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Posted in: Man arrested for setting fire to dry cleaning shop See in context

12 fire trucks?

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over fatal stabbing of man at entrance to house See in context

It took awhile to arrest him.

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Posted in: GSDF member arrested over attempted murder of ex-girlfriend See in context

He was "visiting her at around 1:00AM." Well, what led to the alleged choking? We need the full story before jumping to any conclusions to better understand this situation. There are always three sides to a story. Plus, her being a teenager calling the police saying "“A man won’t leave my apartment and he choked me". Is this to assume she was a teenager living in her own apartment or with her parents? Or, maybe an apartment that the suspect was paying for? And, no, I am not advocating violence.

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Posted in: 'Wakanda Forever' is No. 1 at North American box office for 4th straight weekend See in context

One of the best movies I've seen in awhile since the original Black Panther. Most movies these days are full of cheesy one-liners, over-the-top acting with mediocre actors/actresses and doesn't stimulate the mind or soul and really doesn't have anything of substance to them anymore. Black Panther is all about love and compassion for people of different races, cultures and economic levels. People actually cried during and after the movie and you could tell they were emotionally affected by the stories. You can't really lose when love and respect are two of the main objectives in your movie. This movie was well directed and the music was awesome. I'd choose these two movies over all other MARVEL movies anytime.

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Posted in: 56-year-old man found dead in apartment by doctor See in context

Suicide or murder. We may never know.

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Posted in: French man desperate to find clues on missing sister in Japan See in context

Also, to be noted; I'm pretty sure that even if she isn't dead, she has at least overstayed her visa which is an immigration offense so the police should be looking for her anyway.

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Posted in: French man desperate to find clues on missing sister in Japan See in context

I have been in Japan (this time) for almost 10 years and have NEVER heard of this story. Never seen her picture, didn't know she was missing, just absolutely nothing. I actually live in Utsunomiya and go to Nikko quite often (every few weeks or so) and there is nothing publicly listed about this woman being missing. Nothing on Japanese television, either. Why are they not making the public more aware of this case? It was 4 years ago. Meanwhile, "Alice Hodgkinson, 28", was found about a week after she went missing. One thing about Nikko is there are thousands of people there during the day exploring. Lots of Japanese, and lots of foreigners just visiting temples and taking pictures. And, just the other day I saw foreigners walking down roads, taking hikes in and around the trees miles from the tourist areas. She literally could have fallen and never gotten back up and nobody would ever know because there are trees and forests and hills everywhere. This whole thing is just sad.

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Posted in: Canadian paramedic unknowingly treated daughter in fatal crash See in context

This is just too sad. It was destiny that she was there with her daughter until her last breath.

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Posted in: Luxury hotel chain Dorchester to open in Japan's highest building in 2028 See in context

Just what Tokyo needs, more hotels.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting woman on her way home See in context

There's a lot of the same happening... walking-up from behind a woman, and grabbing her breasts... where does this idea come from ?

My girl is Japanese and has big t*dd**s and told me this has happened to her before, too, while in high school and as recently as a couple of years ago in a train station at the ticket machine. It's happened so some of her friends and they all say sexual assaults have been happening in Japan for decades so it's nothing new. I was surprised when I first heard this. They just try their hardest to avoid it whenever possible and make themselves look less attractive to perverts. If someone is already stressed; then add sexual frustration to the mix, he or she is bound to eventually snap if they don't have a healthy outlet to release tensions. Sexual assault is not right, but you can kind of see where some of us are weaker than others.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting woman on her way home See in context

You can't help but wonder why people do such crimes in public knowing there are cameras almost everywhere, watching.

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery worker arrested for smearing curry on apartment door of customer who gave him low rating See in context

HA! This is the kind of news I came here for. Made my week! I knew some of them were like us! I just knew it!

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Posted in: Italian detainee dies in apparent suicide at Tokyo immigration See in context

Foreign nationals without residency status who cannot quickly comply with orders to leave the country are placed in detention at one of 17 immigration facilities in Japan. Individuals can be detained for extended periods, but there are provisions allowing for temporary release, including for illness.

> > I'm just going to assume they added this little paragraph to infer that he violated the immigration act. Let's say his "residency status" had expired. I can only think of this happening for 2 reasons.

He over-stayed his visa, was then arrested and then sent to immigration detention or...

He committed a crime which violated immigration law, he was detained, released to take care of the problem but was unable to or denied which is why he was re-arrested and sent back to immigration detention again.

In either case, Japanese immigration detention centers are no joke. You're mixed in a room with all kinds of people(20+) who are also being deported. No-one knows when they'll be able to go home. All of your personal belongings are left unprotected. The rooms have bars and locks on them and you can't leave under any circumstance. The only hope you have is that a family member in your home country or contacts in Japan buys a one-way ticket for you and sends your flight information to the detention center in-which then you will be released so it's imperative that you remember important phone numbers and/or addresses before going in there.

