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Well Virusrex, you seem to get so defensive on the subject of vaccines. I posted a commentary on vitamin D as well. As for vaccines , you’re more than welcome to promote their virtues. Many of us are aware. As for your adherence to facts and numbers, don’t be offended if some find that questionable

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

Vitamin D discussion and Covid.


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The problem is that many in the medical community feel that clinical trials has been accelerated due to urgency, at the expense of thoroughness.

I am not providing a definitive answer to this speculation by many, because I cannot be sure. So I pose some questions.

And never forget the big business of these players. Faulty products have hit the market before despite claims of thorough clinical testing.

I posted some links on some results of these vaccinations. The decision to take one of these vaccines myself as opposed to having a weaker or older member of my family (using other medications) is NOT the same.

Israel is currently a leader on a national vaccination program. Watching it closely. And they are primarily dealing with the two main Western vaccines available.

This is a discussion forum on understanding this crisis and its resolution. And weighing the risks individually , of both the illness , its spread, and its prevention.

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There are going to a good number of Covid-19 vaccine products on the market shortly. Most will likely be in the mRNA class of medicines , but they will have different properties and will impact each individual differently.

Instead of bashing people asking questions, I think it may be best to study these medicines individually, and make an educated decision on which one is best for you.

And don’t expect a magical silver bullet to cure all. It looks doesn’t work that way. Not even for a flu or pneumonia, regardless of how you choose to compare them.

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If you want your vaccine, by all means rush out and receive it when it comes available. It should be your choice.

I asked some questions. So have others. I am not spreading misinformation.

Another area under study is how nRNA vaccines impact long term behavior in the immune system that relate to autoimmune diseases. Not much conclusive data has been gathered, but these class of medicines may impact this area. The impact may not manifest in patients in the near or intermediate term, but years later.

Just keep in mind that our governments have granted immunity to any legal recourse against these big pharma companies if something negative comes out from these Covid-19 medicines.

That is not misinformation. That’s a fact. There will be no liabilities.

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Let the medical community assess the data accordingly. And refrain from passing judgement on timelines if some questions arise around the impact of these mRNA vaccines on some recipients.


Especially the most vulnerable.

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I am a doctor who makes a spelling error. Sorry to upset you. If your fear outweighs your curiosity, so be it.

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Yes I am. And I am not the only one.


Studying comparisons is a key to understanding causes and treatment.

I asked some questions. There are often more irrational responses than real answers.

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How do we really add up these numbers?


Covid-19 related deaths are much higher than pure Covid-19 deaths in the absence of other existing medical conditions.

Have seasonal “flu related “ deaths ever been tallied in the same way? Was there ever a need to match seasonal flu with other pre-existing conditions when summing up death rates?

Why haven’t mRNA vaccines been applied to all flus? Wouldn’t that help seasonal flu issues with the overall populace?

It’s difficult surmising the true gravity of this Covid-16 issue.

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Testing positive, then tracking on Japan’s public transportation network? Good luck.

And how the most vulnerable being protected? Where are most them concentrated?

I was at the city hospital recently. It resembled a nursing home. I am sure it’s the latter that Japan is lacking. Especially if all these prone seniors can’t be gainfully employed in the Diet.

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Posted in: If I’ve already had the coronavirus, can I get it again? See in context

I would be careful with this one.

Can you catch a cold or influenza more than once ? Of course you can, because the viruses undergo seasonal mutations.

As we are now starting to witness with Covid-19. Why would it differ from other Corona virus behavior?

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Head lawn bowler at the World’s most famous Japan Whispering Cedars nursing home.

And predictably, no one cares how the game goes as long as they can enjoy afternoon shandy at the golf club.

Bring in the next geriatric, with another ¥trillion package and a bonus pack of adult diapers for each active pension plan.

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Sounds like a catastrophic structural failure as opposed to systems or both engines going down. Caused by what? Hopefully they can piece it together.

Descent path seemed highly vertical by the sound of it (3 kms in under a minute), so it doesn’t sound like the pilots could glide it down or control the descent itself.

Assuming they tried of course.

What a horrific event for the unfortunate passengers.

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Posted in: Patients who appear to have only minor symptoms could suddenly become seriously ill. There needs to be a framework to check on infected people regularly, and send them to medical institutions for treatment if their conditions suddenly change. See in context

That’s the real issue here.

Sure the mortality of the disease may be lower than others, and it’s not going to wipe out human race.

But it’s still a very dangerous bug. And it can kill fast if your not physically equipped to handle it.

I sure as hell don’t want to contract it.

Am I scared of it? Let’s just say that I consider it worthy of my utmost caution and attention. And it is always on my mind throughout my day.

It most certainly is a very serious health issue in my opinion. And I would like our health services to do whatever they can to help prevent infection and help the current victims.

I plan to comply with the health services advice and recommendations. And I fully understanding that guidance may change as more knowledge and data is gathered on this Covid blight.

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Posted in: 78-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, crashes into car, killing driver See in context

Expressway :

How does one get onto an Expressway the “wrong way”?

