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tyvtgo1US comments

Posted in: Japan calls for Russia to open Crimea talks with Ukraine See in context

Russia and China. hmmmm.....Do either one of these countries have any dignity and respect for others??? It seems both have zero!

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Posted in: Hoping to isolate Russia, U.S. woos China on Ukraine See in context

Why are our politicians in Washington always trying to show their stupidity, ignorance and inability to use common sense! China has beat them to death over the last 20 years and these politicians must love the punishment because they keep going back for more, such as the KMT party of Taiwan when it comes to dealing with the communists of China, they never learn their lesson. As for our politicians here in the US, I guess any excuse to try and convince the American public that China is a friend only leads to the politicians trying to keep the public in favor of the US-China, business deals that keeps the money flowing into our politicians bank accounts handed to them by the US businesses based in China, as these company's thank you presents for the policies passed in the corporations favor of selling out our economy to China and off our shores! Problem is it is like a race by all nations to sell themselves short for a piece of China. Could it all be based on greed or is it competition that has distorted everyone's moral base? Remember... the world did just fine without China in the past! Now look at the headaches when it comes to anything and everything.......CHINA!

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

China has an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes of dominance and expansionism, along with hate towards everyone in the region! These leaders of China are sick bastrds!

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Posted in: China says Germans fine if their war atonement is compared to Japan See in context

China speaks with its big mouth of bad breath and is polluting the region and world! As they stand together with Russia as Russia invades Ukraine and China stays quiet as Russia supports the annexation and independence of Crimea, but shows total resistance of independence of Taiwan that has already been independent for the last 65 years. If China stands for others to break apart nations, Chin and the world should have no problem with Taiwan and its independence! No double standards here China!!!

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Posted in: Obama says Putin not fooling anybody over Ukraine See in context

US and Obama together is irrelevant in any international setting these days. We seen this in Syria, Iran, Southeast Asia and East Asia. China and Russia both acknowledge this!

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Posted in: China to boost defense spending by 12.2% See in context

Denny Roy, lives in a fantasy with his remarks. It is not like China is pushing it in everyone's face their build up is solely based on aggression and expansion! Where has this guy been while China is claiming entire seas and pushing everyone back to their shores as they claim seas thousands of miles off from their own shores?? This is not some sort of BS that this guy is claiming China as being and doing these military advancements just for some status. We see the actions!!! These experts seem to have not any common sense what so ever! Just like any book smart intelligence claimed dummy! They remember what they read but can not screw in a light bulb! No functionality!

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Posted in: U.S. urges restraint between Japan, S Korea See in context

mikihouse I agree with you 100 percent! You did leave out the fact with regards to Philippines and the US non-response to China taking over the seas right up against Philippines shores.. Obama and all democrats are weak on international security and national defense, I am a democrat but for different reasons. I have always said, democrats=economy, republicans = national defense.. But is seems both are too engaged in the greed from corporate funds, or why would we all be boosting China's economy over the last.. say 25 years and still counting? An authoritarian state!

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

As we have seen throughout the years, no apology by Japan is going to please China, and now China's pet, South Korea. This is too big of a nationalistic issue for both these countries, where the leaders score points with the public. After these things are pounded into the heads of the people it becomes this nationalistic political tool all for votes and political benefits. Why would Abe not bring this topic up about reviewing the apology when it seems that the apology that was made was not worth anything to China and South Korea to begin with, so what does it matter? If all is falling on deaf ears anyway, what's the difference? I would tell everyone to shove it to begin with, with the disrespect China and South Korea has shown Japan anyways. Now South Korea is only doing this along with China for trade benefits with China. It is not like South Korea is fooling everyone! They are becoming this little puppet of China just like Germany.... all based on appeasing China for benefits of trade... A good example of the influence of money can have on a country when taking sides with another, which is a totalitarian based regime as South Korea kissing up to China! Maybe is a good time for a united North and South Korea since both are catering to the mother country of China! South Korea is about making me sick every time I hear the name of the country mentioned these days!

