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The more advanced those electronic dictionaries become, the more ambiguous the border line of electronic dictionaries and smart phones is. Now that we can use smart phones to check up the words which we don't know very instantly, people will not need to buy those dictionaries in the near future. They may have rethought their strategy and put the function of a video player but smart phones have already got that function, so it is not a surprising advance. I think Casio needs to move on to totally different direction, otherwise they will face a severe slump soon.

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The crime rate in Japan is really low and Japan is a very safe country to live in. But, unfortunately, there are still some insane people here as there are in many parts of the world. Maybe the number of them is not so big compared to the other parts of the world when we take Japanese modest nature into account, but still we have to be careful. As we know, ordinary Japanese people are very helpful, so we can ask them for help when you are in trouble. They will surely help you and maybe explain the situation to the police as well if you can not speak Japanese well.

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This is terrible actually. But the real problem here is most Japanese citizens clam up or are not interested in these issues at all while their tax is spent on these problematic civil servants' salary. They are always too tolerant.

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I think this is a tragedy because he himself probably was trained like that and became strong. He might have believed this was the best way to train his athletes, which is obviously against today's current. It is the Japan's Judo Federation that should revise the ways to train athletes and make all the coaches follow their new 'proper' methods. Without this, these kinds of tragedies will repeat forever...

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