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Posted in: Japan's middle class being gutted as salaries fall See in context

I stated in a previous comment about how the strength of the US dollar was destroying middle class purchasing power globally - and this is the key point in that this is happening all over the world due to the strength of the US dollar.

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Posted in: France ends Morocco World Cup dream to set up Argentina final See in context

France is the most pro-Qatar country in Europe. The government actively lobbied for Qatar to get chosen to host the World Cup and the main sporting broadcaster in France is owned by Qatar (beIn Sports). Corruption not football.

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Posted in: Croatia reach World Cup quarterfinals with penalty shoot-out victory over Japan See in context

I think a large part of the success is due to very low morale among European teams. Germany faced a massive boycott due to Qatar human rights abuses for example.

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Posted in: Japan's last-16 exit reflects highs and lows under Moriyasu See in context

I think a large part of the success is due to very low morale among European teams. Germany faced a massive boycott due to Qatar human rights abuses for example.

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court dismisses damages suit by same-sex couples See in context

In India they have something called live-in couples, and recently the Supreme Court equalised all rights between live-in couples (cohabitation) and married couples including LGBTQ live-in couples. This is important because most Hindu marriages aren't registered with government anyway.

In China they have something called the guardianship system, which provides some basic rights to LGBTQ couples.

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Posted in: Veganism on the rise among health-conscious in Japan See in context

In other countries around Japan there are usually lots of vegetarian and vegan shops derived from Buddhist veganism.

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Posted in: As Qatar World Cup unfolds, planet keeps spinning See in context

Yesterday, Singapore repealed a colonial-era law criminalising homosexual sex. It does not treat immigrant workers inhumanely and actively fights racism against South East Asians and South Asians. Why can't Qatar be more like Singapore?

Recently I hear about Germany buying more gas and oil from Qatar. French media is not doing enough to boycott Qatar, but then it's largest sports media network is owned by the Qataris (beIn Sports). Qatar is now claiming that the UK is racist for exposing its human rights abuses.

I read an article a while back that stated how homophobia may actually get worse in Qatar and the GCC because LGBTQ have been put on the spotlight in what is otherwise a very strict Islamic region, almost like shining a torch on the witches in a place that loves witchhunts.

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Posted in: Have you cut back on your spending as rising prices hit households in Japan? See in context

What shocked me was the increase in price of a bento I like to eat by 100 yen. It is something that I can easily suck up but I certainly did more than a double take because I view Japan as inflation-free!

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Posted in: What's your opinion of what Elon Musk has done so far with Twitter since buying it? See in context

Japan is mostly a right-wing country so I doubt it will have a major negative impact here.

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Posted in: Top U.S. diplomat criticizes FIFA armband threat at World Cup See in context

Finding out that the kpop star Jungkook performed at the World Cup completely disgusted me. It was clear from the numerous boycotts that many people consider Qatar crossing a moral line in terms of racism, homophobia and misogyny.

The majority of those indentured labourers come from Africa, South Asia and South East Asia, including home markets like Indonesia and the Philippines. How is it acceptable to host and enjoy a sporting event built on the backs of racism, homophobia and misogyny?

And western tourists do routinely get harassed in Qatar. A British make-up artists was arrested during a flyover, an Emeriti gay man was jailed for several months, many LGBTQ migrant workers who didn't realise the true horror of Qatar have been arrested and jailed by Qatar authorities as well.

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Posted in: Do you think Christmas illuminations should not be displayed in Japan's cities this year in order to save electricity? See in context

Christmas is not about the lights and presents. Turn them off and have a normal Christmas.

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Posted in: Chinese cities including Beijing report record COVID cases See in context

I doubt China will open the gates to tourists anytime soon. It will never allow its citizens to travel and spend abroad before spending a significant amount of money domestically, so outbound travel will probably remain closed until the end of 2023 at least. China will not be open for another two years?

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Posted in: Fans, trophy and teams start arriving in Qatar See in context

I am supportive of a boycott of Qatar (as an Indian). The vast majority of Indians do not care about the world cup and why they would support Brazil/Argentina is beyond me. Furthermore there is a huge issue with labour rights, women/gay rights and the like which has not been addressed.

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Posted in: 5 lions slip loose from Sydney zoo enclosure See in context

Is this really a top news story for Japan Today? They were still in the wider lion enclousre

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Posted in: Japan to ask for electricity saving from Dec 1 to end of March to avoid power crunch See in context

I actually think that Japanese housing is fairly good considering the traditional mild temperatures. The UK and much of the US has a lot worse housing stock in comparison and urban housing can be very poorly insulated in more southern regions of the UK and Europe. A house that is built to last a long time is useless if its aged and going to be demolished in a few years anyway.

