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Posted in: U.S. official denies knowing Ukraine aid linked to Biden probe See in context

The silence of Bolton, Giuliani, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Lev and Igor et al. and, above all, "the man who started it all" (who is frantically trying to tweet his way out of his imminent comeuppance), is deafening. Clear-headed folk know the score; as one Republican of the old school once put it:  "you cannot fool all the people all the time".

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Posted in: U.S. official denies knowing Ukraine aid linked to Biden probe See in context

The House impeachment hearings have exposed the phony "patriotism" of the Republican inquisitors attempting unconvincingly to impugn the patriotism of witnesses testifying to the disadvantage of the despotic dunce. This scurrilous Republican slanderfest only confirms Dr Johnson's famous apothegm: "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."

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Posted in: Johnson, Corbyn square off in 1st UK election debate See in context

Haven't heard the "debate", but that's all right because it's clearly a simple choice between decency and indecency, although, unfortunately, even this no brainer is too hard for many punters to get their heads round. As the late, lamented Frank Zappa explained: “There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.”

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Posted in: Conservatives submit ex-imperial member restoration proposal to Abe See in context

Whether "conservatives" like it or not, ultimately it will be the people of Japan who decide the future of their Emperor system.

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Posted in: North Korea says it won’t give Trump a summit for free See in context

Just like Zelenskiy, Junior Kim loves Rump's "a$$", too, but he's not been getting any quid for his quo from the old windbag and so now he's beginning to realize that everywhere Trump goes there's trouble.

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Posted in: China tells U.S., Britain to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs See in context

Chinese fascism like all the others has an in-built self-destruct mechanism. Hong Kong has triggered it and the clock is now ticking.

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Posted in: Trump's doctor dismisses speculation of chest pain See in context

Healthwise it's all downhill to Mar a Hospitalo for Trump who will have to watch the 2020 election from his bed (in the pen?).

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Posted in: Trump says he will 'seriously consider' testifying in impeachment inquiry See in context

Fool me once...

At the last moment ole Bonespurs will chicken Kiev out of it.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Just a "drop in the ocean" appears to be the reassuring message of the ministry, but although I don't understand the science of it all, as a precaution I wouldn't want to swim in the vicinity. And just imagine if Godzilla were to rise from the ocean off Fukushima, I reckon that would finally spell the end of the LDP's long-running tragi-comedy.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters See in context

lock the UNI down, nobody leaves unless in handcuffs, no food in, cut off water and block all cell communication ,the whole game will be done very fast.

Herr Einz, cutting and pasting from Mein Kampf again?

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Posted in: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters See in context

From leaked documents we now have proof of the cruelty and utter ruthlessness of the Xi Jinping regime which has for months been trying to stamp on the face of HK with its Beijing jackboot. The courage of the young people resisting body and soul the imposition of Chinese-style fascism will never be forgotten in the annals of history. In contrast, what a cowardly lot are the so-called "international community" who don't have the cojones to issue Xi and his henchmen a one-way ticket to the Hague.

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Posted in: Folau claims Australia's bushfires 'God's judgement' for gay marriage See in context

Folau can be forgiven for his foolish beliefs since the poor boy clearly completely missed out on a science education. I hope one day he will acquire some of the scientific knowledge needed to comprehend the wonders of the real world and the miraculous reality of life and the universe revealed by the microscope and telescope.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Natch! That must be why it was decided from the start to put the nuclear power station there by the beach. Foresight!

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Posted in: Democrats invite Trump to testify in impeachment inquiry See in context

There is no way Trump would want or be able to appear to give testimony given the poor condition of his mental health. Trump's trouble is that he cannot do the job of a president because he's never had a real job and lacking acting skills he can't even "act presidential". Because of his learning difficulties he never discovered how to read and write and has shown himself to be incapable of learning on the job by listening to others and taking advice. Consequently the "Deep State" has decided to take him out. From now on Trump can only twist and turn on their hook.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters unleash stash of petrol bombs; Chinese soldiers clear roads See in context

What would happen to them if even one petrol bomb is thrown at police officers there?

Yes, the bloody history of the United States is testimony to the ruthlessness of the individuals running the American government. In the final year of the West Virginia "Mine War" in 1921 they attempted to bomb rebellious miners from the air. The overwhelming resources of government usually prevail when a people rises up. When not, it's called a revolution and enters the history books, innit?

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Posted in: China says outspoken Australian lawmakers should repent See in context

Repent? The overly sensitive Chinese ruling class are so cute, not.

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Posted in: Pence aide said Trump's Ukraine phone call was 'unusual and inappropriate' See in context

Zelensky said he didn't feel any pressure.

They all say that! The question is who believes 'em? According to the Ukrainian press Trump started putting pressure on Zelenskiy 2 WEEKS before he was inaugurated. Big mistake! Zelenskiy is a VERY smart guy who got his job training as a TV comedian playing the President of the Ukraine in contrast to impostor Trump who doesn't even know how to ACT as a real POTUS, because he hasn't learned any skills apart from spending his daddy's inheritance. Trump thought he could run the presidency just winging it without the help of others. One by one the overlooked members of his team will come out of the woodwork to testify against him and put a merciful end to the most disastrous presidency in our lifetime.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters unleash stash of petrol bombs; Chinese soldiers clear roads See in context

Throwing deadly fire bombs/Molotov cocktails at ANYONE is a invitation for an equally deadly response in return.

