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Posted in: Panasonic to release spherical fan/circulator See in context

"Enrish" apart, i hope this gets sold in europe, even if the price is around 300€.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners miss about Japan when they return home See in context

Can't say, still missing more 9.000€ so i can go there and see it for my self.

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Posted in: Policeman arrested for licking woman's hair See in context

Come on. He's a forensics officer, as such, he was just "ta(e)sting" the evidence froma case? LOL

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Posted in: Princess Mako turns 20 See in context

Poor thing she has the - help, get me out of here look.

Still Happy Birthday

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Posted in: AKB48, EXILE, Kumi Koda receive letters of appreciation from gov't for Hanoi concert See in context

I thought they sent her into exile. Dumb me.

and by "her" you mean Kumi Koda - right?

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Posted in: Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest George W Bush for authorizing torture See in context

well, it would be a start, but, then again, they had to call it for a few dozen more of world leaders. I don't really think that some do without other knowing....

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Posted in: Commercial space travel only a matter of time See in context

well... let's see what will come of this.

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Posted in: Planned naval base on Jeju Island has security implications for Asia See in context

U.S. is no saint what so ever, but, maybe, just maybe, this time they're on the clear.

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Posted in: Scientist unveils 'thinking' robot in a world first See in context

Everyone's aware that it would come down to this one day and, although, this could very well help in one big number of areas, it's non less true that, in the wrong hand and with the wrong intentions, it can be an amazingly powerfull object of wrong doing. Throught history we've seen what some can do in trying to "rule the world" or at least the majority of it and it was almost successfull for a few. In resume, great ideia, but caution will never be enough.

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Posted in: SMAP to greet 110,000 fans at Tokyo Dome on Nov 12-13 See in context

well if really is 4.000 yen a person and if they really manage to gather 110.000 people that's ...........OMG..............440.000.000 yen

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Posted in: 3 Jacksons to perform tribute concert for children of March 11 disaster See in context

In my country there's a saying that translated would be something like this:

"when you offer too much to the saint, he'll be suspicious.

Still, to this children,little it's always better then nothing, although money can't bring somethings back.

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Posted in: Demand for Japanese language instruction in U.S. skyrocketing See in context

@JapanGal - thank you for the advice, know were i can find it?

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Posted in: Demand for Japanese language instruction in U.S. skyrocketing See in context

@ JapanGal - first i'd like to learn how to speak (at least the basic) then try to read it.

No my interest in Japan comes from way back, but only after the net became more wide and global (and the net providers in my country decided to put up decent services) i could again resume my "investigation" on Japan. Them i've started working for a company (around 2001) that represents a japanese brand and i think knowing something about it could' t hurt.

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Posted in: Prison inmates' illnesses, injuries go untreated See in context

the truth is that no one, i mean NO ONE, is free from been thrown to jail. No justice system's perfect and, as such, any one of us could have the missfortune of end up in jail, for whatever reason and many times innocently. Belive me i've seen it happen.

I'd like to see if those against medical aid to prisioners, still said it if hey had a really close familiar in jail (son/daughter - brother/sister...)

Still, what happens in japan's health system is not that far from what's happening in my country's health care system.

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Posted in: 'You lookin' at me?' Fake book soothes race relations See in context

@CapnSinbad - what if you're with someone from work? like in the train and your taking? what will he do and what others behave like?

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Posted in: Demand for Japanese language instruction in U.S. skyrocketing See in context

I´ve become interested in the language because of my work, in case you wonder.

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Posted in: Demand for Japanese language instruction in U.S. skyrocketing See in context

I'd love to speak Japanese, but in my country you'll hardly find someone or somewhere who can teach you. Still i'm trying to do it via internet trough a site named:

Nihongo o Narau: http://www.learn-japanese.info/

I've only started this year and, of course, i still can't say much other then telling my name and losen words.

Can anyone, please, tell me if this site is of any good?

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Posted in: Japan calls on eurozone to swiftly implement Greece aid plan See in context

This whole Euro thing was a disaster waiting to happen. They should all go back to their own currencies and let those that fail, do it only to themselves.<

Sorry to disagree, but i live in one of the aided countries, and belive me, it´s not that simple:

1st - It would cost more to disband then to not, mainly because some currencies would be so low that the debt would rise up to 5 times or more, therefore impossible to ever get paid.

2nd - The business now made between countries in Eurozone would be dramatically afected, again because of prices, some countries would then really be bankrupt.

3rd - the countries who have invested in some of those countries funds would be, in trouble?

What i mean is that sometimes you just can't go back like that.

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