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Posted in: Accused man's penis measured in New Zealand indecency trial See in context

In the news only because there is the magic word 6 years olds laugh at when pronounced.

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Posted in: Social security costs to rise more than 50% by FY2040 See in context

Next stop: sales tax at 30%

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Posted in: Spurned advances provoked Texas school shooting, victim's mother says See in context

NRA should come up with a dating law to keep the kids access firearms.

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Posted in: Pictograms help foreigners place orders at restaurants in Japan See in context

Kanji’s, made easy.

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Posted in: Trump to ask Justice Dept to look into campaign surveillance claims See in context

DT has started a new garbage fire.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force under fire over Afghanistan tweet See in context

DT has the AirForce’s Twitter account too?

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Posted in: Experts bash Giuliani claim that Mueller can’t subpoena Trump See in context

Whether a sitting president can be subjected to prosecution has never been tested at the U.S. 

There is a first for everything. Also electing a TV celebrity.

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Posted in: Trump seeks to placate N Korean leader over uncertain summit See in context

Alife: right on the money.

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Posted in: China says military exercises intended to threaten Taiwan See in context

Strangerland: by definition alone, China looks for fascist than communist this days.

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Posted in: N Korea lobs barbs at Bolton See in context

SuperLib: US is win all or nothing. North Korea is status quo.

North Korea is going to win.

Let’s hope it is going to change.

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Posted in: N Korea lobs barbs at Bolton See in context


Come on... Suddenly NK wants to be friend within everyone?

DT going to show restraint?

if you thought so, you are seriously disillusioned...

“Nobel prize! Nobel prize! Nobel prize!”

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Posted in: N Korea casts doubt on Trump summit if U.S. insists on unilateral denuclearisation See in context

Come on...

KJU wants to paint the US as the unreasonable party. His father did he same.

Also goes straight in NK’s rhetoric that SK is a vassal state.

They should have cancelled or at least postponed the training as a sign of good will.

”Nobel prize! Novel prize! Nobel prize!”

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Posted in: U.S. judge refuses to dismiss ex-Trump aide Manafort's criminal case See in context

Well, go through with it and get a pardon from DT.

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Posted in: U.S. 'alt-right' movement reeling after string of setbacks See in context

A bunch of loonies...

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Posted in: JAL to launch low-cost carrier See in context

JAL had JALways back in the days.

Cheaper than JAL but old planes only which means forget about entertainment and smaller seat.

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Posted in: Team succeeds in monkey's pregnancy via transplant of another uterus See in context

Uterus transplant is a step too far for me.

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 55 protesters in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem See in context

Sanyo bong: I see you have been watching “Designated Survivor”.

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Posted in: Trump administration downplays concerns over census question See in context

insert Admiral Ackbar’s “it’s a trap” here

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Posted in: Melania Trump in hospital for treatment of kidney condition See in context

Get well!

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Posted in: Trump calls leakers 'cowards' after aide's remark on McCain See in context

Fake media, traitor, blablabla.

Well Donald, you are setting the bar lower and lower but it can go even lower.

Are you up the challenge?

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Posted in: Australian wins million-dollar lottery twice in a week See in context

And I’m here sitting in traffic and cannot pass 3 green lights in a row...

Note: bus driver is driving.

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 55 protesters in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem See in context

Jared will fix everything and it’s going to be wonderful!

Well, Palestinian should protest but burning tires and getting killed is not going to help getting their point across...

There will be some protests in UN but little will be done.

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Posted in: Trump-Kim summit set for June 12 in Singapore See in context

Well, good luck and hopefully this will end in a positive outcome!

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Posted in: Killers of 3 Mexican students dissolved 12 victims in acid See in context

This is insane... how can people do that?

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Posted in: Nurse charged in death of former Trump adviser's father See in context

It is news worthy because it is vaguely related to Trump?

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Posted in: Freed detainees head home for big welcome, featuring Trump See in context


I wonder how many others will try to go to NK on religious missions then used later as pawns in a geopolitical game.

They aren’t the first ones...

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Posted in: 2020 Olympics could paralyse Tokyo's subway, study warns See in context

I live in Tokyo and already plan to take holidays during that period.

I’m not going to commute everyday in an already packed public transportation.

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Posted in: Iran-Contra figure Oliver North named president of NRA See in context

If you want to look like a responsible association, this is not how you do it.

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Posted in: Intoxicated YouTuber arrested for punching woman in bar while filming video See in context

Ah... the good old “kind remember” excuse...

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Posted in: Man arrested after driving car into group gathered round motorbike See in context

Bosozoku groups are a nuisance.

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