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china have huge population with income well below average living standard.which majority of investtor ignore. the wealthy population seen recently is a small percentage of the total population. with total wealth they have may not be able to sustain a serious downturn. even the china government reserve is not enough to sustain growth. therefore it is conceivable in china government self interest to do what ever they can to feed the majority poor underclass.

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Posted in: Child's body found in car of couple caught stealing at supermarket See in context

I believe the parent are mentally ill need help . we as a society and the world still don't understand only this incident only will happen to the insane. a perfectly normal person no matter how difficult the situation they will not let that happen, unless they phycological health in question. It is a shame many society still try to avoide dealing in this issue of mental health. many people in the are live in this condition either minor or serious

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