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tyvtgo1US comments

Posted in: China tells Japan 'negative' moves prevent improvement in ties See in context

Who is the main holder of negative moves outward? lol This question is very easily answered by every neighbor of China, along with every country around the world! Answer..... China itself, the country that always is trying to put such blame on everyone other than itself! We here China stating that the US moves are of a cold war mentality while China's moves are based on war and its positioning for future conflicts as this is China's outlook of the future. But, China is always using aggressive stature and behavior based on it all time mentality based on conflict with everyone! Who is the holder of negative moves? Who is the holder of cold war (WAR) mentality?? China controls these mindsets all by itself, no one else!

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Posted in: China goes Hollywood in 'The Great Wall' See in context

Hollywood may be trying to make the big bucks in China, but it seems this test for American movie goers with Chinese based films is a bust!!! When we look at China we look at a communist repressive regime and no fan fare towards that repressive controlled country!

Headline today about the "GREAT WALL" Hollywood movie????

Matt Damon's 'The Great Wall' Crumbles With $21 Million U.S. Debut


"""Damon's 'Great Wall' a bust at box office""

Just some of the headlines on the film! No matter how China is played up towards the US public or how it is played up towards the US public, the China topic is still that being seen as a communist controlled nation based on suppression, in which it is!

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Posted in: Australian PM urges Beijing to cool tensions in South China Sea See in context

For China to unilaterally change the status quo. all should sail as one in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, and stop China's new aggression! When you are watching China trying to drive people back to their shores in waters that is the livelihood of so many and for decades, and some of these water in one's own economic zones, all should flood these waters with ships and force the open sea policies that always been the norm. If anyone should be forced back to their shores it should be the assertive, aggressive , belligerent... CHINA!

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Posted in: Abe's visit to U.S. generating a lot of interest, controversy See in context

Is anyone else sick of China using this history as a tool only for nationalistic nostalgia in front of the Chinese [public to help cement these Chinese leaders with a mindset of centuries past as they control every aspect of the people's lives in China??? And.... I am sick of South Korea playing along with China and see it as only a tool for them to use the Japan issue for better trade advantages with China! Just too much of beating a dead horse by both China and South Korea! Apology after apology has shown nothing is going to change the way China uses this issue for the sake of a totalitarian forced control over its people!

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Posted in: New defense minister favors strong military See in context

It is sort of humorous when listening to China in response to anything Japan. With all that China is doing in the East China Sea and South China sea, China wishes to make itself look like some country able to depict another of aggression or using a military as a form of intimidation, does China actually thing there is a country around the world to take their words seriously when speaking of Japan or say any other country around the world? There has not been one word that was not deceit in China's statements over the years when speaking of itself as its rise being peaceful, all total lies! As China says one thing it turns around, and is actually doing the total opposite! This has been China since other nations have been funding, and investing within China's territory! Totally a deceitful country!

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Posted in: Ukraine lawmakers ratify landmark deal with Europe See in context

The Russia China duo! What a couple of international misfits!

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Posted in: Nissan faces battery plant cuts as electric car hopes fade See in context

It is a shame that there is not a national or international standard set for the battery, so that instead of waiting for a charge, you just pull into a service station , they drop the depleted one out and replace it with a fully charged one!!!!!!!!!!! Would be like stopping to get a fill-up with gasoline, no large amount of time waiting for charges! All these batteries are under the body of the car anyways so why not make it a standard where one fits all and then the Electric car market would boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: China says it will defend its interests in South China Sea See in context

Maybe a start would be all come together and force China into complying with international laws of the sea and all join together along with the US since it would be upholding international laws, and force China out of others economic zones. As for claiming entire seas, that would be another issue that again after making China comply to international laws, then confront them on this crazy sense of trying to claim and own entire seas, no one else lays claim to entire seas in the world so why should any one let China get away with such bull sht! Also no one should stand by and let China go far off its shores into the South China sea claiming islands that are right off the coasts of others!

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Posted in: Sino-Japanese War still stings China 120 years later See in context

This mental sickness in China's society is directly instilled by the leaders of China that try to shed responsibility of the 10s of millions these leaders themselves are responsible for of their own people and the massacres throughout these dictator's leadership of China and these incidents are of an endless number. But they use the Japan issue to gloss over all their own wrongs against the people and the people of China re just to stupid to understand this. Here in the US, we were drug into the war with Japan and we fought Japan and saved China's but, and look at the aggressive actions China has had against us over the years after the war as support and fighting with the Vietcong against our troops, then the Korean war against our troops and now doing all thy can to drive us out of the Asian Pacific away from our allies and the continual support of North Vietnam and the continual threats against our allies and friends in Southeast Asia and East Asia. China is based on the total commitment of domination at everyone's expense and will LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL to accomplish this sole sick minded dream this killer leaders have always had as a dream. Now that we all have contributed to China's rise, this is what we get in return! Western nations and allies today should do a total reversal of all that has brought China to the point it is at today with the investments and stop looking the other way as China aggressively confronts friends and allies of western nations and total disrespect of democracies in the region and disrespect for democracy itself that the Chinese people seem to still be so ignorant to, and shove China right back into the isolated backwards state where it came from before western nations and allies began this competition between one another as to see who could get the biggest slice of China's 1.3 consumers which this process has worked into a divide between long time allies that was once a powerful force that in the past could have stopped such aggression by nations like China, dead n their tracks, but still we have this greed playing a major role in backtracking on our values when it comes to such countries like China and Russia! China is no different today when it comes to its leadership as it was 60 years ago, society is no t more intelligent as it was 60 years ago, proof being is the mindset of the people and the mindset of its society when still so easily manipulated by these leaders that has a past history of brutality and forced silence, censorship and restricted flow of information into China! Even China's dream of domination is still very much alive but now with the support of all the democracies around the world!

