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Posted in: 31 climbers found in 'cardiac arrest' on erupting volcano See in context

@ Strangerland: you do know the difference between active, dormant, and extinct volcanoes, don't you? If you do, then I'm pretty sure the average govt. vulcanologist does. It's hardly rocket science.

I guess the last time you learned about volcanoes was quite some time ago. Nowadays, it is unscientific to categorize them into active, dormant or extinct. Many scientists now consider volcanoes which have erupted within the last 10,000 years as active. However, the Yellowstone Supervolcano, which last erupted almost a million years ago, is very active.

Our understanding of earth science is still very rudimentary at this stage and it is impossible for any scientists to tell with any precision when is the next earthquake or volcanic eruption.

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Posted in: Industry minister tries to convince public on need for nuclear energy See in context

Japan has approximately 1GW of easily exploitable geothermal energy - not a lot.

The Wikipedia entry on Japan Geothermal energy quotes the Japanese Ministry of Environment reporting in 2011 that Japan has 19GW of exploitable thermal energy. The article also states Japan is only currently tapping on 500MW of geothermal energy.

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Posted in: Obama vows to defend Japan with U.S. nuclear umbrella See in context

Only countries in the UN security council should have nuclear weapons, Pakistan, India, NK and all others should not have nuclear weapons. Why are we not putting sanctions into India and Pakistan?

Because countries like Israel has nukes too. And US cannot ask Israel to give up her nukes.

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Posted in: Author Murakami wades into Japan-China island row See in context

Then again, always find it har to trust any writers who can preach and stand on their wealth at the same time. Hope your novels start appearing on the storeshelves in Shanghai, Murakami-san.

Murakami's novels have always been translated into Chinese. He enjoys a huge loyal following in the Chinese youth market.

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