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Posted in: Trial of English-speaking test for Tokyo high schools face opposition from some parents See in context

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Posted in: Gov't plans ¥50,000 handouts for each low-income household to fight inflation See in context

As a foreigner, the biggest part of my life in Japan was part time jobs, contractors and such.

It's kinda hard to live on 100.000/month while paying around 15.000 a month for a couple years for your flight ticket (which you've been ripped off, since it was a "pack" with the contractor/factory shoukai, so your Visa attempt has a higher chance of success) and around 45.000 for a room you share with other 5 to 10 other workers, unable to quit because of debt, since they're illegally holding your passport the whole time, which they claim (we are just taking a copy please wait patiently), if you go to any authority.

So I understand the 50.000 is probably gonna help a LOT of people out there who are in a very fragile situation. The issue is when people attack other people, thinking it's their fault for being at a fragile situation, that lack of empathy is actually more disturbing than the inflation itself.

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Posted in: Husband who helped wife leave Unification Church now supports others See in context

Religion isn't illegal, scamming their followers also isn't, unfortunately.

Just to give an example, in Brazil the country I've grew in. There's this big religious group/church, even here in Japan they have some branches.

And they'd sell land, houses, apartments or even condos... That's ok, but the issue is, these properties were all.. in "Heaven". And people would buy it and receive a document, clearly A4 cheapily inkjet printed as a proof of their new property...

I guess taking profit of the mental fragility of people who are going through a rough phase or are looking for a sense of belonging isn't illegal, just immoral or even inhumane. Which isn't a crime per se, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 911 nuisance calls to police station in Tokyo See in context

Well that many times until he was arrested..

I think I'm hopeless then. My neighbor keep calling the cops to my house because saying my TV is too loud.

I don't have a TV and my work shift coincidentally hits with the times he reported. The cops come and do a "search" in my apartment about 3-5 times a month, sometimes in the same day, the same cops and the same story...

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Posted in: Saiki City mistakenly let resident claim ¥1.3 million in gift certificates See in context

Because it's just too hard to register the gift cards to be used only when activated online, like most of the convenience store ones.

Which would require registration and some identification at least.

The lack or repulsion to technology by the Big Shots in this country is astounding.

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Posted in: Grain pain: Japan's aging rice farmers face uncertain future See in context

Well, i do love japanese rice, all of them. Really, however, its really expensive when you have a big family or when you eat a LOT.

That's the reason i went for foreigner rice (Thai, Brazilian, Philippine or wherever), it doesn't taste the same and the texture is really different, but, it's half of the price or even less, therefore, you can buy twice the amount.

And in times like these, when taxes are abundant and always on the raise, salaries low and raises are scarce. You have to adapt yourself to the new conditions every day.

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Posted in: Need for foreign language disaster alerts for travelers rises in Japan See in context

Just like the typhoon alert we had a day ago. I’ve saw some srilanka people walking through the rain casually, while the city hall speakers were broadcasting alerts for people to seek shelter.

But well, I’ve seen so many guys saying “it’s their problem, we are in Japan, they should learn japanese instead”, so I just gave up on trying to hit the “multilingual support” card.

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Posted in: False terrorist attack alert issued in central Tokyo See in context

when officials were checking how to activate the warning system

perhaps the panel was in English lol.

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Posted in: Top court finds charging subscription fee for NHK broadcasts constitutional See in context

This just reminds me of how hard it is to cancel the subscription, when you work mon-sat 8:00~17:00.

Ive got my subscription almost a decade ago, I didn’t knew Japanese, just knew some random guy barged through my door and kept yelling something “Dame” “NG” and “Komakai”, till I signed, I never had a television while in Japan btw.

So I just abandoned my bank account, seems the only way to deal with it.

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Posted in: Aso refers to shooting armed N Korean refugees in crisis See in context

Who would've guessed that a totalitarian regimen would allow civilians to carrry guns around and even leave the country with them.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from bridge onto train tracks in Tokyo See in context

Suicide is always a serious business and also a long term option. No one just wakes up one day and thinks "Oh well, my life sucks, gonna kill myself." and does it.

Instead of discussing the "inconvenience" caused they should go after the reasons of the act.

IMO, the people around are the main cause of suicide. We see many people on a daily basis that doesn't give two shts about life, specially in Japan.

We see people that prioritize their career to the point they sacrifice their time/life to work so much that the individual life has no meaning and work is everything, and when work fails you (because in the vast majority of times it will).. Well, there's nothing left to keep you waking up the next day.

We see people that doesn't care about other persons, because that is a tendency on the world. Family doesn't really mean much today. So many people who barely talk to their relatives or each other, even when living under the same roof, because well, "I'm too busy".

And we see tons of lives being simplified as "taxpayers" or just "profitable worker".

Nowadays it seems that life/time (since they both are basically the same) is a really cheap currency. And cash, status or a brand new car/purse, are the only way to go.

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Posted in: Trump's claim Akie Abe wife cannot speak English generates buzz See in context

Hopefully everyone in the world will learn Japanese until the Olympics huh.

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Posted in: BOJ blames Japan's unique labor practice for low wages, inflation See in context

Companies are taking various steps to address a shortage of labor.

As a matter of fact I agree. They are doing many things.

1 - Hiring subcontractors, and the subcontractors hire subcontractors that hire subcontractors, and so on, each one paying less than the one before.

2 - Inserting machinery and destroying jobs. Since a subservient robot who can work 24/7 is way better than a lousy human who can do **only** 18/6.

3 - They are trying to create an ambient where the full-time worker has motivation to do his job and enough time and money improve himself, as for the temp they really are trying to adapt the environment so the temp-worker has the respect and equality of treatment LEAST as a person, when compared to the full-time worker. Oh no! It seems that this one is not a good idea at all, too much headache, they don't plan on doing it and probably never will.

