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What happened yesterday in my country was not wise and I believe that Russian politics is to blame for it, but the Police should stop such attacks of aggression so as not to let the Russian people believe that we are a bad country. I would never want to experience what is happening in Ukraine right now, and because of that. I think that the Russian ambassador knows what is happening in his country, but he cannot talk about it out loud.

I lived during the communist era and I know that many people remember those times in our country and do not like Russians, but there are also people who do not accept war. We, Poles, are not a bad nation, but we still lack tolerance, and our temerament sometimes causes outbursts of anger that should not have happened.

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You are very wrong that you can lose by helping Ukrainians, our country has accepted over 2.5 million refugees and many Poles understand that these people have lost everything. We are trying to make it easier and simpler to find a job, apartment and school for Ukrainian children.

The Polish economy is not as developed as the Japanese one, but we have made a lot of progress and we are trying to make it better than 40 years ago when the Russians were in our territory.

I believe that our economy can give advice, but the help that we can receive from the European Union, the USA and Japan will be very helpful and I believe that our country will be able to use all the help it receives well.


Yes, you are right that they have good conditions and whether they have money or not, our government finances food for 2 months and provides a roof over their heads.

Every Ukrainian can stay in our country for more than 2 years and has help in finding a job.

Our languages ​​are different, but many people from Ukraine know Russian and English, so this language barrier is smaller than it seems. It is easier for us to establish language contact because often children learn our language quickly and want to do it themselves.

To make it easier for Ukrainians in my city, there are many messages and posters informing in Ukrainian, an option to change the language from Polish to Ukrainian has been introduced on the websites.

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Thank you very much for your kind words, I don't know how Poland is shown in your media, but many people try to help from the heart because what is happening is terrible. At school, my daughter met Ukrainian children who had escaped from the war. They found warmth, care, and their parents a job, many Poles sympathize and help as much as they can. We also see that many countries outside Europe want to help in this dramatic situation.

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You are right about helping our country, I believe that few people fleeing Ukraine have family or friends in Japan. It is much better to return to your homeland from Poland, Germany or Slovakia. Many people who escaped from the war are going to return home and family. Unfortunately, I don't know any Japanese, but I believe you want to help in these hard times.

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I am writing from Poland and my family helps Ukrainians, I have 3 people from Ukraine at work. You have no need to argue how many people in Japan receive refugees. Our cultures are very similar and we want to help this person. Sometimes our country is only a transit and many people go to Germany, UK or Italy because they are richer countries or they have a family there. I am glad that My country helps these poor people.

Glory to Ukraine.


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