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Flynn, fired ostensibly for lying to VP Pence, also lied to the FBI, a crime to which he pleaded guilty. Trump pardoned him no doubt as a rebuke to the "Deep State", the ally of Obama, thus the arch-enemy in the paranoid mind of the 45th. Trump's rationale for the pardon must also surely originate from the psychological jungle in the head of an habitual liar like nobody has ever seen, but who is at the same time sufficiently lucid to see that lying is, as Obama knows, "what they do", as when in 2013 James Clapper, Director of the National Security Agency, lied with impunity to Congress about the illegal surveillance of American citizens. Justice matters, but as the poor and, rich man Trump himself knows, not to those who make the law and live above it. Will Biden fix this?

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The competition for this winter's Darwin Awards in America is going to be unusually severe. Thank you very much, Mr President! The country will always remember what you wrought (while you played golf).

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People with the effrontery to wear such disgustingly ostentatious masks are just begging to have them snatched from their mugs (if they wander outside the confines of their gold-plated world of privilege and conspicuous consumption).

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Posted in: Trump planning to pardon ex-aide Flynn: U.S. media See in context

What about Snowden!

Absolutely! But even sore loser Trump, raging and aching to avenge his humiliating defeat must realize that this ultimate FY act of revenge would be a step too far, a kick in Biden's and the Hillary Dems' tenderest spot as well as an unpalatable affront to the Deep State for which he would be made to pay a high personal price when they all come after him with their carving knives for their pound of flesh in 2021.

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Cancel culture spreads.

And rightly so if it can rid the world of overfed parasitical elites battening on the sweat and suffering of the laboring multitudes as evidenced by the egregious example of the figurehead Thai monarchy and the baleful influence of fascist militarism behind the throne.

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Posted in: Trump planning to pardon ex-aide Flynn: U.S. media See in context

Presidential pardons are a scam, get-out-of-jail free cards for a corrupted elite and their hirelings, and have no place in a true democracy where "nobody is above the law" (lol). This is another slimy rock of America's political racket together with that of the MSM fake news propaganda that the blundering iconoclast Trump turned over with malice aforethought, which is the only discernible "service" to democracy he has rendered, albeit unwittingly. Biden should put an end to the pardon scam, but instead will swiftly clean up Trump's mess so that everyone can pretend they didn't see the corruption Trump exposed.

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The best...is yet...to come!

Unless Biden and the DNC botch it with a Republican-lite plutocrats' party (the conspicuous absence of Bernie and Warren from the guest list is a worrisome sign, but maybe Joe's just bidening his time busy in the backroom with the denizens of Wall St.).

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Posted in: Koike says Japan can host Olympics despite virus spike See in context

Looks like all those vaccines have gone to her head.

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Posted in: Trump vents about election as agencies aid Biden transition See in context

The snapshot of Trump in a trance-like state shows the piggy-eyed face of a person who has already been let go and paid his first "wages of sin" by 80 million American taxpayers.

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The pick is with some reservation a welcome relief from Trump's usual suspects, but what is Biden's bunch going to do to win back those millions of rural and blue-collar class Americans to the side of democracy by creating a "color-blind", more equitable society? Is this doddery darling of the Democrat establishment going to be able to fix all that has been broken by 40 years of willful abandonment and neglect since Reagan first chirped his sunny song of "New Morning Amerika" - "Prouder, Stronger, Better" (chorus - yadda yadda yadda)?

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Posted in: Abe's secretaries, supporters questioned over 2018 dinner function See in context

What's the Japanese for Omertà ? No matter, we can all hear the teeth sucking. And once again get-out-of -jail free cards all round.

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Posted in: Biden names team to steer U.S. foreign policy in post-Trump era See in context

Looks like Biden's cabinet is going to push the envelope (to the right). I hope Biden has not forgotten that he owes his luck in landing his WH job to running against the most incompetent and disliked American president in history. If he gives "progressives" like Sanders and Warren the DNC cold shoulder, he will show himself ungrateful. Fortunately, the Dems may still have one last chance to reboot under President Harris.

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Posted in: Millions of U.S. Thanksgiving holiday travelers defy COVID-19 warnings See in context


In this time of Corona we have been misled by leaders whose ignorance, incompetence and mendacity have cost the gullible dearly.

