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Posted in: Death toll reaches 73 in Mexico fuel pipeline fire horror See in context

Who thought this wouldn’t end as tragedy?

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Posted in: 2020 Democrats face a choice: Fight Trump or ignore him? See in context

Fighting is not going to work as DT is a master troll and distractor.

Trolls feed on attention. Better ignore him.

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Posted in: Venezuela Congress declares President Maduro 'usurper' of democracy See in context

bass4funk: no they don’t. Fake news. Sad.

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Posted in: Huawei founder denies spying for China in rare interview See in context

"I love my country, I support the Communist Party. But I will not do anything to harm the world,"

Supports Communist Party and owns a company. o_O?

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Posted in: Brexit bedlam: May's EU withdrawal deal crushed by 230 votes in parliament See in context

"The EU will see that it must now offer better terms to the UK. If it does not, we must leave to trade on WTO terms."

Better terms are remaining in the EU.

The UK can’t have the EU cake and eat it too.

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Posted in: Abe says world does not want no-deal Brexit See in context

JP Inc. should leave the island.

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Posted in: Grisly Mexican gang battle near U.S. border leaves 21 dead See in context

Laguna: Mexico wants a wall and the US will pay for it.

Much more credible promise.

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Posted in: Liberals dare Trump to back their bills lowering drug prices See in context

Everything will be cheaper with Trumpcare, just be patient.

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Posted in: More Americans blame Trump for government shutdown: poll See in context

*to be

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Posted in: More Americans blame Trump for government shutdown: poll See in context

Someone is going to give in and I can bet you it is going the Democrats.

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Posted in: Trump vows no end to shutdown until he gets $5 bil to fund border wall See in context

Chicken game.

Cancel all his golf trips and he will change his mind.

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Posted in: Parts of China start to restrict Christmas festivities See in context

Is that the war on Xmas?

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Posted in: On Christmas Eve, Trump questions child about belief in Santa See in context

If everyone was naughty enough, Santa will need so much coal it will give the coal industry its past glory as Trump promised.

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Posted in: White House cites 'options' for funding U.S. border wall See in context

Oops. Total world wide. Forget it...

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Posted in: White House cites 'options' for funding U.S. border wall See in context

In DT’s manifesto, he said the wall can funded by taxing money leaving the US to Mexico since many legal and illegal Mexicans send money back home.

I wonder what happened to that idea.

That said, the special tax won’t amount $5B...

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Posted in: 1st baby born using uterus transplanted from deceased donor See in context

Instead of adopting?

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Posted in: 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting begins in Japan See in context

Can’t wait to watch all the commercials in 8k!!!

Is there still some TV shows?

My TV has one purpose. Watch movies online.

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Posted in: JAL fires co-pilot jailed in UK for drinking excessive alcohol before flight See in context

2 bottles of wine and more than 1.8 lt of beers?

I wonder how strong the guy should be.

Usually Japanese people do not hold their liquor.

I call any train station as a witness.

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Posted in: Osaka to launch disaster info service for foreign tourists before Expo See in context

better late than never...

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Posted in: Japan mulling purchase of 100 U.S. stealth fighters: report See in context

Is more like buying stuff from the US to clam down Trump and tariffs.

Couple of months ago Jp gov announced the plan to buy land AEGIS for also several $B.

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Posted in: Gov't considers paying people ¥3 million to move out of Tokyo See in context

Japan? Federal government?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving father with Alzheimer’s at expressway parking area See in context

This is as ungrateful as you can get.

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Posted in: U.S. shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico See in context

Isn’t Mexico supposed to secure their side of the border?

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

"Those who think that, by rejecting the deal, they would get a better deal, will be disappointed,"

Should be rejected just to teach Europe that the Uk cannot be threatened.

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Posted in: Incoming Mexico gov't: No deal to host U.S. asylum-seekers See in context

Maybe Mexico will build their own south wall and make Honduras, Guatemala, etc pay for it.

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Posted in: 18 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Niger, official says See in context

Animals. No other words.

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Posted in: Trump fails to end New York lawsuit over his charity See in context


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Posted in: Trump fails to end New York lawsuit over his charity See in context

As Burning Bush said this other:

”Finally some accountability”

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context

Na... people can already work after 65 if they want to.

The government on the other hand cannot afford to pay pensions anymore, that’s all.

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