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Posted in: Gaza: US condemns 'barbaric' Hamas ceasefire breach See in context

FizzBit, so I assume Hamas did not break the seize fire and had not again and again before as well.. yeah right. You do not need to be ashamed of being an American since your claim to be one is nothing but a lie anyways! But as for leadership, I will agreed Obama is worthless internationally!

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Posted in: Gaza: US condemns 'barbaric' Hamas ceasefire breach See in context

Hey, if Hamas is going to use civilians as shields and fire rockets from behind what they say are their people and the people support them,, hey just casualties of war , too bad! When Hamas thinks it is fine to tunnel across borders, Hamas and Palestinians that support Hamas must suffer the consequences. When Hamas fires rockets into to Israel indiscriminately not carry where they hit or who they would kill, then Palestinians that support Hamas wil suffer the consequences for those terrorists they support! Look at it differently as you wish but there will be no peace when you have a terrorist regime that says there should be no recognition of Israel or the sate of Israel and with the same mindset of Iran that Israel would be totally vanished from the face of the planet to begin with and wants them totally destroyed. Does anyone know how easy it would be for Israel to completely wipe out the Palestinians if Israel took the same play book as Hamas and those that support them??? All the negative comments here about Israel I find totally of a sick minded uninformed stupid people! No one can deal with a people or a group that stands for total nonexistence of another. What is wrong with you people. Too much BBC BS? I do not care about Christian or Muslim or Islamic sentiment between any people but to bow to ignorance of one is totally out of place , but I am also sure many in other countries are scarred to death ther could be repercussions by Muslims within their countries by these extremist groups so they bend over backwards to appease them in all ways they can, so here on JT we read these dumb comments based on support for the barbaric BS by Hamas and groups like them and support people that support these barbaric groups and actions !

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Posted in: U.S. will stand by allies in disputes with China See in context

MGigante,, as of yet the US has not done anything and has just sat back and made statements that has not stopped any aggressive moves by China!! Same with Ukraine, tough talk and nothing of substance. Russia can very easily move on through Ukraine at any time with no problem or worries, except of course Ukraine's military , what is left of it, but that is it! Even Europe shows no backbone along with the US.. I do not put much faith in the Obama team, there has been no reason to put any faith in them. To me he is comparable to another Jimmy Cater. But we shall see, but I hope it is not already too late, China has moved into these areas and using aggressive measures to claim the territories as we speak, nothing done yet. Then there is China and Japan, US handed administrative control of the islands to Japan after the war and now say they do not take a side in sovereignty of these islands??????.... ridiculous! So does that give China a message of stopping its aggressive stance?? Not at all, in other words, we do not want to get involved.

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Posted in: Asia leaders look to bolster unity, coordination See in context

life-aint-no-sit-com. One fact being, in all these disputes there is one common denominator and that is CHINA,, and the disputes are almost all far far away from China's shores and right up against everyone else's. Claiming entire seas???? Who does that? But I see you support that.. There you go!

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Posted in: Japan berates China's Xi over Nanjing remarks in Berlin See in context

Maybe I should clarify.. my remark.. The dog (China) of Asia still barking!

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Posted in: North, South Korea trade live fire over sea border See in context

Not a surprise that all conflicts seem to revolve around three countries in the world lately... China, Russia and North Korea... A common denominator being China!

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Posted in: Russia sets out demands for resolving Ukraine crisis See in context

I believe we should just let Russia and China do as they please and forget it!! Seems I read that attitude here by many.. Thing is, Russia and China will never be a friend to the western nations and their allies unless their is something to gain politically or in the position of a step further towards their goal of domination which has been the only issue important to both these countries! It is not like this is some secrete that has not been in our faces since the beginning of time!!! many blind ignorant comments here being made as wishing to empower and embrace these two countries!

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Posted in: Japan berates China's Xi over Nanjing remarks in Berlin See in context

The dog of Asia still barking!!!

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Posted in: Obama demands West stand firm against Moscow's 'brute force' See in context

I believe our inaction on many fronts lately has empowered both Russia and China as both are aggressively acting against their neighbors knowing they face o real resistance! These so called reset buttons by Obama has lead to total degrading of US influence! Good or bad is in the eye of the beholder... Everyone around the world has sold out to China and look what that has got us, we think sanctions will have some sort of impact, well problem is that the second largest economy, China is Russia's best friend so supporting anyone that supports Russia is in return supporting Russia.. plus throw in Russia's grip on fuel provided to European countries.... seems the West and it other allies, when it comes to sanctions is totally worthless. We are still supporting the threats that are poised against us...