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Posted in: Families of Japanese Seoul crush victims identify bodies See in context

I read that the reason was because a celebrity was in the area and people started to "swarm". Or was that a piece of a larger puzzle?

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Posted in: We will review the expenses because of changes in the inflation rate and the foreign exchange rate. See in context

Olympics are useless and can be replaced with a newly created international sports event.

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Posted in: Ikebukuro rumble by quasi-gangsters has police in a tizzy See in context

There was a other incident yesterday between an unknown group and Nepalis. I suspect it was a racist attack by Chinese against Nepalis, because tensions between the Chinese and Indians seem to be really high recently, and Chinese do not have good behavioral instincts.

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Posted in: South Koreans mourn, wants answers after Halloween crush kills 153 See in context

South Korea has always been a tinderbox for safety. I never understand the clueless foreigners who never lived in South Korea bemoaning Japan despite the latter being far safer. Even in places such as India these things tend to happen in rural sites when people fall off a mountain or into a river.

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Posted in: Thousands of workers evicted in Qatar's capital ahead of World Cup See in context

I am expecting that Sunak will join the left-wing in boycotting this racist world cup. In fact England should pull out of this world cup - racism and slavery is not worth anything.

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Posted in: The sick, insidious world of cyberbullying: What can be done about it? See in context

Japan also has a major issue with conventional bullying.

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Posted in: Musk takes control of Twitter; fires 3 top executives See in context

I am hoping that this would allow for more right-wing discussion on the internet. Reddit has gotten even worse in recent weeks with the mid-term elections coming up and the collapse of the UK economy to the point that the middle class are getting discriminated out.

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Posted in: Kishida pinning hopes on big-spending tourists to revive economy See in context

The latest report in the US is that savings rates have halved since 2019 and have fallen by a third since the pandemic, with inflation being the main issue. Considering the inflation and upcoming recession, it is unlikely that there will be big spending tourists.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly lower as recession fears deepen See in context

It's clear that the strength of the USD has been destroying economies worldwide and destroying purchasing power of the middle class worldwide, and yet people seem to be more inclined to divert blame to others like the Japanese government or the Russia-Ukraine war. Even if either of the two have had a dubious impact on the world economy, it is still the case that the USD is causing huge turmoil and that there needs to be serious effort to stop the USD from causing widespread economic damage globally. Even news outlets such as the NYT and WSJ realise the situation and are calling the USD a problem for the world.

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Posted in: British PM Truss forced into humiliating tax U-turn See in context

I think racism does play a role in how the markets viewed the economic strategy. It's still common for casual racism to be present in middle class circles, and I imagine that a new experiment put forward by a black person would be less trusted than a experiment by a white person or indian person. Furthermore it is also somewhat clear that the reasons for Kwasi getting the position of Chancellor aren't based on merit and so there is a crisis of confidence.

The only way to prevent further damage is for Kwasi to resign. But I think there is no real alternative for Truss because someone needs to take the blame for the US Fed-led recession and gas war this winter that no prime minster will have any control over.

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Posted in: Europe braces for mobile network blackouts See in context

This entire operation has been run by leaders in high ivory towers somewhere far away like Washington DC. Anyone in Asia or in the area close to Russia would have been able to easily understand how ridiculous the western response to Russia was.

A bigger problem than the Ukraine War is the strength of the US dollar and yet there is no concerted effort to prevent the US dollar causing a global disaster...

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Posted in: Business sentiments cool as cheap yen, costs weigh on Japan See in context

Green for negative makes no sense. It's like green for a stop light.

It is culture to associate colours with emotions. Pink is used by males traditionally in many European countries for example.

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Posted in: Kabul blast a setback for Afghan women seeking education against the odds See in context


It's a strech for many to consider Pakistan to be a South Asian country, let along Afghanistan. It is culturally and socially part of the Middle East, racially who knows.

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Posted in: 40% of evacuees from Afghanistan have left Japan over poor support See in context


While I agree that immigrants who do not learn the local language can expect to be sidelined, I feel concerned that you assume immigrants can learn a new language to a high degree within a short period of time with little money, something that affects the majority of immigrants to Japan.

I agree that a lot of refugees seem unwilling to integrate though and that the current liberal immigration policy of Western European governments is untenable.

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Posted in: Gov't to request energy-saving measures in winter over power crunch concerns See in context

The Russian sanctions are such a silly obsession by western governments and seems to hurt the west more. The majority of the world still trades with Russia.

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