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Posted in: Porn producers arrested for filming at McDonald's in Saitama See in context

Maybe this was a promotional thing to help them sell more of their McPork items. I think they should have went with it and made a whole line of McPorno labeled goods. It would give McPorkin a whole new breath of fresh air. Just another day in Bukkake land, sorry they got caught, would have liked to see what a McD porno looked like. Had to be better than the lame video of the French Disney workers fooling around.

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Posted in: U.S. murder suspect went to pachinko parlor, then met girls after crime See in context

Each person should be held accountable for their own actions. It is a shame that so many people think that speaking about what they see on a daily basis is somehow bashing. I personally have nothing against any form of music except maybe yodeling. If you saw my CD collection you would know that. I don’t know Olatunboson Ugbogu and can only hope that nobody follows in his footsteps. Who knows what made him do what he did, only he can answer that and that is changing from moment to moment. Voices in his head, how convenient. His actions before and after the fact show nothing but the fact he is a calculating cold blooded person guilty of premeditated murder. The point I was trying to make about hip hop is that it is stupid for anyone to think that listening to music can make you want to kill someone. Guess it got lost in translation.

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Posted in: U.S. murder suspect went to pachinko parlor, then met girls after crime See in context

UnagiDon at 10:23 AM JST - 10th April

"Blackanese" What's the comparable term for suburban white kids who go in for the whole gangsta image?

I was told the term blacanese by some friends of mine who are black and told me that it is very easy to spot the girls who like them by the way they look and dress. Anyone who has been in Japan for more than a week knows it as well. Those same friends also told me the term you are refering to for the white suburban kids is a Reverse Oreo or RO(also called RoYo's like the kids toy YoYo) because its sounds like Yo, the catch phrase they say in every sentence, like now you know, yo.

CMEANDU26 at 10:27 AM JST - 10th April What are you talking about? You must really be upset that you’re not getting any play. Girls will like who they like.

I wasn't complaining about anything just making an honest observation from what I have seen. I get plenty so I don't have to worry about that. You are right that they like who they like. I also like who I like.

I'm not blaming Hip hop in the least for this, if that were true I would have to get rid of all my hip hop Cd's before I turn into a killer. I blame Olatunboson Ugbogu and him alone for his actions. The fact that he can't separate real life from a screen or video or whatever he is claiming made him do it this week is for the judge to work out. I hope he pays and pays dearly for all of the trouble he has caused all of the good people that are in Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. murder suspect went to pachinko parlor, then met girls after crime See in context

I blame it on MTV and the stupid Blacanese girls who watch it and want to be with the hip hop thug types they see on the screen. Everybody wants to be like a star but run when they go around stabbing taxi drivers. I'm sure this guy will be in a movie when he gets out in 25 years or so.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

I think the old site was fine. I'll have to say it is better than this new site that was launched 24 Mar 2008. No opinion on the design one way or the other but I think at a bare minimum the comments should have been carried over at least for the stories that were active and put on the new pages. Now we have some of the same type of comments being rewritten and different tangents that have been closed since the stories got reposted but the hundreds of comments about them were wiped of the face of new site and the counters set to 0. Did not anybody learn from the New Coke thing??

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