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Posted in: 2 Chinese held for stealing 999 pairs of branded sneakers in Tokyo See in context

But, don't they already make shoes over there?

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

I won't lie; most foreign convenience store workers I've come across give some of the best customer service I've seen in any other service industry in Japan. They're usually smiling, make eye contact, and the ones who can speak English...man, you can't help but walk out of there with a smile. Those are the ones that make me want to take the long way home just so I can stop in, get a few drinks and say "Hey, what's up? How was your day?"

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Posted in: Real estate agent arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting woman during apartment inspection See in context

So, what was she doing for the entire 15 minutes? Just staring at him while he stroked her hair? And, he is just now getting arrested when this happened back in April. Just so many questions about this story, and like someone commented earlier, this is definitely a "he-said, she-said" case.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Never heard of them and won't be eating there in the future, either. Japan really has a problem with discriminating against foreigners. I hope one day they'll accept everyone, no matter where you're from, as equals.

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Posted in: Man arrested after woman stabbed to death outside Tokyo condo See in context

Why, in every article involving a "hospital", you say "taken to hospital"? Taken to "a hospital" would read a little better, just my two cents.

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Posted in: 'Mount Fuji convenience store' issues apology for bad tourist manners, adds multilingual signs See in context

I don't like the title of this article, it makes international tourists look bad (some are and some aren't); and also, I've been to this spot twice before and most of the "tourists" were Japanese from other prefectures.

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Posted in: Two men steal cash, watches, other items worth ¥1 mil from house in Saitama Prefecture See in context

I wouldn't be surprised if they turned out to be classmates of his.

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Posted in: Man assaults woman, steals her underwear in Sapporo See in context

He pulled her underwear all the way off...wow.

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Posted in: Mary J. Blige enlists Taraji P. Henson, Marsai Martin and more for women's summit in New York See in context

Mary is a queen, and always will be. So is Taraji!

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Posted in: McDonald's plans to step up deals, marketing to combat slower fast food traffic See in context

Simple solution: Just lower your prices and the people will come. People want "value" just like you said. If I had to choose between a Y500 burger (hamburger only) and a Y500 pack of chicken breasts, guess what we're having for dinner tonight?

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

I bet that LAWSON was making a fortune from all of the tourists buying snacks and stuff. Too bad they won't have a reason to go there anymore.

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Posted in: Documentary focuses on man behind a cruelly bizarre 1990s Japanese reality show See in context

It's just TV. Some of you forget that these people willingly sign up for these reality TV roles and know exactly what they're getting into, yet, for whatever reason, they're still compelled to sign on the dotted line (probably because for the money and fame) so you can't really feel too bad for them. They know what they're getting into before they start. Most of them.

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context

My friends and I have successfully bought 3 akiyas and are working on our fourth. Most that I've seen are nowhere near as dilapidated and run-down like the one in this picture. We bought huge houses with several bedrooms, bathrooms and they are still habitable. They just need a little bit of TLC but that's the fun part of owning one of these. The pride you'll have in knowing you've invested time, sweat and tears into making it your own...and the fact that they were dirt cheap, is such a great feeling. I bought mine for Y1,000,000 in Tochigi. We'll probably rent them out when we're not living in them.

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher arrested for hugging young boy See in context

Maybe touching other kids isn't a good thing but getting arrested for it is just too much. They've got him on camera doing what he was accused of, "hugging". He should be able to walk out of that jail in no time unless they FORCE him to confess to something.

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Posted in: Tokyo Tsukiji fish market site to be redeveloped with 50,000-seat stadium, hotel, shopping center See in context

Great, that's just what Tokyo needs...another shopping center.

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store packs whole bento into onigiri rice ball See in context

Well, it's not a "ball" anymore. It's a sandwich. I'll still try it, tho.

