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Phony "Republican" Trump, whose only real allegiance is to the TPSE ( Trump Party of Self-enrichment), may well follow his former flunky to exit stage left if he gets caught in the headlights of the "impeachment express" after November and even Kavanaugh and his fellow right-wing shills will not be able to save his orange bacon. Nor will Trump get "a deal" from the Dems.

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Your points are well taken, but the really scary thing is that brain science now suggests that human "free will" is severely limited and cannot be supported by the evidence. So I have come around to the conviction that we need to re-think our glib ideas about "individual responsibility" and "crime and punishment" and incorporate the findings of science into crime prevention and penal reform.

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Sorry for the apparent misunderstanding over my use of the word "expedient" by which I meant to characterize the government's attitude, not mine. I am against state-sanctioned murder and for the sanctity of human life. The executions were brutal and did not serve our need to discover the truth and learn more about how people can be so easily manipulated into committing heinous crimes.

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Japanese children are religilously raised to follow a plethora of rules and prescriptions governing individual behavior with the aim of fostering or even imposing a mono-culture of group-think from primary to high school. Consequently, many Japanese are afflicted by identity issues (おのれを知らず: who am I?) and few are able to escape the insidious reach of the pervasive mind-control that lurks in different guises in every nook and cranny of society. The indigenous Aum cult that ensnared so many "lost souls" was spawned from this social humus. Thus the tragic truth is that even the self-deluded perpetrators were themselves equally victims of the Moloch of a modern, mass society which can make life seem meaningless to those unable to fashion a robust image of themselves. But such issues are of little concern to the powerful who need to appear to be "in control". The executions were therefore expedient while the "mysterious" deeper truth behind the outbreak of the Aum madness can be left to the speculations of academics.

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At the photo-op ceremony a puffed-up Trump blithely crowed that Kavanaugh had been proven "innocent". Yet when the judge stepped up to the podium, he once again showed his sloppy approach to points of law by egregiously failing to correct the Constitution's "Defender's" erroneous understanding of America's legal system. Kavanaugh and Trump are both a piece of work. God help America!

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She used to be a beacon of hope, an international icon, brave, but now she's just brazen, betraying the trust that millions of us supporters and well-wishers placed in her campaign for freedom and human rights. She has calculated on compromise and is now actively cooperating with the fascist military that continue to run the show from behind the flimsy facade of Asian democracy. Now she belongs in the dock in the Hague and the dustbin of history, her reputation ruined for all time.

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In the judge's own words: "what goes around, comes around", but Kavanaugh's karmic koan cuts both ways. He'll have to keep looking in his rear mirror 'cos, in Trumpspeak", he's now viewed by many as an "enemy of the people".

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Plasticmonkey has diagnosed exactly what ails the US justice system corrupted by moneyed interests that can buy and sell politicians to undermine the foundations of democracy. The present constitution of SCOTUS with its venal right-wing ideologues legislating from the bench in the interests of plutocrats and corporations while riding roughshod over the rights of the individual is a travesty of due process and mocks the concept of equal justice for all. Being no longer fit for purpose, SCOTUS should be purged of its blatant partisanship and thoroughly reformed by Congress to reflect a higher standard of justice for all. The one good to come out of the shambolic nomination process of another of Trump's flunkies is that the all-too-human justices no longer appear so squeaky clean with their halos skewed; the tarnished image of SCOTUS might even pave the way to draining the Washington swamp of politics and dirty dollars, but first the women of America must vote their fury in November and make Trump and his cult followers feel the painful consequences of their perfidy.

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With Trump's injudicious selections enabled by a bunch of right-wing geriatrics whose constituents together represent a minority of US citizens, a far-right, partisan SCOTUS has been cemented in place at odds with the views of the majority of American citizens and at the cost of its image and reputation. SCOTUS has reached a new low with the appointment of another creepy groper to the bench who has revealed himself to be a less than credible witness. This yawning crisis of the court's legitimacy will not continue unnoticed by the American people. From now on the gloves must come off and pressure must be applied by the people and their political representatives to remedy the festering partisanship of SCOTUS that is becoming a blatant corporate tool inimical to the interests of the nation. An impeachment to remove the mendacious, weasely Kavanaugh (and his Washington Godfather) would be an excellent place to start.

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The old, tin-eared reprobate Republicans have gone an' lit the fuse. Stand well back ( with your popcorn)! The countdown to November has started.