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Posted in: Millions of U.S. Thanksgiving holiday travelers defy COVID-19 warnings See in context

So what do you think about those leaders who tell us to do one thing while they do the opposite?

Well, this is just what leaders do: hypocrisy and lawbreaking seldom come with any sanction to deter people in power from acting above the law, which is why I watch my parking meters and don't follow leaders, as history and personal experience counsel.

In this time of Corona we have been misled by mendacious leaders whose ignorance, incompetence and have cost the gullible dearly.

The takeaway is clear: if we don't think for ourselves and follow the science, our foolishness and recklessness may lead to sickness and even death.

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Posted in: Millions of U.S. Thanksgiving holiday travelers defy COVID-19 warnings See in context

'Tis the season for Nobels and Darwin Awards. Amor omnia vincit works for a virus, too, (to spread). And sadly, some who refuse to listen to science so they can celebrate Thanksgiving will get a funeral to follow.

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Posted in: Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit See in context

Trump's refusal to admit defeat and concede may appear mad, but there must surely be method in it: perhaps it's difficult to credit a person with his short attention span playing a long game, but fear of incarceration and losing his business empire can work wonders in concentrating a man's mind. His only goal now is to cut the deal of his life, for his life, to obtain a promise of immunity from prosecution from the incoming administration. DON'T DO IT, Mr President-elect!

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Posted in: Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit See in context

Trump is a moron, but Trump and treason is no oxymoron. On January 20th 2021 when the clock strikes 12 noon the FBI should also strike and take him away from his TV set in Trump Tower and into custody.

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The Japanese people had better brace themselves for the stiff bill they will have to pay for the ignorance and incompetence of the ruling elite who once again have refused to accept reality and out of pride and fear prioritized money over lives. Now in the coming weeks we can forget this year's bonenkai and expect burials instead.

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Biden owes Bernie and Warren and all their supporters bigly for their contribution in helping him to book his 2020 record-breaking popular vote. To snub the left-lite political program they have proposed will only alienate the millions who dream of and are eager to work for a better, more inclusive "American Dream", a promise that has soured and turned into a nightmare for the majority after decades of cruel right-wing policies foisted on them by both mainstream parties in the cozy pockets of Amerika Inc.

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Posted in: Fines paid in only 25% of parking offense cases by foreign diplomats See in context

Not a few diplomats display an overweening sense of entitlement and prickly amour-propre although they are just the spoiled pampered factotums and lackeys of politicians. The law needs to be amended to meet the standards of fairness expected of a democracy and mete out punishment to those reprobate diplomats who flout the law with impunity.

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Posted in: Walls close in on defiant Trump See in context

Trump is toast. He'll soon be just a bad memory. America is now moving on, but the ills that spawned him remain. One trope that has been harmful to political maturity is the specter of socialism:

My concern was the radical left,

But what "radical left"? Where? In Amerika? The Left is a chimera, a bogeyman conjured up by the establishment to spook a naive population (72+million) into paroxysms of paranoia and xenophobia . Both parties stand well to the right of even the conservative parties of established European democracies. America has no social democratic party and has consequently now become a dysfunctional plutocracy with a polarized society sickened on right-wing propaganda promoting racism and religiosity.

If Biden continues to do the bidding of the DNC and does not tack left to give the people the health care and jobs they need, want and expect so that they can live their lives with more assurance and less stress and, if he makes no progress on abolishing mass incarceration, curbing police violence and burying the toxic legacy of racism and injustice, then a demagogue smarter and more dangerous than the conman from Queens will come. It is ironic, but symbolically fitting that hope for a better America will likely soon be in the hands of a multi-ethnic woman with an immigrant background. The fairy story continues...

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Posted in: Suga says Go To Travel will continue despite virus resurgence See in context

First, it was "the Tokyo Olympics must go on", but Covid ultimately put the kibosh on that pipe dream. Now it's the economy über alles, innit?

Never mind the bollocks! It's not the economy, stupid! It's a pandemic and, as in time of war, the economy must bite the bullet especially when poor planning and mistakes in taking the necessary preventative measures have been egregious. Further policy errors will inevitably result in even greater economic losses and suffering. As the winter approaches the window to get things right is swiftly closing and failure will mean our only options to control the spread of infection then must run to the draconian.

