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Tyler Stone comments

Posted in: Japan's coronavirus entry ban disrupting lives of foreign residents See in context

Who are these residents going off to their home country for 6+ months at a time? Two of these examples went home for Christmas. It's May. I went home for Christmas too, and I was back by New Year. You can't be gone for 6 months and complain about situation. Come back within a reasonable timeframe, or be patient and wait it out -- Like a Japanese person would.

And who's this American who "Just wants to come back and be with her family so badly!" But not badly enough to have come back 3 months ago when warning signs of travel restrictions were flashing everywhere. We're only 6 months into a global pandemic that's shut down the entire planet. Who possibly could have seen, When cities were locking down, Global warnings were being issued, and flights were being restricted, that 4 months later, flights would be restricted? Totally just out of nowhere right? Nobody could have had a bit of foresight and planned accordingly or anything. What a shame the Japanese government doesn't give 8 months of warning before they implement emergency measures. Tsk Tsk Tsk Tyranny amirite?

Regarding Taxes, Residency is a privilege granted to you by the Japanese government (and Japanese population). Taxes are a way to upkeep said residency privilege. Taxes don't grant you extra rights. Be grateful you're allowed to pay them and legally reside here.

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Posted in: Asian plane makers struggle to take off in crowded market See in context

Crowded *Duopoly

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Posted in: Americans from virus-hit cruise ship head home by chartered plane See in context

On that note .....

Canadian, Italian, South Korean and Hong Kong passengers were expected to follow soon, after their governments also announced plans to repatriate passengers.

The quarantine ends Wednesday. Today is Monday.

By the time they get planes in Japan the passengers could already be on flights back themselves. Lest they want to double their quarantine period for perhaps a free return flight.

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Posted in: Americans from virus-hit cruise ship head home by chartered plane See in context


Ah hell no.I'd rather stay in Japan,then go home.

That's a great point. Evacuees are only allowing those without symptoms who have not tested positive, meaning theoretically everyone going back is not infected, yet still subject to the 14 day quarantine.

However the original 14 day quarantine ends in 2 days. If you stay on the ship, wait 2 days, you can get off and go home like normal.

Good bit of an oversight there on the American side. Both from the State Department not taking this into account and by Americans who chose to leave basically voluntarily doubling their quarantine period.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese businessmen charged in U.S. over tech hardware price fixing See in context

Also, Capitalist wisdom is "Prices = Income" . The higher the prices, the higher the income.

When competition comes in, everyone lowers prices, and everyone gets poorer. Good for consumers, but what if your consumer makes less because they're in the same situation? Net zero for the consumer and Net negative for all sellers.

Race to the bottom.

You can't blame a company, who's sole existence is to maximize profits (by ANY American definition), for trying to maximize profits.

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Posted in: Japan tries to explain to embassies merits of releasing Fukushima water into ocean See in context

I would not be particularly welcoming of being radiated by even 1% above of normal exposure for humans.

Boy then I sure hope you've never ridden in an airplane where you're exposed to 3000% higher levels of radiation than "normal exposure" (correctly known as Background Radiation) for 12-15 hours.

Or worse, Pilots who spend upwards of 50 hours per week at 3000% higher than background levels of radiation. Pilots must be dropping dead all over the place from cancer caused by exposure to such extreme radiation levels.

Ohh wait. That only happened when Fukushima turned California into a Nuclear wasteland, killing 70 Million people in 2012. 8 years later, The entire west coast of the US is still uninhabitable. Clearly the effects of Fukushima were not exaggerated, for nearly a decade now, and therefore dumping the radioactive water into the sea is a bad idea.

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Posted in: Man shot dead in Gunma Pref; suspect on the loose See in context

I thought guns were highly regulated in Japan.

How many people were shot in the US in the past .... What, 6 hours?

More than in Japan the entirety of 2019.

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Posted in: Ghosn seeks retirement benefit from Renault See in context

Innocent, until proven guilty.

He fled the country, through illegal means (falsifying flight records), in violation of bail conditions.

This is a criminal offense, that he has been proven guilty of.

He might have (theoretically) had a case on the financial misconduct charges. He absolutely doesn't have one on fleeing the country.

