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Posted in: British lawmakers prepare court action to enforce Brexit delay See in context

Amber is the latest signal soon to be followed by Labour red putting a thankful end to the wild rampage of Boris in the U.K's political china shop.

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Posted in: Mr Never Wrong: Storm spat underscores Trump's mindset See in context

The doctored diagram just goes to show that Trump ain't no "sharpie". His stale shtick of " who ya gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?" works only with the incorrigibly credulous deplorables.

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Posted in: Opposition to block British PM Johnson's early election bid See in context

What BJ says has as much credibility as DJT's fatuous fabrications, but the difference is that the former can't get away with it, as his stunt using police officers for a background to his electioneering proved. The credulity of the Brits will not stretch so far as to allow a Trump-like character to triumph with bull of that ilk.

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Posted in: Opponents of 'no-deal' Brexit defeat Johnson, who promises an election See in context

From day one no crystal ball was needed to predict the fate of "the will of the people" bleated out ad nauseam by benighted Brexitwits. Bumbling Bojo's "take back control"box o' tricks and his Brexit "out of a hat" RIP.

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

Nuking hurricanes! Need we any more proof? Chump is the ultimate ultracrepidarian. And no credit to the know nothings who voted for a ignoramus to represent the USA for the world's amusement and alarm.

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' memorial unveiled in Manila See in context

In no way diminishing the crime of rape, it must be remembered that the IJA did much worse things like the atrocities committed in the "Battle of Manila" where up to 100,000 men, women and children were indiscriminately killed or maimed. The comfort women statues will no doubt continue to sprout along the slime trail left by the IJA.

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Posted in: Trump faces limits of go-it-alone stance at G7 summit See in context

Demented G1-USA will tread the boards of the world stage in Biarritz in all his glory, donned out in his "New Clothes" to the delight and acclaim of his squealing acolytes. Meanwhile, G6 hereby order him to STFU.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones get a little piece of Mars to call their own See in context

Mister President, "You can't always git wot yuh waant"! (And "Time is NOT on Your Side")

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Posted in: In terms of practical benefits, not all languages are useful. However, we aim to help students learn various ways of thinking through studying various languages. See in context

Hmm, (the sound of sucking through teeth) So how do you think when you learn Japanese? Oh, yeah, we Japanese...

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

What's the difference between Trump and Greenland?Trump's brain is melting down even faster than Greenland's ice sheet.

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

Maybe Ttump will be able to do a better deal with his half American buddy, Boris, if he puts in a bid for Brexitland.

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Posted in: Trump's fake accent angers Asian Americans as they veer left See in context

"Don't, Donald! Be best!"

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Posted in: EU rebuffs British PM Johnson's Brexit gambit See in context

Blustering Boris blathered his way to No 10, but the Europeans are not amused by his vapid BS, nor are they going to budge from the terms of the final agreement because they have got the bigoted Boris over the Irish backstop. The only concessions the EU is willing to make is to give the UK more time to put its house in order by giving Boris the bum's rush and electing a sensible government that can steer the country back into the European community of nations.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

When not watching trash TV or twittering, Ttump spends most of his time on the campaign trail instead of working for the American people. This latest outburst is blunt card sharp Donny dealing another one from the bottom of the racist deck. Expect more bunkum and hokum from this carny barking weasel before his foot finally gets stuck in his mouth and he has to bow out of the race ignominiously.

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Posted in: Warren apologizes for heritage claim; woos Native Americans See in context

Speaking of ancestry, there's more Native American in Warren than Scandi in Drumpf, "the Swede", the favorite ethnic guise he donned to fool his Jewish tenants. As befits an inveterate scam artist, Trump has been a man of many parts to many people: just witness the ultimate charlatan chameleon on public display at his "Nuremberg" rallies.