What a scary story.

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Posted in: Ghosn asks why Japanese don't come and question him in Lebanon See in context

I am asking why don’t Japanese commandos simply slip into Lebanon and snatch the little man up. Load him up into Yamaha Cello case and bring him back to Tokyo.

As for anything that Lebanon may say: Who cares.

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The topic of having different vaccines available is interesting. How does that work on the ground level?

Are recipients given a choice of vaccine type? What is the difference between these medicines?

And if there are different vaccines for the same bug, why is that? How does a recipient make a decision on his or her options when all these different experimental vaccines are being dispensed so fast?

They never cured the common cold or flu (regardless of seasonal flu shots), and now we get multiple types of vaccines for a complex bug that has provided a convenient reason for global governments to exercise more authority.

I think that every politician should get in line first (in front of their national news cameras) , roll up their sleeves, and receive their vaccine dose of choice. Let’s watch them lead by example.

After all, aren’t these politicians all essential service? They keep telling us so, don’t they? I suggest we test them out in their claims.

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Posted in: Veteran talk show host Larry King hospitalized with COVID-19: report See in context

Larry is 87 yrs of age with other health issues. This is very dangerous for him.

Covid-19 cannot be downplayed in his case. It can kill him.

Best wishes go out to him. It’s a scary time for him.

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Japanese health experts have obviously concluded that the virus only comes out at night.

Which means that aging government officials would have go home early after work.

The economic devastation to hostess bars, pachinko halls, and strip clubs will be devastating. Which is the only business sector that Japanese government truly assisted (in absence of failed policies).

Another master stroke.

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Posted in: Driver arrested for attempted murder after man clings to hood of his car See in context

Cars and pedestrians are always a bad mix when making contact with each other. Avoid at all costs, especially if you’re the one behind the wheel.

If someone jumps on your hood, take immediate photo with phone - before or after jamming on brakes. Whatever is most practical.

And then call police and charge hood jumper with assault and damage to your property.

Under no circumstance use your vehicle in a manner which could kill anyone external to the vehicle. You can’t win.

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A software fix to remedy an inherent structural design flaw of mounting oversized engines on the wings.

No thanks. Boeing blew their war against Airbus Neos.

They will never dominate the single aisle passenger jet market now.


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And that's my point. Something the Ghosn should have considered if he had a half a brain. A few deep bows of self depreciation would have helped him slip into the sunset without too much fanfare.

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The critical and negative opinions towards Japanese justice by foreigners living in Japan are truly a wonder. So much so that they rally behind a charlatan like Ghosn.

If Japan is such a place of hideous persecution and discrimination against foreigners, then seek out a more just society elsewhere.

One that deals with their failed plutocrats with much more kindness and “justice”.

Hunt him down.

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And it doesn’t appear that Ghosn had any consideration for his supporters in Japan, his allies in the Nissan company, and even his Japanese lawyer that guaranteed he was not a flight risk during his bail.

The little man is a “me first and foremost” trunk monkey.

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A profitable company is not justification for executive looting. It simply prolongs the activity.

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It would work just as well for Ghosn as well. He just couldn’t bring himself to do it. No sympathy for the little thief.

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I am actually surprised that Ghosn didn’t do what every other high level Japanese executive or political figure does when caught with their hands in the cookie jar: Simply bow repeatedly in shame like a bobbing parrot, and pretend to weep profusely as the camera shutters go off.

Pay a token fine for the grand larceny, and retire wealthy with the books cleared.

Ghosn’s problem was that he thought he was above all that. Too arrogant to play the game’s final act. Probably would do things differently in hindsight.

He just a little man with big problems of his own doing. All fit into a musical trunk like a banged up tuba.

He gets what he deserves. Especially after learning nothing on how some corrupt Japanese executives -,like himself - retire wealthy after a career of looting.

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Posted in: Man arrested in 1st cycling 'road rage' case under new law See in context

Wow. Watched that video. That goof is lucky to be ONE PIECE .

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Posted in: Man arrested in 1st cycling 'road rage' case under new law See in context

I was standing on the sidewalk last year and talking on my phone when one of these guys in a carbon racing bike hurled into me and knocked me down.

If that wasn’t bad enough, after that he hurled insults at me that I need to watch where I was walking (on the sidewalk). And I wasn’t even walking, I was standing.

I was furious.

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Posted in: Every year, a dwindling pool of working-age Japanese people is forced to support an expanding pool of gray-haired consumers. This is why Japan’s living standards are falling behind rich countries with growing populations. This means more adults are forced into spending hours doing elderly care, more taxes to pay for pensions and health care, and lower living standards for the elderly. See in context

I have been in and out of Japan for over 25 yrs. And the aging demographic and resulting sliding standard of living has been a topic of Western media all along.

So here are last year standard of living figures for Japan.


Here is my conclusion. If Japan is deteriorating overall , then most all other countries are deteriorating even faster.

Keep up the good work Japan. Try your best. No one has it easy, but you’re not doing too badly.

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