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Posted in: Gunmen kill 41 people in central Mali See in context

What is wrong with people?

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Posted in: Historic U.S. drug bust nets 16 tons of cocaine See in context

Hashtag thing. Meh...

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Posted in: Historic U.S. drug bust nets 16 tons of cocaine See in context

A lot of parties are ruined.


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Posted in: Trump stands by comments about wrongly convicted 'Central Park Five' See in context

I don’t think he is racist but ambiguous enough to attract all kind of people.

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Posted in: Europeans plan new Iran push but may be nearing end of diplomatic road See in context

Iran should keep their part of the agreement to show they are trustworthy and all parties should ignore Trump.

In the meantime, Trump can create a better deal.

"What we need in the current Iran/US tension is some diplomatic engineering,"

Does it involve golfing?

If not, probably not interested.

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Posted in: Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Shanahan quits as reports emerge of family violence See in context

Only hires the best.

Can stop here. Tired of winning.

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Posted in: Trump says Sarah Sanders to leave White House at end of June See in context

Will Trump abandon this position?

All they do is spin lies and polish t***s.

Media is an inconvenience for him.

Well, the ones that don’t go with his program...

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Posted in: U.S. blames Iran for attacks on 2 tankers near Persian Gulf See in context

UknownPlayer: are they the new éminence grises?

That’s a new one Alex Jones should be jealous of.

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Posted in: U.S. blames Iran for attacks on 2 tankers near Persian Gulf See in context

Why would USA even want a war with Iran? It just wants Iran to agree to verifiable no nukes, because Iran has declared it wants to annihilate Israel and other enemies du jour.

The Iran Deal was that.

Iran agreed to unlimited inspections by the IAEA.

Trump decided to scrap it for a better deal that anyone as yet to see.

Not tired of winning yet?

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Posted in: Trump publicly opposes using CIA informants against North Korea's Kim See in context

bass4funk: it is literally their job...

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Posted in: North Korea demands U.S. ends hostility one year on from Singapore See in context

Damn... Donald was so clause for a Peace Nobel Price...

Why is Kim doing this?

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Posted in: Trump threatens huge new tariffs on China if Xi doesn't meet with him See in context

Northernlife: China cannot sell or even stop buying the US debt. It will destabilize the world’s economy. Trump knows that.

Almost all eggs are in the proverbial basket.

All China can do is let the situation rot and wait for the next president.

US at this point has to give subsidies left and right to keep the economy up and tariffs not hurting its own economy.

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Posted in: House Democrats to get more Mueller evidence; Trump calls witness 'sleazebag' See in context

Wonder why Trump’s team is so bent to not give the unredacted version.

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Posted in: Academic tells story of first Japanese to come to England See in context


A book to put on the list of TODOs.

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Posted in: Democrats unveil new strategy in subpoena battles with Trump See in context

Complete and total exoneration?

Why hide the full report then?

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Posted in: YouTube updates hate speech guidelines to prohibit videos See in context

YouTube and other video streaming sites have opened Pandora’s box.

Anyone can post anything without any restraint.

90% of the content is trash, full of ads (yeah, I know, ad blocker).

Time to spend time with something else.

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Posted in: Ex-Trump aide Hicks agrees to hand over campaign documents to Congress See in context

Trump ordering his lieutenants not to testify isn’t obstruction of justice?

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Posted in: Groups call on Pelosi, Democrats to do more to impeach Trump See in context

Trump’s tweets are going to fun.

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Posted in: Mexico draws red line on asylum before talks on Trump's tariff threat See in context

Mexico will build a wall and have Guatemala pay for it.

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Posted in: Gov't council says pensions inadequate in aging society See in context

“So, we need to increase the consumer tax to 10% in October, people will work until 70 from summer 2020, increase consumer tax to 15% from October 2020. Also, all ministers will get a raise of 50% for outstanding performance”.

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Posted in: Parents win benefits in nightclub worker's death from chugging alcohol See in context

I would be ashamed as a parent to have my kid work in such places or spend money there...

Did he deserve to die? No.

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Posted in: Mueller says probe did not clear Trump as Congress weighs impeachment See in context

“No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION.” was the tweet right?


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Posted in: British PM candidate Johnson to face court over Brexit claims See in context

Will be condemned to have a hair cut.

That will teach him...

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Posted in: N Korea accuses U.S. of 'evil ambition' See in context

Trump tweeted he agreed with Kim’s statement.


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Posted in: Trump criticized for backing N Korea's remarks about Biden See in context

Indignation is not going to change anything.

Media are going to spend hours on it and his base is unmoved.

Trump is a master troll.

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Posted in: Japanese man dies inflight after eating 246 cocaine packets See in context

Paying debt? Easy money?

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Posted in: American Taliban is released from prison See in context

But guess what, he can get a rifle.

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Posted in: Mexicans buy fake cell phones to hand over in muggings See in context

This is sad...

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Posted in: Packing his bags: Trump plans jet-setting summer of travel See in context

Be this fruitful.

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Posted in: Trump loses lawsuit challenging subpoena for financial records See in context

Quick! Get the shredder out!

We’ll blame some intern later for solely deciding to destroy the documents...

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