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Posted in: Vietnamese intern arrested over knife attack on compatriot See in context

it's highly probable he didnt try to kill him.

Slashing isn't nearly as effective for penetrating critical organs. The exception is slashing the jugular, but the perp aimed elsewhere. [...] That indicates he had the chance to kill but chose (repeatedly) to injure instead.

JeffLee OK? Does any of this make this attack with a deadly weapon any less of an attack with a deadly weapon? Is the outcome of bodily harm as opposed to death make the act of the attack any less sever?

If this is how you think I sure hope you're not in Japan. This is the kind of thing that (hopefully) raises "prevention" awareness in legal authorities, and can lead to a rejection of a visa application.

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Posted in: Int'l labor union wants Tokyo Olympic venue inspection, worker interviews See in context

The last thing they want is a bunch of pesky foreigners coming in and exposing their slave-like working conditions and treatment of foreign workers.

You're right. They'd turn Japan into a 3rd world country like the rest of them. The nail that stands out gets hammered back down, after all.

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Posted in: Int'l labor union wants Tokyo Olympic venue inspection, worker interviews See in context

Yuson said 300 workers — Japanese and non-Japanese — die annually on construction work in Japan.

Ok? Have there been any actual reports of Olympic construction related working deaths? Japan has the most construction, and and quickest and most safety focused (and highest quality) construction operations on the planet. They're everywhere, all the time, and they come and go measured in hours. The amount of construction work that happens in Japan and especially Tokyo is astonishing. Given that construction can involve such things as climbing many stories high on metal supports, and working with heavy vehicles and construction equipment, it's inevitable there's going to be accidents. 300 per year (less than 1 per day) sounds like a pretty reasonable number when you've got 1,000,000's of workers working daily on 10,000's of projects around the city and country. How many of this is actual "karoshi", as opposed to accidents caused by humans working in a generally dangerous environment with heavy moving things?

The Union seems to provide, at least according to this article and the way it's written, zero evidence to support their claim that there are olympics construction working condition violations, and equally that karoshi is involved at all, and yet they're trying to use these claims to justify performing an audit?

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Posted in: 2 court cases highlight paternity leave issue in Japan See in context

he has minimal foreign language skills.

Translation : He's going to loose.

Wood was still negotiating with his bosses to take three or four weeks of paternity leave.

Wood returned to work five months later.

You don't get to ask for 3 weeks off then take 20 weeks off and expect a warm welcome. It's unbelievable he still has a job.

Taking so much time off can be incredibly stressful and potentially damaging to a company. Your workload has to be put onto others, which makes their job harder than it already is. The more important the job, the harder the shortfall. By the time you're gone for months, it's better to just hire someone else, and at that point you have no job to come back to. Your job doesn't just disappear because you're gone. It has to be done, whether you do it or not. Want that job security? Find and train a temporary replacement, and agree with your bosses and that person that your job will continue to be performed to a quality standard in your absence, and you'll pick it back up at the end of your leave. If you throw that responsibility on your boss's shoulders, don't expect your boss to have a favorable view of that situation. Then, expect him to mitigate the impact of that situation occurring in the future.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees sue Fukushima firm over decontamination work See in context

We were not told that it was dangerous work.

Probably because it wasn't dangerous work.

I am very worried about my future health

I drank coffee this morning. Coffee has caffeine. caffeine in doses 300x greater than consumed can be dangerous. Therefore the coffee company owes me 12M.

Wait a minute .... Water. Too much Water.... You can drown! Water is deadly! I've drank Nestle bottled water! NESTLE OWES ME MONEY!

I wonder if these immigrants are aware they probably were exposed to higher doses of radiation on the plane to Japan than they've been exposed to in the time they've been in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan briefs diplomats on Fukushima plant's radioactive water See in context

Nuclear scientists [...] have recommended the water's controlled release into the sea as the only realistic option scientifically and financially. Local residents oppose this, saying the release would trigger rumors of contamination [...] .

People who know what they're talking about give their collective, professional and academic based recommendation. People who have zero correct (and a ton of incorrect) knowledge of the subject disagree.

have they eat food from Fukushima, drink it's water or even stay there?

