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Posted in: Shinjuku shine See in context

I want to check these out this year!

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Posted in: Fine bodywork See in context

I went on Monday. It was so crowded but it was great to see all the cars. The otaku were out in full force. The models were very professional.

And yeah, I wish the concept cars would actually get produced! Would love to see them on the road!

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Posted in: Midtown Christmas See in context

It's just not Christmas in blue LED...

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Posted in: Tokyo Motor Show 2011 See in context

I definitely want to go this year!

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Posted in: Three policemen injured in hit-and-run See in context

What's the follow up story to this?

Did they get the guy?

I think I saw a bit on the news last night of the cops at the guy's house, but then my husband changed the channel!

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Posted in: Michael Jackson is world's top dead earner See in context

I am not surprised with this result.

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Posted in: Police to get tough on sidewalk cyclists See in context

Wearing a helmet should be compulsory too.

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Posted in: Japanese team wins 3,000-km Australian solar race See in context

Yaaay! Tokai!!!!

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Posted in: AKB48 plus one See in context

She looks really old!

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Posted in: Japan requests China to loan panda to Sendai See in context

Sendai Zoo is shockingly disgusting because the cages are too small for the animals in them and don't seem to be well-maintained or represent the animals' natural environment.

Hope China says no!

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Posted in: Auditions held for AKB48's anime debut See in context

I wonder if the girls who are already the most popular will be the ones who 'just happen' to win the audition...

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Cup Noodle Futomen Dodo See in context

I love this CM!!!!

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Posted in: Afternoon tea See in context

What are you talking about Tamesu?

That's the sumo guy's hair in front of the other guy's eyes!

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Posted in: An oasis for pizza lovers opens in Tokyo's Azabujuban See in context

That man candy alone makes it worth a visit.

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Posted in: Eye spy See in context


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Posted in: Economic worries escalating around the world See in context

How's Australia doing?

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Posted in: Hinano Yoshikawa 4 months pregnant, plans to remarry See in context

They met in 2006 and probably started dating then right?

It's not really a shotgun wedding or anything.

If it's worked for five years then hopefully after marriage and a baby they will still stay together!

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Posted in: A day at the beach See in context

Went to Fujisawa Beach near Enoshima on the 4th July and it was still closed...but went in the water anyway. Soon came out after a plastic plate and shopping board floated past. Go Japan!

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Posted in: Sporting Cool Biz See in context

Great use of English, Adidas! >_<

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Posted in: Hot commute See in context

The riding a bike to work method doesn't really work when you live an hour away (by train) from Tokyo.

On a good note though, the Tokaido line's air con was actually blowing out cool air this morning.

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Posted in: Do summers now seem much hotter than in your youth? See in context

I think they feel hotter as I get older. Can't handle the heat as well as I used to!

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Posted in: Rie Hasegawa promotes Tohoku fruit and vegetables See in context

It's not just Tohoku though, is it? What about nearby Gunma and Ibaraki?

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Posted in: Purple Fuji See in context

New desktop wallpaper. Thanks!

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Posted in: Ladies love cool Japan, and so does LL Cool J See in context

I loved 'Mama Said Knock You Out' back in the day!

LL Cool J was also funny in Deep Blue Sea! And he survived!

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Posted in: Tower Cheeseburger See in context

That looks nasty!!

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Posted in: Riot cop arrested for stealing money from passenger on subway See in context

Maybe he wanted to be found out.

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Posted in: Bin Laden's diary shows he was looking for new targets, big body count: U.S. See in context

Thanks Laguna, that was hilarious!

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Posted in: Man disguised as a woman arrested for beating up his date See in context

I had to laugh after reading this!

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Posted in: Quick snip See in context

Yeah, that's really nice of them.

But why do I never get a cute guy when I go to the hairdresser?

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Posted in: Wedding fever See in context

Haven't got BS! Will it be streaming online?

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