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Posted in: Bus nap See in context

Haha! Cool shot!

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Posted in: Off the beaten path - summer festivals See in context

Went to the Kanto Matsuri in Akita two years ago and it was amazing!!

The Tanabata Matsuri in Sendai is pretty cool too.

Hanagasa is okay, but I prefer the festival in Shinjo with the floats like the ones in the Nebuta Festival.

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Posted in: Tokyo zoo hunts squirrels that fled during typhoon See in context

It was pretty funny watching it on the news last night. I didn't know squirrels could move so fast!

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Posted in: Need a boyfriend? See in context

It's what the teenage girls like, so they're sticking with it!

I'm not going to bag them when Japan is doing the same thing, both with girl groups and so many 'Johnny's' groups. >_<

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Posted in: Bright tree See in context

Nice picture but not the one of the crowds! I think I'll go when the fuss dies down....which will be never it seems!

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Posted in: Millions look skyward as rare eclipse crosses Asia See in context

Too cloudy :(

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Posted in: Mt Takao a fun day trip from Tokyo See in context

I wouldn't follow the advice in the last part of the story.

Get there early to try and avoid the crowds!!

Then go to the Trick Art Museum and whatever else.

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

I don't get it. Next we'll see sleeve extensions for short sleeves blouses and leg extensions for shorts so people don't have to show their arms and legs?

The sleeve extensions exist too!! Older ladies especially love them.

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Posted in: Standing tall See in context

I hope he comes to life at night.

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Posted in: Japanese woman, 73, in record Everest attempt See in context

Good luck to her!

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

Clothing shop in Sendai called 'Sperm'.

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Posted in: Teen saga 'Hunger Games' hits big screen See in context

Sounds cool! Hope it's not too gory.

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Posted in: Snow blankets Kanto-Koshin regions See in context

Any JT-ers spent the winter deep in Japan's snow country? What's it like?

Really COLD!!!

But beautiful!

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Posted in: They're off See in context

Who won?!

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Posted in: Disaster relief lottery See in context

I want money!

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

I'm gonna have to agree with the noise factor...especially in Kanto!!

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Posted in: Reclining Buddha See in context

Another reason to go to Chiba one day!

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Posted in: Japan's amazing snow monsters on the prowl See in context

The author must have a very sensitive nose. I've stayed up there a few times and never smelled the rotten stench of sulfur! Exaggerate much?

Anyway, these 'monsters' are an amazing sight to see!

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Posted in: Gone but not forgotten See in context

7 - If I'm visiting home, I always eat with my family. 10 - I still write letters sometimes. And I love receiving them! 18 - My parents have two phones....and one is a dial type! 25 - Or a smack with the wooden spoon....

I don't know about #17....most people in Adelaide didn't seem to enjoy walking on the tarmac to get into the plane, especially in bad weather!

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Posted in: Hard work See in context

I don't miss that part about living in northern Japan!

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Posted in: Happy New Year See in context

Crowded but a good atmosphere!

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Posted in: Entitlements are not rights See in context

Makoto's mum is pretty smart.

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Posted in: Man commits suicide by jumping off train in Nagoya See in context

Some people on this page have an overactive imagination!!

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Posted in: Mission accomplished for travel volunteers See in context

Lucky them!!!

Good blog too!

Can't wait to travel more around Japan!

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Posted in: Snowed in See in context

Pity the person who has to dig them out every day!

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Posted in: Scary guy See in context

Toughen up, princess!!!

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

I thought alcohol was pretty cheap here, if you buy it at a shop. Eg: About 1000yen for a bottle of Smirnoff vodka. I think that's about a third of the price of it in Australia.

Don't buy fruit much these days...because of the expense.

Yes, movie tickets are a rip-off.....I guess that's why most people download these days.

When I went to the USA for a visit, I was shocked at how low the prices were for skin creams, makeup, medicine and stuff. So lucky! I don't really know about Japan as I just use Nivea products. I still think perfume in Japan is fairly cheap though.

I think meat is fairly cheap here....if you don't buy fatty Japanese beef. Breast chicken is half the price of what it costs in Australia....yet it's difficult to find a cheap whole chicken unless it's Christmas time!

And yeah, the DVD thing....but I'm not complaining....I am stocking up on foreign (ie. USA) DVDs from Amazon.jp. They are so cheap if they're not new releases!

Toilet paper and tissues are cheap here at least! :)

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Posted in: Joe Odagiri apologizes for signing name 'Kumi Koda' as autograph for fan See in context

Jeez, no one can take a joke these days?

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Posted in: Watchful eyes See in context

Another reason not to go to Akihabara...

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Posted in: Sketches See in context

How is it private when they are out on a public street?

I love looking at what people are drawing when they're outside like this.

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