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Posted in: Georgia hand tally of votes is complete, affirming Biden lead See in context

Well, now Trump will be able to get Georgia off his mind and after a 2 week sulk get back to his duties doing the hard work the American people expect of a real president: getting a staff ghostwriter with a Sharpie to pen his belated concession speech.

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Posted in: Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory See in context

No serious, self-respecting professional would ever want to aid and abet Trump in his blatantly thuggish abuse of power, nor, like ACB, wish to be preferred by an impeached Potus to take a position of responsibility under his disreputable aegis. History will not be kind to those who have sold their services to act as accomplices to a scofflaw of his ilk.

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Posted in: Australian special forces 'unlawfully killed' 39 Afghans: report See in context

The atrocity is fascism by any other name, and therefore forgivable as far as the government is concerned. The lives of "lesser breeds" count for nothing in the macho military creed expected of the watchdogs of state power. This isn't cynicism it's reality confirmed ad nauseam by the historical record in every country so we can expect these cases to drag on and then quietly be laid to rest with some paltry compensation for the victims.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

It won't take a Nostradamus to predict a frightful Covid winter that will carry off many souls and sicken many more. Tokyoites will finally learn that they go out at their peril for pandemics have a nasty habit of sneaking up on us while we are making other plans.

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Posted in: Obama, in memoir, recalls Japan's revolving-door leadership era, bowing to emperor See in context

Obama was the ripened fruit that fell from Amerika's tree of racism and anti-left paranoia, thus unable to rise intellectually above the rigid constraints of home-baked right-wing conservative thought that permeates all institutions and the media in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". As Potus, he was hobbled by fiercely entrenched interests and accomplished little apart from the watered-down sop of Obamacare and bagging a ludicrous Nobel, but the fruit of another particularly rancid growth dropped with a thud so it was hardly his fault when subsequently the Mango Monster emerged out of the fetid swamp of money politics to torment the country for four years. Some of this may be read between the lines of Obama's comments in a recent interview:

“… You mentioned earlier that I’m in some ways a never-Trump conservative. That’s not quite right, but what is true is that temperamentally I am sympathetic to a certain strain of conservatism in the sense that I’m not just a materialist. I’m not an economic determinist. I think it’s important, but I think there are things other than stuff and money and income – the religious critique of modern society, that we’ve lost that sense of community.” 

Translated, Obama wants us to know that he is no marxist materialist and, unlike Bernie and AOC, is just quite content to not rock the boat of capitalism and continue accumulating wealth and upholding the shaky status quo while lamenting that the country has polarized into two camps (of the disenfranchised and disaffected).

Like most politicians Obama has probably only similar platitudes to offer us in his latest ka-ching bestseller so I'll save my money. Ars longa, vita breve, innit?

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Posted in: More than 2,000 daily coronavirus cases reported in Japan for 1st time See in context

This virus is starting to really get up people's noses. Social isolation is the safest way to avoid infection until we get that jab. Front-line and essential workers are the heroes who every day put their lives on the line to prevent social collapse. In the post-Covid world their courage and effort must be acknowledged and rewarded by society.

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Posted in: Doctors, nurses urge Trump to share COVID-19 data with Biden as states tighten restrictions See in context

U.S. doctors and nurses, in a letter published on Tuesday, urged the Trump administration to share critical COVID-19 data with President-elect Joe Biden's transition team...

Data? What data? AWOL Trump hasn't attended a WH Coronavirus Taskforce meeting in the last 5 months and with his notorious short attention span has completely lost the plot (as have 72 million Americans).

After four interminable, wasted years a long period of self-reflection will be required of the American people if they are to recover the republic they almost lost to Trumpism. Biden is not to be envied: he will have his work cut out for him getting a handle on the pandemic and cleaning up the mess left behind by the present rogue administration.

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Posted in: Trump fires agency head who vouched for election security See in context

The unwarranted firing of Mr Krebs will be recorded as one more nail in the coffin of Trump's lamentable legacy. Evidently, Trump in his desperation is now starting to throw his toys out of the pram, even threatening war because he can no longer have his own way. If his deranged conduct continues, he'll end up chewing the carpet in his WH bunker.

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