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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

There was "the hand of God" and now some of us see "the foot of God".

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

That ball was over the line and out and so is Germany. Camera technology is of little use when humans prefer to believe their own lying eyes. Still, Japan played a blinder and individual Japanese grit and team play won the day making this game the most exciting one I've seen in Qatar.

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Posted in: 'I like Hitler': Kanye sparks outrage in wild Infowars stream See in context

The Nazis would have exterminated him. Something seriously wrong with this man's brain.

No doubt about it, but to cut him a little slack, he's probably never read a history book in his life and certainly couldn't have read any book on the cruelty and inhumanity of the Nazis in their insane plans to exterminate Jews, Gypsies and enslave Slavs. Kanye also needs to seek treatment for his head 'cos he's becoming delusional in his hero-worship of Amerika's wannabe Fuehrer, TFG.

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Posted in: Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Christine McVie dies at 79 See in context

Legendary Fleetwood Mac suffers further attrition as another one bites the dust. I fear the Grim Reaper might harvest a bumper crop of superstar boomers in 2023. Time is not on their side now and mortality no longer beckons from afar.

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Posted in: 80-year-old woman conned out of ¥55 million See in context

The punishment for scammers should be draconian (a minimum of 10 years and more depending on the amount stolen) since scams in today's capitalist system have reached a pandemic scale with a proliferation of competing "services" from OTAs to shipping companies whose blatant criminal activities should be classed as "white-collar" crime, but governments, banks and credit card companies have zero interest in investigating and punishing these criminals. The consumer is thus abandoned and thrown to the wolves, all in the name of "free trade" and freedom to fleece.

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court dismisses damages suit by same-sex couples See in context

Although the Sapporo District Court said in March 2021 that the government's failure to recognize marriage was unconstitutional, the Osaka District Court ruled in June this year that banning same-sex marriage did not violate the Constitution.

While Japanese officialdom would give Kafka a run for his money, contradictory, illogical, obtuse rulings are the playbook of every government to evade the responsibility of adhering to the piece of paper they call the "Constitution", especially when it involves monetary compensation (can't waste the taxpayers' hard-earned money, can they?).

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Posted in: Chinese police out in numbers to prevent more COVID protests See in context

Finally, One group sang the national antheme as a protest. Is the CCP really going to forbid the singiing of the National Antheme as an anti-subversive tool? 

Well, since the crowds are singing "Xilai! Xilai!" (Rise up! Rise up!), these words are being given a quite different nuance that is making CCP officials hot around their collars as they envisage the possibility of hanging on grimly for a protracted ride on a riled-up tiger.

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Posted in: Kishida orders funds to raise Japan's defense budget to 2% of GDP See in context

Taxpayers' money wasted on the military for weapons that will (thankfully) not be used would be better spent on helping citizens struggling to keep their heads above water amid stagnant wages and rising prices. Who is so naive to believe that such a system of misgovernment typical of western democracies isn't rigged in favor of capital and against the interests of millions of ordinary people whose labor keeps society from collapse.

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Posted in: Some Republicans criticize Trump for meeting with white supremacist See in context

Nick "Jew-baiter" Fuentes "gets" Trump so tone-deaf Trump gave him a pass for stroking his bruised ego, but shot himself in the foot politically: the whiff of antisemitism by association with those two other dim right-wing narcissists has reduced Trump's political capital and pushed him further towards the pariah state that many in the GOP hope will sink his 2024 shot at the presidency. Of course, Garland should in theory be the man to get that job done.

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Posted in: Progressives returned for third term in Australia's Victoria state See in context

Maybe a sign that gaslit Australians are beginning to wake up from their right-wing delusions?

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Posted in: Civilians escape Kherson after Russian strikes on freed city See in context

 Just yesterday I read reports that Putin had told a group of Russian mothers that he 'felt their pain" and that Russia was not attacking civilians. 

The column of civilians leaving Kherson is proof enough that Putin's a bare-faced liar who wears his fascist mindset brazenly on his sleeve. His mendacity still fools too many Russians because, as someone once wrote: when only obedience is required and no longer character, then the truth goes and the lie comes. We can take some comfort from this thought since a reckoning for Putin must surely come due when the senseless losses of young Russian lives reach a tipping point ultimately unmasking the monstrous nature of the Kremlin's gangster clique.

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Posted in: New York issues first licenses for legal pot dispensaries See in context

The skewed life work balance alone in Japan and other "advanced" economies surely lurks behind the consumption of intoxicants in order to "chill" from all the stress. Humans are not only resilient. We are also fragile and modern life takes its toll on all of us for the insatiable Moloch of capitalism must be fed with human lives. There are few people indeed who can escape its jaws with sobriety. Science (knowledge is power) is needed to help us find the right "balance". In the meantime, with a little help from my friends...

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Posted in: Power outages in Ukrainian cities, Moldova after new strikes See in context

Hit that Crimea bridge again -this time harder! Tit for tat! Make Russian troops freezing in their bunkers and trenches sweat with precision artillery fire. And take out some of Russia's own ramshackle infrastructure. The Russian people themselves need to suffer much more from this winter war in order for them to open their eyes and switch on their brains to understand that getting rid of Putin's putrid gangster regime is the only way to salvage their country's honor in the eyes of the civilized world.

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Posted in: Panel wants Japanese public to pay more for defense buildup See in context

No surprise here. The "masters of war" first make the people pay for arms and profits then they send them to die for more profit. Arming for war is a racket enriching the few and "pauperizing" the many. After watching how their treasure was wasted on the decades of Cold War, it's time more people woke up to this insidious bizness of an arms race because, as always, they'll end up paying the price.

