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Posted in: UK leadership hopefuls vow to succeed where May failed on Brexit See in context

Tory Stewart is the sanest and smartest of the lot, but in the midst of the country's Brexit delirium when Bojingo is drumming for a dive into the abyss, it's unlikely that sane will be the choice of the cliff-hanging Tories.

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 I'm the guest of honor at the biggest event that they've had in over 200 years," Trump said.

Sounds like the orange genius is becoming less stable after crossing too many time zones into the future and then leaving his meds on Air-Force One, or is this verbal diarrhea another ominous symptom of Trump's pre-dementia as some have started to whisper?

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Posted in: Johnson stakes leadership claim as Brexit brings down May See in context

The Holy Grail of political chancers, the premiership's poisoned chalice brimful of Brexit unicorns, awaits the next victim to sup from it. Even if Bojingo quaffs it, the chimera of Brexlandia will still elude him and he'll be the numpty dumpty whose great fall will pull down the whole rotten Tory temple of austerity. Corbyn will then have to clean up their mess, but at least he'll be able to count on the help of a relieved and grateful EU to rebuild a Britain for the many.

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Posted in: Trump's visit to focus on personal ties, not substance See in context

As long as Abe has something to offer, like trade with a major economic player, people will be eager to lend an ear. "Respect" and all the b*ttkissing is just the icing on the big Yen. Same goes for big$ Trump except he expects to be treated like an emperor (with no clothes).

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Posted in: U.S. judge deals blow to Trump's border wall plans See in context

Meester Tramp, tear down zat wall!

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Posted in: Pelosi urges Trump family 'intervention' with him over his 'trantrum' See in context

The moron who minted MAGA isn't satisfied with POTUS and now wants to be known as ESGOTUS. It's far too late for a "family intervention". Medical and judicial intervention is the only remedy for a metastasizing megalomaniac.

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Posted in: Trump's visit to focus on personal ties, not substance See in context

Trump and substance? Only works as an oxymoron!

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Posted in: Tearful British PM May says she will resign on June 7 See in context

Good riddance to May, the Tories and the assorted Brexiteers and nationalist loonies they have spawned. Since many MPs are reluctant to take the risk of a second referendum, revocation of Article 50 is the only clean and clear way out of the 3 year impasse that has blighted British society. Corbyn has been keeping his Brexit cards close to his chest, but he'll soon have to show his final hand and throw the Tories' Brexit baby out with its foul bathwater before binning their nauseating and noxious austerity agenda. Schadenfreude in spades!

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Posted in: Clash of the titans: Trump set for sumo showdown See in context

A front row seat for the POTUS is a security risk. If a 150kg sumo wrestler lands on Trump's lap he might even avoid an impeachment, which would be a shame.

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Posted in: Appeals court upholds 'Black Widow' death sentence See in context

Given her age and gender the government probably plans to let her die quietly on death row. Not much political capital to be wrung from executing an old lady with dementia.

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Posted in: U.S. charges WikiLeaks founder Assange with espionage See in context

Strange (or maybe not) how this Reuters report fails to mention that Assange has been charged with violating the 1917 Espionage Act, the most discredited piece of anti-democratic legislation ( bar the 1918 Sedition Act) passed by panicked American politicians , and which after slavery and the decimation of the Native American population and the shameful internment of American citizens of Japanese origins is the most outrageous assault on human rights in the history of the Republic. Assange can expect no more justice than John Walker Lindh, dubbed "The American Taliban" by a jingoistic press, who was railroaded on trumped up charges, put before a kangeroo court and given a draconian 20 yr sentence. The Brits need to stand up to the vindictive right-wing warmongers of Amerika whose war crimes Assange and Manning exposed and refuse to hand him over. Since the treacherous Tories can only fawn, bow and scrape to their Amerikan "friends", it will be up to Prime Minister Corbyn to tell Trump and the Pentagon cabal of war criminals where to shove their Espionage Act.

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Posted in: Former KAT-TUN singer admits to marijuana use See in context

The knee-jerk proscription of cannabis in Japan has a strong correlation to the growing popularity of "kikendoragu" which are far more harmful, even life-threatening. Pot smokers deserve the same rights as tobacco (nasty!) addicts, so let's have more prescription and less proscription of the natural plant products that can help us chill and make our short sojourn on beautiful planet earth more enjoyable.

