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Posted in: British Prime Minister Sunak sets July 4 election date as his Conservatives face a likely defeat See in context

I think most would settle for less incompetent.

Which is why Starver's right-wing excuse of a socialist party of the people (lol!) will be elected as an anaemic alternative to the corrupt, incompetent Tories so now it's either the rise of Andrew Feinstein and a united block of independents or the rot in the boroughs will quicken apace, but let's not forget the gaslit voters will need to wake up and cease electing the same old same.

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Posted in: British Prime Minister Sunak sets July 4 election date as his Conservatives face a likely defeat See in context

Sunak's back has been against the wall from the day he got into No 10. His certain demise as leader taking down with him the corpse of the Conservatives only to be replaced by default in the discredited shape of a Labour Party purged of all left-wing Jews by Zionist Keir Starver and his Tory-lite right-wing cabal. The only sign of hope for the country's resurrection lies in the challenge to Starver's seat by the brilliant Andrew Feinstein, South African son of a Holocaust survivor and colleague of Nelson Mandela. Throwing Sir Keir out on his ear followed by a large block of populist independents busting apart the Establishment's cozy duopoly will be the only way forward to revive the UK's sickened body politic.

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Posted in: Norway, Ireland and Spain say they will recognize Palestinian state, deepening Israel's isolation See in context

Since 1967 America has had its chance on many, many occasions to make the recalcitrant, land-hungry Zionists an offer they couldn't refuse, but money and domestic politics (AIPAC) tied the grasping hands of power-hungry politicians in an unholy alliance that has inevitably brought this massacre down on the heads of a defenseless civilian population after the first Nakba of 1948. It's now time for a long-overdue rectification and so others have begun to step up to the plate to do the right thing that folks from the "Home of the Brave" chickened out of. Bravo Norway, Ireland and Spain! You will give courage to others to defy the cruel "Uncle" in Washington.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought again in retrial of 88-year-old man acquitted of 1966 murders See in context

The psychopathology of humans who are able to fit themselves as square pegs into the round rabbit holes of officialdom where admitting mistakes, not to speak of crimes, saying sorry, paying out compensation and, horror of horrors, facing accountability and going to jail themselves for lying, cover-ups and criminal conduct, is a universal "phenomenon" and a problem that not even democratic systems of government have been able to fix. Hakamada Iwao's calvary is a monument to injustice and inhumanity that will surprise no adult who has ever opened and looked inside the black book of our species' history.

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Posted in: U.N. halts all food distribution in Rafah after running out of supplies in southern Gaza city See in context

We can see Netanyahu's calculated starvation of Gazans still on track walking like a war crime despite the warnings and instructions of the ICJ. The genuine emotion in Biden's voice when he declared the request of ICC arrest warrants to be "outrageous" contrasts so clearly with his calm demeanor on the very rare occasions when he opines on or "commiserates" with the dead, maimed and traumatized victims of his bombs and bullets and starvation by Netanyahu. Biden says you can't equate the government of Israel with Hamas. He's righter than he knows, but the world isn't buying his bull. You don't need a higher education to read a person's body language, and emotional tone of voice - just possessing humanity will suffice.

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Posted in: Trump doesn't testify as defense rests case See in context

I don't like ex-presidents who refuse to testify in their own defense. To spell it out: G-U-I-L-T-Y (as sin). And especially a loony-tunes wannabe "Fuehrer" who wants to "unify the Reich".

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder Assange wins right to appeal against extradition order to U.S. See in context

The UK government's sadistic treatment of Julian Assange who exposed US government war crimes (unpunished) has been a textbook case of injustice based on hypocritical double standards, the MO of all frightened government officials desperate to dodge the bullet of accountability. This same pattern of lawlessness has now after decades of cover-ups finally come to light in the biggest scandal in the history of the NHS: the deliberate sale and purchase of contaminated blood products that cost the lives of many thousands. These unscrupulous are beyond the pale and the reach of the law to boot.

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Posted in: Ex-college employee gets 23 years for raping drugged students See in context

The public needs protection from the likes of Tsuura, but speaking of this world's concept of justice, 23 years is a harsh sentence when so many others in positions of high office get away with murder. Perspective matters.

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince puts off Japan trip due to king's health See in context

Better a king with dementia than a psycho prince with a saw. Hope the king hangs in.

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Posted in: Airstrike kills 27 in central Gaza and fighting rages as Israel's leaders are increasingly divided See in context

What do Israel need with 3000 bomb,they put Gaza in the stone age

And the Israelis have proved again and again that they and their moneyed backers have a stone-age mentality before moral compasses were invented. Palestine will arise from the rubble stronger than ever in spirit with a strength that will create for Arabs and Jews one country from the river to the sea. The death rattle of Zionism we can now hear will be music to the ears of the world and welcomed by all good Jews.

