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Posted in: Giuliani: 'Over my dead body' will Mueller interview Trump See in context

''Over my dead body, but, you know, I could be dead."

Too true! For me 9-11 was the last straw when the last shred of decency left in the man was extinguished along with the lives of so many firemen whom he dispatched with faulty radio devices and ordered them into the towering inferno on a kamikaze mission. Then with the help of a corrupted fourth estate's fake news he deftly covered up the botched operation that had cost so many brave firemen their lives by declaring them "heroes" and anointing himself the "heroic" mayor. This is who Giuliani really is, a veritable Nosferatu who has emerged from the bottom of Trumpinocchio's rotten barrel of dirty deeds. America deserves better than this and Robert Mueller is now coming to the rescue of the republic as the true hero who put out the fire storm engulfing Washington that started in New York's Trump Tower.

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Posted in: Cohen claims Trump knew hush money payments wrong See in context

The convicted Cohen can easily be dismissed as a liar or unreliable witness, BUT his credibility can just as easily be restored with corroborative evidence and testimony, even from a scumbag like Pecker who undeservedly dodged a doozy in the pen. And what about that big, fat, deodorized orange elephant in the room. As if anyone could believe a word uttered by that congenital master of mendacity with his Pinocchio-long list of lies, falsehoods, fabrications, duplicity, deceitfulness, dishonesty and fraudulence, a record of which stretches over decades. Desperate Trumplets should come clean and ask themselves who is to be believed: a convicted fixer, or the unindicted co-conspirator, the so-called "Individual-1" or "federal candidate" with a schnozz that cannot hide the truth.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

Trump is having to reach down to the very bottom of the barrel and scrape out the crud if Kushner is all that is left to manage Trumpelthinskin's tantrums. Is there a bunker in the White House where he can hunker down for the last days of his presidency chewing the carpet and contemplating the role played by his old friend Pecker in his imminent downfall? Meanwhile, Mueller's forces are closing in for the endgame and the Feds will soon be coming for him to haul his *ss out and lock him up, presumably in a padded cell-a-lago.

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Posted in: Trump says he is not concerned about being impeached; defends payments to women See in context

Trump claims to be unafraid of his impending impeachment, but he must be afraid, very afraid of Melania who seems to be quietly biding her time shopping for the latest fashions while waiting for his head to roll so that she can take him to the cleaner's and make a mint from her tell-all, ghostwritten best selling expose of the orange Pinocchio serving his sentence.

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Posted in: Exploitation, overwork a scourge in seedy world of 'chika idols' See in context

The civic conscience and political consciousness of most Japanese is shockingly and dangerously underdeveloped partly as a result of the tight control over what is broadcast on TV, so that investigative documentaries common in the UK and Europe exposing a country's social problems and issues like capital punishment, prison conditions, exploitation of labor, political corruption are extremely rare, so that "out of sight, out of mind" has been the firm, safety-first policy of the media corporations. On the other hand, the Japanese public is allowed occasional glimpses into the social problems of other countries as shown in foreign documentaries, courtesy of NHK, Japan's national "Nanny-Watchdog". It is evident that only generational change among those responsible in branches of the media can raise the low level of public debate and discourse that is hindering liberal, democratic thought among a Japanese public overdosed on "bread and circuses".

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Posted in: Exploitation, overwork a scourge in seedy world of 'chika idols' See in context

Exploitation of labor in Japan is deeply rooted in the peculiar structure of human relationships that have endured over centuries. It is difficult to imagine a rebellion of the Japanese against social injustices like the gilets jaunes in France, but unless the Japanese people change their consciousness concerning their individual rights and think politically in terms of solidarity with others, they will continue to be victimized by unscrupulous, power-hungry exploiters. A good start would be a revitalization of the labor unions armed with real teeth to bite into the shameless greed of the tin-pot capitalists and their craven enablers from the executive political class who are the scourge of Japan's present social fabric.

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Posted in: Top Democrats say Trump may face impeachment, jail over hush money See in context

The writing is on the wall, but Trump can't read! The snake-oil salesman from Queens has lived his entire life safely ensconced in a cozy cocoon of inherited wealth and willful ignorance, but having made the worst business deal in his life ( taking a short-term lease on the White House), he will, if there is any justice in Amerika, be soon rudely ejected into the real world of a courtroom where ignorance of the law is supposedly no excuse. POTUS-worshipping Amerikans will no doubt try every trick in the book to get their orange felon freed, but until then I'll continue to enjoy my make-believe vision of Trump shuffling and waddling on his perp walk to penitentiary-a-lago.

