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Honestly, all these alarmists on here having the vapours over side effects that are either minor or a far more remote possibility than anything that might happen to you if you catch Covid.

How about the alarmists having vapors over Covid-19. I had it. And like 99% of other infected people, it was nothing.

Now I’m told that if I don’t get vaccine, I could die. Of what?

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The one trying desperately to avoid addresing the point would not be me, why do you quote the main point that makes your reference irrelevant if you are going to ignore it anyway? Vaccines are obviously not being forced by a town offering them, and most importantly the people vaccinated are not participating in any experiment, the vaccines are being used for their protective, therapeutic value, which makes the Nuremberg code irrelevant."


Don't you even recognize the answers that are to the points that YOU brought up. The answers are powerful and you may not have not noticed, but they have selectively undermined your credibility and arguments.

The more you respond the more of that comes out.

Nobody said vaccines were forced on the town. Just you. Coercion is a powerful tool when government pushes things. Especially Japan.

You state that people are not participating in any experiment, after been caught telling people for ages that these vaccines were not experimental. So how would you know?

Doc didn't want to talk about Nuremburg codes. You did. Doc simply corrected your errors again.

And just because YOU don’t know that something bad could come out of an experiment process doesn’t make you free of guilt. That’s why criminal negligence is a crime.

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This whole “vaccine” drive is overblown. And the narrative and incentives behind it all should be scrutinized.

Workplace inoculations, travel restrictions, and probably next are our schools and our next-to-no risk children.

Vax fanaticism and unsubstantiated claims seem prolific.


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There is no pandemic for certain demographics.

And there is no need to innoculate children with experimental medicines.


Protect the ones that require protection. Something that government consistently neglects to do.

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Tests have shown the vaccinations reduced the chances of catching the covid and passing it on by more than 50%.

That they do. In the short term, I wouldn't be surprized if they even excel those numbers. In the absence of longer term testing, that's about all we can claim.

I recall the days when Big Pharma first pushed opoids as non-addictive to solutions pain relief. In the short term, it worked out well.

I really have no reservations on what people choose to take as medicine. It only concerns me when I see everyone singing from the same hymm book based on certain narratives. And that I must take an experimental compound to save me and the society around me from an illness that i had previously contracted and recovered from without hardly even noticing.

As I said, if it relieves your concerns please take your jab and be content. And allow others to make their own decisions when they are good and ready.

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And again you keep making the same antiscientific mistakes, what things the CDC say that are against the consensus of science. In reality they are just repeating the same thing that every other important organization are saying, but since you don't like the scientific conclusions your exit is to misrepresent on single example as if it were alone in what it says. In reality you just cannot accept what science in general have concluded as correct

Don't you understand this simple premise? The science that you reference are from sources that cannot be trusted. Period. And we will soon see to what extent.

At this point both opening or keeping closed the economy are decisions that cannot be taken only on scientific knowledge, because there is not enough of it.

For someone that keeps expousing facts, it seems you are a little shy on ones that have a real impact. But the fact is, the decisions are being made. And they are destroying businesses, livihoods, and probably additional lives as a result of diminished services during ill-concieved lockdowns. Based on your thesis that leadership is about making decisions. Except for one caveat: Leadership is about making informed decisions.

A decision has to be made anyway, so that is what is being done, there is no problem with recognizing this, maybe this is something new for people that are used to their leaders lying about their decisions but scientifically speaking this is not justified.

OK - Back to science again, are we? I propose to think twice regarding "science" that I believe is inconclusive. " Anybody involved with science even on an amateur level should understand the huge difference of giving a recommendation that goes against scientific knowledge (something you have not provided) and giving a recommendation in absence of scientific knowledge."


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Readers can judge the science of the CDS based on their activities. They are politicized government body that has wandered far off a health science mandate.


The CDC reference links are nice. But they are not trustworthy. As with the “Science” teacher

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And like the “Science” teacher being charged with incompetence and possibly criminal negligence.


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Dear Virusrex. I did not suggest that Covid is not dangerous. There are millions of people dying every year from “dangerous “ causes.

I am not afraid of any of them because that’s all part of life.

I am debating your obsessive insistence that these expedited vaccines represent a logical end to a hopelessly mismanaged situation. At least at present time. I hope that experimentation leads to progressive and positive results. But it should have a measure of personal choice if doubt exists.

You will soon find out how dysfunctional and broken some of the institutions you reference for your data sources really are.

By all means pursue what you think is best for yourself. But I caution you to always question what you have posted as conclusive data. You may get a rude awakening.

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Big news, science is self correcting and not immobile, if the evidence contradicts a previous conclusion then the conclusion will change, this is normal and desired.

Except under one condition: When the evidence was actually available a long time ago. And it was kept secret to push another conclusion.

“Correcting Science” is a bit disingenuous when it gets caught in the act.