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Posted in: Congolese Mukwege, Iraq's Murad win 2018 Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Sexual violence against women, murder and atrocities on a genocidal scale against the civilian population by armed men in the Congo have been ignored for years by the Western media and by leaders of the so-called "international community". The recognition of Dr. Mukwege's humanitarian role with the Peace Prize will shine a brighter light on the Congo's heart of darkness that has obscured the egregious culpability of Amerika's Realpolitik and that of its Western allies for several decades.

Nadia Murad, a survivor of unspeakable bestial acts perpetrated against a minority in the name of a fanatical, fake religiosity is a defiant symbol of the courage and the resilience of women. May her heart be healed and may she serve as an inspiration for all of us to work for a world without hate.

Thankfully, both recipients have restored some honor to the tattered reputation of the Peace Prize which, I am so relieved, did not go to those two other thoroughly undeserving dodgier nominees.

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No need for any FBI investigation to determine the suitability of Bart O'Kavanaugh for SCOTUS since he has patently disqualified himself with his own weasel-mouthed ranting and hissy fits. His Animal House performance demeaned the office he aspired to, but we can trust the ruthless, unscrupulous Republicans after consulting their sham inquiry to ignore his disrespectful demeanor and his bathetic, self-pitying protestations of innocence. As always, blind to the truth, they will look past last week's farcical antics and only have eyes for Trump's pick garbed, like the proverbial Emperor, in his beautiful "new clothes". Once more they are now about to press Trump's poisoned chalice to their lips and drink deeply from the draft of their self-destruction. If so, the women of America will soon be heard from!

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The moment of truth for the GOPers will come with the midterms. Those right-whingers who heed the siren call of the orange ju-ju doll from Washington will find themselves locked in the embrace of a death cult that can only end in their self-inflicted defeat. Trump's comeuppance can't be far off now as mucho accumulated bad Karma will likely strike down a number of his fawning hypocritical enablers in November.

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Unsuspecting American and foreign readers of JT subjected to the tendentious right-wing drivel of a "Nu-Labour" hack whose ludicrous journalism always smacks of dressed-up hatchet jobs are fortunate in having the previous posters deconstruct the article and unmask Lloyd's hidden agenda.

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No need to worry about Brexit because it was obvious from the start that it was nothing more than a Tory election scam and would never become a reality. The UK has over time developed too many commercial ties to Europe and is politically and socially inextricably bound up with the continent with whom it has a multitude of common interests. A divorce is impossible given the time constraints and the lack of manpower and know-how available to administer the mind-boggling number of changes to the rules and regulations and process the millions of documents. By the beginning of next year, May and her Tory co-conspirators will have to concede defeat (own goal) and Corbyn will attempt to take the country in a new direction. The member nations of the EU are now just sitting quietly waiting for the quixotic right-wing ideologues of Blighty to throw in the towel so that they can welcome back the self-deluded Brits with open arms. Japanese people who wish to visit need not fear: a friendly reception awaits them, too. Or am I dreaming?

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Posted in: Trump says he and Kim Jong Un 'in love' See in context

Ivanka has another rival!

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The pleas of two women in an elevator while one silent, shamefaced senator listened was the dramatic, heart-wrenching encounter that (for me) trumped the shameless shenanigans of the senate circus and might very well be a game-changer. What an irony if two rape victims were to save the sorry *ss of SCOTUS! If (cry me an ocean) Kavanaugh is dumped, these courageous women, like Rosa Parks, will enter the history books.

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The pathetic proceedings of this Senate circus only confirm the suspicions of anyone with a functioning brain that there is something rotten in the odiferous state of Amerikan politics where brazen lies and hypocritical hissy fits serve as the flimsiest covers for the transparent grotesqueries of the repugnant party politics of the GOP. The dignified Dr Ford was credible while Judge Kavenaugh, without a proper FBI investigation to bring us closer to the truth of his denials, displayed the emotional immaturity of an eternal frat boy who, right from his shockingly false start offering effusive, phony and fulsome praise for Trump's purported unprecedented, conscientious and judicious scrutiny of the nominees' career track records, created a jarring WTF reaction in all fair-minded listeners, and since then has said and done nothing to dispel the conviction that he is manifestly unqualified for office. Kavenaugh's conduct before the cameras has ripped the fig-leaf from his carefully curated media persona revealing an embarrassing temperamental instability, like that of a pimply teen putting on the airs of an adult. The "real" Brett Kavenaugh, as he appeared before the millions of viewers, is sadly incapable of lending any dignity to the SCOTUS which ideally requires justices to possess the maturity to rule with impartiality and wisdom, qualities that anyone chosen by the POTUS with his "very, very, large a-brain" cannot possibly possess.

