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Posted in: Are you proud of being whatever your nationality is, or don't you think about it one way or another? See in context

I was born in the United States and take pride in my country. It is not perfect but it is where I want to live. Our country is going through an ordeal now and I am so proud of the way we have joined together to support the families of those slain. Together we will get through this and be stronger for it. It is somewhat sad to think that it takes a tragedy to come together as a nation.

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Posted in: School shooting victims were shot multiple times See in context

Stricter gun control will not stop this. We as a society need to learn to recognize the warning signs of a disturbed personalty and get them the help needed. If the reports are correct, the man who did the shooting was not quite right and someone should have intervened long ago. I have been around firearms all my life and have never once thought about using any of them against a fellow human beings. I do not think it is American madness, but madness in general.

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Posted in: Hard work See in context

We are having spring-like weather here in Ohio. I would rather see the winter weather now than in the spring.

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Posted in: Coming of age See in context

Not a fan of the Disney characters but I do love the kimono.

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Posted in: Omotesando nights See in context


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Posted in: Salvation Army See in context

Signs of the holiday. In my city, the Salvation Army workers do not wear their uniforms and they do not play music. This photo brought back memories. Thanks for posting.

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Posted in: Feeling blue See in context

Beautiful display.

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Posted in: A new day See in context


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Posted in: 'Cool Japan' See in context

Not a fan of the new logo.

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Posted in: Next on the agenda See in context

No happy faces in this photo.

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Posted in: Global leaders struggle to calm recession fears See in context

They have not calmed my fears.

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