As for Fauci, we will see how science treats his “scientific” methods.

But thank you for the words of wisdom nevertheless. I enjoy the levity.

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It’s best to ask the people that manufactured the problem.


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I am not afraid. Nor am I irrational. I’ve had Covid and it was nothing more than a mild cold. It happened when I was staying at hotel filled with Chinese tourists during the 2020 Lunar New Year holiday. I haven’t been under the weather since. Looks like I survived the new Black Death along with 99% of others.

In addition, have not concluded anything more than what is common knowledge. It seems it is you that has a expounded conclusions and logic.

It is quite revealing how you pontificate on the benefits of the cure-all experimental vaccine with inconclusive long term data. It’s a fact. It’s the driving premise behind introducing these vaccines onto the public so fast.

These inoculations are not therapeutic measures. They are designed as preventative vaccines. Get that right. And I am only questioning that claim in the presence of Warp Speed decision making.

With regards to irrational behavior, I also wonder when we’ll all stop being subjected to it.

Now that they have cured Covid-19, maybe they can go back to curing the common cold and influenza. Something they should resolve with more BL-4 lab work.

And you end your sermon with a statement that I reject science. That would be in complete contrast to my vocation.

Not to dispel the cut and paste frenzy of your posted facts.

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There is also plenty of evidence they can spread the virus the same other infected person, even without symptoms.

So I highly recommend you get yourself inoculated. As many times as you feel necessary.

You have the data you need to make your own decisions.

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Virusrex, you and I both know that these vaccines were pushed onto the public prematurely. They waived the normal (and lengthy) final phase of clinical trial to expedite this deployment.

The rationale was under an “emergency mandate” so aptly named as Warp Speed. A development and deployment circumventing normal protocols . In addition, legal recourse against Big Pharma was waived in the event of a mishap. So denial of this is more misinformation posted by bloggers.

So please don’t paste CDC and Industry shill “data” on long term or speculative results. The complete data is not there yet. If it were, a normal approval process would have been successful achieved.

Regarding the subject of children inoculated at such a young age: Please show us the data where this demographic is at risk? Where exactly are the mortality and life threatening figures that demonstrate an emergency is at hand in children? One that warrants a “Warp Speed” response.

I would think more casualties from bicycle accidents have occurred . Maybe an experimental vaccine to reduce those incidents is in order as well.

I am not an “anti-vaxxer”. I support and acknowledge the positive impact vaccines have made over the last century . But I also am cautious of recklessness and involuntary trials forced on people by the ones that most benefit.

Something you should examine more carefully in between lectures.

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Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Biden, said the new guideline is “based on the evolution of the science” and “serves as an incentive” for the almost two-thirds of Americans who are not yet fully vaccinated to go ahead and get the shot.

And we will soon see the incompetence and fraud behind Fauci. He’s getting close to his expiration date. Call it “herd immunity” from his dubious behavior..

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This is not something that government needs to get involved in.

Agreed. Individual rights are protected under current laws. Sexual preference is an individual right.

Keep the government out of the bedroom. They are screwing around with you enough from outside of it.

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My antivaxxer losers, accept it and stop fighting, always losing..LOOOOL !!..

There is no fight. There is debate. I would like to further comment on your opinion, but this venue insists on civility.

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At least we know they weren’t out writing up useless tickets and lecturing people.

Finally,... tax dollars well spent.

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Children do not require an experimental medicine whose long term side effects are misunderstood or unknown. They are not the demographic at risk from Covid , nor or is there evidence they are spreading the virus in any measurable way.

The “vaccine” infomercial posters work much too hard flogging their pseudo science and murky facts. They have neither the facts other than the Big Pharma narrative.

This is just another move to push mandatory inoculations on elementary school age children, or they won’t be able to attend school at all.

The teachers and school staff are adults that can make adult decisions. If they want to make a decision on the experimental medication they desire to protect themselves, so be it.

But leave children out of this.

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Ridiculous decision. Have not made a right one yet, why stop now.

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Posted in: Crackdown on illegal maid cafes making maids rarer sight on streets of Akihabara See in context

So, someone voluntarily pays ¥7000 for a cola, while accompanied by a young woman of legal adult age who sits by until it is consumed.

And what exactly is the criminal activity here?

And how much does the government squander the involuntarily paid tax revenues on unaccounted (and unacceptable) entertainment expenses on behalf of Japan?

The hypocrisy of this all is laughable.

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The Olympic Games are of critical benefit for the Government. The execution of the games will be a bold statement on how Japan’s leadership and the IOC can confront an epidemic with strength and resolve.

It may actually be a positive event if the government focuses on the seeming endless epidemic(s) impacting the nation: Which are a precipitous birth rate, and a high suicide rate. Numbers that overwhelm anything Covid ever brought on.

