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that's enaugh.The wrold has been accumulated a lots of unthinked catastrophe and environment,health damaging matters.There should be a coalition setled to make a list with the entoxicating places and entities and to make them work out under problem,damage making routine,effects,or simply they should be nihnilated.Today we can.Today is possible if the people would consider them children and would also want to lock for a better,helthyer life for them oncoming generation.We are not living only for today,not ewen for tomorrow and we hawe an earth that we are living in which we hawe bene borrowing from ouer grandchildren,as it is sayed after a tvprogram,but this words are so truth,So why dont we just get together make the necesary stepps and see the points with researchers who can make the difference and see what they could realy do about it,maybe a transformation,or some poison using,nihnilating generators or elements they might discower or apply if they alredy hawe got the solution for it and to live apply them before it is too late.Would not this thing be wonderfoul?

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Here I am ...giving oppinion about confort woman during the war in Japan...it is very sad that this sort of facts are happening and some people feal quait confortable with and if they find a smart woman they simply f;;;it because they want to hawe part from them smartness and genious brain.Can anyone imagine how is to be in them skin,how is to lock at them mother after a such an act or at them grandmother who they love as them bigest tresure?I dotn think so,untill one is getting into them skin.To know that the visit a person can do is very much limited because of the afrayed that some monster monekys would use the loved grandmother,the mother or femail relatives,friends for them genes,just to be smarter can drive people to madness.Where is the humanity in the people?Howcoem could they become such a monsters?Even animals do hawe heart,brain and are using them.There is no way to describe that imense pain,humiliation that those people in talk are fealing,experiencing in that moment,and they hawe to beg for a shit of word,''sorry'' when there is no word on this earth or no way to compensate the pain that is killing people and is driving to madness in this wrold which is degradated under animalik level,Did humans,people become canibales similary to the time when there was no food,there was no way to survive?Can you imagine the familyes,the people who are not visiting them grandmother and saying monstuous things about them mother and that is just the resoult of such a monsters?Good people plz make some judjments yourself.There is no way to compensate the pain,to see how certain people are treating newer making mistake people just because they are poor,but smart a lot smarter than many man in tiers and differenciating themselfs from the rest they do hawe a cheeck,they do hawe a backbone appart from the ones who are livign back with this woman because of them social status and mental ability.It is simply heartdreaking and things has to be doan to reduce the pain,to at least make the life mroe acseptable because things will newer be the same again,and life is too shourt to live and get crazy fro this miserable facts.There are too many lifes out there to be saved.Plz dont let this people in humiliation,suffering and missing,Them soul is as much valorous as the others,and rich or poor,crazy or just mad we are all people,creatures of the God.Nobody can leave a fact like this to happen,not ewen without a word.These people are hurt.Are suffering,are in need at least for a healing word as them life,selfimage it is ruinated and compleetly damaged.It is a total nightmare,and compatible with the tsunami facts..

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I feal sory about the whales hountings ower the limt and I hope that japan would reduce the number of the whales hounting as that is not really appreciated by the rest of the wrold and it is against the terms,limits of valeslifetaking.I hope that this problem it can be solved and sorted out or at least the whales hounting,if it is for them meat to can be replaced by some other tastes and or flawours on its measure,howewer I would also recomand for Japan to hold itself back from this activity.And I wish to find in as in the measure sort of fish,plant or interesting food that it would howewer replace this activity and using.

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about the retierenment age the moost important matter that it should be considerated would be the mental health,ability of the person in talk.There should be settled a limit for the retiernment,a medical healthcheck and than the decision of the person if it is considerated that is workable to also hawe the ocasion and opportunity to decide weather it would like to remain workacktive or it would like to resign when the agelimit it is achived.But the final decision in case should be newer mutilated and it should alwayes be the last word of the retierd one if it is stil considerated as a person who is medically work able.

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