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Posted in: Macron calls for 14 new reactors in nuclear 'renaissance' See in context

France was hardly going to dump an industry into which it had invested so much.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs bill for foreigners-only evacuation by SDF See in context

The original law was probably drawn up by the Americans!

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Posted in: 3 girls dead in Aichi; mother arrested See in context

It is very rare in the developed world to find a woman as young as 27 saying she is a mother, and this women has three children one of which she would have had when she was 22!

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Posted in: Australia to reopen borders to vaccinated tourists on Feb 21 See in context

I mean how can the authorities enforce a brutal lockdown if there aren't any coronavirus cases around? Need to get the infection rate up somehow.

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Posted in: U.S. special forces launch raid in Syria; civilians also reported dead See in context

Residents and activists in the area described witnessing a large ground assault, with U.S. forces using loudspeakers asking women and children to leave the area. 

What about those who identify as non-binary?

But this is what the Xinjiang region would become if the Chinese weren't strict there. I would be another Afghanistan or Pakistan. What is needed is some sense in realizing that sanctions against religious beliefs do not correspond to a genocide.

And China has probably killed less Muslims than the Anglosphere.

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Posted in: Another Beijing Olympics with human rights still a major issue See in context

This isn't a real genocide beyond textual definitions. They CHOOSE to circumnavigate the strict Chinese rules against religious beliefs that apply to ALL Chinese people regardless of ethnicity, and all people of theological beliefs are treated the same way.

Qatar discriminates against the groups who do NOT have choice - slaves, women and LGBTQ - and this applies to all the foreign tourists and workers who end up there as well.

And for those who want a "Muslim" ethnicity group being genocided to champion, what about Yemenis who are currently being killed by Saudi forces (all with weapons from the UK and US)?

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Posted in: Do you think media companies should be held liable for defamatory third-party comments on their Facebook pages or discussion boards? See in context

The danger is that the entire internet will turn into a massive left wing echo chamber like Reddit.

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Posted in: What's at stake as World Cup qualifying resumes See in context

What's at stake is giving a country that has a human rights record as bad (or worse) than China a chance to celebrate on the backs of slave labour from Asia and Africa, promoting and validating the misogny and homophobia that both locals and tourists have experienced at the hands of authorities, and further forcing all the female and LGBTQ fans (which football already has a hard time attracting) to choose between being a fan and having to attend a homophobic misognistic country. What's at stake is a chance to boycott Qatar.

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Posted in: U.S. unveils changes to attract foreign science, tech students See in context

Republicans will come in by next year and prevent further students from entering, then Trump will be in by 2024 and deport the students or prevent them from changing visas.

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Posted in: Half of 7-Elevens in Japan to start selling 100-yen Daiso products this month See in context

Daiso is good for a lot of goods, but I've always wondered why so many random goods in Japan are more expensive such as fruits from the third world.

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Posted in: Olympic 'curse' strikes again as Beijing costs mount See in context

I would also make a last minute decision to postpone the Olympics until next year. Generally the Olympics are dead because of ballooning costs and little infrastructure investment that actually serves to help the sports or the general public.

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Posted in: McDonald's potato imports disruption spurs fries war in Japan See in context

Why don't McDonalds source their potatos from Japan then?

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Posted in: UAE says it intercepted 2 ballistic missiles targeting Abu Dhabi See in context

The entire region is on the brink of implosion and the resulting migration crisis from the region will be worse than that of the 2010s.

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Posted in: Human torso found in suitcase dumped at disused Nikko golf course See in context

I wonder how long it was there?

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Posted in: Long wallet or bifold? What your wallet says about you in Japan See in context

The long wallets and handbags are also common among men in several European countries.

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Posted in: Laying power lines underground is one of the important challenges for cities. The central government should extend more financial and other support while encouraging business operators to devise better construction methods that can reduce the cost. See in context

Isn't the reason for overhead wires to make it easier to fix in a natural disaster? For example there were many water pipes overflowing during the previous Tokyo earthquake.

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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context

The one thing that I haven't heard from these activists is what would Xinjiang be without the oppressive Chinese government ruling it? Pakistan? Afghanistan?

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Posted in: What are some cities you enjoy visiting but you would never want to live in any of them? See in context

Los Angeles - I am not even sure if I would enjoy visiting the city; except for a few tourist attractions that you can see from the top of an open-bus, the entire city seems like a nightmare to travel around and live in; the worst of NYC without the money or infrastructure and the bottom of quality-of-life.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee in Japan demands apology for 2 years of abuse See in context

Make NO MISTAKE about it, Imported labor is what we call Modern Days Slavery, there many being abused like this man daily and it is unreported for one and only one reason, it's called survival and making a living.

If you want to see modern day slavery then take a holiday to Qatar!

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Posted in: Do you feel a sense of frustration about how worried you should be and whether you can trust the government and medical experts on the coronavirus? See in context

The entire society is affected by politics. A doctor or a researcher might be smart, but they still need funding and time for their research which comes with political baggage attached.

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Posted in: IOC major sponsors mostly muted in runup to Beijing Olympics See in context

I'm still waiting for the sponsors of FIFA to boycott the Qatar Games over abuses against foreign workers, LGBTQ and women. Unlike China, Qatar actually discriminates against foreign LGBTQ and women as well. Otherwise these actions are nothing but party politics and should be condemned.

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Posted in: Japan one of only two countries where Twitter beats Facebook in social media market share See in context

I also find it interesting that Youtube ranks so low. Facebook is horrific and Pinterest is used by a lot of housewives.

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Posted in: Mask mandates imposed by governments and employers: Persecution or protection? See in context

I wear masks all the time even before the pandemic but I disagree with it being made law.

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi sentenced to 4 more years in prison See in context

Sadly the left wing likes to forget about good people when it doesn't fit their party politics. I hope the right wing steps up to help her.

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Posted in: India's year of the unicorn: Startups in spotlight of 2021 tech boom See in context

Very few are actually turning a profit. Though they are cash rich and well funded most of the cash is burnt on grabbing market share and enticing customers by giving huge discounts. Good for the customers and good for the founders but not so good for those foolish enough to invest in these startups.

The majority of those valuations in major western tech companies are not backed by actual profits. In fact, most tech companies were unprofitable for years.

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Posted in: Revised Civil Code and Juvenile Law in April to lower legal age of adulthood to 18 See in context

It should not be so clear-cut. At some aspects you are an adult at 14 years old, in other aspects being an adult goes well into the 20s or even 30s.

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Posted in: Apple becomes 1st U.S. company to reach $3 tril valuation See in context

Valuation is nothing but speculation combined with foreign currency speculation.

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Posted in: Boycotts, COVID and controversy with one month to go until Beijing Olympics See in context

Any boycott of the Winter Olympics is nothing but party politics if it is not coupled with a boycott of Qatar World Cup.

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Posted in: Do you think the world will be rid of COVID and all its variants this year? See in context

The world will be locking down in the next few weeks as hospitals are being overloaded with very few actions being done to prevent it - even South Africa was under a semi-lockdown for the past few months.

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Posted in: The notion of what “fully vaccinated” means appears to be mutating as often as the virus. What's your view on this? See in context

For me, a fully vaccinated person is someone who has received at least three shots of a vaccine, possibly four in the coming weeks.

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