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Posted in: Man arrested in Times Square car bomb attack See in context

hope not all the american are poor in reasoning and understanding the consequences. i think it's a part of the continuing drama of the US government. of which, the previous one was the that of the Nigerian guy(the plane drama). Taliban or Al Qaeda are well organised enough not to have unsuccessful amateur attacks like these. may be these two guys have been promised of getting huge money for helping US govt to make these dramas or simply have become the victims.no one is going to know what is happening inside. may be all of these trials and prosecutions are fake and they will be helped to escape to a safe land with huge money while everyone will think that they are getting punished.on the other hand US govt will get lame excuse for further and new attacks with more and more force.

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Posted in: Nigerian man sets off explosive device on plane landing in Detroit See in context

Mr Obama - You are telling your grandfather's story to your uncles. America claimed to be having such technology by which even a small car can be located and photographed on the road, it is having technology to monitor billions of telephone calls coming out and going into the the coutnry. Omar's father has informed the American authorities about his involvement with the terrorist, why his visa was not cancelled? If a person apply for American visa in one country and its declined this is saved in the computer. Should the same guy apply in another country it is known that this guy has applied in another country and his visa application declined. This could have been done in SITA system which all airlines and most of the travel agents use. Mr. Obama, you are American president doesnt necessarily means that you are intteligent and the most smart guy in the world. Your administration has not taken any initiative to prevent it because America wants the terrorism to remain in the world so that Americas dominience remains. This is engineered as it was for the 9/11 just to remain in the middle east for donkey years. You need to think that American financial condition is no better than a street begger. Bush has started the ending of America and you are taking it forward. A little advise to you, cut of your ties with the best friend, you will have more than 70 friends, and I am sure you at least have this intellegence to understand 70 is more than one. We don't deny America is a great country, a democretic country but its a Quasi state just like Palestine - you can not formulate your own policy without the endorsement of your friend. Infact your friend runs America and you know it better. So make America a sovreign State.

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