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Posted in: Biden says democracy survived Capitol riot because of police See in context

Typically, the disingenuous Biden omitted the other half of the story: "Saved by the police" were those of his fellow politicians who put themselves on record that day as betraying democracy and the American people. Meanwhile, MG's DOJ, true to Amerika's two-tier "justice" system, seems only to be showing interest in going after the insurrectionist low-hanging fruit of the delusional MAGA people.

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Posted in: Authorities call fatal stabbing of UK lawmaker terrorist act See in context

@ itsonlyrocknroll

Thanks for your understanding. I was merely trying to put this killing in a context deeper than just a superficial kneejerk "act of terrorism" trope that stops people from thinking any further about the personal circumstances of the assassin driving him to this heinous deed. I feel the deepest sympathy for Mr Amess's bereaved wife and five children. No offense was intended and I hope we're still JT "friends".

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Posted in: Authorities call fatal stabbing of UK lawmaker terrorist act See in context

@ itsonlyrocknroll

Admittedly, my post is all speculation, but that is all anyone can do at this point. I have since heard the perpetrator is of Somali origin and may have been politically motivated so it looks like a terrorist incident, which does not invalidate my inference that, ruling out a personal connection to the victim, no murder of a politician or public figure occurs in a vacuum, ie., political motives always lurk in the background, but so does mental derangement. Why this particular politician was targeted remains to be seen; it may have been planned or a random act. There is no doubt in my mind that the people of the UK have been suffering under great strain from all the myriad consequences of Covid , Brexit, and the egregious incompetence and gross irresponsibility of the "despicable, contemptible" political class who, with their callous, inhumane policies, have on a regular basis stooped even lower than I have with my "wild" speculations.

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Posted in: Authorities call fatal stabbing of UK lawmaker terrorist act See in context

A second senseless homicidal attack on an MP , a terrible tragedy for his grieving family, and a symptom of the strain on the national psyche brought about by the heavy toll of Covid and the consequences of Brexit on the population, affecting first the mentally deranged who might be viewed as the canaries in society's cage. This murder will darken further the mood of the UK that may already be entering its "Weimar" period of social and political turbulence.

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Posted in: Kishida to seek economic growth before redistributing wealth See in context

The LDP can't change its capitalist spots while all the Japanese do is vote for them again and again just waiting for Godot.

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Posted in: Tokyo court disrupted by hundreds of maskless anti-vaxxers See in context

Social media in the hands of the ignorant seem to be on a metastasizing trajectory, turning democracies into idiocracies. Scary stuff!

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Posted in: Tokyo court disrupted by hundreds of maskless anti-vaxxers See in context

Uh? Several hundred Japanese? Demonstrating and protesting? Either something must be getting bigly serious, or else it's just an infectious Trumpy meme picked up from social media. What goes around comes around!

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Posted in: UK police won't act against Prince Andrew over sexual assault claim See in context

"she said, HE said". 'Nuff said! (said the police spokeswoman, not)

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Posted in: Japan opposition pledges to tax the rich in election platform See in context

First, start with the consumption tax and get rid of those pesky 1 yen coins. Then open Pandora's box, empty the piggy banks of all the hidden loot from around the world and lock them up. Trim the pork and waste from government programs not forgetting to cut the budget for the military. Finally, revise tax laws to introduce some "Robin Hood" taxes on the "undeserving" rich.

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Posted in: Clooney rules out political career See in context

Argue your point, clearly, challenge, don't cancel.


Two is the number of times the Republicans had the chance to get the knuckleheaded homunculus off their backs, to redeem themselves as patriots and loyalists to the Constitution, but it's too late now and he's fast growing into a political Golem that will run amok through America's party politics turning all precedent upside down, unless he is stopped (not "cancelled") by the DOJ: indicted, given a fair trial and then JAILED. Clooney, accustomed to a comfortably sybaritic life, knows he's not up to the job of going against the swelling tide of the MAGA millions, and neither, it seems, is Biden who is facing the real danger of the clock running out in 2022. Alarm bells should be ringing before he paves his way to the White House with a never-ending tour of Trumprallies that will metastasize in America's body politic.