I mean... I have. I was up there last week. I ate fish. It's delicious. The only thing to fear about Fukushima is misinformation.

Bonus Fact : Caffeine can kill you in large doses. But your coffee doesn't contain enough caffeine to kill you. Replace "Caffeine" in "Coffee" with "Radioactive water" in "The Pacific Ocean" to get an idea of how dangerous a controlled release of Fukushima's contaminated water into the ocean really is.

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Posted in: Japan Post Bank to cap int'l transfers to counter money laundering See in context


You're referencing an English nuance that doesn't exist in Japanese.


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Posted in: New law states gov't responsible for teaching Japanese to foreigners See in context

The biggest problem (for me at least) is being unable to be in a "Japanese only" environment, as crazy as it sounds. I've been living in Tokyo for almost 3 years now, and while my Japanese isn't as bad as I tell myself it is, whenever I use it, I get so nervous the initial 20 seconds of conversation that I'm unable to speak coherently even though I know in my mind what to say and how to say it, and this is, ironically, just from a lack of speaking Japanese enough.

From english communication with my friends while I was at language school to using English primarily for my job, to my Japanese homestay family using english primarily (American and Japanese parents, both fluent in both Japanese and english), I've always wanted, and have been completely unable, ironically, to be in a place where english just doesn't exist. Any time I've been with actual Japanese (like the times I've gone to the countryside for work with Japanese colleges), and I've been in an 100% Japanese environment, I'm able to, after a few hours, start to naturally get a feel for speaking and hearing the language. The moment I get back to my normal environment, the path of least resistance kicks in, and the cycle repeats.

For me at least, If it weren't for the fact that I depend on my Job for Financial and Visa concerns, I would prefer to take a Japanese language experience in an environment where english does not exist, and I can't use it for anything. Where Japanese is a requirement for anything. Enough of that, and eventually it'll stick. This sort of thing, as far as I'm concerned, doesn't actually exist, so I'ld like to see something a little more restrictive in this sense.

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Posted in: Japan gripped by heat wave; mercury tops 39 C in Hokkaido town See in context

"I agree it is unusually hot. It would be nice to hear what the reason is."

The CLIMATE is WARMER than usual? Ohh me ohh my I wonder. It's a super difficult question. Does anybody have any ideas? Any at all? Any Wild Guesses? We're Grasping for straws here. What could this possibly be? No Idea. Man this is hard. Got the ol Noggin Chuggin. The Gears are a'turnin. Quite the Puzzler.

IF ONLY there was a group of experts on this matter, who have years of education and experience, who perform studies and research to understand what's happening, and could give us an overwhelming consensus answering this exact question, and then tell us constantly for a decade straight.

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Posted in: Parts of crashed F35 stealth fighter jet found in sea off Aomori See in context

"a part of the flight data recorder [but not] the all-important memory" was discovered.

Isn't the flight data recorder (the black box) supposed to be THE most secure and indestructible part of any aircraft? If you found a "Piece" of the black box, that means the black box was damaged, which means that "memory" is probably water-soaked, if by some miracle not broken, meaning you're probably not not getting anything useful out of it even if it is found.

And the fact that they've spent a month looking for it with no success most likely means it's in China or Russia.

I feel so bad for, and frankly don't see why, any country would buy this 1.5 Trillion dollar paperweight. It's outclassed by Russian aircraft in every physical characteristic, and it's pride and joy Stealth is already obsolete by Russian radar systems. Not including a dictionary full of known critical software glitches.

It might work well against people in tents, but it'll be good as a falling brick against a real enemy, like those Japan is surrounded by.

I feel so bad for the pilot. How horrible/ironic is it that Japan's first remilitarization casualty is the the result of US weaponry during peaceful operations? I mean, if you don't include those BY the US in Okinawa over the decades.

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Posted in: Heatwave blankets much of Japan, killing 14 people over long weekend See in context

@Do the hustle The humidity and heat in Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, etc. are much more severe than Tokyo. However, it is extremely rare to hear of deaths from heat stroke.

Cairns Population: 139,693

Townsville Population: 167,847

Darwin Population: 106,255

Honshu Population: 104,000,000

Hey Guys, if you reduce the population size by a factor of 1,000, deaths from heat stroke become less common.

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