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Posted in: Abe mum on reports he nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Abe can't say anything right now because his head is so far up. When in the coming months Trump's fortunes go into reverse, fair-weather friend Abe will be bending over for Pence.

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Posted in: Rubio warns Venezuelan soldiers to let aid enter See in context

How many divisions does the Rube command? The GOP seem to be clutching desperately at foreign policy straws to distract from the fact that their deranged Cap'n Bonespurs is steering full steam ahead toward the iceberg.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't secretly weighed 5 dates for era name change to Heisei See in context

The gengo is just one of the anachronistic cobwebs from the dusty past that should be swept away because it hinders the Japanese from acquiring a modern, progressive mind-set in sync with the rest of the developed world. Just say "Long Live the Emperor / Empress (sic)" and save a bit of money, too.

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Posted in: Hearing ends in retrial of man over 1985 murder, acquittal expected See in context

A life ruined, no compensation, but at least he can be thankful that he wasn't rushed to the gallows. Ironically, perhaps his dementia is a merciful way out after all he has suffered.

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Posted in: Abe cabinet rate support rises to 45.6% despite data scandal See in context

Who takes these Kyodo News weasels seriously? To survey what many Japanese really think of "(dis)honest" Abe, you would have to get them drunk first. As the Romans rightly put it: "in vino veritas"!

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Posted in: Mother of fatally abused 10-year-old girl detained following husband's arrest See in context

The father clearly has severe mental health issues. I wonder what his childhood was like?

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Posted in: Model Shannon Dancy arrested on drug possession charge See in context

The number 1 rule when doing drugs in Japan is don't tell. Keep a low profile or else someone will likely snitch. MDMA can be a useful medicine for depression. If more overworked and underpaid Japanese took an "e", uptight Japan could be a country wearing a smiley face. The police operation to find one tablet must have cost a pretty penny. As a tax payer I'm not amused by the ridiculous waste of time and my money. It's galling to realize that these absurd razzias will come to an end only when the tobacco - and alcohol-addled politicians and policemen run out of our tax money.

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Posted in: Trump slams his 'naive' intelligence services; says they should go back to school See in context

The orange Golem is being schooled himself on Iran 101, but by whom? He has just learned how to find the country on a map and discovered that big bully Iran is "next to" little Israel and is hell-bent on developing its nuclear capability, so now it's time for Donny Dotard to do his homework and take to the world stage and strut his stuff as an expert on Iran who knows more than anyone else. What a schmo for POTUS!

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Posted in: As nations turn on Maduro, Venezuelan leader parades with military See in context

The constant barrage of propaganda in the western media diagnosing the ailing and failing economy of Venezuela as terminal "Bolivarism" ( Latin American "socialism") has to be balanced against the conspicuous under-reporting of the malevolent role played by the USA and its "international community" in conspiring by means of attempted coups, sanctions and trade embargos to "make the Venezuelan economy scream", get "our" oil back and make the country safe again for Amerikan business. Unfortunately, Russia and China have a very different view of Venezuela's condition which will certainly narrow Trump's options. So probably the time-tested practice of covertly purchasing military brass would be the cheapest and quickest one. The sooner we install another South American military junta the sooner we can all live happily ever is the never-ending story of Amerika's fathering "democracies".

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Posted in: 'Fear' and 'favor' chill newsroom at Japan Times after 'forced WWII laborer,' 'comfort women' changes See in context

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the money is on the right as many successful rightwing pundits prove. Add to this the fact that the defeat of Japanese militarism only resulted in the felling of Japanese fascism while its ideological roots remained underground and it is no surprise we are witnessing the bonsai growth of a Zaqqum (devil tree) whose poisonous fruits are ripening for politicians like Abe and Nippon Kaigi to pluck. Fortunately, the apolitical, passive youth of Japan have so far not shown much appetite for such toxic fare.

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Posted in: Man gets 16 years in prison for Osaka road rage murder in 2018 See in context

The sad truth is that many humans cannot control their emotions of anger and rage. When the bean-sized amygdala housed in their brain is excited the resulting behavior often leads to tragedy for both victim and perpetrator. Unfortunately, at this point in time, prison is, inevitably, the sole social sanction available.

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Posted in: Subaru probe finds 3,400 staff were not paid for overtime work See in context

Profits rule and capitalism of this ilk means never having to say you're sorry. 弱肉強食 ( the weak are the food for the strong), as the Japanese are wont to say.

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Posted in: Children of Nazis and their victims share family history to mark Holocaust See in context

We should not be blinded by prejudice or ideology in attributing blame for the truly horrifying record of atrocities that marked the 20th century. The mass killings should not be regarded as an indictment of "-isms", religions or specific nations, but of ourselves, us humans. We were all complicit in the bloodletting. As the Romans used to say: "Man is wolf to man", a truth that cannot be denied. We must all accept the responsibility for Man's seemingly never-ending inhumanity to Man. If not us, who else?

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Posted in: Sony to shift European headquarters from UK to Netherlands to avoid Brexit disruption See in context

Mayhem's gnomic mantra sez "Brexit means Brexit, but isn't it a no brainer that crashing out of the EU without a deal is a non-starter? In the real world the true equation is no-deal Brexit = NO BREXIT period! The UK will remain and the dust will soon settle. Sorted!

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Posted in: Australia urges Indonesia to respect Bali bombing victims and not release cleric See in context

The majority of Indonesians are decent, like folks everywhere, but they have been terrorized by military dictatorship, brainwashed by islamic clerics and misruled by democratic-lite governments for so long that the latest judicial farce releasing the incorrigibly toxic islamic ideologue, ABB, comes as no surprise to anyone who has observed Indonesia since the genocidal massacres of 1965. The West has been complicit throughout, so although the reaction of the Bali bombing victims' family members is absolutely justified, the Indonesian government has gotten away with murder and bitten the hands that feed it so many times that they simply brush off and ignore any criticism from foreigners as "meddling" in their "internal" (and infernal) affairs.