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Posted in: May says Brexit deal defeat could topple British government See in context

Brexit is as real as a Tory unicorn, a creature spawned by right-wing fantasies of control and self-aggrandizement that could only end in a fudge because no satisfactory deal could ever be expected from the closed ranks of the EU block while on the British side the process of divorce was so complex that the brains, skills and manpower needed to "take back control" were far beyond the capacity of the light-weight numties in charge to supply. In the meantime, a goodly number of the addled Brexiteers have already passed away and those who survive surely realize that their beloved Brexit now on offer no longer passes the smell test, but has passed its use-by date. They have finally woken up to the bitter truth that were sold a pig in a poke by the porky-lovin' Bullingdon Boys. "Captain Mayhab" will surely go down unlamented, tied to her great-white-whale Brexit because she will have pay with her political demise for the mayhem caused by their electoral wheeze. On Tuesday I will be celebrating the sinking of the Tory-Brexit flagship with champagne and schadenfreude.

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Posted in: Mueller recommends no jail time for Flynn; calls his cooperation 'substantial' See in context

It has been obvious from the start that the only time Flynn will be doing is "Mueller Time" while continuing to enjoy all the privileges and perks he as a paid up member of the the elite class of Amerika feels himself entitled to and deserving of. "Service to the country" etc. is always cited to excuse the most egregious violations of law and to justify the greatest perk of all: impunity for the shameless crimes of the rich and powerful.

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Posted in: 'Zero' doubt Saudi crown prince directed Khashoggi murder: GOP senators See in context

If GOPer Lindsey Graham sez so, I for once am ready to believe that ole baccy-chewin' peckerwood: MBS is the unhinged smokin' gun fer sure!

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Posted in: Japan considers inviting Trump after new emperor's accession in May See in context

The invitation may be a tad too premature, given it's "Mueller Time" any day now. The hapless Abe may have to lick goodbye to his orange lollipop who could, with any luck, be "unfriended" by next year ( undoubtedly to the relief of the new Emperor and millions of us well-wishers). If not, and Trump-sama does turn up, he'll soon be asking: what's the Japanese for "Get me outta here"?

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Posted in: Sanders eyes 'bigger' 2020 bid despite some warning signs See in context

The reality that so many Amerikans refuse to accept is that 80 years+ of right-wing ideology has produced the corrupt, dystopian society of "friendly fascism" that is the USA today. "Old" Bernie as POTUS could be the beginning of a new era paving the way for a younger generation epitomized by Ocasio-Cortez to transform the country into a real beacon of hope for a democratic world. Still, I'm not holding breath considering the number of brainwashed sheeple bleating for the addled " Good Shepherd" golfing in Mar-a-Lago to be their "Savior".

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Posted in: A high-five from Putin and that awkward photograph - Saudi prince's G20 summit See in context

Even the murderous Sauds will never come close to Vlad's kill record of Russian journalists.

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested for stealing a roll of toilet paper from hospital toilet See in context

Absurdity a la Japonaise! But he's lucky. In days of yore a poor man would have been crucified for this. BTW, a number of years back a prominent and powerful J-pol was fined a similar amount for tax evasion involving many millions of yen as well as possessing millions in bearer bonds and gold bars squirreled away in his house. The two-tier justice system still rules!

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Posted in: Trump on Manafort pardon: 'I wouldn't take it off the table' See in context

If Trump "pardons" Manafort, that'll be one turkey too many and might be the final straw that breaks the camel's back bringing down the whole rotten, shaky edifice of Trump Inc. Obstruction of justice is a legal point he has never been able to understand and a temptation his hubris is (let's hope) unable to resist.

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

Brexit served its purpose helping Camoron to a Tory triumph in the election. The right-wing political class have known from the start that they would have keep pulling the wool further and further over the befuddled eyes of the Brexiteers, but it would all inevitably end in a messy fudge. The UK is an integral part of the European economy and community and as long as the EU functions it will remain so, and BTW, the spurious claim that the Brits know what they want (!?) is LOL to the nth degree, innit?

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

Brexit is just the opium of the people whose xenophobic pipe-dreams of Old Blighty, "mother of the free", rolling back the invasions of barbarian Johnny Foreigners, restoring the musty Victorian values of the decadent ruling classes and reviving clapped-out Britannia's rule of yesteryear only prove how blind and brainwashed they became to the reality that decades of their right-wing ideology and economic and social mismanagement have reduced the country to an impotent laughing-stock. Germany is now taking its rightful place as leader of the pack, so the Brits had better swallow their pride and penitently walk the Road to Canossa that the Germans know only too well from their tragic past. Only then will the EU accept the prodigal son back into the fold after they toss the Tories and their Brexit voodoo into the trashcan of history

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Posted in: An unlikely meditation on family in 'Shoplifters' See in context

Abe Shinzo has pointedly ignored Kore-eda's success in Cannes: an icy silence instead of a congratulatory message while his corrupt political cronies have lashed out against the film's immorality (LOL) depicting the plight of the "forgotten Japanese" trying to survive in an uncaring society engineered by right-wing ideologues of Abe's ilk.

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Posted in: Ghosn's income under-reporting 'may reach $71 million' See in context

If the rich of the world would only pay their fair share of taxes (especially in developing countries many rich people pay practically no taxes), our world would be a very different place; with the huge sums of extra revenue the plight of the world's suffering poor could be alleviated. Draconian punishment for egregious tax evaders is the only deterrent. No mercy should be shown.

