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Posted in: Man who beat mother to death in 2008 arrested for beating father to death See in context

He will probably claim leniency now , because he is an orphan...

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Posted in: Pop idols’ management demands Y8 million in damages after two members caught dating fans See in context

Bwahaha. If there is careful attention by the companies to make them seem "accessible", what could be more accessible than going on a date? ridiculous.

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Posted in: Virginia becomes hotbed of diplomacy over Sea of Japan name See in context

What a storm in a teacup... The Koreans can call it whatever they want, in Korean. In Japanese it's Nihonkai, and In English it's known as the Sea of Japan. Plenty of places have different names depending on what language you are speaking.

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Posted in: Japanese man arrested for attempting to smuggle 9 lizards out of Australia See in context

They should throw the book at this guy. It's just another example of Japanese thinking the natural world is a treasure box there for their exploitation, and to make a quick buck. No consideration for the welfare of the animals, or the law. A few years in jail and a 50k fine will do him a world of good.

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