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http://inventorspot.com/files/images/39_5_0021.gif is a pic I found of the male and female versions

How long until we get some rule 34 here?

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Girls on the sides = WIDE smiles. One on the right's cutest, and not just because of her gothloli look, I guess she has longer and less wide features. This is in spite of brown hair because I like black hair. I notice the left one didn't totally trim bangs well. Pink streaks on middle just look odd.

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I don't much like the 'eye for an eye' type treatment. Someone throwing acid has problems, rather than cause more, let's treat those.

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Spider brings up a good point, don't be too quick to label the guy. He may just have a skat/voyeur thing in general and basically, he goes for what he can get. For all we know he would just as enthusiastically tape a female teacher on the Loo as well. This is hardly an 'only in Japan' moment. I won't play down the crime, watching/taping people without their consent is bad, but I would not quickly label it Taiko.

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