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Posted in: Why improvisation is the future in an AI-dominated world See in context

While we humans obsess over the threat AI, the natural environment and bio-diversity are threatened with an Anthropocene holocaust that could result in a self-inflicted "Final Solution" for mankind (and robots, to boot).

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Posted in: Clooney rules out political career See in context

The "knucklehead" who would be Potus again needs to be stopped in his tracks asap, but Clooney knows its not his thing to "save America" from itself: he and his spouse are too smart to ruin their comfortable lives by wading into the Washington swamp.

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Posted in: McCartney says Lennon responsible for Beatle breakup See in context

If Paul remembers John just walking in and announcing he was "out" as the simple reason for the Beatles break up, Macca may have smoked too much marijuana affecting his memory.

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Posted in: Japan may exempt Australian troops in joint drills from death penalty See in context

Since history records that governments of all stripes are wary of prosecuting war crimes (except for political expediency), it's not at all surprising that exceptions to eligibility for capital punishment would be given by Japanese officials to allied Australian soldiers committing crimes while "doing their dooty", once again offering proof that there are no limits to the hypocrisy of government bodies ever willing to sacrifice principles and morality on the altar of politics and self-interest. And might another angle be that the Japanese are sensitive to the dark legacy of the last war and feel they need to tread lightly with the Aussies who have never forgotten the atrocious treatment the Japanese gave their Australian POWs in WW2?

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Posted in: University exec arrested over diversion of funds to dummy firm See in context

For these rightwing geezers mixing bizness with politics paving the way to corruption is just par for the course. Yabu must have learned something about embezzling and kickbacks playing with Trump's golfing bro, Abe, kicking the ball back onto the fairway and other knavish tricks.

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Posted in: Report touts benefits of second jobs for workers, firms See in context

Less sleep for us, more taxes for them.

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Posted in: Russian authorities expand list of 'foreign agent' media See in context

The award of a Nobel to Novaya Gazeta's Muratov will help put the valuable work of Russia's courageous journalists on the radar for all the world to learn what is happening in Putin's Potemkin Village of democracy. The English translation version of the newspaper is in the main serviceable and can be highly recommended to all who wish to mend their ignorance of Russia, the monster matryoshka state that still may be defined as "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma".

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Posted in: Premier League club Newcastle bought by Saudi sovereign fund See in context

Given the Toon is short on both bread and circuses, it was inevitable that money would trump morality. After all, successive UK governments capitulated on (lack of) principle to Arab oil and, more than just closing their eyes to the crimes against humanity committed by Arab despots, actively participated in profiting from all the ensuing death and destruction. I suppose most Newcastle fans will be singing from the same song sheet: Let the Games Begin! Political Economy 101: pleasing the plebs means profits.

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Posted in: Trump hotel lost $70 mil despite millions in foreign business See in context

The optics show the sun is setting on the tawdry empire of America's real estate Ozymandias, Trump, with his toxic brand and all his knavish tricks. Another bankruptcy of the twice-impeached "stable" "bizness genius" will perhaps convince his 70 million followers and fox friends they can be wrong.

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Posted in: Trump to invoke executive privilege in Jan 6 House probe See in context

That Trump is still at large, free to spout more lies and dangerous nonsense while the DOJ sits on its hands, shows down what dark paths Americans' Potus-worship can take the country merely with a nod and a wink from a self-interested ruling political establishment that privileges entitlement over justice. Treating those who were once employed as presidents as royalty makes a mockery of the principle "equal before the law". Letting Trump get away with "executive privilege" is tantamount to setting impunity in stone. It seems Americans never learn in school the wisdom of some of the more enlightened "Founding Fathers":

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.

(Thomas Jefferson)


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Posted in: Tanzanian Abdulrazak Gurnah awarded Nobel literature prize See in context

 Gurnah is of Arab origin, so his background is that of the oppressor, a fact which the bios miss, it seems. 