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Posted in: Emperor Hirohito stopped by PM Yoshida from expressing remorse over war, documents show See in context

"Don't mention the war" as well as government participation in controlled, state-sponsored annual ceremonies for the victims of war is the boiler plate strategy of politicians who want to keep their prerogative of starting wars in the future without inviting the kind of civil unrest and protest seen in the USA that spoiled their wars in Indo-China. Yoshida Shigeru was a dyed-in-the-wool rightwing chicken hawk whose brief imprisonment just before the war ended may have been a ploy to fool the future American occupiers, or at least became a useful credential by helping to scrub and polish his "democratic" bona fides for his future role as a reactionary PM. who needed no encouragement to listen to HMV in suppressing "socialism" in Japan.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Andrew 'appalled' by Epstein abuse claims: report See in context

Off to the Tower wiv'im!

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Posted in: UK faces food, fuel and drug shortages if it leaves EU, says contested leaked document See in context

The English ( especially the arrogant, public-schooled right-wing, self-entitled elite) must bear the greatest responsibility for the Brexit debacle. That being said, Brexit is THEIR unicorn-fuelled fantasy of "taking back control" (for themselves only), a mission impossible that can never become a reality if Parliament and the EU have any say. Boris will soon choke on his full-English Brexit and be ignominiously carried out from No 10 to the oblivion he fully deserves.

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Posted in: Sanders' criminal justice plan aims to cut prison population See in context

Unlike many invertebrate American pols with a yellow streak down their back, Sanders has a fighter's backbone with the marrow of moral fiber and a fresh vision of a brighter future for the American people without which no president can turn America's listing ship of state from its disastrous right-wing, neocon course toward the looming reef of economic chaos and societal meltdown.

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Posted in: Violence poses conundrum to Hong Kong protest movement See in context

People in government who condemn "violence" should practice what they preach: police, thugs and soldiers sent in to intimidate protesters and to blunt or stop people's legitimate right to protest are never non-violent, as historical precedent proves. Humans are driven by emotions as well as guided by reason and will always respond viscerally to any violence organized by the state. The responsibility for the ongoing mayhem lies with the ruling authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong whose autocratic intransigence has stymied the people's demand for transparency and a resolution that befits the principles of true democratic rule.

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Posted in: Medical examiner confirms Epstein death a suicide by hanging See in context

"Assisted" suicide is an expedient way out for persona- non-grata inmates whose continued existence is a source of anxiety or embarrassment for the authorities. I have personally witnessed two such cases during my short time working in prisons.

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Posted in: Rival rallies as Hong Kong's divisions deepen See in context

The powerful Hong Kong protest movement is part of the ongoing overture to the unstable 21st century when the clash between rulers and the ruled over the exercise of freedom, the existence of human rights and the dignity of the individual will be fought out. Beijing is predictably playing with the rotten carrot of propaganda and brain-massaging before it takes out its big stick to beat the people of Hong Kong into submission. But the lesson autocrats never learn is that once the genie has escaped from the bottle, violence and terror will not work.

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Posted in: 'Easy Rider' star, 1960s swashbuckler Peter Fonda dies at 79 See in context

ER was a pioneering indie that showcased the weary, disenchanted young generation's rejection of the morality and values of war-mongering Amerika. I still remember walking out of the cinema as a young man exhilarated and thrilled by this iconic Road Movie with its rebellious, counter-culture soundtrack of music "sacred" to my generation. This fresh, novel experience of cinema simply overpowered the indisputable ham-acting of all but Jack Nicholson, the break-out star. The sudden, shockingly violent ending graphically depicted the curse of America's gun violence and the cultural fault-lines of a divided, polarized society that to this day continue to characterize the USA of the corrupt mega-corporations, the NRA and Trump's bleating minions. And yes, in the end, Peter Fonda "blew it", too, as we all do.