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Posted in: Former KAT-TUN singer admits to marijuana use See in context

The police mania for prosecuting people for possessing minuscule amounts of cannabis is costing the taxpayers of Japan a pretty penny and is not sustainable in the long run because cannabis is widely used and is gaining acceptance in all developed countries as evidenced by the now unstoppable wave of legalization. The paranoid drug obsessions of the Reiwa "nanny state" fixated on restricting people's freedom to change their consciousness are doomed to failure just like the failed ruinous "war on drugs" waged by a succession of US administrations. "The times they are a-changing even in Japan, but in the meantime, the rule of thumb is, if you want to avoid the risk of getting grassed up in Japan, don't smoke your grass with them.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to avoid trade battle by wooing Trump with pomp See in context

The "safety first" mentality of the Japanese will ensure that they stick with Trump's junk-food menu rather than risking feeding him sushi in case there is a repetition of pappy Bush's unfortunate foray into the Japanese cuisine and Trump ends up barfing over Abe.

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Posted in: Brexit crisis: Minister quits, piling pressure on May See in context

"Brexit", an absurd, blended word and a synonym for "unicorn", was dead as a dodo from the day the result of the referendum was announced. A slim majority was given the false hope and promise that their anger and frustration over a terminally dysfunctional society ravaged by austerity could by sleight of hand be magically transformed into a green and pleasant cloud- cuckoo land simply by returning the country back to the future (circa the 1950s). The rest of Europe has waited patiently for 3 years for the Brits to come out of their self-induced coma, and now at last the people appear to be coming to their senses despite the desperate last ditch efforts of the motley crew of spivs and Tory posh boys led by "head girl" Treeza to keep the blue-dyed wool jammed over the eyes of the electorate.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to avoid trade battle by wooing Trump with pomp See in context

Abe has got to put the money where his mouth is 'cos to paraphrase the immortal Frank Zappa, "brown noses won't make it"!

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Posted in: N Korea state media hits out at 'imbecile' Biden See in context

Donny--turning out to be one of America's best president.

The above is a highly dubious claim despite competition from the gallery of rogues and doofuses who have previously disgraced the White House. After FDR the bar has gotten lower and I still see no proof to the contrary judging from the hapless antics of the mentally unbalanced narcissist with "the biggest brain" and "the best words" whose bromance with Kim Jong Un appears to be bearing fruit if the epithets "imbecile" and "fool of low IQ" speak for both of them. "Sleepy Joe", biding his time, has not yet responded to the fat fratricide's proxy attack. Maybe when he wakes up he'll come out with a zinger and provoke another round of zany rage tweets from Trump to add to his presidential library.

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Posted in: N Korea state media hits out at 'imbecile' Biden See in context

The dotard Donnie must be using dictator Kim as a "cat's paw" to belittle his rival geriatric, "Sleepy Joe" Biden, while N. Korea puts on more rocket displays. Is this proxy invective all part of Trump's "special bond" with "rocket man" Kim?

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Posted in: Austrian government collapses as far right leader caught in video sting See in context

Corruption thrives in the upper echelons of every society because the arrogance of power among the elite is engendered by easy access to emoluments and fed by an insufferable sense of entitlement. Despite the lip service paid to platitudes such as, "equal before the law", they naturally consider themselves to be above the law since they are invariably protected by their "invisible shield" of "untouchability" so that very, very few ever see the inside of a prison cell. However, it is certain that "Small fish" Strache caught in flagrante with his grubby "fingers in the honey pot", as the Germans say, will be one of the rare players to pay a high price for his criminal conduct.

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Posted in: Australia's conservative coalition secures parliamentary majority See in context

Like the old adage "be careful what you wish for", in a democracy the majority deserves what it votes for. The people of Oz will be soon find themselves on a steep learning curve as they are taken for a ride on the roller coaster of the Right. Hold on tight!

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Posted in: Trump tells anti-abortion activists to stay united for 2020 See in context


They chose to be murderers.

According to the latest scientific evidence "free will" must be doubted so it is highly unlikely that murderers do any "choosing". The causes of their violent acts derive from the abnormal functioning of their brains which places their mental abnormalities on the spectrum of psychopathy thus reducing their capacity for empathy. War also kills many innocents, but this fact seems to rarely disturb the conscience of the "sanctity of life" folks or the people responsible for the large-scale loss of life that wars inevitably cause.

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Posted in: Trump tells anti-abortion activists to stay united for 2020 See in context

It's a curious reflection on the workings of the human brain that, as everybody knows, the majority of so-called "pro-life" folks ( a minority opinion in the USA) espouse executions by the state. Can fair, sincere people explain how they can resolve this odd contradiction and still profess their belief in the "sanctity of life" without resorting to hypocrisy or disingenuousness?