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Posted in: Japan lower house OKs bill to allow joint custody after divorce See in context

Ummm, why shoul it take 2 years to implement this? Foreigners with kids with Japanese nationals have been begging for this right for decades. Talk about domestic violence? That's the go-to excuse that Japanese women use to keep their foreign exes out of their lives. I have been through it personally and I have organized a group with hundreds of other foreign men with the same stories. This is good, but come on, 2 years to make this law go into effect? Ok.

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Posted in: Japan strongly condemns Iranian attack on Israel See in context

What exactly does "condemning" do? Sure is a lot of it going around lately.

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Posted in: J-pop megastar Hikaru Utada releases new video and recording of 'Traveling' See in context

This was one of my favorite songs when I first got stationed in Japan back in 2000. In 2001, this song was everywhere in Tokyo. You guys just don't know.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

Japan has been doing just fine without Russia lol. Russia's just desperate for friends now.

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Posted in: M6.1 quake strikes northern Japan See in context

We felt it. It wasn't too bad, about average, I'd say. One thing I've noticed about this year; we are getting earthquakes pretty much every other day now and the crazy part is they all happen in the early hours of the morning.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of father claims not to remember incident See in context

I wonder if they're gonna let him back in the house after this. He is unemployed, after-all.

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Posted in: Foreign residents prohibited from participating in Yu-Gi-Oh Japan Championship See in context

It's OK to be from Ukraine and become Miss Japan but you can't participate in some gaming tournament unless you are 100% Japanese. Ok...

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Posted in: Japanese businesses brace for life with interest rates See in context

Meanwhile, the rest of the world has been dealing with interest rates for decades.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attacking former high school classmate and stealing her smartphone See in context

kaimycahlToday  10:13 pm JST

After reading this story I have come to the conclusion that this guy had a high school crush on the women, being that she was a former classmate. Perhaps during their high school years he couldn't muster the nerves to approach her and if he did during that time she would not give him her number so during this time he took it upon himself to take her smartphone to peer into some of her other activities as the article implied he was stalking her.

Your story sounds pretty plausible, however, one thing I don't get is why people steal smartphones in the first place, especially iPhones. You can't get into them without a passcode so you've essentially just stolen a brick.

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Posted in: Complaints against foreign go-kart drivers increase in Tokyo See in context

Yes, it's all a family theme for those who've been in Japan for a long time.

Foreigners don't understand Japan's culture and always get it wrong. They wear their shows in our buildings, they can't use chopsticks, they litter everywhere and damage temples and shrines; and they are noisy.

And now they are trouble in the streets with their gokarts. Sigh.

You mean the foreigners who rent said gokarts from "Japanese businesses"? If foreigners really presented that big of a problem, why not just close all go-kart businesses and be done with problem?

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Posted in: Complaints against foreign go-kart drivers increase in Tokyo See in context

I've been living in Japan now for more than a decade and have YET to see a single foreigner get out of their cart to take pictures in the middle of the street. For the most part, they seem very respectful, wear their seatbelts and wave at people as they drive by. I even see Japanese people taking pics and videos of them in Shibuya all the time. This isn't a "foreigner problem", it's more like a nuisance kind of thing because I'm sure if only Japanese people were riding those carts, these same 100 people would be filing the exact same complaints against them. It just so happens that Japanese people don't really rent those carts as much as foreigners do so they can only complain about us for now. Again, it just seems like that "100 group of irritated people" are annoyed because they don't like seeing those things on the road. People just like to complain. *Side note; I like how JT used the words "soared to 100". Thanks, I haven't laughed like this in a while. Happy Monday, folks!

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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

It was a sad occurrence but...If you don't want to be reminded of it, just don't watch the movie. Plain and simple.

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Posted in: 'Monster' Inoue to face Nery for super-bantamweight world titles See in context

Nery's going to win, plain and simple.

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Posted in: Man steals 3 luxury watches from pawn shop in Fukuoka Prefecture See in context

MarkMar. 6  11:15 am JST

Thieves are rampaging Japan lately, the police hands are full and they are not capturing them.

> They're hands are full doing what?

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