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Posted in: Riots in China's Xinjiang region kill 27: Xinhua See in context

How can anyone support the Uyghurs in this? The Uyghurs are not native to Xinjiang, the capital of the Uyghur Khaganate was in Ordu-Baliq, Mongolia. They are descended from the Tiele people from Mongolia. Even if they theoretically were native to the area, the continued terrorism and violence against innocent Han people such as in the 1992 and 1997 Ürümqi bus bombings and the July 2009 riots, where more than 130 Han were killed by Uyghurs, cannot be forgiven.

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Posted in: Battle over U.S. immigration bill looms in Congress See in context

That is the danger of immigration. Be nice too welcoming to immigrants, end up on a reservation.

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Posted in: Battle over U.S. immigration bill looms in Congress See in context

it seems a bit kettle-and-pottish to complain about the legal status of others who came later.

These people are criminals. It is not kettle and pottish to complain about people who KNEW that laws were in place and that they were about to commit a crime, and decided to do so anyway. If the original migrants came at a time when there was no immigration laws, they did not commit a crime. If those laws were enacted at that time, they would be criminals just the same. And there is good reason for immigration laws, just as there are for laws against theft or murder. A country that cannot controls its own borders will not last long.

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Posted in: Obama says U.S. has 'moral' obligation in Syria See in context

Actually...no, it doesn't.

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Posted in: Battle over U.S. immigration bill looms in Congress See in context


Sorry that URL didn't go correctly.

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Posted in: Battle over U.S. immigration bill looms in Congress See in context

According to a Reuters poll, a majority of US citizens believe most or all of the illegals living in the US should be deported.


"Thirty percent of those polled think that most illegal immigrants, with some exceptions, should be deported, while 23 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be deported."

"Only 5 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States legally, and 31 percent want most illegal immigrants to stay."


"Most Americans still oppose granting U.S. citizenship automatically to children born in America to illegal immigrants."


"79% (vs. 10%) say the military should be used along the border with Mexico to protect American citizens if drug- related violence continues to grow in that area."

"58% think that immigration should be decreased. (USA Today/CNN/Gallup, Oct. 2001)"


"Nationally, 60% Favor Letting Local Police Stop and Verify Immigration Status"

Yes, that's the same as the "hated" Arizona law which allows police to go up to people ask for proof of citizenship.

It is not only the "far right". Regular joe Americans have opinions on this too, even if not everyone agrees with them.

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Posted in: Immigration bill splits Republicans See in context

How is giving amnesty even an option? They are criminals. They should be rounded up and deported, every single one of them. If they want to become citizens, they should have to apply like everyone else.

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Posted in: Teen performer at Obama inaugural events shot dead See in context

It is the culture of the residents that is the problem.

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Posted in: Thousands rally against stricter gun control in U.S. See in context

If gun control is so effective, can anyone explain why so many people get murdered by guns in Chicago?

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Posted in: Census: Whites no longer a majority in U.S. by 2043 See in context

A shame indeed. I don't see why people play the democrat republican game, both parties are against the white man, just one a little more than the other.

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Posted in: Australian radio station to give $500,000 to nurse's family See in context

Why is this the radio station's fault? No one could predict anyone committing suicide because of this.

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Posted in: Israel feels heat from allies over settlements See in context

I think it is a bad move.

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Posted in: Strong European support for Palestinian statehood move See in context

Let's see how quickly these opinions change when the populations get tired of Muslim hordes in their nations and revolt.

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Posted in: Israel slams Abbas on Gaza support ahead of U.N. bid See in context

Sorry I mean, is this really suprising?

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Posted in: Israel slams Abbas on Gaza support ahead of U.N. bid See in context

Is condemnation really surprising? It is obvious Abbas would support Gaza.

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Posted in: Survey asks: What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? See in context

Japanese people are Japanese because of their ethnicity and their culture and the habits that result from it. You need BOTH to be Japanese. If I lived in Japan for 50 years, I would not be Japanese. I would be a well-assimilated foreigner. Japanese people are unique because of their culture and history, but that is not to say they are 100% better, but Japan is different than most countries.

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Posted in: Israeli army kills 4 in Gaza See in context

@Elbuda Mexicano

Because otherwise they would be bullies.

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Posted in: Israeli army kills 4 in Gaza See in context

While the article title tells a story that the Israeli army went in and shot some random Palestineans just because they enjoy it, it was pretty fair in actuality. Maybe work on making the title less biased JT? Otherwise good work.

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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 50 Syrian security forces See in context

Absolutely horrible. I doubt the people killed by this were responsible for any crimes besides being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Posted in: Russian nationalists protest against Putin See in context

Putin has caused this problem unto himself. His government has had a complete disregard for the ethnic Russians, and has not stopped the infiltration of hordes from the Caucasus. I do not approve of Neo-Nazism or violence, but at this point in time, until Putin changes his policies regarding the Caucasus migrants, these feelings will continue in Russia.

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Posted in: Germany tells skeptical UK: 'EU needs you' See in context

No. The EU is a disaster, and brought nothing but troubles to the European people.

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Posted in: Thousands flee ethnic violence in Myanmar as death toll hits 82 See in context

Why not just go back to Bangladesh if they are so oppressed? No one wants to live like that.

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Posted in: China fires back at U.S. presidential candidates See in context

"Willing or not, Democratic or Republican, the next US president shall have to tone down his get-tough-on-China rhetoric made along the campaign trail,”

Is this an order?

I mean, China owns a lot of American debt (not as much as people make it out to be, only about 8%) but that doesn't give them the authority to command our political process. China manipulates its currency, furthering even more the advantage they have over the rest of the global market.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy to guard 'freedom of navigation' in Asia See in context


You act as if the US is conning the Filipinos and Japanese into letting them set up bases. I should point out that if the US completely left the Pacific region, these nations which fall under the umbrella as you put it would feel much less safe, they want the US there.

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Posted in: Israel says 79 rockets fired at it from Gaza See in context

Look at those evil Israelis! How dare they not enjoy those rockets!

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Posted in: Russia troops kill 49 militants in North Caucasus swee See in context

Chechnens have been a thorn in Putin's side for quite a while. I'm not going to hold judgment until more about the story is revealed.

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Posted in: Defense wants 9/11 trial televised globally from Guantanamo See in context

I bet there'll be riots if they show it.

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Posted in: I should be rewarded, Karadzic tells war crimes court See in context


It is true that there were war crimes on all sides. I think the Serbs had their reasons for hating the Croats, the Croats genocided them with the encouragement of the Germans in WWII. Neither Serbia or Croatia are guilt-free. What role did the Muslims play in this war? From what I know they were mainly victims.

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Posted in: Turkish pianist on trial for insulting Islam See in context

So much for "secular Turkey".

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Posted in: Aggressive Obama outpunches Romney in Round 2 See in context

A number of things. One, Romney had some good points, especially about Libya and how the administration failed both to provide requested supply troops for defense, but also how they kept on labelling it as a protest for far too long. Obama made some good points too, where he pointed out that it was hypocritical for Romney to go on and on about coal jobs but yet under his watch he closed a coal factory for example. I think they both performed well, and knew their facts, with the exception of that one debated statistic or two where they had a back and forth. We'll see what the fact checkers say about it. If I had to say which candidate won, I'd say Obama by a very slim margin, or a tie. Romney interrupted Candy quite a bit though.

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