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Posted in: Japan university students with experience of dating at lowest on record See in context

Japanese adults have found that cramming and swotting for exams is much more effective than education and condoms for controlling the sexual activity of young people. The era of sex, drugs and rock'n roll still lies in the future for the Japanese. Meanwhile, the birth-rate continues to decline and immigrants will have to take up the slack to keep Japan Inc. a viable entity.

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Posted in: Sexual harassment poster from Japanese government draws criticism for seemingly taking men’s side See in context

Sexual harassment has been a perennial but slippery concept ever since Adam and Eve. Sexual harassment is an unlikely call if two people are attracted to each other, but much more likely in the precarious situation where the attraction is not mutual and one rejects the advances (verbal or otherwise) of the other party. And what about, if you belong to the select few who can "grab 'em by the *ussy", as asserted by the resident perv in the White House? Fortunately, the young generation will, as ever, be able to pick their way gingerly through today's minefield of sexual politics, but the older ones must tread very carefully indeed for seduction is fraught with risks that are seldom worth the effort.

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Posted in: Trump stands by Saudi prince despite journalist Khashoggi's murder See in context

Yesterday Trump went too far and pardoned one turkey too many. There will be consequences (unintended, of course) for Trump's repeated, willful dissing of intelligence reports that he refuses to read.

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Posted in: Russia rules out 'automatic' return of disputed islands to Japan See in context

"...had the opportunity arisen", means that from the surviving internal documents of the Japanese military the treaty with the Soviet Union was no more than treacherous tatemae, just a scrap of paper that the fanatically anti-communist J-government had no intention of honoring if the war situation in the West changed in favor of the Nazis, thus enabling the Japanese imperialists to grab long-coveted swaths of the Russian Far East. A long-overdue treaty between Russia and Japan to "end the war" would be of mutual benefit.

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Posted in: Russia rules out 'automatic' return of disputed islands to Japan See in context

Some Japanese still disingenuously protest the sudden attack of the Red Army, but the equally treacherous Japanese militarists , too, had the opportunity arisen, would have had no scruples about breaking the non-aggression treaty with the Soviet Union. Such is the brutal reality of warfare. It's time for the Japanese to move forward and formalize a Russo-Japanese peace treaty.

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Posted in: Russia rules out 'automatic' return of disputed islands to Japan See in context

The Japanese lost the war they started and the Russians got some of the spoils. The Germans lost the war, too, and they were forced to concede far more territory to the victors. This is just the price you pay when you lose a war. The Japanese need to learn patience as exhibited by the Mexicans who were forced to surrender mind-boggling swaths of territory to the rapacious gringos. Slowly but surely the reconquest is already quietly afoot.

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Posted in: Trump administration says it has not reached final conclusion on Khashoggi murder See in context

In $audi Arabia the Machiavellian Prince MBS is above the law while in Amerika DJT, as president, is almost as untouchable. In both countries corruption rules the calculation: money trumps morality.

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Posted in: May vows to fight for Brexit deal as ministers quit See in context

From another day that will live in infamy, the day when Brexit was announced, it must have been obvious to all but the brain-washed that a friendly divorce from the EU was a mission impossible and would end in tears for the Tory spivs who conspired to hi-jack the country for their own profit and political gain. That the anachronistic nationalism propelling the naive and gullible lemming-like toward the brink could only end in a stinking pile of sticky fudge (Brexit means Brexsh*t, innit?), has been the scenario hidden in plain sight for the last two years. Thankfully, after this debacle Treeza and the treacherous Tories will be toast. They will exit unlamented the political stage, the Polish plumbers will remain, and then the British people can take back control.

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

No surprise that the orange couch potato balked at going out to stand the rain to listen to politicians speechifying in unintelligible tongues before a bunch of graves when he could be watching it all from his hotel suite with a cheeseburger and coke. Plus, he doesn't even know how to close an umbrella, as we saw from his hilarious behavior when boarding Airforce 1 recently.

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Posted in: Abe talks with Trump on phone; praises his efforts in midterm elections See in context

Instead of "praising" Trump Abe should be taking him to task for the way he dissed the Japanese journalist who stood up at the last White House press tantrum to ask a question. Visibly rattled by the results of the midterms an irascible Trump brusquely asked: "Where are you from?" "Japan", he replied, whereupon a seething, stony-faced Trump turning away without answering his question, gave him the cold shoulder, muttering "Say hello to Shinzo". After this jaw-droppingly rude and unhinged performance from the orange lout from Queens what more proof do we need to acknowledge that Trump is daily demeaning the office of POTUS and must be removed from office ASAP.

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

The "core values" of the people running the governments of China, Japan and Korea are indeed the same: authoritarian, right-wing conservative, intolerant, xenophobic and hostile to democratic values and practice from time immemorial. True democracy is still only a dream. Only the peoples, not the ruling classes of these countries can make a society based on democratic values.

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