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Posted in: Saitama woman held for murder after setting fire to husband See in context

What the heck did the poor guy do to deserve this? Snore too loud?

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Posted in: No Diet See in context

It's good for these kids to know that their Government is looking out for them!

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Posted in: Okinawa gubernatorial election sure to show opposition to U.S. base See in context

If I were a Okinawan, my vote's for Iha. Guam can't be too far from Japan, can it?

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Posted in: Lanky, brooding Superman for contemporary world See in context

How could DC do that to Superman!? Messrs. Siegel and Schuster (Superman's creators) must be rotating in their graves!!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over videos of elementary school girls in toilet See in context

H-Manga and Anime doesn't necessarily make you a pervert!! You want the Japanese counter-criticising US!?

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Posted in: Kanagawa's new anti-smoking ordinance a bane on businesses See in context

Kanagawa did something right for once. Smokers are JOKERS!

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Posted in: Smoking scenes on the decline in movies See in context

That's good to hear! Smoking isn't cool. Not even in the movies.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly molesting schoolgirl in Saitama See in context

Go for you, little lady!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 5-year-old daughter in Wakayama See in context

Serves the bastard right!!

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Posted in: Kan's wife criticizes him in new book See in context

If he goes, I hope the next PM is Edano!!

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Posted in: Tokyo metropolitan government launches Bureau of Sports See in context

But didn't Tokyo LOSE the '16 Olympics bid?

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Posted in: Australia gets its 1st female prime minister as Rudd ousted See in context

A lady in charge of Down Under...this is not good...

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Posted in: What do you think of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's decision to kick SDP leader Mizuho Fukushima out of the cabinet because she disagreed with his plan to relocate the U.S. Marine base at Futenma wit See in context

And she was also minister in charge of investigating Japan's falling birthrate!

But did she do ANYTHING about THAT!?


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Posted in: Ronald McDonald under fire from child obesity opponents See in context

Kids and grownups alike love Ronald! If he goes, McDonald's won't be the same!!

It's partly because of him, I love Mickey D's!!

Political correctness stinks sometimes!!

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Posted in: Hatoyama's style See in context

Next time, try stripes, Mr. Hatoyama.

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Posted in: Dance on! See in context

Does the bar serve Japanese nationals only or/and foreigners?

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Posted in: 'South Park' producers say network cut fear speech See in context

They chickened out!! Aaaawwww!

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Posted in: Farewell See in context

Rest in Peace, brave Hiro.

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Posted in: Man caught taking up-skirt photos with camera in his shoe See in context

There are far worse crimes than THIS! This should be a civil violation or a misdemeanour. Just give the perverts community service and psychiatric treatment instead of prison time.

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