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Posted in: Man shoots fireworks through crowd at Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

That was pretty cool, actually. Even saw people stopping and taking pictures and videos.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile hours after warning of fierce military response to U.S., allies See in context

Another Meeting and more Condemning. MC's is what my friends and I call them.

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Posted in: Medical group probing Aichi woman's death after BA.5 COVID shot See in context

Please make this mainstream news for a month.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over stabbing incident on street in Aichi Prefecture See in context

Man, the excuses people come up with here. lol

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left inside car for 9 hours See in context

In this country, work comes before everything. This is really sad because people actually do forget things from time to time; phones, wallets, pets, and now kids. I am just surprised he didn't see the little girl in his rear view mirror. Pretty much everyone looks in it to see what's behind them, he could have easily seen her sitting back there. I know he's feeling pretty terrible right now, and his family.

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Posted in: Inflation brings end to beloved 114-year-old Japanese candy See in context

I literally have a can right now in my kitchen with 3 pieces left in it. Kids today love them, too.

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Posted in: Woman dies after falling out of moving car; driver arrested See in context

Unless he's got Huggy Wuggy arms, I doubt he was able to push her out of the car while driving. She probably jumped out.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. urging more students to study in each other's countries See in context

A lot of my Japanese friends, family and students have told me that even-though they'd like to study in the U.S., they are afraid to because they don't think their English conversation skills are good enough. I think a lot of Japanese actually enjoy western cultures and such but for them to fully enjoy it enough to feel confident enough to enroll in a U.S. university will require better teaching programs and methods at public schools here, ESPECIALLY in the speaking department. ECC, NOVA and other eikaiwas where students go only once a week or twice a month isn't enough to retain what they've learned, either. Most Americans I know living here took some pretty intensive Japanese language classes back in the States or were self-taught, came here and enrolled in language schools all over the country studying 3 to 5 days a week and now they speak Japanese pretty well. I think both of our countries can learn from each other from this alone.

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Posted in: Cram school teacher arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context

She's a high-school student and her mom is still checking her phone? ALSO, the girl ACCEPTED the money from and already had sex with the teacher? There has to be more to this story.

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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested over death of security guard at company dormitory See in context

How strong was this 73 year old man?

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Posted in: Japan starts COVID vaccination for children aged 6 months to 4 years See in context

Whatever happened to the good old "flu"? Everything is automatically COVID now.

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Posted in: Woman arrested on suspicion of assaulting 79-year-old father See in context


For example:

What was doing before the fall?

Was he eating or drinking?

Could he have fallen on his own?

A simple "shove" wouldn't cause much of a shoulder injury.

Now, she's arrested and probably in jail being interrogated as we speak for the next few days while the police force a confession out of her, ahem, I mean "confirm" whether their suspicions can be proven or not. Meanwhile, today is Monday. This woman hasn't shown up to work and after reading that she's in the news and is in jail could lose her job. Why, Japan? People really are guilty until proven innocent and not the opposite, as they say.

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Posted in: International Criminal Court head keen to set up 1st regional office in Japan See in context


I COMPLETELY agree with you, man, and this is based off of most non-Japanese treatment of foreigners in certain situations such as parental abductions and from personal experience.

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Posted in: Koike looking for tourists See in context

What did we do now? lol

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Posted in: Russia protests over Japan's firing of HIMARS in exercise with U.S See in context

And, how many times has Russian military ships traversed into Japanese waters in the last 3 years?

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Posted in: Filipino trainee in Japan to seek damages for 'maternity harassment' See in context

I have three Filipina friends working at a factory in Yokohama whom have all been through the exact same thing as this woman. Their boss makes them work from 17:00 - 4:00am with a 30 minute break and they sometimes send me pictures of them sleeping on the floor of a cold room with all the lights on and when I ask them what are they eating for dinner, it's always "cup noodles". They don't even serve them regular nutritious meals and this has been going on for more than 9 years. Two of these women got pregnant and were both asked by their boss if they really wanted to keep the baby or not. When they get sick, their boss pressures them to still come in to work saying stuff like "Just go get some medicine and come to work even if you're late, it's ok." or "We need you. You're the best worker here. No one works as hard as you do." One of them caught COVID and the boss told her to go to the hospital, get a copy of her discharge paperwork and bring it to work THE SAME DAY! Filipinos are grossly taken advantage of over here. I'm sure they are in other countries, too, but Japan is just on a whole notha' level. Oh, and they get paid less than minimum wage sometimes because these companies know that Filipinos and/or a lot of foreigners won't complain because they're just happy to be here and not back in their home countries.

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Posted in: Harris visits Zojoji Temple See in context

She's looking good. Glad you came, Kamala!

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