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It's more like 80 percent of Americans are doing well, and almost 20 percent are unemployed or underemployed. That is serious cause for concern, but it is not as if America is ready to snap. You will always have the odd nutcases. They are remarkable only because they are rare. America has roughly three times the population of Japan, and therefore three times the number of lunatics.

When people are starving, and they shut down the cell phone networks and cable TV because no one can pay, I'll be seriously worried. We have problems, as always. They are neither insoluble nor trivial. I grew up in the age where most males could count on a notice from their draft board, and some of my peers did not survive. It's been a good life so far, and with a lttle luck and some work, I expect it to remain so.

You need to keep things in perspective, something this article does not do very well.

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