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Posted in: GOP considers holding formal vote to authorize Biden impeachment as White House questions legitimacy See in context

More egg on MAGA mugs. This right-wing bunch of traitors are unredeemable (as future polls will prove).

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Posted in: Last planned release of hostages in Gaza begins, as mediators aim to extend Israel-Hamas truce See in context

Israel differentiates between civilians and combatants, and goes out of its way to humanely treat both, complying with Geneva Conventions, while Gaza and West Bank-based Arab terrorists just murder everyone indiscriminately. Even their own people.

This is just a bunch of boilerplate excuses for mass-murder, hiding behind hypocritical words that fool no-one with eyes and a conscience. The Irish members of the European Parliament have excoriated the West for its callous ignoring of the ethnic cleansing of Gaza on a grand scale What the Israelis have done to Palestinians as America and most of Europe stonewall all and any criticism,

entire residential blocks leveled to the ground in Gaza City and surrounding areas. The smell of decomposing bodies trapped under collapsed buildings fills the air ..They have found and buried 46 so far during the truce, he said.Most were unidentified... 111,000 people have respiratory infections and 75,000 have diarrhea, more than half of them under 5 years old.... “More people could die from disease than bombings.”

makes the notorious 1938 "Night of Broken Glass", the German government's revenge for the murder of a German diplomat by a Jewish terrorist with a 2-day rampage of burning synagogues, attacking Jewish shops look like amateur hour. Let's pray it's not too late to stop these atrocities and save precious lives in Gaza. Our claim to be a civilized world is now in question. The IDF's mass killing of today and our collective response will be recorded by history, too.

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Posted in: Fake babies, real horror: Deepfakes from Gaza war increase fears about AI's power to mislead See in context

Putting faces on the 8,000 Gazan children murdered by the IDF is beyond even AI's capability. All the deep fakes they can make can't fool our lying eyes that see Biden and Western friends having the back of Israel's war crimes. 30;000+ of dead Arabs is just a number, smaller than the bottomline of unrestricted arms sales to Israel.

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Posted in: Hamas and Israel exchange more hostages for prisoners on fifth day of temporary cease-fire See in context

The Biden administration has told Israel it must avoid “significant further displacement” and mass casualties among Palestinian civilians if it resumes the offensive, and that it must operate with more precision in southern Gaza than it has in the north, according to U.S. officials. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity

“significant further* **displacement**”, mass "casualties", "operate with more precision***"

These ugly, bureaucratic euphemisms cannot hide the cruel, barbaric destruction of human life and property that Americans have greenlit with their unregistered and unrestricted supply of weaponry in this one-sided slaughter. The above language also betrays Biden's fears of political fallout for his election chances - young people, especially, do not take kindly to murdering children with bombs.

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Posted in: 'Past Lives,' Lily Gladstone win at Gotham Awards; Robert De Niro says his speech was edited See in context

De Niro reminds us again of how little truth the human animal can bear - a salutary reminder of society's censors ever ready with their scissors to edit, cancel and hide, in this case when they fear freedom of speech will hurt the bottomline.

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Posted in: Merriam-Webster names 'authentic' as word of the year See in context

And next year AI aka "unauthentic"?

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Posted in: House of Representatives staff member arrested for shoplifting See in context

Obviously a mental case.

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Posted in: Israel and Hamas agree to extend truce for two more days, and to free more hostages and prisoners See in context

Israel will resume its operations with “full force” as soon as the current deal expires if Hamas ...

If Uncle Sam says so. The White House has already whispered into Bibi's ear...The utter devastation of Gaza witnessed by hundreds of millions around the world and the 20,000+ anonymous dead and the unimaginable suffering of survivors is now getting Western politicians from the international scofflaw community desperately trying to the defend the indefensible into a lot of trouble with their voting community alarmed and emotionally agitated by the one-sided fight in Gaza and the truth that keeps trickling out about Israel's dark past and its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. Expect the referee in Washington to stop the slaughter and seek a final solution.

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Posted in: Irish writer Paul Lynch wins Booker Prize with dystopian novel 'Prophet Song' See in context

An important book to spread awareness of fascist creep into all institutions while people are busy with their phones twittering. Dystopia is already here with AI waiting in the wings.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands march against antisemitism in London, including ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson See in context

Johnson's found a new place to hide. Didn't see him at any pro-Palestine rally, though.

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Posted in: Wasabi effective in improving memory of elderly: study See in context

For improving memory I prefer words, even if you can't put them on your sushi.

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Posted in: 56-year-old woman gets 13 years in prison for fatally abusing 5-year-old boy See in context

I would have added 10 more years, yet I wonder how the personal histories of the perpetrators made them so unthinkingly callous and cruel. Maybe they were also abused as children?

