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They broke a piece of cardboard cardboard for crying out loud, relax.

Exactly, imagine complaining about a broken piece of cardboard. Japan is hosting an international event with international participants, so they should have done their own research about how foreigners love to destroy peoples' property. Incompetence by Japan again

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Posted in: Japan's explanation of Korean wartime forced labor insufficient: UNESCO See in context

Withholding ANY further UNESCO accreditation of Japanese sites (too numerous to list) could be useful in getting Japan to truly acknowledge their role in the devastating events across the world 70+ years ago.

A very good suggestion, all UNESCO sites should be revoked and Japan from ever registering heritage sites again. Also sanctions against Japan and all Japanese people in the world is required to protect South Koreans. No dissent from foreigners who "love" Japan should be allowed

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Posted in: 'You're so cool,' mayor tells Australian softball Olympians See in context

And so it begins..

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