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Whenever anyone makes a fuss with me about using chopsticks I just point out I am using them left-handed as well. I usually get looks of stunned amazement and then the subject is dropped.

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I first thought that photo were those famous terraced paddies east of Wajima on the tip of the Noto Peninsula (is it called Soto?) but seeing those islands in the background that must be Shodoshima, one of the articles Ms. Chavez mentions in the Inland Sea. I've traveled through the Inland Sea but have not been to Shodoshima yet. From the extensive travel literature available at the Setouchi Festivale it looks like you could spend a week there easily enjoying the island.

I also lives in a 12-mat apartment in Nekozane, the original neighborhood of Urayasu. We did not have a bath and amazingly Nekozane had six sento, known to locals for a different temperature for each one. We loved our seven months there bathing with our neighbors, laughing women on my wife's side and the occasional yakuza on mine.

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