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Posted in: China mulls days to remember defeat of Japan, Nanjing Massacre See in context

Is this what China's leaders have to do daily in China, sit around and take this war mentality to the extremes, continually trying to think up issues to impose among its neighbors? This is all they do daily! ? What a pathetic bunch of people in high places in China.. These people are lunatics! Meaning they are dangerous to the human race with the weapons they are developing and no mental capabilities to have such weapons! China is not just a threat to Japan or its neighbors south of it, they are a threat to the world population! They are crazy! That is proven by their daily hatred and their daily war making mentality.. It was not too long ago China stated again and again that people needs to let go of this cold war mentality.. China is nuts!

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Posted in: China worried by Japan arms exports ban revision See in context

JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!! Abolish Article 9!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! You have some crazy people off to your west that shows signs of wanting you destroyed! Protect yourself and arm up and ready for anything China may try and throw at you! You have the right! When they do throw something at you , have something that much worse to throw back!!!!!!!

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Posted in: China labels Japan a 'troublemaker' See in context

China lives in a world all of its own. They mindset with these Chinese leaders with its new found power is just unbelievable. I am wondering after reading this article and China's remarks, I have to wonder if the people themselves of China ever take a moment and wonder to themselves.... Why do we think so differently and see the issues so differently than the rest of the world..... Then you have Chinese leaders making these stupid statements that are in total contrast in regards to the rest of the world.

“I think everybody will agree with me that Japan has already become a de facto troublemaker harming regional peace and stability,” Hua said.

Are these people for real?????? Is it just China that believes no one knows what is going on in the region, or are they just speaking to the people of China that they have conformed to believe such nonsense and will just go along with all the ignorance these leaders of China put out to the public..

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Posted in: Confused Japanese tourists trigger highway pursuit in Utah See in context

I think it turned out ok for everyone. Police had no idea what they were dealing with as they are pursuing a car that does not stop that speeds up and slows down, wondering if it was a vehicle with fugitives or what ever, The family in the car not knowing what to do and then faced with guns on them.. I could imagine...... They did get stopped safety and then all was figured out and as we seen nothing was done or no one charged with anything after finding out the misunderstandings and then getting driven to a local motel and then wished them safe travels. I believe both were pretty much shaken up at some point. But I am wondering , after they were taken to the motel.. then what??? How did they proceed onwards??? I want to know the rest of the story.. Hope they made it to Bryce Canyon, I just experienced that last summer with my Taiwanese friend. It is far away out in no where land!

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Posted in: Plan to move base highlights U.S. problem on Okinawa See in context

move everything to Taiwan!!!

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Posted in: U.S. general urges China, Japan to talk to avoid 'miscalculations' See in context

On Wednesday, Japan’s Jiji Press quoted Captain James Fanell, intelligence chief for the US Pacific Fleet, as telling a forum that China has tasked its military to become capable of conducting “a short sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea”.

Odierno, however, dismissed such reports when asked to comment. “I’ve seen no indications of that at all,” he said.

I am assuming that US believes China would tell them they were going to attack Japanese ships....

In any case, is Japan or the US prepared for such a scenario, they should be prepared for anything. Who would trust China on any issue today??

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Posted in: Pride and puzzlement as unreleased Chinese film wins in Berlin See in context

Pukey you are not station anything we all don't know.lol. by the point is TAIWANESE vs. CHINESE,, in the article.. GET IT! Its pretty simple. I know you are from China and have the dream that Taian's identity issue be of none, sorry to say the large majority of Taiwan's population refer to themselves as TAIWANESE. Sorry, but true, like it or not. If you want to bring up differences each society and the differences, that is another story hearing what Taiwanese have to say about the Chinese mannerisms... Lol

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Posted in: Suga rejects claims Japan lurching toward militarism See in context

Per capita spending has no link to power of a nation. We see China's power and how its growing even with its per capita spending less than Japan. This does not make China any weaker, and will not make its military any less powerful than Japan's or even anyone else's.... isn't that a fact? The more money you spend the more powerful your military is going to be,, per capita or not!!!!!!!!! So this argument is totally void concerning this issue!