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Posted in: Multiple people dead in Virginia Walmart shooting, including gunman See in context

American carnage! It's going to get worse before it gets better and, yes, the worst is yet to come because right-wing politicians and their profit-driven paymasters are putting money and personal interest before people's lives. When will they ever learn?

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Posted in: Recession-hit UK needs more migrant labor: business group See in context

I'm tired of this.

As a Brit expat, with Brit passport, I am forbidden to return to the UK with my Family because I am simply too poor. The UK Government is forcing me into a Divorce situation simply to return.

It's a scandal that beggars belief that before Brexit a person from an EU country could bring their foreign spouse, say an Asian ethnic, to live and work in the UK whereas, after Theresa May's 2012 draconian immigration restrictions created a truly fascistically ugly racist "hostile environment" for "Johnny Foreigner", British citizens with ethnically mixed families found themselves virtually exiled like TokyoOldMan. But such is the angry and sullen atmosphere of UK society searching for scapegoats that few show any sympathy for the plight of these exiled families while most remain wilfully ignorant of the pain and suffering the Tory governments they support have inflicted on expats and their families. Such selfishly insular citizens should hang their heads in shame for espousing right-wing xenophobic sentiments that have helped to create the catastrophe of Brexit.

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Posted in: Renewed shelling threatens key Ukrainian nuclear plant See in context

Putin recklessly keeps pushing the envelope down the throats of his neighbors and this latest move could easily boomerang... when the wind blows... Chernobyl was the beginning of the end for Gorby and the communists so the reported renewed shelling of Zaporizhzhia might blow back on Russia's gangster captalist regime and prove to be the ultimate downfall of Putin and his Kremlin cronies.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan PM Mori harsh on Zelenskyy over war in Ukraine See in context

The Russian regime is most certainly left-learning. And I mean really left-wing..................


Yeah, after the Russians have left the land they invaded, they will certainly have learned their lesson.

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Posted in: Ukraine says half energy system crippled; Kyiv facing possible 'shutdown' See in context

So now the Ukrainians need to make the winter a tad colder for Russians, too. What's good for the goose...

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Posted in: Ex-Japan PM Mori harsh on Zelenskyy over war in Ukraine See in context

"I don't quite understand why only President Putin is criticized while Mr. Zelenskyy isn't taken to task at all. Mr Zelenskyy has made many Ukrainian people suffer,"...

Judging from Mori's dotty words and deeds over decades this latest outburst is par for the course as a character who fits Biden's definition of a "semi"-fascist, and now by his lack of understanding putting Zelenskiy's "crimes" on a level with those of the aggressor, Putin, is Mori finally entering his dotage? He should do us all a favor and retire from public speaking.

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Posted in: UK faces record hit to living standards as tax hikes loom See in context

The "benefits of Brexit" from the same chaps whose "safe hands" ran the UK economy into the ground while they were busy feathering their own nests seem meager indeed. The "growth"-obsessed Tories aided and abetted by pusillanimous Labour shot themselves and everyone else in the foot with their half-baked gaslighting of the population and the UK's deluded exodus from Europe that all but guaranteed an anti-growth outcome. Now the only way for the people to dig themselves out from under this self-inflicted economic dog's dinner is to get out the proverbial pitch forks while Europe watches with popcorn.

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Posted in: Trial of English-speaking test for Tokyo high schools face opposition from some parents See in context

Cui bono? Testing is a very lucrative bizness in Japan for some, and a drain on the pockets for others. And still few Japanese can hold their own in a conversation because even more essential for communiction than language is culture and that isn't tested at all.

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Posted in: Myanmar to free ex-British ambassador, Australian adviser, Japanese journalist among nearly 6,000 See in context

Even the junta must sometimes have to bow to reality. They can't have everything their own way and they know that their "power" has its limits in the wider world of international geopolitics.

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Posted in: Musk gives ultimatum to Twitter staff: Work intense, long hours or lose your job See in context

This is not going to end well (for Musk - and others of his ilk).

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Posted in: Princess Nobuko diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer See in context

“What’s with the down votes on the health of someone? That’s monstrous.” It is, but she’s quite unlikely to be reading this.

Some people do not support the idea of "Royalty" others may be against her because of her brother and family.

Or there might even be some personal animus directed at the writer of the comment rather than at the imperial family?

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Posted in: Biden says missile that killed two in Poland may not have come from Russia See in context

If the missiles were fired from Belarus, Lukashenko must be made to pay a heavy price.

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Posted in: Twitter prank spurs unexpected scrutiny of U.S. insulin prices See in context

The price of medicine is the obvious indicator that health care under capitalism can often be found on life-support while resulting preventable deaths become mere statistics and no-one will be held accountable, as we have learned from the massive covid mortality numbers.

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Posted in: G20 considers resolution condemning Russian invasion See in context

After all the death and destruction meted out by Ukraine's "Big Brother Bear" it's a bit rich and rather late to come with a condemnation that is sure to be followed by a snail's pace resort to anything that might be termed "action".

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Posted in: Japanese town livestreams elected politicians faces to make sure they aren’t sleeping in meetings See in context

It's always a good idea to give lazy politicians a "wake-up call" of any description.

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Posted in: Zelenskiy, visiting Kherson, vows to drive Russia from all of Ukraine See in context

With his moral stature growing after every victory Zelenskiy is offering a shining example of leadership to the demoralized Russians who must now be waking up to see the writing on the wall for their "Tsar" Vladimir. As Ödön von Horváth once wrote describing the MO of fascism: When only obedience is required and no longer character, then the truth goes and the lie comes. This moral rot alone is slowly but surely eating away at the wobbly throne of the Kremlin psychopath.

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