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Posted in: Japanese alpinist, 86, gives up attempt on South America's highest peak See in context

At 86 everyone must listen to their doctor. Feisty old man Miura is unlikely to be seen in his neighborhood playing croquet, but he'll have to be content with climbing smaller hills than Aconcagua. Let's hope that whatever disappointment he might have felt will be more than compensated by his relief at coming down from the mountain alive to enjoy the rest of his life.

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Posted in: 'Green Book' wins PGA best film, boosting Oscar chances See in context

American history that isn't taught in schools! More should be taught about the contribution of Native Americans to the mainstream culture. Perhaps one day a N.A. president?

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Posted in: Pelosi accuses Trump of endangering U.S. troops, lawmakers See in context

The kids in the Washington Sandpit are quickly escalating their squabbles turning now to vicious mud-slinging. This can't go on for much longer before the adults step in. Trump is now surely a cert for the Time Person of the Year 2019. Can't wait to see the picture of Benedict Arnold's orange avatar getting the bum's rush outa la Casa Blanca.

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Posted in: As shutdown lingers, Pelosi pushes Trump to delay State of Union speech See in context

If Trump doesn't stop the wheels spinning and get the government employees back to work, he might have to write the SOTU himself (LOL), which could be the import of the Speaker's message containing this concealed threat since the cunning Pelosi knows how to pitch a curvedballs. Or maybe this year's SOTU will be a historic first: a boastful barrage of SOTU tweets from the isolated Trump, alone in the deathly quiet of the empty White House.

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Posted in: Osaka subway drivers win court case over right to grow beards See in context

Facial hair here is fashion, not religion. In Meiji times sporting beards and other facial adornments were de rigueur for the upper echelons of Japanese society following the style of Emperor Meiji himself.

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Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

Maybe Prince Naruhito will have a say in the anachronistic shenanigans of the geriatric IHA and shake 'em up after he ascends the throne. I'm looking forward to his pronouncements on WW2 ( his grandfather's war ) and how the Japanese might reevaluate their dark legacy from the past.

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Posted in: 'We don’t need an age of women,' Japanese commercial says; then hits actress in face with cream See in context

@ jpn_guy

A totally convincing interpretation! A great post and service to JT readers. A very gratifying lesson in the grammatical brambles of the easily misconstrued Nipponlingo. アリガトウ!

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Posted in: Tens of billions of yen in jobless benefits unpaid due to faulty data See in context

This fishy tale sounds like a Japanese version of smoke'n'mirrors, but somewhere the bottom line is undoubtedly another government scam or huge bureaucratic screw up bilking hapless and helpless citizens of their due.

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Posted in: Trump walks out of talks on shutdown; calling meeting 'total waste of time' See in context

Some time soon, and the sooner the better, I expect to see Trump dressed in orange putting a stop to any more of his hissy-fit, "l'etat c'est moi" walkouts.

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Posted in: Crushing workload at schools is causing more Japanese teachers to suffer chronic depression See in context

Organized club activities are an unnecessary burden on teachers who are being worked to death by bureaucrats. The coercive practice of Bukatsu impinging on pupils' precious free time to explore and learn outside of the soul-destroying examination mania is a blatant attempt by the state to control and discipline the student body in order to dilute individualism and promote conformity. This perverted system of education produces a plethora of drudges lacking in imagination and knowledge of the world and of themselves. One day a young generation of Japanese will wake up angry.

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Posted in: Japan begins collecting departure tax to fund inbound tourism promotion See in context

For the money-hungry politicians who thought up this wheeze it's just like taking candy from babies so that they can continue to entertain enjoying their blue-fin tuna sushi washed down with bottles of the best nihonshu, or so suspicious citizens might reasonably surmise.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

As Gore Vidal succinctly put it: “Actually, there is no such thing as a homosexual person, any more than there is such a thing as a heterosexual person. The words are adjectives describing sexual acts, not people. The sexual acts are entirely normal; if they were not, no one would perform them.”

There, fixed it! Simples, innit, Mr Hirasawa and your ilk who have lived so long detached from reality!

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context


Your posts on this thread have most clearly, eloquently and honestly argued for common sense and logic in stating the obvious about how society should relate to the screaming reality of our fellow human beings who identify as LGBTQ and exposing the nonsense spouted by Hirasawa Katsuei whose character is evident from his physiognomy. It's discouraging, however, that some unfortunates don't seem to get the gist of your cogent arguments or even understand that by the same fatuous logic if everyone voted for LDP nuckledraggers, Japanese society would collapse (or start another war with its neigbors!?).

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Posted in: Trump softens Syria pullout schedule but claims 'hero' status See in context

Who does DJT think he is? MMM (aka John Wayne)? Unfortunately, Colonel Bonespurs wouldn't even be able to haul his old *ss up the hill for the remake: "Sands of Syria Redux".

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Posted in: 2 death row inmates hanged, bringing 2018 executions to 15 See in context

The Germans sickened by state executions abolished capital punishment after WW2, but the Japanese ruling class never looked back and learning from history showed any contrition or remorse for the violence they inflicted. Killing the chicken to scare the monkey is the time-honored legacy of centuries of samurai arrogance and ruthlessness. A more enlightened, liberal approach to crime and punishment cannot be expected from Abe and his reactionary camp followers, so that abolishing capital punishment and removing other remnants of Japanese feudalism is clearly a task that will have to be left up to a younger generation of Japanese.

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