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Posted in: Jesus is their savior, Trump is their candidate. Ex-president's backers say he shares faith, values See in context

All this shows that the human brain is a "piece of work", but not in the laudatory Shakespearean sense. History amply proves that "ordinary", "normal" folk are truly scary, who besides worshipping their gods, will also vote for tyrants. The sooner Trump is locked up for his serial lawbreaking, the safer the future of American democracy.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

While known for her efforts to further gender equality...

(while advancing her political career, perchance?)

"Hang 'em high", or rather "drop 'em down" Kamikawa is also known for her efforts to clear death rows so she is hardly a person qualified to lecture women on what a human life is worth. Even murderers have mothers.

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince seeks soft power in game hub Japan See in context

So the "saw power" MBS now wants "soft power" and according to analyst Toto,

"Japanese companies might face lower "moral hurdles" to doing deals with Saudi Arabia, which "doesn't have that super bad image that it has in the West".

Well, say what you will, the prince got away with murder under hypocritical Western eyes practiced in the etiquette of looking away from heinous crimes committed by members of their exclusive international fraternity so the Japanese need not fear to tread in the footsteps of MBS's softly, softly "rehabilitation" paved with sticky oil dollars and blood.

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike said at a ceremony for the maiden flight. "I look forward to flying cars becoming a normal means of transportation."

She has the infantile mind and shallow vision that every successful politician needs. Flying cars will be immediately weaponized by governments to patrol, surveil and control. Freedom? End of! Oh, and anti-government rebels will be able to operate them, too (might work to keep government misrule in check?). And it's a no brainer that flying cars for use by the general public would create a waking nightmare of anxiety every time we step outside or even lie in our beds at night. This will be a world I have no desire to be a part of.

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Posted in: Fierce fighting in northern Gaza as aid starts to roll off U.S.-built pier See in context

The Israelis have been very, very successful in owning the definition of "anti-semitism" and "genocide" gaslighting the world into equating the former with any criticism of the Israeli government / Zionist ethno-state and the latter with gas chambers and ovens. That stuff worked well until technology showed the world the reality of the "G" word.

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Posted in: Fierce fighting in northern Gaza as aid starts to roll off U.S.-built pier See in context

"Tanks and planes are wiping out residential districts and markets, shops, restaurants, everything. It is all happening before the one-eyed world," 

Aye, an evil eye to be sure, while the "blind" eye wide shut of the Western world hiding in its loathsome bed of corruption and hypocrisy pretends not to see all the cynical murder and mayhem that will mark this era with the brand of Cain and provide another history-textbook "never again" warning to future generations. Karma aka the law of unintended consequences will repay all those responsible for this 7-month brutal and sadistic revenge campaign to terrorize Palestinians by making Gaza uninhabitable and stealing more land from the West Bank. Anyone who has read the history of the 20th century will know where the playbook for such pitiless Zionist ruthlessness comes from: its unchanging fanatical aim has always been to break all resistance to decades of a slow-mo ethnic cleansing with its endless rinses and repeats. As long as the Palestinians accepted their subjugation in silence the money-making "friends" of Israel were happy to leave them in the oubliette of their misery and degradation, but now after the intifada of October 7, the West's merciless response has awakened the conscience of humanity informed by the social media that give short shrift to government lies, propaganda and gaslighting.

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Posted in: Multiple women accuse illusionist David Copperfield of sex misconduct: report See in context

Now who'd a thunk it of DC? Why did it take so long for the suspected serial molester to be accused of what can often happen when women are drawn to the brightly burning flame of money and fame? Drugging his prey, if true, doesn't sound like grounds for leniency. Will Copperfield go the way of Weinstein or will he be able to work his magic to escape from these serious accusations that will end his career as an illusionist? Even Houdini wouldn't be able to wriggle out of a bad #ME TOO rap that is able to pull the receipts out of a hat.

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Posted in: Slovakia's populist prime minister shot multiple times in attempted assassination See in context

Fico a "populist" (cute euphemism du jour for fascist)? If so, don't say democracy in the same breath. Do say, "Sic semper (wannabe) tyrannis!"

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Posted in: Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah; battles rage in northern Gaza See in context

Restating Wallace's cogent point: was the American Civil War with over 600,000 dead a genocide? The subjugation of native Americans certainly was. Apply this criteria to what the Israelis have been doing to the Arab-speaking semitic population since 1948. QED.

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Posted in: 'Dictator douchebag': Estranged Trump lawyer Cohen grilled over public insults See in context

Ad hominem attacks on key witness Cohen is an egregious bottom-of-the barrel-scraping strategy of a defense with no legs to stand on, all because their client orange elephant in the room refuses to speak up in his own defense, a course of action any blameless man would eagerly want a chance to use in order to appeal his innocence to a jury of his peers.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 90-year-old father, says he was worn out from caring for him See in context

The Japanese state washing its hands of the welfare of retired workers must also bear responsibility for this tragedy. This is the unacceptable face of capitalist Wa.