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Posted in: Pride and puzzlement as unreleased Chinese film wins in Berlin See in context

akk1 I see Danny just making the fact that It was a Taiwanese actress that was not stated in the article.... Which that should be brought forth as to not belittle the people of Taiwan, which many Chinese love to do based on the ignorance instilled in China's society!

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan holding weapons-grade plutonium See in context

Has China in any way been a friend and partner to the west and its friends and partners? NO! So why has everyone helped with the rise of China and still today supporting China's rise.

As we see Japan focused on self defense and even if Japan expands it military and capabilities, it is still based on self defense even with article nine abolished completely!!!!!! It is self defense and not aggression.

We see what China's military build up has brought and what it is used for... Offense and aggression!!

Now we have China talking about Japan?????????? China talks about the west having cold war mentality????? With what China has been doing, this is totally China spitting into the face of the world!

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan holding weapons-grade plutonium See in context

Japan Taiwan, South Korea all should have a nuclear deterrent, against China and it building aggressive stance against all its neighbors!

Why is it these dictator self imposed ruled countries are nuclear armed and the free democratic nations are sitting ducks to their aggression?

There is something totally wrong with this and as we see, no0 one has the balls to face China to begin with, US is doing nothing and CHina keeps pushing forward with its expansion and aggression and being nuclear armed...And its little right arm , North Korea that China is the reason for its nuclear weapons by blocking everything in the UN security council that could have stopped them,, same with Iran.

If North Korea or in the future, Iran would use nuclear weapons against any country, the target should be China in retaliation for these two countries actions, since China was the sole provider for them to exists. Western nations should state this position in to the face of China!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Silver man See in context

I can not believe he can jump so hi... Did he just lift off a spring board or what????

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Posted in: Kerry says China to help push N Korea back to nuclear talks See in context

You do not get nothing out of China with out a price, so what I am wondering. was there anything at all accomplished? I doubt that very much and US should begin to stop taking anything China says as having any face value what so ever, because China has not sided with the US on any issues! I just can not believe the greed in Washington can trump everything else, even national security of one's own country, let alone our friends and allies!

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Posted in: Japan on backfoot in global PR war with China See in context

With China's aggression towards Japan and in the South Chia sea, Japan should be using all these incidents against China's propaganda. China is assaulting all free democratic countries in the region. There should be no way Japan should be taking a back seat in the propaganda department against China.. Plus add to that, the type rule China still upholds. I do not understand China getting any upper hand on Japan!

I do know here in the US we hear nothing about China on our major news networks and when they do mention anything China it is usually in a positive light and nothing on the real issues when it comes to China's military build up and what it is doing with its military build up as for going up against others , such as our friends and allies in the region!

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Posted in: Japan celebrates Hanyu's history-making gold medal See in context

congratulations to Yuzuru Hanyu’s , now this boy can skate, he looked perfect with his short program, then I was think ing ...oh no... when I seen his faults in his long program,,, but then,, he was not the only one to show flaws after his performance, and watching Patrick Chang from Canada and some of his landings and taking in the pure elegance and creative moves of Yuzuru and just the enjoyment of his skating and execution, I kept thinking, he may have the gold... Yuzuru skating was just more enjoyable to watch.. much more excitement and action. Great performance tonight and just that much better last night with his short program which was incredible and fun to watch... Since we, US did not have a chance at gol... I was rooting for Yuzuru with his great skating fromt he short program the night before...


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Posted in: Kerry to take harder U.S. line on Asia maritime disputes to China See in context

I have just read an article on Taipei times and all should be watching China and Taiwan's dealings with one another and both of them with this issue. Ma is strongly for a China Taiwan integration from the start of his presidency, and his administration I feel will eventually partner with China on this issue. Ma is definitely trying to be someone and making himself some kind of a legacy for his time in office. These new dealings with China are again being held in very secretely shadowed circumstances, which has been Ma's typical way of selling Taiwan out from under its people. As for US sharing in peace???? It seems the west has bent over backwards in providing China the means for its build up and bringing so many Chinese out of poverty. Investments and corporations moving operations was what brought China its wealth ,so as bring up the topic of US not sharing seems to be some deceitful planted thought in someone's head here. If you want to talk about peaceful, we see in our face from China, CHINA has shown nothing peaceful, and everyone around the world is watching China's aggression today!

