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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

The great German thinker (and despiser of antisemitism), Nietzsche, had a chilling thought that the Israelis would have been wise to heed: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” Israel is now gazing into Gaza.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurant owner shot to death in Mexico See in context

Always wonder how and why US of A, the greatest power has kept letting countries adjacent to herself just like this.

There's not much Mexico can do about their neighbor across the Rio Grande. As Mexicans are wont to say: Poor Mexico, so far from God and so near to the United States!

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Posted in: Japanese restaurant owner shot to death in Mexico See in context

Mexico is breathtakingly beautiful, especially in the rainy season, but the present dire socioeconomic conditions make for a perilous environment, if you are perceived to be an affluent gringo or foreigner.

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Posted in: Many reasons why Japan has been slow to roll out vaccinations See in context

No vaccine = No Olympics. Duh!

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

Why do the shocking scenes of the violence and terror in Gaza remind me of the Warsaw Ghetto? No, it's not because I'm an anti-semite (which I am most definitely not). Truly, human history works in mysterious ways, methinks.

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Posted in: Biden cancels Trump's planned 'Garden of American Heroes' See in context

Another win for Biden: cancelling a waste of space for a bunch of tacky, tawdry "heroes" of an ignoramus curated by the selfsame, world-famous connoisseur of kitsch whose egregious lack of self-awareness never failed to preserve him from ever feeling the slightest embarrassment exposing his "king-with-no-clothes" MAGA nonsense to the ridicule of the world of grown-ups. America is truly "blessed" to have put Biden in charge to junk the squirm-inducing legacy of Trump.

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Posted in: LDP renews push to revise constitution See in context

From behind the curtain of power - Abe's long shadow.

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Posted in: Petition to cancel Tokyo Olympics submitted to Koike See in context

Like in other countries (only more so), Japan's "Cancel Culture" is strictly "top-down" so it won't be a petition but the virus that will soon put an end to Koike's indecision when it put its thumb down on the scales.

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Posted in: Myanmar frees Japanese journalist as gesture to Tokyo See in context

Japan's economic power packs political muscle, too, which is why Myanmar's military thugs soon backed down when the bigger boys on the block made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

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Posted in: More than 4,000 Indians die of COVID-19 for second straight day See in context

Modi's brand of Hindu nationalism owns a goodly part of the breakdown of the Indian health services by impeding the implementation of the proper prophylactic measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. In desperation, some Hindu devotees are now even turning to the holy cow for salvation, slathering themselves from head to toe with bucket loads of dung for protection against the invisible virus. When superstition trumps science, the "Darwin Award" awaits those who have thrown common sense to the wind.

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Posted in: GOP purges Cheney for 'unity,' but Trump bent on retribution See in context

The Republicans know not wot they do by having let the orange cuckoo into their cozy nest ("self-destruction" may be the word that occurs to the more perspicacious, like Liz). But from now on Trump will need eyes in the back of his head to watch out for having made the malevolent Machiavelli of the GOP, "Dark Side" Dick, his mortal enemy who, to avenge his daughter's honor, may soon slither in to administer a poisonous bite. Meanwhile the number of natural enemies circling the Donald grows by the day. Popcorn palooza! Enjoy!

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Posted in: IOC says negative public opinion no threat to Tokyo Olympics See in context

The IOC appear to be working with the wisdom of the Roman Emperor who bet on "bread and circuses" to appease the plebs, but the thumb up or down will surely be Covid's call.

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Posted in: Johnson seeks to bolster economy as Queen Elizabeth opens new parliament session See in context

Voter fraud is so rare in the UK (and USA) and even if it were to succeed it would have such an infinitesimal impact on election results as compared to the rampant practice of gerrymandering and changing election laws by moving the goal posts to favor the ruling party, like this proposed new ID law which is a blatant copy-cat measure taken from the playbook of the corrupt GOP. This latest transparent Tory wheeze exposes a party bankrupt of ideas with no sense of fairness or morality and only interested in "taking back control" (from the people of Britain). The wheels of karma turn slowly, but these latest ant-democratic measures may backfire to bring the tent down on BoJo's clown show.

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Posted in: 7 students, 1 teacher shot dead at school in Russian city of Kazan See in context

That's some twisted logic, so the school shootings in the US are the result of the Native Americans genocide?

Sorry, but I never intended to establish any logic linking the Kazan school shooting with the gun culture of America which actually does have a logical connection to and historical roots in the subjugation of Native Americans as well as in the legacy of other acts of violence that have impacted the trajectory of American society and left its mark on the character and psyche of the people. I was only thinking of the Russia of today ,a country where the horrific atrocities of the years of Stalinism and the recent Chechen Wars are taboo topics under Putin's violent regime of " state-orchestrated terror", assassination and repression of any criticism, all of which, to put things in perspective, make "small potatoes" of this tragic incident. The point I really meant to make is that Putin's concern for the victims can be no more than pure hypocrisy in light of his transparent purpose of politicizing this incident to boost his "strongman" image.