As the great French director, Jean Renoir, famously put it, “The truly terrible thing is that everybody has their reasons.” “The real hell of life is everyone has his reasons.” Hence the increasingly violent response of the Hong Kongers to the state violence and oppression blocking their path to the freedoms to which ALL people have a RIGHT and aspire and which no government has a right to deny for any reason whatsoever.

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Posted in: Man arrested for rape 4 days after statute of limitations expired See in context

So many folks from Prince Andrew, Trump to this miserable rapist dish up the unbelievable claim that they "don't remember" the women they have used when everybody knows that a human lifetime is so short making it impossible to forget any of these encounters.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters unleash stash of petrol bombs; Chinese soldiers clear roads See in context

The smarter HK sheep have figured out that it's a bad idea to let Chinese wolves protect them so inevitably there will be blood. This is how history is made. Get over it.

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Posted in: Trump pardons Army officers, restores Navy SEAL's rank, in war crimes cases See in context

Using his favorite ploy of handing out get-out-of-jail-free cards is just another attempt by the desperate Trump to change the news cycle and distract attention from his personal problems. As if this clueless "armchair general" had any knowledge or understanding of these war crime cases.

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Posted in: Ousted ambassador felt threatened; Trump assails her anew See in context

Ambassador Yovanovich displaying a presidential level of professionalism in her credible testimony that cast the low-life impostor in the Oval Office in a very bad light, put a very human face to the personal cost paid by innocent individuals ensnared in the the Machiavellian chicanery and criminality of Trump, Ghouliani, Lev and Igor and their ilk. That the shameless Trump had the audacity to interfere by twitter during the hearing says everything about the rotten, rancid content of his character and, like many other people, I wonder how on earth Trump's supporters can still stand before their own flesh and blood and with a straight face explain and defend the indefensible?

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Posted in: University entrance exam to test reading, listening for English See in context

an absurd curriculum and ridiculous expectations

Nuff said.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Biden 'rabid dog' that 'must be beaten to death' See in context

After North Koreans beat a dog to death they eat it. I would pass on Biden and I hope the Dems do.

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows less than expected in third quarter See in context

Resorting to lazy, unimaginative economic policies like shaking down the consumer by increasing consumption taxes does not good "fundamentals" make. The LDP honchos have plainly entered their dotage and are simply FUBAR.

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Posted in: Trump impeachment hearings focus on Ukraine pressure campaign See in context


Haha, and guaranteed you would NOT say that had he said there WAS quid pro quo.

You are absolutely correct! Because that joke wouldn't be funny at all, which is why impeachment and not laughter is the only legitimate response.

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Posted in: Abe's mission unaccomplished: Pushing to revise Japan's pacifist charter See in context

The poor arguments of Abe's apologists, riddled with absurd claims and non-sequiturs, have been soundly demolished on this thread by the logical, fact-based refutations of posters who believe in speaking truth to power. When will they ever learn?

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Posted in: Trump impeachment hearings focus on Ukraine pressure campaign See in context

The Ukrainian president himself said that there was no quid pro quo, implicit or explicit.

Well, what do you expect? The Ukrainian president is a comedian! And in the Ukraine he's not called "Monica" Zelenskiy because Trump never abused his power and status to take advantage of a comedian and neophyte politician to try and make him turn a trick for $400 million, a payment that didn't come out of the unscrupulous tightwad's own pocket.

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Posted in: Protesters blockade universities, stockpile makeshift weapons as chaos grips Hong Kong See in context

The chaos in HK exposes the rotten underbelly of anti-democratic power politics when arrogant rulers turn a deaf ear to the thunderous voice of the people and refuse to meet the simple DEMANDS of millions of citizens. Such cruel, craven politicians hiding their cowardly ambitions and personal interests behind the police and army deserve no sympathy and no mercy.

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Posted in: What changes would you like to see in Japan's English education system? See in context

Students have to spend more time on their English studies with a focus on reading (interesting materials) and writing. To do so the study load must be reduced (cutting out some other subjects). In schools the absurd number of hours wasted on bukatsu has to be drastically reduced. Learning a language requires TIME + passion (curiosity / interest). In Singapore students read English for pleasure, in Japan only for benkyo and exams. Japanese can't communicate by speaking because they have no vocabulary (which can only be acquired by reading, reading, reading and writing).

Communication (words + culture) is like sushi (rice+fish) Japanese English studies are soooo boring focused as they are on grammar and language to the neglect of culture in its broadest sense (neta) and its fascinating and fundamental connection to language. Much more can be said and done on changing English education, but the Japanese proverb suki koso mono no jozu nare (if you like something, you'll become good at it) is the no-brainer starting point for learning any language.

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