Nothing to see here for the LDP. Carry on.

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Of course the Olympics can be held under a state of emergency. And it can be held without a state of emergency. Because all of this is unenforced and pointless optics that didn’t have any significant effect either way.

We went from quasi-lockdowns, to GoTo programs, to free Abe mini-masks, to Work at Home, to repeated States of Emergency, to whatever.....

Maybe the Olympics will “flatten the curve” once and for all. And flatten the LDP if we’re even luckier.

Bring on the Covidiot Games.

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Posted in: Japan may provide AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan See in context

You just can’t give away the stuff fast enough. Over Surplus of these vaccines is appearing all over the developed nations, and is a shortage in the developing world. Someone’s tax dollar is hard at work. And as we find out the supposed cure comes from the ones that may have created the disease. As if the clues weren’t already there a year ago.

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Is this even news? Dribble.

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The one-party political system here means that Suga and his mob can get away with whatever they want, and the people have NO voice.

And still the Japanese primarily vote LDP anyway. It’s not that the people have No voice. It’s more likely they have One voice.

And the results are obvious.

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But above all vaccinations for as much people as fast as possible, that is the real long lasting measure that should be taken to avoid having the health services swamped by too many patients treated by too few doctors and nurses.”

Absolutely incorrect. That is not the long lasting fix regardless of how much the Big Pharma cheerleaders want it to be.

The administration of a vaccine does not cure a chronic medical infrastructure deficiency that exists in the nation.

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context

Didn’t you know?

The virus loves Italian, French, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, Lebanese cuisine... and so on.

But it absolutely hates Japanese food. Stay safe. Eat and get drunk at Izakaya. But no foreign beer!

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There is one major point missing from this article. It deflects from the “real crisis” facing Japan.

The hospitals filling up with seniors facing an assortment of illnesses (whether Covid induced or the root cause) is more a statement of the aging demographic cliff that Japan is now plunging over.

Japan is now at the later stage of the geriatric society curve. The stage where deaths accelerate upwards. Coupled with a shrinking tax base to pay for the large demographic transitioning from nursing home to funeral home, with all the health ailments in between.

Hospitals and health care services becoming overwhelmed is an obvious result of not preparing for this wave. Be it Covid, a bad flu season, a hot summer, or a cold winter ... there is a vulnerable portion of the population that will suffer at an increasing rate. And perish.

Very few nations in our world face this crisis to the extent it exists in Japan. The government has become increasingly ineffective at changing its trajectory.

In fact, looking at the demographic of the government leadership, it represents a poster child for the problem.

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At least 90% of the daily deaths would be prevented by vaccination, that would be a reason enough, going back towards a more normal life (meaning a lot of of people would not have to lose their jobs, savings, dreams, etc.) is no small reason either. Irrational fears based on false information is a terribly poor reason not to solve this situation.

This is a typical "infomercial" statement that the pro-vaccine community pushes in order to expedite processes that require very cautious considerations. Big Pharma provides the financial backing for many of the "science" journals that spout this type of narrative.

Going slow in implementing a medical solution that resolves a questionable crisis is prudent. And Japanese officials that are repeatedly accused of neglecting their responsibilities are not alone . That's because because they reamin obstacles in the eyes of some. But not all. Here are examples of other facts and jurisdictions that conflict with the "essential vaccine solution" narrative.


" It's likely these facts won’t stop “public health” bureaucrats from continuing to insist that another “wave” of covid deaths and cases is right around the corner. These activists have many strategies for pushing vaccine passports, mask mandates, and even continual precautionary business closures. They’ll tell us that new covid variants are sweeping the globe. This is what they were saying in January, for instance, when Vox was telling us it was too dangerous to even visit the grocery store. At least one expert in late January warned us that the coming weeks would be “the darkest weeks of the pandemic.

It’s now clear such predictions were spectacularly wrong. By late January, totals deaths were already in precipitous decline. 

But what about the lag in data? We're only looking at data up to mid-March because it tends to take several weeks for estimates of total deaths to become reasonably reliable. Yes, that data shows a big drop off. But what about the numbers for April and May? Should we expect those death totals to surge again with a promised “fourth wave” of new covid death?

If we consider the more recent case and death totals attributed to covid, we see few signs of a new surge.

Although Anthony Fauci and other government employed technocrats have been unable to provide any explanation at all for it, the fact remains that months after Texas and Florida and Georgia have either abolished or greatly scaled back all social-distancing and mask mandates, cases and deaths are generally declining, and total deaths per million (attributed to covid) remain below what we've seen in states with severe lockdowns. "

So, Japan should go slow. And beware of "selective science" narratives from foreign sources. As for Big Pharma and ideologies addressing recoding "The Software of Life" : Show me the incentive, and I'll show you the outcome.

Be cautious and informed.

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