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Posted in: Trump heads to Florida as coronavirus cases surge See in context

"We do testing like nobody's ever done testing. And when we test, the more you test, the more cases you find,"

Again two more lies slip from his lips. The truth is HE has been tested like nobody's ever been tested. And the more he's tested, the more he's helping to spread the virus at his rallies and PR appearances. Maskless Trump's "Have test will travel" bravado only makes him into a super-spreader who seems hell-bent on keeping his "Appointment in Samarra".

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Posted in: Supreme Court orders release of Trump records but they may stay hidden for now See in context

Scotus has finally and fortunately put the kibosh on Potus. Trump, aided and abetted by Billy Barr, the most corrupt and venal Agus in the history of the republic, and shyster-for-hire, Giuliani, will soon be forced to close down the brazen racket of his "Three-card Monte" presidency. American democracy is still in the safe hands of the Southern District of New York which will dispense the long-awaited justice the Trump Crime Family so richly deserves, and it won't be handing out any "Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free cards to the miscreants who have dragged the Constitution through the mud and besmirched the reputation of the USA in the eyes of the world.

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases hit daily record of over 60,000 in U.S. See in context

Trump's transparently calculating mind has always been obsessed by figures:

200,000+ by November and still Number One in the world is what will constitute Trump's ultimate MAGA bottom line. "Too Much and Never Enough" perfectly sums up Trump's twisted mentality to a tee.

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Posted in: Despite risks, Trump invests big in attacks on Biden's age See in context

He explained that at the Tulsa rally.

Well, he ATTEMPTED to trumpsplain it AWAY...

 He was trying to protect his silk tie.

Which is much easier to do with two tiny hands than protecting the American people (131,000 dead and climbing inexorably to 200,000+) with poorly functioning mental capacities , innit?

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Posted in: Japan's supercomputer suggests changes to travel, work amid airborne virus threat See in context

Humans must adapt to the realities of their environment because the world is the way it is and not how we wish it were. We will all have to live or die with the virus ( even after a vaccine becomes available).

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Posted in: Mary Trump's book offers scathing portrayal of president See in context

Trump will himself soon become another statistic of the "American carnage" he's so obsessed with. His niece's revelations will drive another nail into his coffin and light a fire under the funeral pyre of his presidential ambitions. Only then in a Trumpless America can the country begin to clean up its covid-19 mess and prevent its morphing into covid-20.

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Posted in: Mary Trump's book offers scathing portrayal of president See in context

...fearful voters “had chosen to turn this country into a macro version of my malignantly dysfunctional family.”

Fact follows fiction: Mary Trump's book depicting the fear she felt at her uncle's election is an uncanny echo of the 1972 Raymond Carver story This Man is Dangerous, a fearful monologue of a terrified mother whose psychopathic son has just been elected Potus, but Mary Trump's quote above puts the cart before the horse because the country has been dysfunctional ever since the start of the Vietnam War and the "gullibles" who gobbled up Trump's messaging were, with the aid of the Electoral College, only unwitting enablers who, as Donald quacked in his Fourth of July speech, "..have absolutely no clue what they are doing."

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Posted in: Kaepernick, ESPN team up for documentary series on his life See in context

Colin Kaepernick should be congratulated and thanked for his exemplary display of civic courage and conscience and celebrated as an outstanding model citizen who showed us the meaning of "decency" in an indecent world of hate and violence.

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Posted in: Brazilian President Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus See in context

A vile person (and a bona fide fascist). 'nuff said.

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Posted in: Oscar-winning film score composer Ennio Morricone dies at 91 See in context

"Once Upon a Time in America", Sergio Leone's swansong film and paean to the "promised land" of immigrants' dreams was immortalized by his old school friend Morricone's masterful score which expressed the bitter-sweet disillusion and the sorrow over the ultimate betrayal of the "American Dream" experienced by so many. Through the emotional power of this music we can empathize with de Niro's tearful realization of a misdirected and wasted life. Philistine Hollywood never fully appreciated Morricone's genius, but in my book he was the greatest film composer and his reputation as "numero uno" is assured for all time. "il Maestro", RIP.

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Posted in: Trump lashes out at NASCAR over flag, noose; criticizes Redskins, Indians for weighing name changes See in context

Trump's delirium twitterens is markedly worsening and his manifest dysfunctionality in his job as Potus, egregiously illustrated by his recent erratic and rambling "American carnage" speechifying, indicate irreversible deteriorating mental capacities. The pols failed to remove him by impeachment and lacked the civic courage to apply the 25th. So now Trump's twisted narcissism will leave him no choice but to end it all in his bunker without firing a shot: get ready for his resignation, folks!

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Posted in: Man who fled from Osaka police given 17-year prison term for rape, robbery See in context

Another nail hammered down. All Asia's golden (or iron) rule: never embarrass authority or cause loss of face to the powers-that-be, or else...

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Posted in: In Mount Rushmore speech, Trump says protesters seek to 'defame' heroes See in context

This land is still sacred to Native Americans and Trump's unwelcome flying circus will be seen as a sacrilege and another culturally insensitive gesture by the "Great Orange Father in Washington". Two things are for sure, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address will have nothing to fear from Trump's "Mt Rushmore Address" which can be expected to fizzle out in the history books like his firework display, and thankfully his comb over will nary be seen again at Mt Rushmore.

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Posted in: Trump says he looks like Lone Ranger in a mask and likes it See in context

Lone Ranger? More like a bandit, methinks. As the LR rode off into the sunset people always used to ask "Who was that masked man?", but no mask could ever hide the identity of Trump's unique trademark profile, not even if he were to appear as "the man in the iron mask". It's completely in character that Trump with his little finger in the political wind, after dissing masks for so long, is now blithely making a volte-face by touting masks as "politically correct" if by wearing one he can make Americans believe he is exercising "leadership" and at long last taking a decisive step to stop the virus in its tracks and, shh! (to save his presidency).

