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Posted in: Bunch of premium table grapes fetches ¥1.1 mil at auction See in context

They are Premium grapes, not the regular supermarket one. And grown in Japan, super expensive Nation. Grapes will not be cheap, like in Western nations. Farmers deserve evey yen they get. Average age is 71 for a farmer.

Your point? Not even premium grapes grown in an expensive nation are worth 1.1 million yen. Like, what else could you buy with that 1.1 million yen, and wouldn't those other things be worth more than one bunch of even super-delicious grapes?

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

Why is this campaign only for July August?? Why can’t it be year round.

The article says

While “Jisa Biz” was a two-week campaign in mid-July last year, the Tokyo government is working to ultimately make it a permanent fixture

My guess is that the campaign is also a test to see what measures to implement long-term.

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Posted in: Mayor saved by nurse says female sumo ban irrelevant See in context

At first I thought this was a ban on having Female Sumo Wrestlers

Ditto. The truth is even more absurd.

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Posted in: In West Bank, Prince William speaks of Palestinian 'country' See in context

Prince William is neither a politician nor a diplomat, and you have to assume his use of the word 'countries' was just a slip of the tongue by someone inexperienced in world affairs.

Not making political statements is a major part of British royalty's "job" - slips of the tongue can occur, but they're not "inexperienced in world affairs".

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Posted in: IOC plans esports forum as it weighs video games in Olympics See in context

I don't mind if the IOC opens a separate E-Olympics event, but it shouldn't be part of the Olympics proper.

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Posted in: 11 suspected cancer cases neglected; 1 dead at Yokohama hospital See in context

It makes me wonder why they don't even tell the patient "Hey, we found something troubling on your scans - make sure you make an appointment with your primary ASAP to follow up." Then, if the primary doesn't get the necessary scans, they'll at least know to pester the hospital that did them.

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Posted in: Kim expressed 'fixed will' on June 12 summit with Trump in meeting with Moon See in context

Is anyone else weirded out by that bear hug?

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Posted in: Hit the road, son: New York parents win court battle to evict 30-year-old See in context

Crazy Joe, I agree with you - I don't think "millennials are entitled", but this particular one sure is.

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Posted in: Accused man's penis measured in New Zealand indecency trial See in context

Anyone else having Eden of the East thoughts?

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Posted in: Few surprises in survey of most unpopular foods See in context

Are Japanese green peppers different from ones in the U.S.? Because I'm really sensitive to bitter flavors, but I love green pepper, and don't find it to be bitter at all. I'm very confused...

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Posted in: Baby crying contest See in context

There are certainly much worse things that one can do to a child, but going out of one's way specifically to make a child cry is definitely mildly abusive.

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Posted in: Life's illusions catching up with Japan's middle-aged 'parasite singles' See in context

Not only is criticizing Karube weird, but I'm not sure what the "parasites" being single has to do with anything. I mean, it's not like getting married would somehow magically fix their economic difficulties, other than making rent slightly more affordable.

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Posted in: Anime girlfriend kiss-flavored candy See in context

Recreate the flavor of an indirect kiss... In other words, it won't taste anything like a kiss, and only of the drink you supposedly shared? They're putting a lot of weight on the placebo effect...

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Posted in: Bad behavior by teachers a growing problem See in context

"a 38-year-old Hiroshima teacher docked 10% of a month’s pay for verbal sexual harassment of a former student"

That seems like an absurdly lax punishment.

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