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Posted in: Uncertain start to post-Merkel era after close German vote See in context

From my understand there is a realistic chance of the status quo grand collation continuing.

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Posted in: Facebook puts Instagram for kids on hold after pushback See in context

A reason why the company is pushing Instagram Kids is because usage of the regular app is declining on a per capita basis. It was sustained in part due to global growth but most markets have been reached now.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend arrives from U.S. for wedding See in context

Can we watch the royal wedding?

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

Yes, but remember at the same time the alternatives could theoretically be worse. It reminds me of how everyone wanted Rupert Murdoch to sell SKY News in the UK, but now there are no major right-wing news networks in the UK whatsoever and media plurality is worse.

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Posted in: A stable pension system is meaningless if people cannot receive enough pensions to live on. See in context

The economic situation is not unique to Japan but does raise the question about who is going to pay for it. A while back the world was asking about providing a universal basic income to the youth who are struggling to get high quality jobs, meanwhile we have a growing elderly population in most of Europe and Asia.

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Posted in: North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile into sea See in context

What exactly are the North Koreans trying to achieve?

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Posted in: Political orientation predicts science denial: What that means for getting vaccinated against COVID See in context

I think that a lot of the narrative on right wing politics seems a bit removed from on-the-ground realities. I would say that the main reason is because right-wing folk do not have any trust left in federal government institutions - the majority understand and support science.

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Posted in: Critics warn of Apple, Google 'chokepoint' repression See in context

The current system of anti-trust litigation is based on how much market share a single company has within the specific economy, but it does not take into account the market share a company has globally. Comcast is arguably a far more powerful foe than Vodafone, despite the latter having a larger market share in the UK. It is important for a anti-trust regulator to take into account how much market share a company has on the global stage as well, because we live in a globalised world.

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Posted in: What do you think it is going to be like at airports as more international travel starts? Do you think there will be hassles at check-in terminals and departure gates over whether passengers have or haven't got the right vaccination passports or apps, or proof of having tested negative for the coronavirus and so on? See in context

December Japan will ditch its quarantine because by then Japan will reach 90% full will be vaccinated. So next year traveling through Japanese airport will be the same as per China Pocks

This will not be the case considering there is already a need for booster shots in most early-vaccinated countries such as Israel and Singapore (who are consequently in the midst of a raging epidemic despite most of the population being vaccinated).

And furthermore there will always be the possibility of a new variant emerging from the developing world (already there is a new variant in South America that is worse than Delta).

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Posted in: Aid groups in Japan vow to continue support for Afghanistan See in context

It is ridiculous how the world is obsessed with Afghanistan as if they are the exception, when much of the world lives in pain and misery while the rest of the world turns and looks the other way. That aid money could do so much better in many other countries.

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Posted in: Human rights groups around the world are urging the International Olympic Committee to rescind its decision to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and that countries boycott the Games over China's human rights violations of more than a million Uyghur Muslims. Do you support such a call? See in context

I think that the Chinese are only doing what the majority of the world wants to do. Islamophobia is widespread and mainstream despite what a lot of commentators here like to think, and furthermore Muslims are themselves responsible for some horrible human rights abuses (for example, why are people not calling for the World Cup in Qatar to be boycotted?), so this comes across as double standards by left wing advocates. Furthermore, the Chinese do this to everyone. I don't hear about people wanting to help Chinese women, gays, etc... so why are the Muslims so special? If you leave them to it then they will join cahoots with the Taliban across the border in Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Australian nuclear subs will be banned from New Zealand waters: Ardern See in context

It would be a shame if a nearby pacific island suddenly had an Islamist terrorist group that mysteriously acquired US grade nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: What are some of weirdest sandwiches, pastries or other food and drink items you have seen in Japanese convenience stores or supermarkets? See in context

The fruit sandwiches are by far the weirdest. I find sandwiches a boring option on a normal day, but starberries and cream with bread is akin to brutalizing a good product.

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Posted in: UK gov't ditches plans for vaccine passports at crowded venues in England See in context

The UK has a general dislike for identification and the like, because it is seen as an "internal passport" which was a major argument in the Cold War.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

Qatar is probably the best place to host an embassy for the region. Afghanistan has imploded and Pakistan is about to implode. The remaining countries are either hostile to Afghanistanis or also about to implode themselves. India is no longer a friend of the Muslim world.

There was always going to be a large scale migration crisis as the Middle East implodes due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, but I guess the face of the crisis will be the Afghanis. There is not a single appetite in places like the UK to accept the refugees.

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Posted in: What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism? See in context

Patriotism is more of a feeling, whereas nationalism is more about the politics. The latter might also be a bit stronger than the former.

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Posted in: Smartphones make porn addiction a growing problem See in context

This story focuses on older people who have only recently gotten casual access to the internet, but younger people have had such access to the internet for a couple of decades.

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Posted in: There is no end to cases of illegal workers using forged residence cards, so we are stepping up crackdowns. See in context

Surely the number of illegal foreign workers would have hit rock bottom due to the lack of tourist visas currently?

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Posted in: What do you think the Beijing Winter Olympics, to be held next February, will be like? See in context

It will probably be limited to Chinese spectators only. For everyone complaining about their treatment of Xinjiangers, I would point out that the Chinese have treated many other groups similarly, and the Muslims themselves discriminate widely against other groups (Qatar World Cup for example?)

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Posted in: German Foreign Ministry says ambassador to China has died See in context

Why is this a news story on the Japan Today? I can understand it being a news story in English-language China media or Chinese-orientated German media, but it isn't really relevant here unless there is some foul play at hand.

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Posted in: Time out See in context


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Posted in: If you watched any of the Paralympics, did it alter the way you think about people with disabilities? See in context

The Paralympics are a repeating event so nothing new per se. The problem is that the average disabled person is highly unlikely to be able to compete in a sport due to the restrictions introduced by the surge in coronavirus cases in the aftermath of the Games.

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Posted in: Now that the Paralympics have ended, are you glad that Japan went ahead and hosted them and the Olympics? See in context

There is nothing that can give me the will to put the Olympics/Paralympics above the freedoms enjoyed by keeping the coronavirus at bay.

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Posted in: Paralympic closing marks end of Tokyo's 8-year Olympic saga See in context

The "genocide games" are only concerning Muslims, when China has been doing the same against other groups for decades, along with a number of other countries. It's propaganda for the Muslim community and nothing else.

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Posted in: Athletes praise Paralympic experience but public mixed See in context

What is the point in holding the paralympics if normal disabled athletes cannot do sports as a result of the surge in cases?

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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

A few years ago there was a long period in western countries where leaders were getting younger (Cameron, Trudeau, Macron...) but things changed quite recently with the election of older people (Trump, Biden, Johnson...).

Emmanuel Macron is by far the youngest. Abe/Trudeau/Cameron are all now around 50 years old.

If someone came into the government with the same ideals as Abe then I think it would be good.

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Posted in: COVID spurs dramatic surge of 'konkatsu' among middle-aged people See in context

I just wanted to bring a point in:

Once I tell a lady that we will split the bills 50/50 they disappear like a ghost.

In Japanese culture it is still common for a wife to become a housemaker. So it is not in their interest to pursue a high flying career and hence it is presumed that the lower income woman would be at the same "class" level as a higher income man.

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Posted in: I find it hard to believe such a thing could happen in this day and age. See in context

Gunma is basically a commuter suburb of Tokyo. Nagano is not.

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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

The Olympics ought to have been delayed by one year.

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