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Vietnam was Amerika’s greatest war crime. There was no Nuremberg-style trial for the political and military leadership that attacked and left behind 5 million dead and wounded. As a result of this enormity and the impunity that followed, American leaders have arrogantly and shamelessly continued to commit crimes against humanity ever since. The world must find a deterrent to this never-ending aggression.

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context

The Japanese need to have an Ombudsman Office with the power to intervene in individual cases where heartless "law" tramples on "humanity". Humans have always migrated and mixed from time immemorial. In the modern world with its fixed borders and bureaucracy, and especially in these times of wars, famine and persecution of minorities, huge displacements of populations are straining the fabric of some societies. Japan is not yet one of the latter. A little more mercy shown by the J-government would not be strained, as the Bard might say.

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McCain was dubbed a "maverick" by the MSM, a euphemism for an ornery individual who sometimes strayed from his right-wing script, but I never liked him for his hypocritical, hawkish, uberpatriotic posturing, and his eagerness to cash in on his phony "war hero" shtick that was repeated ad nauseam until he almost believed it himself. As he neared his end, he finally found the courage to earn his maverick moniker by defying a deranged, loose cannon of a "Commander-in-Chief", recognizing that the devious and deviant Trump had out-witted them all and had high-jacked his party to usurp the highest office in the land. RIP.

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Smart phones are new tech and many people have not yet learned how to make sensible use of them. Parents, schools and government must do more to educate young people in their proper use, otherwise there will be too many more fatal accidents like this. Sympathy for the victim is natural, but the young man's plight deserves our consideration, too, as his life will be impacted forever by the death he so carelessly caused. Prison is not a suitable way for the student to make amends and repay his debt to the man's family. Society must also repay its debt by providing more creative and productive means of compensating victims and rehabilitating individuals who have caused harm. Education must be the first step.

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The American War (as the Vietnamese rightly call it) was a war of aggression against the peoples of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos causing the deaths of millions and endless suffering for millions more. Bluntly stated, McCain participated in a dishonorable war which, if there were any justice in this world, would have condemned the American leaders who conspired to wage this dirty war to the same punishment imposed on their German counterparts in Nuremberg. If McCain is a "war hero", the Nazis are entitled to theirs, too.

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Although teflon Trump survived a string of "Pussygates" in the public eye (but certainly not in Melania's), he's unlikely to survive "Peckergate" that is now looming on the horizon. How ironic and yet fitting that his false "friend" Pecker will probably be the final straw leading to his impeachment.

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The old orange fraud has one chance only of avoiding jail time because Americans are suckers for the "President's New Clothes" and are loath in the extreme to contemplate the naked corruption of their elected POTUS and thereby be compelled to question the less than ideal state of their democracy ("America has never been that great!?", to quote Cuomo) with its unfulfilled promise of equality before the law. Consequently, the POTUS is too big to jail, and so even moral midgets like Trump carry a get-out-of- jail free card in their back pocket. When scandals arise or "high crimes and misdemeanors" are committed, the wagons are circled around him and like the Queen ant he is surrounded and protected as the sacrosanct symbol of American democracy. The sleazy shyster, Trump, will, like "I am not a crook" Nixon, probably be "pardoned" and, unlike ordinary mortals, never have to face the consequences of his criminal activities in an an American court of law.

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Another brilliant brainf*rt of the bureaucrats from the education ministry: Robots teaching bored, robotic students which can only result in producing a bunch of lackluster Daleks! Learning English in Japanese schools is merely teaching to the test, and without human teachers possessing intellect and charisma to leaven the language learning with their culture and life experiences, students can hardly be expected to respond with enthusiasm. Just more old wine in new bottles from unimaginative mandarins ! BTW, Sorry, but Esperanto is not worth the effort as it is a barren, artificial language devoid of the riches that only history and culture can give a language.

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Trump's days are clearly numbered and there'll be dancing in the streets of America when he does the perp walk, and all the hypocritical whining from his followers about the "Left" will not save his orange bacon. Trump's troubles are mostly self-inflicted and from now on there'll be a constant parade of chickens coming home to roost. The next item on the agenda to MAGA is to roll up the unredeemable Republicans, the cynical enablers of this sun-tanned snake-oil salesman.

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Trump's been hiding in plain sight in the White House behind the Office of the Presidency, but even his humping the flag won't save him from charges of near treasonous conduct. For the moment, Agent Orange has somewhere to hide, but soon he'll have nowhere to run. Oh, I forgot there's the Russian Federation! Do Svidaniya!

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Trump in orange! So becoming! He'll get along so well with his money-honey lovin' Russophile friend in the pen.

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Posted in: Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal See in context

Culture 101: when in Rome...

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