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Posted in: Chinese state media slam Abe's 'gangster logic' See in context

wouldn't the world be a nicer place if the Chinese people were able to vote these leaders out from China and China was able to move on based on openness of information and history, and not continually reminded they needed to hate someone!

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Posted in: Arms makers try to cash in as Asian disputes escalate See in context

Jeff. I see China adding the fuel! No one would be looking for weapons if China did not start all of this aggression in the region, all would be peaceful, except of course China's little brother North Korea that China provided the means to go nuclear with China's veto power in the UN! Same with Iran in the middle East,, again China along with Russia!

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Posted in: Japan's unease over U.S. alliance adds fuel to Abe's security shift See in context

I agree that Japan can not depend on the US, as we have seen US always has words about China, never too harsh, and takes no action. We seen it with the Philippines and the South China sea. Now CHina is patrolling right off Philippines shores and Philippine fisherman donot have the territory to fish as they once did. What has the US done in this case...... NOTHING!

Should Japan think the US will stand up against China when our politicians here in the US, might as well say are bribed by the US corporations in China making billions and feeding these politicians billions in campaign contributions and perks??

We have already seen US back down from China so why would Japan even begin to think they could count on the US! Especially Obama, but then again all the paid off politicians in the US.

But... I am not too sure about putting any faith in Russia... they are the ones that has armed China to the max before China's copying and developing their own weapons and weapons systems.

If anything Japan would be best to acquire or manufacture a weapon that would bring complete devastation to China if China would ever dare to take action against Japan, since it seems China will never let go of having the sht kicked out of them during the war.. and keeping the Chinese controlled public hating Japan.

I support Japan totally on changing article 9 and developing a military capable in matching China's most powerful weapons and beyond! Why should only the totalitarian ran countries have such weapons and the democratic countries be sitting ducks to their mercy, and also to the mercy of the US that would or would not come to their assistance, and today know on is sure of that and I as an American looking at our politicians and Washington, I have my doubts about them myself! They sold out our country out of greed, why would they have a second thought about selling Japan out... hmmm after selling Philippines out already, but I guess there was some irritant when Philippines kicked us out.

Stand up for yourselves Japan, depend on no one totally!

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Posted in: China rejects U.S. criticism on South China Sea See in context

China criticizes? hmm The world criticizes China and its actions! Majority rules! Back off China, and go home, be a good little boy. I really wonder if China can actually understand that no one supports its actions and mind set of any of this! Are they just that belligerent and unfriendly of a country and people? The Chinese posters stand up for this nonsense along with their leaders even though these leaders use these same bully tactics on their people and why the people are a silent figure as for the face of their country! Very hard to understand that still today with inflows and out flows of people through China, even with the censorship and all the restrictions within China still today. I t seems impossible the people still put up with the total grip upon them by the leaders!

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Posted in: U.S. vows to defend Japan against China See in context

mmwkdw Why does Japan's claim to the Islands which are so far away make any sense ? Aren't they actually closer to the Philippines ? Why did you not say....Why is China taking claim to seas and islands which are so far away in the South China seas, Aren't they closer to Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei. I mean really!

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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

While everyone on here is battling this out with one another, fact is China and South Korea are pressing for a free trade deal with one another and of course South Korea is playing the Chinese card.

While thee two countries want to exploit their ties to one another, the rest of the world has moved on and accept Japan today for what it is and not as it was. I am sure we know the reasons behind the ignorance within South Korea and especially CHina! These two someday may just join the ranks of the rest of the civil world. I mean how long will they live in the past???? Get over it!

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