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Posted in: Hamas frees 24 hostages in exchange for 39 Palestinian prisoners as part of cease-fire swap See in context

Given the utter savagery of the Hamas terrorists, it is not surprise that they are not releasing any of their gang rape victims.

We have no idea what really happened on Oct 7, yet for seven weeks armchair critics who know zilch have been talking non-stop about Hamas savagery. Give it a break until we know the truth. Suspicions are getting stronger from evidence leaking out that the IDF caused the high death toll among Israelis. Why would this surprise given the overwhelmingly powerful armaments the Israelis always employ?

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Posted in: Hamas frees 24 hostages in exchange for 39 Palestinian prisoners as part of cease-fire swap See in context

The Arabs got a bad deal from the Jews on this hostage exchange of 13:8 whereas a ball park killing ratio of Palestinians to Israelis must be around 25:1 (and rising).

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Posted in: Europe's far-right populists buoyed by Wilders' win in Netherlands, hoping the best is yet to come See in context

Incubated by decades of gaslighting and MSM brainwashing and encouraged by the coddling of extreme right-wing regimes by the European friends of "think on the right" Uncle Sam and his dollar diplomacy, the vampire specter of fascism has woken from its sleep (the powers-that-be conveniently omitted to bring the stake) and emerging from its coffin now haunts Europe once again.The Germans in the 1920s before the Nazis came to power tirelessly warned, "The Enemy is on the Right!" Their fears were ignored and this fascist pest today began yesterday in 1933 when all our troubles seemed so far away. People had better wake up before a fascist Groundhog Day arrives.

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Posted in: Qatar says Gaza cease-fire will begin Friday morning, with aid to follow 'as soon as possible' See in context

Netanyahu - "You must remember what Amalek has done to you”

Not a call for genocide

Maybe not for some, but Americans know a dog-whistle when they hear one and, given the transparent Israeli contempt for their Arab neighbors as having lives of lesser worth, the killing of 25,000 civilians in 2 months reeks of ethnic cleansing, the stage of slaughter before full-blown genocide.

Hamas is a terrorist organization. 

No, it's not, just because America says so. Hamas is the resistance movement of the Palestinian people of Gaza that international law, not Joe Biden, recognizes as having the right to take up arms against an occupying force (spelt IDF). This inconvenient fact maybe news to many, but not to those cognizant of international law.

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Posted in: The 'Oppenheimer' creative team take you behind the scenes of film's key moments See in context

It's always the same folks who know nothing about books, films, art and music who behind the closed curtains of power decide on what is "suitable" for the public. Watching Oppenheimer (and then reading the bio) is a chance for people to educate themselves leading to independent thinking, a frightening prospect for some, that can make control freaks break out in a sweat.

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Posted in: Qatar says Gaza cease-fire will begin Friday morning, with aid to follow 'as soon as possible' See in context

The war erupted when several thousand Hamas militants stormed into southern Israel, killing at least 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking scores of hostages, including babies, women and older adults, as well as soldiers, for whom Hamas is expected to demand a large number of high-profile prisoners.

This account, more sober than the lurid atrocity stories that have been circulating as propaganda for the last 7 weeks giving Netanyahu cover for the military failures of the IDF and an excuse to launch a slaughter of civilians with a savagery worthy of King Herod to assuage the public thirst for revenge, reflects the evidence leaking out that the Hamas attack was a devised as a military operation. The IDF's poor performance and their response using heavy armaments, tanks, Apache helicopters with Hellfire rockets can better explain the high number of deaths as the truth trickles out with SM heading MSM propaganda and lies off at the pass with detailed analyses of what happened on Oct 7. Unfortunately for "King Bibi", this massacre of innocents has been witnessed by hundreds of millions of outraged human beings around the world and is beginning to take its toll on Israeli Holocaust "credit" and the credibility of the IDF. As a result, the blowback is fast eroding public support for Western politicians who stand behind all this bloodshed in Gaza. We know who owns Israel and one phone call from Washington to Jerusalem could turn the Israelis into "a whiter shade of pale". The killing window for the IDF is thus now fast closing and they will have no choice but to cry uncle and sit down for a final solution. We are all sick and tired of the last 75 yrs of needless bloodletting.

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Posted in: Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose accused of sexual assault See in context

Rock stars behaving badly, as in SEX, drugs and you name it. Who'd da thunk it? The old girl should have put her claim in when she was still young enough to enjoy the money she hopes for.