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Posted in: Seoul unmoved as Japan hails bridge-building summit See in context

It seems to me South Korea has been hanging out with China a little too much recently! South Korea is picking up China's bad habits! I assume that South Korea puts economic relations on an upper level with China than it sees its relationship with another democratic country like Japan. Very typical these days as I myself look at us here in the US.. at least when looking at our politicians in Washington... China is the greatest threat to peace today but we are all supporting them eagerly! Try and figure that one out!!!! Corporate and political greed!

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Posted in: China says Japan nuclear stockpile move step in right direction See in context

My account of China's statement??? China is a country that should be stripped of any devices or materials that could be used against another since they are the main aggressors against all in the region and which could be the main aggressor towards the entire world! These leaders of China have no concerns of human life what so ever and based solely on the leader's own power and domination of their people and of all others. They are worse than parasites! They need some n!uclear material shoved up their asterisk

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. nuclear deal announced at Hague summit See in context

There is no abandoning anything with China around!!! and no one should!

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Posted in: Indonesia bans Hollywood epic 'Noah' over Islamic concerns See in context

How friggin stupid, but again, this is one of the few countries that sides with China so go figure!!!!!!! Nut cases belong in the nut family!

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Posted in: Taiwanese police use water cannon on protesters to retake gov't HQ See in context

Thomas, yes as we speak China is doing all it can to take complete control and completely absorb Hong kong! I guess you do not stay up on the news and reports on Beijing's actions towards Hong Kong. As for trying to instill Nationalism classes in HK schools that got wide protests about and they pulled that back. To begin with China suppressed HK's economy trying to right off the bat take economic action to real in the territory under more of a control posture upon HK. Puttin off and putting off direct elections and only letting half the legislature be publicly voted upon... Many things China has done to gain its influence into HK society to strip them of the autonomy they were promised. Yes HK is being absorbed, where have you been? And yes China deserves nothing, especially Taiwan! When will China's forced ownership of the Tibetans end? Since when does China have the right to own another??????? Since when does China's society believe that they have the right to forcefully own another? When will China and its people come to face the 21st century and join the peaceful members of the international community and stop all its aggressive behavior? And, when will China's leaders stop its suppression, censorship, internet blocking and filtering and stop forcing its people silent mutes? Who wants to be a part of that??? The Chinese people??? It seems so! Where does that leave China's society when seen by the outside world?

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Posted in: Vietnam leader warns against use of force in territorial rows See in context

Toshika you are right, I did forget Taiwan... and I have many Taiwanese friends. lol But with Ma and his leaning towards China ... hmmm I do not know if he would take on such an alliance with everyone else! I really do not like him at all!!! Especially in the last couple of days him trying to push through directly the service trade agreement with out a review that is shown to only incorporate more of Taiwan into Beijing's sphere of influence over Taiwan with limited access in areas of China and covering all of Taiwan!!! People are really starting to understand that he is crap and on the path of a Taiwan sellout to China!

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Posted in: Russian Olympic figure skating champion Sotnikova to skip worlds in Japan See in context

I really can not see people that are suppose to love their sport so much, not compete, especially in the Worlds! A shame!

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Posted in: China Airlines to increase flights to Japan See in context

I wish Taiwan would get the dam China out of the titles in Taiwan!! Chen was working on that and had China fuming!! China Airlines,,, Air China... what th ehell!

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Posted in: Vietnam leader warns against use of force in territorial rows See in context

Vietnam seems to be taking the right approach, do not make waves until the alliances are built and are firm. Vietnam, Philippines, japan, Malaysia, India, all that has disputes with China should form a security alliance and become very active in the seas and run China's ships to death. Can China chase down every ship in the seas?? I think not!! And.. when they understand they are out numbered , maybe then they will ease up on their aggressive stance or lose face to the Chinese people when they are seen as unable to control the situation as they are wishing to do today!. But actually

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Posted in: Gov't draws up plans to overhaul arms export ban See in context

I believe the US has been pushing Japan on this out of date article nine for the last several years as for helping support the security alliance and also to help stabilize the region as for China's growing clout and dominate moves towards everyone in the region. The question I have always had was... why did everyone invest into the totalitarian state of China to help them build when everyone knows China's communist ambitions all along????? Domination, and forced rule!!!!!!! How did corporate greed filter into the political greed that trumped national security and what was suppose to be moral standing within the world community?

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Posted in: No sign of S Korea-Japan summit after talks See in context

South Korea has become another pawn of China. Seems the same has happened to a certain extent here in the US as well!

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. differ on China in talks on 'gray zone' military threats See in context

People can make all the excuses they wish for China, but no excuse changes the fact that China has become an aggressive power and is still in the same mindset of the great leap forward, willing to risk everything and anything for that same outlook....POWER and DOMINATION! I am hoping investments will start being pulled out of CHina and China is put back in its rightfully deserved place which is being an isolated state with no resources to continue its aggression against the WORLD!

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