Given that the "background" of the majority of mankind is that of an oppressor (non-African Americans, an egregious example?) only a closer acquaintanceship with Gurnah's life and work will enable us to make a balanced, reasonable judgment for ourselves. In the meantime, I'm heartened to learn of GBR48's personal testimony to the laureate's integrity and decency as a human being. And let's not forget that children are in no way responsible for the sins of their fathers.

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Posted in: Tanzanian Abdulrazak Gurnah awarded Nobel literature prize See in context

A well-deserved Nobel for the great novelist, Abdulrazak Gurnah, that can be shared by all Africans of the diaspora and on the continent itself. The non-African world needs to wake up and take more seriously the needs of their African brothers and sisters and give them more assistance to help bring development, democracy, peace and prosperity to their countries. This Nobel should be a wake-up call for all the world that now is the hour of BLM. The centuries of cruel discrimination must end and black faces must become an everyday, familiar sight in every nation on "Planet Nomadland". Tear down those walls!

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Posted in: Daniel Craig on bidding Bond goodbye in 'No Time to Die' See in context

No more Bond but Craig is a lifelong Liverpool fan.

And apparently a horse-racing man. Once caught a glimpse of him casually walking down the street of his hometown to the Chester races, held at the oldest horse-racing course in the world.

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Posted in: Johnson says UK will emerge from Brexit, pandemic as more productive and dynamic nation See in context

They certainly knead the dough.

HaHa! That's a British zinger!

Thanks for the coffee-spitting laff of the day!

Meanwhile, the red-wall cheese-eating surrender monkeys will soon come unstuck treading the oleaginous Tory treacle of Brexit and gorging on Boris' porkies.

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Posted in: Johnson says UK will emerge from Brexit, pandemic as more productive and dynamic nation See in context

British cakes are exceedingly good.


Britain still leads the world in baking.

Debatable. (German confectionery is also a contender)

The trouble is Bojo keeps telling the country they can bake their own Brexit cake and eat it, a proposition that is becoming manifestly hard to swallow as the harsh light of reality shines on the gaslit kingdom that becomes ever more insulated and disunited by the day.

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Posted in: Daniel Craig on bidding Bond goodbye in 'No Time to Die' See in context

Congratulations to Daniel Craig on his overdue retirement from the tux and cashing in with his lucrative, but professionally unsatisfying 007 role! He's a genuine bloke, unlike the absurd Boy's Own fantasy hero he played till he was sick of it. I'm glad he became a face of Britain to the world (almost helps us to forget the bungling blimp from No 10) and I look forward to seeing him play some really challenging roles in the future that will allow him to show us his serious acting chops.

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Posted in: Johnson says UK will emerge from Brexit, pandemic as more productive and dynamic nation See in context

“You wouldn’t have seen this even 10, 15 years ago, the north turning out in such droves to support the Conservative Party,” said Max Darby, a delegate who was born in the northern England town of Scunthorpe. “I think Boris has to be doing something right if people like me are more than happy — in fact proud — to vote Conservative.”

Wazzock Max, like many of his deluded "Friends in the North", will wake up mortal and out of fettle the day they finally realize they've been dunched by their wadded marra Bojo with his gaslightin' rhetoric that's as empty as their petrol pumps.

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Posted in: Some girls return to school as Taliban seek to manage image See in context

Very little past indicators to believe that the Taliban will embrace modern science and education in place of superstition and ignorance. When you base all your views on a book that's around 1400 years old, all your gonna have is ignorance and superstition.....

Your grounds for pessimism are understandable, but I've always found hope to be the best salve for the painful horrors stemming from human ignorance because our world is governed by inexorable universal laws of perennial change and transformation that puny mankind may not defy.

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Posted in: The reality of coronavirus home care: 'Disaster medicine' See in context

Dr Sasaki don't need his mama to tell him "disaster medicine is as disaster capitalism does."

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Posted in: Israeli military chief hints of covert action against Iran See in context

Following the murders of Irani scientists and the destruction of nuclear facilities the Israeli government continues to press on with its counterproductive campaign of opening the gates to a new wave of poisonous antisemitism and stoking the smoldering embers of the Holocaust. Present-day Israel run by a bunch of rightwing schlubs is in dire need of another Solomon to save the country from itself.

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