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Posted in: Russian voters agree to let Putin seek 2 more terms See in context

Poor Russia! Gullible is as gullible does! The Kremlin's freshly crowned wannabe emperor can now expect to get his first congratulatory call from his vassal, "dead man golfing".

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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

Like the man with the message for the world on his T-shirt Japanese leaders need to grow a pair and join others countries to signal their determination to impose economic and political sanctions if the CCP persists with its brutal policies of enslavement and extinguishing human dignity. And let's not forget the Uighurs and other oppressed ethnic groups.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police make first arrests under new security law See in context

LMAO...never been to china, have ya’?

Nice try, but I'm afraid I have, old bean: mainland Chinah 3 times(traveled extensively all over) and studied the language at a major university there, Taiwan 3 times, HK over 20 times. I can speak and read Chinese, too, and have enough experience and knowledge of the country to expatiate a little on the Chinese "writing on the wall": i.e., the days of the CCP are numbered because the pen and tongue are mightier than the sword.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police make first arrests under new security law See in context

The Beijing boot has already started to stamp on the faces of the HK Chinese, but it will not be forever. The natural human desire for freedom from oppression will eventually prevail just as a seed can grow into a tree of liberty that will crack and split open the granite rock of the CCP's corrupt tyranny for all things must pass, a truism that most government people are blind to. Meanwhile the world must heed the cries of the brave people of Hong Kong.

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus cases rise by 47,000, biggest one-day spike of pandemic See in context

Those who can join the dots of history will with 20/20 hindsight perceive the long and winding road from the electoral college to covid-19. A make-shift remedy won't become available until the fall, but recovery from this double whammy will take years and may require more than one vaccine to cure the ills of the nation.

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Posted in: Are there any circumstances that justify war? See in context

At this 11th hour of history when the world is threatened by global warming, the extinction of bio-diversity and pollution of the planet humanity must take steps to abolish war once and for all. The only way to end wars is for the "world community" to act in unison and ensure that ALL parties and individuals in government responsible for aggression against other nations forfeit their lives and possessions. Most such national "leaders" are cowards and would never dare to defy the world's "Damocles Sword" that would cut down warmongers without mercy.

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Posted in: Why is the U.S. experiencing a coronavirus resurgence? See in context

WHY? How about “Stupid is as stupid does.” (D.J. Gump)

while too many didn't heed the sage advice: "Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters!" (Bob Dylan).

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Posted in: Conan Doyle estate sues Netflix over 'emotional' Sherlock Holmes See in context

Sherlock's alexithymia is "elementary", after all!

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Posted in: U.S. virus cases near an all-time high as governors backtrack See in context

Trump has been a paragon of responsibility and leadership in confronting the country's covid crisis, not, so it is hardly a surprise that much of the USA is now heading unmistakably in the direction of a groundhog-day lockdown. America may yet become a pariah state that the world must quarantine.

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Posted in: The Dixie Chicks officially change their name to The Chicks See in context

Dumping "Dixie" was long overdue, but "The Chicks" is a lame name for the trio who were victimized by a vicious campaign of sexism and hate. "Southern Gals" sounds better, or something even stronger to assert themselves, like smokin' Neil Young did with his blistering retort to racism and white supremacy, "Southern Man".

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Posted in: Bolton memoir raises concern over Japan alliance if Trump re-elected See in context

Trump's re-election is now bigly bogged down in the fantasy realm of the hypothetical, but back in the real world it's time for the Japanese to dump the US bases and invest their money in peaceful neutrality.

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Posted in: U.S. records 34,700 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday; highest one-day total since April See in context

The pandemic apocalypse is now riding through the resurgent south carrying off "the faithful" on the caboose. So sad to see all those misguided young people packed like sardines eager to listen to the (best) words of their "leader" while oblivious to the stealthy, super-spreading virus of Trump's ignorance.

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Posted in: Online disruption of Trump rally highlights K-pop's political muscle See in context

Coming stealthily out of the left field to Tulsa the young generation has provided a legendary tale for our times by giving the deranged Polyphemus a good poke in his narcissistic eye. This is another exemplary instance of how short-sighted politicians who fail to underestimate the energy and elan of young people can be blind-sided.

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Posted in: Fauci to testify at a fraught time for U.S. pandemic response See in context

It has now become evident that Covid-19 in America can't be wished away and will ultimately nail down the coffin for the corpse of Trump's self-delusional ambitions of a triumphant second term.

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Posted in: U.S. demanded Japan pay $8 bil annually for troops: Bolton See in context

Trump thought he could "learn" the Japanese his "art of the shakedown", but they only have to gaman a little longer and the barking blowhard will go away "like a miracle". The Japanese are now ready to turn the page on the orange "man who would be king".

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Posted in: Trump campaign seeks to reset after flubbed rally See in context

After the Tulsa snoozefest do we need any more confirmation that Trump's nasty rallies have jumped the shark? The rambling old windbag's speech sounded like air escaping from a tire and his interminable spiel witlessly whining over the saluting, shaking glass of water, silk tie and schlepping down the ramp was lame stand-up without a single laugh. If this is a "comeback", Trump is going to bore even his cult followers to death. Meanwhile, TickTok, TikTok... time is running out for Trump even though November is still 4 months away. As covid-19 cases surge Trump's gaslighting us about intimidation and violence from "the radical left" will ring hollow as he cancels his rallies and resorts to broadcasts from his bunker. Zzzzzzz.

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