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Posted in: Mall fights in U.S. send post-holiday shoppers scrambling for exits See in context

The American Dream is a nightmare.????? But people love the nightmare in America; that'why they keep coming....

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Posted in: Trump ups U.S. ante on Taiwan, but China has leverage too See in context

I wonder how many jobs China loose if USA stops importing over $ 300 billion goods a year from China? The number that China is so scare to not want to know...However, China is a big market in the world, US business cannot ignore...

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Posted in: Philippines to hold naval exercises with Japan, U.S. as China row simmers See in context

Talk and talk is meaningless....Action is a vital....and China knows well about that...

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Posted in: Couple arrested for hiring Chinese girls on student visas to work as club hostesses See in context

They could come to Japan like on student visa, they're not poor at all instead pretty rich ...

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Posted in: Putin promises economic recovery to worried Russia See in context

Now, Putin is just an old crazy KGB spy..What else he can do? He just talk and claim the west not about himself....

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Posted in: China hits back at U.S., Japan for 'provocative' remarks See in context

The US and Japan should support democratic movement in China....

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Posted in: Russia reinforces military presence in Crimea See in context

Putin already shown the world to see his real face.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

Beware China like beware dog bark and bite

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Posted in: Biden says China must take steps to reduce tension in region See in context

China just create another tension in East Asia, and the whole world see it clearly...

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Posted in: Chinese general warns India against 'new trouble' See in context

That's why India should increase spending on military build-up.

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Posted in: In lavish reception, Putin greets China's new president See in context

I don't know why China keeps saying USA to contain them while USA keeps moving jobs and investing in China and has a trade deficit with China over $200 billions a year. If USA really wants to that, US never let that happen...Just my humble thought.....☺

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Posted in: Democracy seen in decline around the world: U.S. study See in context

It even declines in US...Look at USA now, high unemployment, the poor keep getting poorer and bigger, high crime, corruption, the rich get richer..etc....A lot of issues and problems at home but the USA government keeps ignoring.....

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Posted in: U.S. Congress less popular than cockroaches: poll See in context

Cockroaches don't need American's tax to survive.☺

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

it will keep going as long as people around still love enjoying it........

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Posted in: Missing UK schoolgirl found with math teacher in France See in context

Pervert is everywhere as long as there are still men and women around

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Posted in: Nintendo to launch Wii U; Super Mario jumps to new level See in context

Another Mario game. How about something new Mario, Nintendo like RPG Mario?

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Posted in: Japan sees surge in aspiring adult film actresses; 6,000 said to debut each year See in context

that's good, keep going, please............

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Posted in: Chaos See in context

The main reason for the riot is looting..........isn't it?

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Posted in: Japan shocks Spain 1-0 in men's Olympic soccer opener See in context

Japan beats Spain in soccer, unbelievable.............

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Posted in: Chinese activist arrives in U.S. with family See in context

Chinese man does not feel safe in China, and he is not a criminal. Something's very fishy going on in China.

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Posted in: Nine N Korean boat people reach Japan See in context

They will be sent to South Korea sooner or later...........

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Posted in: Japanese support for U.S. bases grows: poll See in context

China now and later is to keep putting more money in their navy force upgrading, people can see China intention is so clearly.

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Posted in: Japan beats Sweden 3-1 for place in final See in context

Congratulation.I believe that Japan can win over USA at the cup final.

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Posted in: Anti-China protests in Oslo over Nobel peace prize See in context

the Confucius prize is another counterfeiting from China.

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Posted in: Jailed Chinese dissident honored at Nobel ceremony See in context

China must be proud of Liu Xiaobo.

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Posted in: China criticizes 2 Japanese assemblymen for landing on disputed island See in context

Bomb the islands into 2 parts and problem's solved.Said easy than done...

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Posted in: Why are Japanese women so eager to bare themselves? See in context

Nobody wants to deny that. Japanese girls is so open, brave and beauty.

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Posted in: Iranian president urges girls to marry at 16 See in context

That's a good thing for men in Iran.

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