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Just wondering. Anybody has any idea how many % full were hospitals last year same month? Not that I really care, but do you really think this covid is our enemy right now? what a joke, people freaking out with their yahoo news figures and checking how many beds left in hospitals whitout any knowledge whatsoever about pcr test accuracy (those 2 words shouldnt be in the same sentence) or what the vaccines are looking like this time...Is that what 2 decades of internet did to us? not being able to rationalize anymore and act out of fear and fear alone. Hey seriously 2200deaths in a year? average 80yo? how can people talk about "waves"...or..yes it's a miracle due to the efficiency of masks all day long^^and Japan being an island certainly helped. so long

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I hated the crowd but I hate even more this online-event, it's boring and has no flavour at all.

As expected, this kind of online event is here to last...hey does anybody know about the Moonshot project? all about doing stuff from home, just like going to the TGS without leaving your house (

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nice idea..

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