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Posted in: Japan's working population drops further See in context

Another issue that causes the shrinkage in the Japanese workforce is the old system of forcing the workers to retire at age 60 at a time they are most qualified to contribute to the economy. Also the resistance to hiring women on a full time basis aggravates the shortage. Strange tax on married full time workers adds to the problem.

These are cultural and traditional issues that need to be addressed. But good luck with that.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife leaves Japan to appeal to French gov't; prosecutors want her questioned See in context

I’m surprised to see so many people here rooting for the crook Ghosn and his tricky wife. He has no doubt abused his position at Nissan and pulled the wool over the eyes of the trusting auto maker to enrich himself. He deserves what trestment he’s getting under Japanese law. No sympathy for him and his so caring wife.

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Posted in: Vonn 'hurt' by anti-American claims after her stance against Trump See in context

It's a shame a lot of uninformed "punks" are voicing their approval of Vonn's confused two cents worth of opinion. But understandably, there is no more sour-grape hatred than what comes out of the left side of the spectrum. Can't we all get along?

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Posted in: 'Little idols': Japan's dark obsession with young girls See in context

As a man I really find nothing exciting or attractive about a young girl under the age of 20+. Is it me or I'm missing something. But in our overly permissive world, people find their own niche, whatever it might be, to get thrilled by. Men as a whole are "visual" animals who become excited sexually through their eyes, what they see or picture in their head. Women thankfully are not like that. But it's a shame that young girls might be exploited in this way. The phenomenon id not limited to Japan.

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Posted in: Abe honors 'Japanese Schindler' in Lithuania See in context

please keep in mind that Japan has already honored the great humanitarian by establishing a beautiful memorial park in Yaotsu Gifu Prefecture a number of years ago. I have visited this solum spot a few times and prayed for the spirit of Sugihara San. Bless him and those who pay respect to him

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Posted in: Robert De Niro says Meryl Streep's Globe speech was 'great' See in context

Of course it takes one leftist Hollywood opinionated actor/actress to praise the other one based on both their emotion based two-cents worth of perspective. Makes watching these wonderful actors sticking us with their liberal world-view any chance they get hard to stomach any more. Advice to these and other screen icons: just shut up and act. Spare us your wisdom gained in the bubble of privilege and adoration.

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Posted in: Abe urges S Korea to remove 'comfort woman' statue See in context

Like the Russians, South Koreans also don't seem to stick to a deal that was signed and sealed. Always whining about the comfort women, as if the resolution of that problem will bring national grace and pride. Get moving with life already. Like many victim groups in the US, the Koreans are playing the victim card to get more money, more apology to make themselves feel 'comfortable." The young generation any place is all feeling and no logic. God save us.

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Posted in: The terrifying lessons of the Philippines' vigilante president See in context

Only a sniveling lefty snob from Reuters sees it necessary to bring up Trump a few times based on vague evidence in his report on the unpleasant Filipino president's activities. Why he does it is of course obvious to any outsider but not so apparent to himself since he assumes he's doing a great social and political service. Not worth reading news reports anymore for all the bias oozing out.

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Posted in: Actress Takahata apologizes over son’s arrest on rape charge See in context

Sad situation for the unsuspecting mother, the actress. If this incident took place in the US, the son, Yuta, would claim he was absolutely innocent, the victim made him do it, and the mother would claim her son an angel who wouldn't hurt a fly. Thank you for the Japanese who accept responsibility right away and don't play phony legal games.

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