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> I went to Kyoto last week..... too much people. almost shoulder to shoulder... :) thanks for the thumbsdown lol

I think as long as you’re aware of the risks, you’re fine to do as you like, while there’s still no lockdown at least. Don’t let these people guilt trip you, making you believe you’re doing something wrong. We’re all human.

I was lucky enough to go to Kyoto around 6 weeks back, not long after Tokyo was added to the Go to travel campaign, and it was completely dead. I loved it. All the tourist spots had hardly any people. I’m not sure why it’s become so busy lately. Probably because Osaka and Sapporo were taken off the campaign, that would be the best guess. I just wish I took advantage of it more and went to Sapporo before it became crazy again, damn it!

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It makes the irrational, fear loving safetyists feel better about themselves.

The more I read the comments on these articles, the more I realize that the regulars and majority of commenters, are honestly, fear loving and fear mongering cynics.

They disagree and downvote anyone that has anything positive to say. It’s all bad and making fun of the Japanese government, anything else and you get a big downvote.

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> So why aren't the hospitals over filling like America if the numbers are so high here like most of the posters here are claiming.

Because everyone here is bored and majority are conspiracy nuts. Also, many Americans have this strange complex where every government is out to get them and is constantly lying to them.

The fact is, no one knows true numbers. Whether the Japanese government is underplaying it or not, is not something we can do anything about. All you can do is, stay cautious, limit outings to restaurants and pubs, wash your hands and constantly wear a mask when outside. Fear mongering doesn’t help in any way, but make people paranoid and panic.

While the looming threat of the virus is certainly real, there isn’t any reason to panic, just yet. Stay safe!

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27.5% of those that got tested ended up testing positive. As you read this, if you are in a very public, crowded place in Tokyo, the odds that someone within spitting distance has this virus is 1 in 4. How safe do you feel? I truly hope you are well rested, well nourished and have a robust immune system. Ganbatte!

Your statistics don’t add up. While I agree that the numbers have been fudged, there is no chance that Japan/Tokyo are at this point. 1/4 would mean there are millions infected in Tokyo, and even more millions infected in greater Japan. The death rate would be phenomenally higher than current, even with the under reporting. if 1/4 were the case, we would all personally know multiple people that have fallen ill. I only know one friend that had it, and that was some months ago now. I guarantee most people don’t personally know someone that has had it in Japan, maybe a friend of a friend.

Don’t forget that Japan only currently tests people that are already sick and are basically confirmed by doctors at face value to have COVID. So of course out of 1400 tests, 400+ will be positive, because they only test people if they think it’s almost a guarantee that they have it.

The numbers are definitely strange, and I do believe that the true figures are, for one reason or another being played down. But, a 1/4 is insane and currently not feasible no matter how you look at it. Current figures are probably more like 1/400 in Tokyo, maybe even 1/500, which is still a huge fraction higher than currently reported numbers.

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