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Posted in: Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah; battles rage in northern Gaza See in context

The game plan of the IDF (taken out of the drawer on October 7 and obvious from the very start) has been to take Gaza apart section by section. The destruction of Rafah is the final piece in the puzzle for those who haven't yet sussed out the Zionist "Operation Lebensraum". Where is the ICJ now? What's been holding up the folks from the ICC?

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Posted in: Ex-interpreter for MLB star Shohei Ohtani pleads not guilty to bank and tax fraud See in context

The folks who assigned Mizuhara to Ohtani as an interpreter must bear some responsibility. The Dodgers mustn't be allowed to dodge their share of the scandal: if they are in any way to blame, they should step up to the plate to compensate Ohtani for his losses.

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Posted in: Misery deepens in Gaza's Rafah as Israeli troops press operation See in context

This in-the world's-face mass murder and sadistic destruction of Gaza has already trivialized and dishonored the memory of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Warsaw uprising against the German occupying army. The wise Jewish commander in the resistance, Marek Edelman, a doctor and a courageous fighting hero, who said that Jews are always on the side of the oppressed, never on the side of the oppressors will be turning in his grave as the Israelis turn Gaza into a desert and call it peace, not to mention the brutal colonization of the West Bank.

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Posted in: Star witness Michael Cohen directly implicates Trump in testimony at hush money trial See in context

But prosecutors’ reliance on a witness with such a checkered past — Cohen pleaded guilty to federal charges related to the payments — also carries sizable risks with a jury...

LOL! Cohen's "checkered past" is amateur hour compared to the sleazy track record of corruption of his erstwhile scofflaw boss whose serious addiction to litigation and recorded 60,000 lies and counting since 2016 (not according to Hamas) would disqualify him in a job interview for a dog catcher.

Defense lawyers have teed up a bruising cross-examination of Cohen, telling (GASLIGHTING) jurors during opening statements that he's an “admitted liar” with an “obsession to get (EX-) President Trump.” Besides portraying him as untrustworthy, they’re also expected to cast him as vindictive, vengeful and agenda-driven.

LOL! Pure Trumpian projection by court performing hirelings with their own agenda - a mirror image of their infamous client already known as a vindictive, vengeful and agenda-driven (a wannabe dictator) to every American with a pulse (even to the MAGA crowd who are aware of but look past the deeply flawed, twisted character of their "retribution"). When Cohen is done with his testimony, you can stick a fork in 45. The big question will then be, "where will he serve next year? In jail or in the White House?"

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Posted in: Indian election enters fourth phase as rhetoric over religion, inequality sharpens See in context

Modi is bad news for Muslims.

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Posted in: Indonesia's Prabowo reiterates 'Asian Way' to defuse tension, Al Jazeera says See in context

No good will ever come from Prabowo's rise from the blood-stained gutter of his atrocities and corruption to the highest office in the land. Indonesians will regret their overlooking his track record of violence and indulging his openly fascist mentality that will set back Indonesia still struggling to recover from his ex-father-in-law's 31-year brutal and corrupt dictatorship as the people tread the long and winding road to a modern democracy.

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Posted in: Roger Corman, Hollywood mentor and 'King of the Bs,' dies at 98 See in context

Roger Corman's creativity, passion and love of film art made of this larger than life figure a Hollywood legend that will never die. RIP.

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Posted in: Israel moves deeper into Rafah and fights Hamas militants regrouping in northern Gaza See in context

As Israeli tanks penetrate deeper into Rafah, more buildings are bombed and more innocent people die beneath the rubble, the fact remains that, strategically at least, Netanyahu and his right-wing allies have caused so much death and destruction that their cause has been lost in the eyes of the majority of mankind. Don't people have a right to resist (aka defend themselves for those with an allergy to the "R" word)? The level of hate and thirst for revenge among the people of Gaza, the West Bank and Arabs living in Israel must be off the charts by now as will be levels of PTSD among Israelis who have perpetrated war crimes or even only witnessed the sight of atrocities, especially against women and children. Israelis don't yet know the heavy price the will have to bear for their sadistic butchery. Meanwhile, the world is still waiting to learn the truth of what really happened on and around October 7. One thing is certain - those who do know have ignoble reasons for their silence and keeping their dark government secrets safe from scrutiny by the people of the world.

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Posted in: Diet enacts law to create economic security clearance system See in context

How about the bigger problem of economic security for the people of Japan threatened by further depredations at the hands of exploiting capitalists protected by an uncaring political class?

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