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Posted in: Trump peace plan delights Israelis, enrages Palestinians See in context

Jared's a genius! "Another fine Middle East mess!", and another "Trump l'oeil", a phony "peace plan" the orange shlub pulled out of his rear to appease his Jewish voters and distract from his worsening impeachment woes. Mazel tov!

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Posted in: Prince Andrew called uncooperative in Jeffrey Epstein probe See in context

Privilege + entitlement = immunity + impunity = moral corruption and the death of self-respect. When you are a prince, this is an occupational hazard, as MBS could tell you, too.

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Posted in: High court commutes man's death sentence over 5 murders in 2015 See in context

..."not matching the common sense of ordinary people," 

History and personal experience should teach us not to trust "common sense". The wretched state of the world today counsels against putting too much faith in what "ordinary people" think and especially what they emote. Otherwise, we could well see a return of gruesome public executions. I place my hopes in science and "humanity" to spare the lives of the mentally impaired and indeed to end all state-sanctioned killings.

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Posted in: Tape surfaces of Trump calling for U.S. ambassador to Ukraine to be fired See in context

At last the long-anticipated Alexander Butterfield moment has arrived as Lev Parnas writes himself a place in US history. Spasibo bol'shoe!

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Posted in: Trump lawyers argue Democrats just want to overturn election See in context

...why didn't the dems mention certain stuff from the phone transcript? 

My memory may be faulty, or I've not caught up with the latest developments, but I thought that only a summary of Trump's "perfect phone call had been made public while the full unredacted verbatim transcript still sat securely in the secret server along with all the other dirt, illegalities and FUBATs Trump has been hiding from public scrutiny. Am I right, or am I right?

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Posted in: Trump lawyers argue Democrats just want to overturn election See in context

The traitorous, treacherous senators tone-deaf to the truth and ignoring the indisputable facts of Trump's impeachable abuse of office and his egregious obstruction of Congress are writing for themselves a chapter of shame in the history of the republic. Hans Christian Andersen couldn't have made this up! Oh, he did!

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Posted in: Early, heavy marijuana use linked to worse driving performance See in context

Adolescents who are prone to risky behavior may be more likely to become heavy pot smokers, and these personality traits may also make them riskier drivers, ..."We don't know from this study whether what we're seeing is cannabis use, or the consequence of these personality features that promote risk taking of all sorts."

These latter comments should serve as a caveat dotting the i's and crossing the t's of these dubious findings. Driving a vehicle when less than alert is a no brainer.

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Posted in: Trump attends anti-abortion rally See in context

“Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House.”

...if you can believe the “I am pro-choice in every respect" moralizer, but it's the "born" children (into poverty) who need protecting from the dubious "defender in the White House".

And you don't have be a cynic to ask yourself the question that arises naturally, given what we know of the orange womanizer's notorious baggage of numerous transactions with the opposite sex: how many abortions has he personally paid for in his murky, mucky past?

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Posted in: 'Nobody likes him' - Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders See in context

His bros will then vote for Trump or stay home when the Dems screw him out of getting the nomination again.

Blacklabel nails it, concurring with the brilliant journalist, Walter Karp, who in his Liberty Under Siege: American Politics 1976–1988 (1989) wrote that the corrupt backroom dealers running the Democratic Party Machine would rather throw a presidential election to the Republicans than lose control to an outsider, maverick candidate. Karp showed how the Republican and the Democratic parties colluded to undermine the presidency of the "feeble Democrat" Jimmy Carter (1976–80), and replace him with the "liar and tyrant" Ronald Reagan (1980–84, 84–88).

History has a habit of repeating itself as that horrid harridan, Hillary, plunges the first knife in Bernie's back.

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Posted in: Apologetic ex-ministers, lawmakers keep quiet on details of scandals See in context

Japanese don't demonstrate like any normal democrztic country ?

Nope. By the time they've been herded out of school, most have had all the stuffin' knocked out of them and the "nails" have been firmly hammered down, so that they are then ready to serve in the "space (cadet) force" to cement the social stability of the country.

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Posted in: Apologetic ex-ministers, lawmakers keep quiet on details of scandals See in context

they are not above the law..

Sadly, they are, like all members of governments not of, by or for the people. In the parlance of the Japanese they are above the clouds, like gods, never to be held accountable, with absolutely no fear of doing the crime or the time.

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Posted in: Abe says new unit will defend Japan from space tech threats See in context

The real threat to Japan comes from the space between his ears and from the millions of uninformed space cadets who blindly believe his empty rhetoric.

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Posted in: Costs for managing Japan's nuclear plants to total ¥13 trillion See in context

Nuclear power, more than dangerous, comes with toxic externalities unaffordable for consumers and tax-payers. Without concerted political action from below, the corrupt few will continue to skim profits from the top.

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Posted in: Trump's impeachment defense, prosecutors dig in See in context

“Criminal-like conduct is required,” said Alan Dershowitz

Disingenuous Dershowitz is once again grandstanding with his contrarian shtick attempting to make us believe he can square the circle: Trump’s acquittal by the Senate “would produce results that make me unhappy as an individual”, sez he, adding that he's acting “for the survival of the constitution” which is more important than “the short-term partisan advantage of getting my person elected to be president” (?!).

Since there are only 2 articles of impeachment despite the cornucopia of criminality to choose from, why hasn't the "constitution-hugging" Dershowitz volunteered his lawyerly advice on ways to remove the orange mountebank who has violated his oath to defend the constitution and disgraced the office of president in the eyes of the whole world .

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Posted in: Gun-rights activists gear up for show of force in Virginia See in context

...for this guy he'd probably give his life to keep his gun because he can't function without it.