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Posted in: Two teenagers die after apparently jumping from apartment building roof See in context

Modern life is a cold, lonely place for the young as well as the old. Young people without the guardrails that life experience furnishes are especially vulnerable. In the light of all those lives lost in Gaza and Israel, the many thousands of people who had wanted so much to live, this story is all the more depressing. Many of us must wish we could have had the opportunity to talk them out of their irrevocable act.

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Posted in: Putin says we must think how to stop 'the tragedy' of war in Ukraine See in context

Putin now seems to have taken up the violin attempting to play a tragic melody for Peace.

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Posted in: Humanitarians want more aid for Gaza, access to hostages under Israel-Hamas truce, and more time See in context

Gaza is more than a rez - it's a ghetto as in "Warsaw" proving that humans do sometimes learn from history. Unfortunately, in this case, it's another wrong lesson. World-wide condemnation from millions of outraged spectators, including many Jews, have made Netanyahu & friends aware that they've gone too far and it's going to cost them all dearly.

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Posted in: Putin says we must think how to stop 'the tragedy' of war in Ukraine See in context

Putin's not getting any younger and he's having to lower his expectations and give up a dream or two. Instead of "Vladimir the Great" who united Ukraine and Russia, he's rethinking: how about "Vladimir the Great Peace-Maker" who ended strife in the eastern provinces (and who ended his days in glory and not in a cell) ?

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Posted in: UK took action too late during COVID-19 pandemic's first wave, its top medical officer says See in context

That Johnson was nothing more than a lazy, incompetent, self-entitled clown with an imposter complex whose sloppy, shambolic years of cos-playing in office and lying to the public led to many tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths from Covid is sadly being confirmed by this belated inquiry. Too bad there's no justice system to put him away.

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Posted in: Myanmar shadow gov't urges Japan to step up pressure on junta See in context

History shows that Japanese right-wing governments only aid and abet people in power. There's no empathy or help for those fighting for freedom and justice against an oppressive regime.

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Posted in: Election victory of Argentina's Milei greeted globally by mix of hostility and support See in context

Javier Milei 's mother, Alicia Luján Lucich, is the granddaughter of WW2 Croatian Fascist Dictator Ante Pavelic who escaped to Argentina in 1946, aided by the Catholic Church in Naples.

Milei is a firm supporter of Israel and its genocide of the Palestinians. The old cliche of the apple not falling far from the tree seems applicable in this case.

Milei's a poison apple that's going to give Argentina's "Deplorables" severe stomach pains to make them cry unless a remedy is found quickly before Milei's threatened chain-saw massacres do more damage to the economic mess he has taken upon himself to "fix".

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Posted in: 'Barking deer' in Japan causing havoc for human population See in context

Better barking deer than "barking" politicians!

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Posted in: Israeli PM Netanyahu says war against Hamas will not stop after cease-fire See in context

And after the cease-fire Netanyahoo's war against the Palestinian people will plunge Israel's image and reputation further down the toilet in the eyes of world opinion. Callous politicians are incapable of understanding that few humans can stomach the slaughter of innocent children, never mind their mothers, fathers and siblings. The new acronym WCNSF (wounded child no surviving family) is rattling the conscience of all who possess one. All around the world people are opening history books for the first time to understand the holocaust of Gaza and are being shocked at what they are discovering. Already 14 million Tik-Tokers have read Osama bin Laden's "Letter to America" and have expressed shock and awe to learn about the hand of America in this sordid tale of Occupation. And how many Americans have ever heard of 78 year-old Sirhan Sirhan? Who is he? And why did he do it?

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Posted in: Sunak reportedly said 'just let people die' in 2020, British COVID inquiry hears See in context

No surprise to hear such cold callous remarks coming out of the mouth of a super-rich politician. As Gaza replaces Guernica as a symbol of barbarity these right-wing politicians wear their inhumanity on their sleeves. Many of us are not so blind as to not see and understand from the start of Covid that the incompetence and indifference of politicians of his ilk cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives. Sadly, in an unjust society, there will be zero accountability for those who by not listening to the advice of doctors and scientists allowed this pandemic to spread and kill.

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Posted in: Israel battles Hamas near another Gaza hospital sheltering thousands See in context

Most people understand that Israel is fighting against terrorist cowards, who hide behind women's skirts and children instead of fighting like men.

Historically, can you provide some examples of resistance fighters fighting an open pitched battle ?

Paustovsky talks sense. Military science uses the anti-septic term "asymmetrical warfare". I would add that the obvious cowards are the inhuman politicians whose thumbs up start all the destruction of countless human lives. Dishonorable mention must also be made of pilots who drop bombs and rain rockets on defenseless civilians thousands of metres below. Gaza has wiped Guernica off the map as a symbol of barbarity.

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