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Posted in: Europe's far-right wooing the young See in context


in fact, France's National Front is more Left economically than Macron's party,

Maybe because Marine Le Pen's ideology as leader of the National (Nuremberg?) Rally Party IS NAtional SoZIalist? There is, however, no doubt that numbers matter (too many and the influx too rapid) and the immigration patterns into Europe, especially from the war-traumatized areas of the Middle East and Africa (chickens coming home to roost?), are causing profound unease among wide sections of the population struggling to stay afloat in an ever worsening dysfunctional world economic system where the new bottle of "globalization" now contains the old wine of imperialism. The facts are stark: many of the immigrants and refugees are either unable or unwilling to assimilate in European societies, but they can hardly be blamed. The solution lies in cleaning up the despotic "Augean Stables" of those countries that have driven out their people. Surely most immigrants are yearning to return to their homelands one day to live in peace. The "international community" responsible for much of the mayhem must facilitate the clean up, but for now I'm not holding my breath because fascistic, right-wing elements can see in these social dislocations a golden opportunity to return the disaffected social-media-addled youth of Europe with no understanding of history to "the good old days" of the 1930s "Kulturkampf".

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Posted in: Trump administration rejects subpoena for tax returns See in context

After golf, litigation has always been the Don's favorite pastime, but like everything else it's not something he excels at. Because his butt's protected by his august role as POTUS he can still strut around with his presidential entitlement to be "above the law" while mere mortals like Chelsea Manning are subjected to draconian punishments for defying the bullying demands of a vindictive USDOJ.

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Posted in: Woman pleads guilty to complicity in husband's fatal abuse of their daughter See in context

Many people are complicit in this tragic outcome, a case of child abuse that should not have ended in such a tragedy. The common factor that links all the guilty parties is their socialization into passivity through strict schooling and the vertical structure of Japanese society which produces individuals who are psychologically beaten down and unable to resist bullying by authority figures. Challenging and changing these damaging cultural traits is going to be a long and painful task that only the future generations of young Japanese will be able to accomplish.

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Posted in: Rebels hope to kill off May's Brexit deal in last-chance vote See in context

Wouldn't it be a delicious irony if the Tory lemmings and hardline Brexiters were to help defeat May's unpalatable Brexit fudge, thus bringing about the sudden end to her premiership and leaving the government rudderless to drift off back to the warm embrace of the EU. Fact is, a new Tory leader would not solve the parliamentary impasse, and neither would a general election, except to hand over the Brexit baby to a red-faced Corbyn who would then be put in the uncomfortable position of having to surreptitiously bin the baby. Many pols must have private misgivings about going back to the people lest a second referendum produce the nightmare scenario of a Brexit Groundhog Day. That leaves revocation of Article 50 as the safest and most expedient way for MPs to cover their *sses and get the Brexit monkey off Britannia's back. "Will of the people"? C'est la vie, and so it goes, old chap!

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Posted in: Bolton beats war drums in U.S.-Iran standoff See in context

Much of the animus directed against Iran, a religilous regime of autocrats who have caused great suffering to their people, comes not from concern for the human rights of the Iranian people but from geopolitical considerations of controlling the oil and protecting the state of Israel. It is not anti-semitism to state the truth: Zionists and their enablers in America have a big hand in this murky business.

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Posted in: Psychological studies have proven that sexual abuse victims are sometimes unable to resist, even under circumstances in which it might seem they could put up resistance. See in context

Japanese girls ( and boys, too) are especially vulnerable to abuse by authority figures because they are still socialized military-style in schools to obey and not to question orders. Change will come eventually, but even at the start of Reiwa Japanese youngsters face a steep learning curve.

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Posted in: Sweden reopens rape probe against Assange See in context

Too bad the much maligned Assange isn't a president because then, as everybody knows, he could get away with murder and criticism from the MSM would be reduced to a mumble. Whatever bad stuff he has done in the past is child's play compared to the mayhem created by our world leaders so we can confidently conclude that the furor around Assange is really the case of a courageous individual who has been and continues to be subjected to constant character assassination as part of a vindictive conspiracy of political persecution by the powerful for Wikileaks's holding a mirror up to their unspeakable acts.

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Posted in: Lawmaker expelled from party over remarks about possible war with Russia See in context

It's a no-brainer that getting drunk on alcohol won't produce any innovative ideas for his party. His nutty notion of war with Russia could change into the really innovative policy of peace with Russia if only he would wise up and start smoking something else.

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