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Posted in: 'Sato' USB memory See in context

Wow... now that's what I call marketing genius! Make something that only 0.95% of the population will want (because the other 99.05% aren't named Sato) and price it 400% above any comparable product! These are going to sell like hotcakes!!!

Sometimes I can't believe things people buy/sell in this country.

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Posted in: Panasonic introduces world's 1st 6x write-once Blu-ray disc media See in context

For some reason, I'm no longer impressed by these "advancements". Why is it that technological advancements make physical items smaller, but make our need for data storage so much larger? You'd think they would be trying to figure out how to make entire applications and/or data fit 5 1/4 floppies... not trying to fit 50GB onto a new and improved CD.

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Posted in: Softbank to launch iPhone in Japan July 11 See in context

I'm a huge fan of Apple.. but I have to admit, the iPhone can't compete with the run of the mill J-phone. Style-wise, it trumps most J-phones, but in terms of features, it's sorely lacking.

GPS, Email, and internet... that's all it's got! Where's the Felica, TV tuner, QR reader and high megapixel camera? So what you have 8gb of memory for music? I'll just pop in new 2gb micro SD and im on my way.

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Posted in: In 2050, your lover may be a robot See in context

I'm not sure I'd be interested in the robot lover, but the robot sex toy... bring it on! It's about time... woman have had mechanical aids for some time now.

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Posted in: InterFM DJ lifts the bar for morning radio See in context

All this ratings crap aside... it's a great show, I love it and listen to it every morning while I drive to work. ;-) Reminds me of the zany, nutty shows I used to hear in the US... only better.

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Posted in: Buying a used car in Japan -- what to keep in mind See in context

The whole auto purchasing gig in Japan just plain sucks! How many trips do I have to take to the police station and the auto tax office?!?! And if you're junking a car, well... you might as well double the amount of time and trips you're going to be taking. Not to mention all the "shaken" fees!!! It's almost too big of a hassel to keep a car here.

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Posted in: Love hotel employees see it all See in context

I really am missing out.. I've been here over a year and still haven't experienced the love hotel! Great article.

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Posted in: U.S. parole board denies clemency for man condemned to die for killing Japanese student See in context

Finally... someone who doesn't slip through the judicial system without a scratch! He killed someone with malice intent (regardless of whether he actual killed the person he meant to), he deserves the same.

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Posted in: The appalling cooking habits of young single women See in context

"Gentlemen, learn how to cook, because once you’re married, it looks like you’ll be on your own." - That is the single greatest line in the article, I honestly got a good laugh out of that.

Thinking back on ex g/f's and even the current g/f... NONE of them cooked! Of course they said they did simply to appease my inquiry as to thier cooking ability, but like these women here, Y99, snacks, ready made gruel and fast food, seem to be the normal Tokyo diet.

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Posted in: AIDS spreading via dating sites: fact or fiction? See in context

At first glance, this was surprising. But after thinking about it.. not so much, there was scares of people running around with needles and poking people to infect them with AIDS years ago back in the USA. Whether it's true or not... it's definitely possible and even probable that people could be capable of this after dealing with the mental stress of finding out they have HIV/AIDS.

On another note... as for STD testing, I am surprised with this country, I get tested at least twice a year. But both of my ex Japanese g/f's have admitted that they have NEVER been tested!!! And they were in their late 20's!!!

BTW, Noborito, thanks a lot for the free clinic contact info, I just sent it out my g/f LOL... I think I'm in the dog house.

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Posted in: Softbank No. 1 in annual mobile subscriber growth See in context

I predict a SHARP decline in SoftBank subscribers in about 24 months when everyones contracts expire. Since it costs an average of 650,000yen to cancel a 24 month contract, they've got most people locked in for that amount of time.

It didn't take me long to realize I had a much better deal with DoCoMo, and wasn't getting charged 22yen (11.5yen w/double-white) a minute every time I picked up the phone. In addition, since I had a smart phone, I was automatically paying the PC data rate that topped out at nearly 10,000yen (as opposed to the normal 5,000yen).

Good deal if only talk to people that have SoftBank. But if you're like most people, you're friends are on all three services.

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Posted in: Disney says its Pixar movies will be released in 3-D See in context

I wonder if they're gonna make us wear the cheesy red and blue glasses. Anyone ever see Captain EO at Disneyland? lol

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Posted in: Porn producers arrested for filming at McDonald's in Saitama See in context

I love this country. But why is it I always miss these events?

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Posted in: Weather girl See in context

Double Doppler

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Posted in: Troubled times in Yokosuka See in context

Sarge - I whole heartedly agree. Besides, who other than Brits, history buffs and Royal Navy historians know who Adm Byng is? Maybe I'm an idiot, but I had to Wiki that one.

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