in works See in context

It is very successful in asia, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan. But not globally successful.

I don't know how large but there is a solid fan base in the western nations considering I had been nagged by people in their 30's and early 40's coming from Europe and the US to take them on a pilgrimage to Diver City.

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Posted in: Japan to buy advanced U.S. radar for missile defense system See in context

A missile defense system makes people feel better but against 500 or 1000 incoming missiles it would be less than useless. China could launch that many missiles simultaneously and saturate any defense system to ensure their targets are destroyed

Leaving no missiles as deterrent against an avenging US military. Doubt PRC has that many intercontinental ballistic missiles ready in the first place.

By the way firing 500 missiles with about a 60~70% success rate means only 300~350 missiles that are actually heading towards Japan. The remaining missiles would either fall short, completely go off trajectory and or explode midways.

As for AEGIS on shore they pack around 80 missiles.

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Posted in: Germany crash out of World Cup after losing to S Korea 2-0 See in context

SK is still the team with the most fouls 17 fouls with 4 being yellow in this game alone, a whopping 63 in fouls and 10 yellow cards.

Yeah a fantastic job indeed,,,, not.

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Posted in: Osaka gov't warns of baseless rumors on social media after quake See in context

Do the hustleToday 09:49 pm JST

And, the really crazy thing is, all cases of looting after the 2011 quake and tsunami were carried out by Japanese people, not foreigners. The Japanese will take any chance they get to diss on foreigners regusrdjess of how ridiculous or untrue it is.

And how many was that any actual statistics?

Actual police reports?

How many safes that was turned in to the police by the populous with ratio of Japanese vs people from abroad?

Basically the same level of ridiculousness as yours.

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Posted in: Japan's ethnic Koreans loyal to Pyongyang look to summit to bring peace, boost status See in context

"What would you guys do if you didn't have ethnic minorities(in Japan)"

They are not minorities of the ethnic sense, like the title states the are loyal to an authoritarian regime that was not even in existence when their parents/grand parents came to Japan might I add.

Basically they have been programmed to be loyal after the war by someone not of the JP government.

Why in the world should Japan/Japanese needs to serve them?

They are free to leave anytime they want.

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Posted in: JR Central shows new bullet train model to media See in context

@nandakandamandaJune 5 10:28 pm JST

I guess some people are completely ignorant of the limitation of cold metal press.

You can't make sheet metal into a complicated 3D shape by merely pressing it in a mold.

It will create crests and tear if you do.

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Posted in: JR Central shows new bullet train model to media See in context

The most fascinating part is that the nose part are all hammered into shape manually like Ferrari.

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Posted in: U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to impose a 25% tariff on car imports. How would such a move help U.S. car buyers? See in context

When Japan was initiating 40% tariff on cars in the 50's and 60's the most imported cars were from the US.

When Japan's auto industry shifted gears starting to export cars in the early 70's it was down to 6.4% and was completely abolished to 0% in 1978.

Basically anytime before Japanese car became popular in the US.

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Posted in: Power of choice: The future of hydrogen-powered cars in Japan See in context

The current grid demand is 12-27%. majority of power companies use less than 20%.

Plenty of transmission capacity to greatly increase the amount of renewable energy.

This article for grid and transmission line capacities

Actually no. If you read the article more closely you'll find they are talking strictly about the high-voltage core electric power lines, such as 500,000 volts or 275,000 volts.

Most all EVs will be plugging into a local low voltage line which are all connected to an electrical substation which becomes a bottle neck when all the electrical power is loaded resulting to burst of a local substation shutting down the neighborhood electric supply.

Take a look at all the gateways they placed.

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Posted in: Japanese 'Marines' engage in exercise with maritime defense force See in context

There are 186,000 active US marines. So if you put the two against each other on the battlefield it wouldn't even be a joke.

There is no single battle field that places that many people in one location. If there was MBTs will be more effective.

Basically it all depends on the terrain and how each side is able to use it to their own advantage.

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Posted in: Japanese 'Marines' engage in exercise with maritime defense force See in context

Aughhh, I think you are forgetting the British Royal Marines they are the original Marine corps.

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Posted in: Japanese 'marines' launched, but much work needs to be done See in context

To apply for the 1st Amphibious Rapid Deployment Regiment(WAiR) the candidates need to receive certificate of Ranger Training.

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Posted in: Japanese 'marines' launched, but much work needs to be done See in context

BeerDeliveryGuyToday 05:09 pm JST

> If he wants to beat the USMC, however, he’s gotta step up his game and start making the lower enlisted disgruntled and salty.

In case you didn't know, the 1st Amphibious Rapid Deployment Regiment(WAiR), the core of this Brigade trains regularly with the United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Unit and are considered MARSOC level.

They participate in the Annual Joint Military Training Iron Fist that first started in 2006.

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