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Posted in: Resort towns step up hunt for marauding monkey See in context

The best punishment marauding money is to eat its brain and its meat. I do not recommend people to go out hunt and eat all moneys of course, only the troublemakers... Money's brain is a delicacy in many parts of Asia and it tastes good!!!

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

I love to eat dolphin meat and whale meat and I am totally against anyone who tries to stop dolphin hunt. This movie is a smear campaign against dolphin hunt. Dolphin hunt is a PROUD Japanese tradition. This is just one of the many attempts by eco-terrorists to destroy another nation's culture heritage.

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Posted in: FBI probes Calif sushi restaurant after video sting by 'Cove' producers See in context

I love to eat whale and dolphin meat. There are so many whales out there and why we cannot hunt them. Control hunting of whales and dolphins should be allowed. Whale meat tastes good and it is good for your health. America used to be the biggest whale hunter in the world.. So killing a few whales should not be a big deal !!!

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Posted in: Israeli PM considering settlement freeze See in context

Israel is the only democratic country in the region. All of us want to see Israel to become a bigger country by expanding its territory. It is a shame that any governments actually consider to negotiate "peace" with Arabs, the source of 95% of all terrorist activities today. Israeli Government should throw out ALL "peace agreements" with the "palestinian government".

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