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Posted in: Nuclear is under a magnifying glass now, so even the smallest problem can create big delays. Fukushima has changed everything, and earthquakes and volcanoes are only making things worse. See in context

It's a good thing we have this expert analyst to tell us this.

Notice that delays are considered "worse." All of the doomsayers saying that Japan was going to be deveasted by no muclear power were wrong. Somehow Japan has managed to not sink into the ocean.

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Posted in: Japan misses out as Australia awards sub contract to France See in context

Yes, Australia could learn all it needs to build submarines from YouTube.

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Posted in: Trump, Clinton move closer to election showdown See in context

The people will be the biggest losers regardless of who wins.

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Posted in: Japan misses out as Australia awards sub contract to France See in context

"I won't be joining you in yelling Bonsai..."

Ahhh, isn't that cute? "Bonsai!"

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Posted in: Gov't eyes shopping vouchers, promotions to boost consumption See in context

Here is a concise article on the battle between Japanese government minions and the free market:


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Posted in: Japan misses out as Australia awards sub contract to France See in context

Why all the Japan hate here?

At least Japan can make submarines and cars and electronics, etc. Australia has to get another country to build subs because they're copied versions of a Swedish sub don't work?

Why is Australia getting 12 new subs when they can't even keep enough people and supplies to have 3 of their subs operating now? The last sub they built was in 2003 (and that is like new in the world of subs) and they need to trade it in already?

Something is fishy (pun intended) here.

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Posted in: LDP-backed candidate wins Hokkaido by-election See in context

Farm & dairy subsidies/protectionism probably had more to do with the result than "national security agenda" in Hokkaido.

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Posted in: This may be Japan saying, 'We can do the technology, so consider us for international consortium projects' such as the one that developed the F-35 stealth fighter. See in context

Or, it could be Japan saying it can make more than electronics. Japan has to be prepared to have a self-sufficient defense.

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Posted in: The EU: In or out - what Japanese firms think about Brexit See in context

Maybe politicians have forgotten that countries can make trade treaties with other countries, even those that include no tariffs and no red tape?

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Posted in: Fuel-cheating scandal sends Mitsubishi Motors shares nosediving See in context

Are people dying from this?

Should the governments go back and investigate cars that were made before the government minions decided they had to test and say what the fuel usage of a car was?

How does anyone even know if their car got 21.03 instead of 21.028 miles per gallon, and do they really care?

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors scandal widens as U.S. regulator seeks information See in context

Just think of all the children dying out there from getting a mile or two less per gallon.

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Posted in: Musician Prince dies at his Minnesota home at 57 See in context

It's being reported now that he had an opiate overdose 6 days earlier when his plane made that emergency landing.

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Posted in: Sushi alert: Grim outlook for bluefin tuna See in context

How long until someone starts dyeing cod or some other bland white fish red? Just like that the fake crab meat...

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Posted in: Most Japanese firms say Trump presidency would hurt trade ties, security aliance: poll See in context

Yes, the mature and adult election process and candidates in the US illiustrates how mature the US is, and how the US needs to "baby sit" Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's exports, imports fall as economic doldrums persist See in context

If exports decline by X% and imports decline by 2X%, then the trade deficit reduces by X%.

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Posted in: Cold rice balls, no flush toilets at quake-hit shelter See in context

You voted down my post that shows the government should have a plan for these events because they are not as rare as people think? Unbelieveable.

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Posted in: Cold rice balls, no flush toilets at quake-hit shelter See in context

Here's a National Geographic article about an earthquake/tsunami in 1896 that killed 26,000 people.


I'm sick of hearing that the Tohoku earthquake was a once-in-a-1,000-year event. That is complete nonsense.

How long ago was the Great Tokyo earthquake? These are once-in-a-century events and we're overdue.

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Posted in: Do you think the so-called “Panama Papers”— documents that have shed light on how the world's rich and powerful use offshore companies to stash their assets — is a big deal? See in context

There is nothing illegal in holding assets in a low or no tax country. None. If you're an American, it's in the decision by Judge Learned Hand. He ruled that there is no patriotic duty to increase your taxes, and you have a legal right and obligation to arrange your affairs to pay the least tax.

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Posted in: Both households and businesses have become skeptical about the effectiveness of policy measures to address the current economic problems. See in context

Which is why they are unable to do anything to positively affect the economy. They studied theoretical economics of models that do not exist today. It's like they studied the medicinal uses of leaches and are trying to find a way to apply it in modern medicine.

The economy of today looks nothing like the economies they studied, so they don'y have half a century of after-market doodling and can't cite papers to support how leaches should be use in this economy.

Contrary to most of you here, I have actually spent time inside the bowls of the BOJ and can say without question that the most important discussions among the staff are whining about how the US FED pays their battery of economists so much more than the gaggle of BOJ economists.

They are like scorekeepers in a game. They aren't players or participants. The BOJ also handles the printing and distribution of cash, unlike the FED, so they have multitudes of managers (MoM) holding pre-meetings before the regular meetings to discuss the moving of money from point A to point B.

In detail.

It's like having an army of Inspector Clouseau's.

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Posted in: Quakes disrupt Sony production of image sensors used in Apple iPhones See in context

Yes, and having an eathquake can disrupt the chain of self evident words, which are added to the SQL database, obviously.

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Posted in: Trump and Sanders are both right: 'Free trade' is killing U.S. See in context

Nonsense. Everyone conveniently overlooks the value of service business revenues that are not included in good deficits.

And trade deficits are not important. If they were, the world economy would have exploded long ago.

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Posted in: Are 'chatbots' the future of online business? See in context

You have to wonder because some comments make you think that they could not have been made by any organic species.

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Posted in: GOP nomination process 101: Candidate's remedial edition See in context

Land of the think they're free.

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Posted in: Luxury or bust for foreign automakers in Japan See in context

Not free? The US has tariffs on Japanese cars, even 50% tariff on Japanese pickup trucks to protect the US automakers. Japan has no tariffs.

The biggest barrier for US cars are ugliosity, big, wide rear ends on cars (how ironic) and did I mention ugly design? Japanese cars are filled with European cars for a reason. That reason is left as an exercise for the JT boys and girls.

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Posted in: Are 'chatbots' the future of online business? See in context

I wonder if some of the posters here are bots? What do you think?

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Posted in: Luxury or bust for foreign automakers in Japan See in context

Well, the US trade representative demanded that Japanese car companies be forced to sell American cars, so the American car companies don't have to set up distributorships here. Not agreeing to this reasonable demand is a "non-tariff barrier."

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Posted in: O'Reilly's next 'Killing' subject: Japan, at end of World War II See in context

The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb by Gar Alperovitz is very good. However, the book doesn't fit the approved narrative here.

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Posted in: Luxury or bust for foreign automakers in Japan See in context

You can't say that around here, Striker10. Around here, USA = good; Japan = bad.

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors look to Obama visit for nuclear disarmament, not apology See in context

How many people have been killed or wounded by the Japanese Self Defense Force since the end of WWII?

That would be zero.

In the modern world, Japan has been a model country and contributed enormous humanitarian aid around the globe.

Those of you who are still fighting the war should take a breath and reflect on that.

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Posted in: Plans for daycare center scrapped after residents complain of possible noise See in context

And just how do you know that the opponents were old, Tom Webb?

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