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Who makes this beer and what's the alcohol content? Some facts would be nice.

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Posted in: The cheering gets nasty at a pro baseball game See in context

You let a stranger hit your kid? What a disgrace. I feel sorry for that child. My mother wouldn't have let that one slide... sorry.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to prison for groping insists on his innocence See in context

There are cases of young women who falsely accuse of being groped in order to make cash.

I have been told of this racket... by someone. It's a big money operation.

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The guy paid millions of USD to a kid to avoid child abuse charges. How can anyone mourn such an immoral guy? The world has gone crazy.


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Posted in: Michael Jackson found loyal, generous fans in Japan See in context

Great musician, moonwalk was cool... but he was a Pedophile! and he bribed the victim. Call me old fashioned but a man who hurts children shouldn't be praised.

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good luck. that will be a costly effort for all social networks. My friend who is somewhat famous in the USA has fake accounts set up in his name on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace... you name it.

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Posted in: No-bra gear may gain ground this summer See in context

I just jumped from an article about a man flashing a women on the train... to bra-less summer attire.

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Posted in: Flasher delays train for over 7,000 commuters in Saga See in context

Was he wearing a red cape?

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Posted in: Woman slashed in Shibuya building See in context

98% sure its Mafia related. she wont talk.

If it was mafia related do you really thing the guy would be stupid enough to pull the knife out on the street before he got into the victim's dwelling?

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Posted in: Woman stabbed in back while walking along Tokyo street See in context

Exactly where in Ikebukuro did this happen? It would be nice to have some details.

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Posted in: United Airlines to charge obese passengers double on full flights See in context

I totally agree with the requirement but, what's that? No it's not a cheeseburger... I smell a discrimination lawsuit. The guy who's side was overflowing into my seat last year isn't going to be happy about this.

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Posted in: Ibaraki man charged with murder after stabbing neighbor with katana See in context

That's old school!

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Posted in: Japan going to pot: Celebrity busts and student smokers have authorities in a tizz See in context

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is classified as a hallucinogen. How is the government supposed to brainwash us if we are thinking "outside of the box"? Weed and brainwashing do not mix. Alcohol, on the other hand, jives perfectly well with brainwashing and so do cigarettes.

Stop trying to fight the government and if you want to smoke weed then either don't get caught, or move to a place where it's legal to get stoney bologna.

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Posted in: Man beats pedestrian to death in Kanagawa; says it didn't matter who See in context

death sentence, the sooner the better.

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an email from the president went out to 100,000 employees “appealing” to them to purchase company products.

Is that considered SPAM? The president is spamming employees. Wow, that's desperate.

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Posted in: Obama turns to web to bypass news media See in context

Obama is a joke and I can't believe people are buying it.

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Posted in: Three men arrested for robbing drunken salarymen in Tokyo See in context

knuckleheads! I'm curious to find out what punishment they'll get.

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Posted in: Japan goes up in marijuana smoke See in context

Maybe rather than demonizing drugs, we should take a look at why people take them.

exactly, address the root of the problem instead of attacking the symptom(s)

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I wish I was that young and innocent

who said anything about being innocent?

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Posted in: Brunei defends whipping 400 immigrants See in context

Don't break the law and you won't get whouped. Simple. They should crack the whip here in Japan too.

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why is everyone hating on Paris. Leave here alone. She has a very tough life, been to jail, lost her BFF...etc. etc. etc.

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