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Posted in: Hanged killer still provoking human rights debate 22 years after execution See in context

The shattering tragedy of Nagayama Norio's life should make us all reflect deeply about the fate of a child growing up in extreme poverty and subjected to sibling and parental abuse while victimized and ignored by a cold, uncaring society. Growing into puberty without knowing love from a positive adult role model and lacking the education that enables a person to establish a respected position in society must have been a terribly lonely and excruciating experience for a juvenile in Japan. Many children may be able to overcome their childhood traumas, but Nagayama was not one of them. Emotionally deprived he became a walking time-bomb with a brain incapable of self-control. Predictably, his anger and aggression towards others eventually exploded outwards taking the lives of four innocent people. Nagayama expressed remorse for his homicidal rampage, successfully rehabilitated himself in prison, unlocking the creativity that resides in every human by writing a moving testimony of his life. Despite turning his life around and accomplishing more than many who condemned him , his life was deemed worthless by unforgiving judges and politicians who cruelly dashed his hopes of doing some good for others and paying back to society for his heinous crimes. It is easy to judge, but when you do the arithmetic, what we all know, but to our shame cannot admit to ourselves, is that the same VIPs who are lauded for their "deeds", showered with honors and handsomely rewarded by society have been responsible for the deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands, or even millions. Nagayama Norio and his victims, RIP.

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Posted in: Danish MPs ridicule idea of Trump buying Greenland See in context

Green is Ttump's least favorite color, so a change of name would be unavoidable. Trumpland sounds too obvious and crass, but there again nothing is too crass or obvious for a narcissist of his ilk with a fixation on real-estate. Ivankia? This wouldn't do either as it sounds too incestuous or nepotistic...Luckily for the world, the Danes have poured cold water over this tacky topic and dismissed the whole hair-brained notion out of hand.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 projectiles into sea; says it won't sit down with S Korea for talks again See in context

This Korean Punch and Judy show keeps interrupting Trump's executive time in front of his TV sets. Now he'll have to get up from his couch and write Kim another spell-checked, diplomatic love letter pronto offering some economic relief for Rocketman if he promises to put away his toys. And Kim had better send the irascible Trump another beautiful, ego-stroking reply, or else their beautiful bromance may soon go south. Then they'll have to kiss and make up all over again at some later date, which will make the hapless Trump feel as if he's wandered into a never-ending Korean Groundhog Day where he can't fire anyone.

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Posted in: Short look See in context

That flag will come in handy to patch the rear end of her raggedy pants.

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Posted in: Japanese researchers build robotic tail to keep elderly upright See in context

The last of the dinosaurs from Kasumigaseki Jurassic Park will be the first to order tails and perhaps old Trumpy could use one, too, because when standing with his protruding bulk he often looks like he is going to keel over onto his face.

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse over Japan's wartime actions See in context

"We will never forget that the peace and prosperity we are enjoying now are built on the ultimate sacrifices of the war dead."

This illogical reasoning has now become the default boilerplate of Japanese rightists in their anguished attempt to find some consolation in the humiliating defeat of their fascist forebears who unleashed a war of aggression that killed tens of millions of innocent people while at the same time distracting the public from the bitter truth that the millions of Japanese victims died for nothing in a meaningless war. The successful reconstruction of post-war Japan was accomplished by the survivors who resolutely strove to put all the bad stuff from the war behind them and to look instead to the future. As a result, most Japanese today know little about WW2. The ignorance of the public makes it easier for Nippon Kaigi and their ilk to revise the past, but, fortunately, the Japanese have no appetite for a revival of militarism and extreme nationalism, which just leaves Abe in his echo-chamber barking on about constitutional amendments and howling at the moon. Meanwhile, the Emperor carried out his duties with great dignity and set an example for the nation to reflect on the greatest catastrophe in their history.

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Posted in: China says protesters like 'terrorists' as Hong Kong airport reopens See in context

"Terror" is a word that was first applied to the regime's violence during the French Revolution, but with the passing of time governments found it expedient to label the actions of anyone who challenged or attempted to overthrow their despotic rule as "terror" and slander the regime's opponents as "terrorists". This disingenuous verbal legerdemain of all governments has enjoyed great success in the 19th and 20th centuries fooling the gullible into believing that violence perpetrated by state organs can never be called "terror". Such is the power of words when twisted to serve the Machiavellian purposes of regimes that have no respect for human rights and the dignity of the individual. The Chinese communists should be wary of dissing their cultural traditions and heed the signs that "Heaven" may one day withdraw their mandate to rule.

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