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Posted in: Czech leader calls migrant wave in Europe an 'organised invasion' See in context

"with no military background."

Perhaps, although, the Syrian military was a conscripted force before the civil war; males served from the age of 18. The obligatory military service period was 2005 two and a half years to two years, in 2008 it was reduced to 21 months and in 2011 to year and a half.

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Posted in: Fan of the Force See in context

Fellow collector, always nice. Infinite diversity in infinite combination! :-)

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Posted in: Assad says British bombing in Syria will fail; ridicules PM Cameron See in context

As he has failed in the field of battle for about four years?

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Posted in: China media mock Japan's luxury lavatories See in context

If I recall correctly it was in this digital forum a survey done in China and one thing that the chinese Tourist were surprised of was that you actually could flush down toilet paper down the toilet in Japan.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

We are going further and further away from a bright future.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern over Russia's Ukraine move See in context

1938 "Peace in our time!" Chamberlain 2014 "War in our time!" Putin

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Posted in: Toyota says new Prius, fuel cell car due in 2015 See in context

Hydrogen fueling stations.... Please Toyota consider opening your own pumps at your local Toyota car dealerships in Sweden and I will be one who buys the car.

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Posted in: Cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni Shrine; Abe sends offering See in context

I have been at the Yasukuni Shrine (and museum) twice as I have been to other war memorials in the world to honor the dead and pray for peace so no-one more will die in a war.

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Posted in: Assange launches party to contest Australian election See in context

Assange said he plans to keep politicians honest, complaining about the stealth with which our elected representatives have worked together (often across party lines) to pass laws without proper public consultation. The be honest yourself and face the charges in Sweden.

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Posted in: Toyota heir takes center stage in drive to shed 'boring' tag See in context

"dependable and efficient, but also a bit boring and bland." The "bit boring and bland" is one of the best anti-theft system in the world and it keeps the insurance for the car down. Toyota do not change that use it instead!

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Posted in: EU threatens to suspend data-sharing with US over spy reports See in context

"United States access to European financial." Is there anyone who does not believe that they will use such data for their ownr financial gains? Politicians are stupid!

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Posted in: Julian Assange: a year in the Ecuador embassy See in context

The funny thing is that if he would come to Sweden he would be locked up (he would be considered an escapee), then with lawyer present interrogated by the prosecutor and, after a while, released as the charges probably would be dropped as its word against word and once set loose he would be given a ticket to Ecuador by the Swedish system.

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Posted in: Cyprus says 'superhuman' efforts needed to reopen banks See in context

A superhuman effort is being made for the banks to open on Thursday, he said. Each day the banking system is closed, peoples trust diminishes and they want to get their money out, so we are obliged to impose restrictions.

I believe there is no trust left at all actually.

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Posted in: Quirky traditions that mark New Year around the world See in context

Despite all diffent traditions... Have a happy new year!

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