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Posted in: 7 students, 1 teacher shot dead at school in Russian city of Kazan See in context

A tragedy wherever and whenever a shooting of innocents like this takes place, speaking of which the Russians still have a very long way to go cleaning up their blood-soaked past under Stalin and the mass shootings of Soviet citizens that have never been adequately addressed by Putin and other apologists for Russia's history of the gulags and other atrocities.

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Posted in: Glenn Close on 8 Oscar nods with no wins: I am not a loser See in context

One will come her way in the near future. The failure of Albert Nobbs to garner one was a black eye for the Hollywood arbiters of taste.

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Posted in: Anger in France after 'civil war' warning over Macron's 'concessions' to Islamism See in context

We've seen this all before when the French colonialist army during the Algerian war of liberation were responsible for a body count of a million Arabs and when the pro-Nazi Vichy functionary, Maurice Papon, oversaw the 1961 Paris massacre of Arab protesters, hundreds of whom were killed and their bodies dumped in the Seine. History furnishes overwhelming evidence that militarism attracts humans with a fascist mentality like a magnet iron filings, an inconvenient truth that also applies to the police; the latent violence of these state-sponsored weaponized organizations is naturally papered over and sanitized to permit our pious devotion to the creed of "democracy".

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Posted in: Cautious cuddling? England to OK hugs as lockdown eases See in context

"Cautious" cuddling, as advice from a Johnson who's fathered around 7 kids is comedy gold.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach's visit to Japan being arranged for June: report See in context

According to Shukan Bunshun, the 47 prefectures that hosted the torch relay spent a total of 11.6 billion yen! That's around $106m. What a rip-off.

Yep, when you play with fire, you can really get burned!

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Posted in: Did you think that in March 2020 when the Tokyo Olympics were postponed until this year because of the pandemic, that even 2021 would be too soon to hold the Games? See in context

Just like people, viruses, too, benefit and gain strength from their being underestimated. After a year of living dangerously, Japan's agony is only just beginning and the insular smugness of many will predictably change to panic. Inexplicably, the vaccines are coming too slowly and, for some, too late.

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Posted in: 'No doubt' U.S. has undercounted COVID deaths: Fauci See in context

Undercounting or overcounting is just what all people in positions of power do (and have always done) to cover their backsides or boost their authority and prestige. Deceit is deeply embedded in our (political) genes. The hoodwinked public is far too trusting and gullible because they have no means of holding dissembling governments to account. For democracy to thrive more skepticism of the rational, not paranoid kind, is needed.

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Posted in: Sturgeon: Scotland independence vote matter of when, not if See in context

If Brexit breaks it, then BoJo will own it. Be careful wot you wish for, folks (the little Englanders).

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Posted in: Scottish nationalists vow independence vote after election win See in context

If the independence movement succeeds in Scotland's breaking away to destroy the Union of 1707, it will become the epitaph inscribed on BoJo's Brexit headstone.

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Posted in: Philip Morris to phase out cigarettes in Japan within decade See in context

We've all had to spend a lifetime breathing in the poisonous smoke from these coffin nails with no or little protection of governments which will lock you up in a jiffy for a flake of weed! Try explaining such a contradiction to children!

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Posted in: Bomb kills at least 55 at girls' school in Afghan capital See in context

What twisted minds could plan such savagery?

A pro-Taliban plot, or an anti-Taliban false-flag operation?From now on the women of that benighted land are going to need the support of the world for protection to salvage their well-being and survive with dignity.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head says Bach visit to Japan now unlikely See in context

The view from outside Nippon's "goldfish bowl" looks very different for things Olympic: Bach to the future (without Covid and Japan) is the only way forward!

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Posted in: Biden says he is confident he can meet Putin soon See in context

Putin's opening gambit should be a quid pro quo for Biden: handing over the Russian FSB's Trump Moscow hotel tapes (to break the ice).

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Posted in: Bill to amend law on Constitution revision referendum likely to pass Diet See in context

Japan's LDP-gerrymandered electorate is now being primed by a sneaky legislative tweak to be followed by a vicious turn of the screw on the Constitution which can then be sent straight to the awaiting shredder in the hands of revanchist, right-wing nationalists. Sales of Karl Marx books are not going to be enough to stop the nation's slippery slide down into the depths of the scary abyss of Asian authoritarianism.

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Posted in: Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense See in context

No computers for the kids? One more nail in the coffin of Japanese capitalism?

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

Vox Populi!

But since "the Money" won't listen, only the virus will be able to concentrate the minds of the LDP ditherers to put an end to this long-running Olympic farce.

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