I feel sorry for the plight of folks like this who lack the means to move to a safer hood or go to a therapist. And voting for a US government serious about taking responsibility for ensuring the safety of its citizens is, sadly, hardly an option given the power of the gun lobbies to buy politicians who have been emboldened to place the security and welfare of the American people in the "safe" little hands of an unstable "genius". No wonder the nation is strung out on opioids and guns.

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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

Greedy Ghosn (et al.) feeding at the overflowing corporate trough isn't news, nor is it a crime until one of them squeals and politicians deem it opportune to sic the police on them (which is rare and always a political maneuver).

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Posted in: House votes to send impeachment articles to Senate for Trump's trial See in context

Lev Parnas has launched a torpedo (Giuliani) that would sink anyone's ship but that of POTUS protected as he is by a flotilla of Republican weasels fiercely determined to rip up the US Constitution in order to thwart due process for a proven scam artist who has the craven GOP in his pocket like a latter-day Dr. Caligari.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo fires associate professor over anti-Chinese Twitter posts See in context

Just goes to show that brainwashing has a detrimental effect on the development of intelligence. The strangle-hold of nationalistic ideology driving identity politics (Aso et al.) and the straight jacket of an authoritarian education system reproducing sterile conformity is bound to create such robotic individuals with thought processes akin to AI. "Deprogramming" is urgently needed if Japan is to prosper into the 22nd century.

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Posted in: Aso apologizes for remarks about Japan's historical unity See in context

If you belive "rightists regained control after 1945", then who in the world do you think was running the country 1930-1945?

Er, rightists/fascists/militarists?

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Posted in: Aso apologizes for remarks about Japan's historical unity See in context

Bertie's story goes to show that good translators must follow their conscience and not just parrot the script they are given.

Aso's version of Japanese history was no slip of the tongue, but a Freudian slip revealing the fictitious, nationalistic version of history the Japanese rightists have been promoting ever since they regained control of the country after their defeat in 1945.

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Posted in: Trump, Pelosi square off ahead of impeachment trial See in context

The behavior of those reprobate Republican senators blocking all witnesses with first-hand knowledge of Trump's numerous violations of his oath of office is an affront to the Constitution and an insult to the American people who pay out of their pocket to finance their representatives' privileged life-styles. A bunch of subpoenas should have been issued long ago and those witnesses refusing to testify housed tout de suite in a super-max to chill some. Otherwise, what on earth is the meaning of this American "democracy" with an "infallible" and "untouchable" POTUS?

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

7 hours a day with a lawyer would run up a hefty bill that few could afford, but we know that Japanese police don't do interrogations out of consideration of their hostages' pocketbook. A truly democratic society would at the very least require a functioning surveillance system to safeguard the rights of the interrogatees and keep the cops on the right side of the law.

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Posted in: Abe meets Saudi king amid tensions in Middle East See in context

That said, lives must always take precedence over money.

I don't think "lives" was the reason for Abe's visit. The ever so diplomatic Abe made a lightning visit and was in and out of Saudi Arabia before you can say "Khashoggi".

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Posted in: Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner See in context

It's amazing how so many folks have difficulty connecting the dots (it ain't rocket science) from Trump's murder of Soleimani and eight others in the convoy, to a US contractor, then to several US members in Kenya, then another 70 Iranians in the funeral stampede, and now 176 innocent passengers on the plane (and more victims are likely to follow). "Obtuse" doesn't even begin to describe the willful blindness in the face of this chain of events..

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Posted in: Lebanon may lift Ghosn's travel ban if files not received within 40 days See in context

Can Lebanon be trusted to properly handle files from Japan?

Who on earth can ever be trusted?

There’s no trust, No faith, no honesty in men; all perjured, All forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers.

quoth the man from Stratford, and as far as justice is concerned, the Japanese authorities ought to ponder the wisdom and warning of the Bard:

We still have judgement here, that we but teach

Bloody instructions which, being taught, return

To plague th’ inventor. This even-handed justice

Commends th’ ingredients of our poisoned chalice

To our own lips.


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Posted in: Ghosn tells Japanese media he has plenty of documents to prove innocence See in context

The country is so corrupt that its judiciary always favors the rich and powerful. 

Sadly, I can't think of any country in the world where the above does not apply. Do the poor and powerless make and enforce the law? Democratic systems do help to mitigate the scale of injustice, but the deck is always stacked in favor of the wealthy with political connections and cover (which Ghosn no longer enjoys in Japan). BTW, the Japanese words for "justice" and "politics", save for one small consonant, sound identical.

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Posted in: Iran downed Ukrainian jetliner, U.S., Canadian officials say See in context

How many Iranians is Soleimani responsible for killing now? 

What came first the chicken or the egg? Trump's murder of Soleimani was bound to have a ripple effect of negative consequences. This is just the nature of reality that too many people cannot admit 'cos you can get scared when it gets too real!

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Posted in: U.S. House passes measure to limit Trump's ability to wage war on Iran See in context

Congress's measures don't go far enough. I and millions of others will only feel safe when Trump is put in a straight-jacket and institutionalized.

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Posted in: Liverpool march towards history as top-four race heats up See in context

Liverpool's feat is one of the few scraps of comfort to compensate for the traumatic Tory bollocks of Brexitania. A great English/Irish/ Welsh and multi-ethnic city and a proud people who have always said: "No surrender!"

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Posted in: Pentagon distances itself from Trump threat to hit Iranian cultural sites See in context

Openly advocating war crimes should be added to the list of articles of impeachment; even though the most incompetent and ignorant occupant of the Oval Office in US history has zero understanding of the issues involved in international relations, ignorance of the law is no excuse. The only "cultural" sites in Iran Trump can visualize are the KFC franchises.

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