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Posted in: Olympic stadium worker's suicide was 'death by overwork,' say parents See in context

employed by a subcontractor that bore responsibility for work conditions, including hours worked, but which he declined to identify.

Not surprised at all.

And now what?

Well, the subcontractor will just hire another guy for about 950¥/hour promising a salary over 300.000/month.

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Posted in: Fire ants found at Osaka port; queen ant confirmed for 1st time See in context

Instead of killing them on sight with pesticide they should "follow" least one of them in order to find the nest since the solenopsis invicta aka "Fire Ant" is adept to polygyny, which means they can have loads of queens in a single nest.

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Posted in: Japan protests over N Korean missile launch; trains temporarily halted See in context

I believe that not a single plea ever avoided a crime from happening.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Cool. it's really easy to preview and edit.

But that caps lock is a downside, along with the removal of the autocomplete (iphone 7+ here, not sure if it is a phone related issue).

I'm fat, and tall, my fingers hit usually lots of keys, therefore autocorrect is almost a MUST.

OH! A "reply" button would be so nice as well. Almost every comment i make gets tons of downvotes, it'd be really fun to read the mean replies.

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Posted in: Life's illusions catching up with Japan's middle-aged 'parasite singles' See in context

She: I wont marry anyone who earn less than 5 million / year, and i wont work because the guy is going to be my gold pot. Has some study, but, not a single experience with work.

He: I won't work my butt off just to marry a girl who'll use my money and give me 30.000 as allowance. Lives a life of mediocrity.

Them: I will bet everything on my career! Everything will be better when i make tons of cash.

Then: 20-40 years later on the same company working 80-100 hours a week, still, not promoted to the status you want to achieve in order to marry.

Or: You overwork yourself to almost death, and then, you get sick and fired when you miss a couple days of work.

So many other cases out there, so many harsh truths, yet, nothing "new" as "news".

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Posted in: Death by overwork: Japan's 100-hour overtime cap sparks anger See in context

Now, the sad part is that we all know that, be it 15, 100, 200 or 2500 hours a month, it's all talk and no action whatsoever.

Nothing but a little candy to keep the hopes up and avert eyes from any scandal.

Why do i think so? Well, I've been hearing the talk about this miraculous overtime reform for as long i am in Japan, since Hashimoto, and, nothing ever left the paper.

Perhaps they should create the "Miraculous Santa Klaus Reform", which Santa would bring billions of dollars as donations for the corporations, so they spare their footmen for a few hours of a the month. That would work as well, pretty sure.

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Posted in: FEATURE: Falling childbirth rate changing Japan's cram school business See in context

Japan, as "high-end tech" country as it is, still has an old and outdated and in some ways, highly inefficient educational system for the current global situation.

Kids learning to obey and to serve as the only option in life for a career full of brightness, luxury and glory!

But then, at the age of 20~30 when they finally achieved their "Dreamjob", well, 80~120 hours a week of work, plus, licking the boots of some old geezer to earn little breaks and a little handout over their bonuses (if they manage to get one). Oh! And the best part! Their children (if, again, they manage to get one) will have the same luxurious, bright and glorious future.

OFC, there's always that guy who will shout at the top of his lungs:

"Japan has one of best educations in the galaxy!"

Yup, clearly, since education in almost everywhere means memorizing. Not to think, to create, to solve or to understand. Therefore, yes, Japan has an outstanding level of "memorizers".

It's good for those who want high-unique-skilled workers who aren't able to think about anything else but to work, but, overall, I don't think it's good for humanity itself and its potential. Waste of good potential.

But again, this is not a problem unique to Japan.

Tons of places in the world suffer from that same evil. Caused by the same clowns.

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Posted in: Intrafamily murders reflect aging society's fear of future See in context

When the "You-machine" wants to take over the "You-human", and eventually succeeds.

It's only obvious that one should care about their elders and their younglings. But unfortunately people are so desperatedly busy trying to make "a life of their own" that they don't really think twice to do something really dumb.

And the worst part is that we, the poor peasants, can't do anything, about it since anything would be illegal, because that's how society works right.

"Sacrifice the present in the name of the future!"

Then, when you are old and lonely, you can have your incredible future with 80.000-120.000JPY a month as retirement! What a bless!

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Posted in: 3 men, 1 woman found dead in minivan in apparent suicide See in context

It's really easy to spot people willing to suicide online. The internet brought people really close together, no matter if you are living in Shizuoka, Kyoto, Yokohama or Neverland. Be it on social-medias, forums, communities or even arbitrary chat, things are really easier nowadays.

Pick a place, go together and die. Dying is so much easier than living, especially when you are feeling recluse from this Perfect-ish society and suddenly you find some people who are going through the same problems that you are... And they are willing to do something really extreme to make it stop.

And nowadays living is not really so charming, right? I mean, working 12-18 hours a day every day on the week to receive a mediocre paycheck to live a life-- that you wont live at all (you are working 12-18 hours everyday right?).

One way or another you aren't going to live. The difference is basically the time you'll spend suffering.

Pessimistic as it may be. It's the reality of a big share of people around Japan.

Be it...

Japanese with their responsibilities towards society;

Foreigners with their lame jobs and salaries;

Young people are seen as useless and lazy;

Middle-aged people are seen as losers with a bad job (and if they do quit, their bosses are really straight forward telling that they won't find any other job at their age);

Old people with their loneliness and emotional emptiness.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

more than 17% said they couldn't get promoted because they were foreign.

That's a good number "more than 17%" so it's somewhere near 18 up to 100, an average of 59%, still, a surprisingly small percentage.

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Posted in: 'Zebra companies' -- 'black companies' that hide their blackness with phony reforms See in context

long hours, low pay and the power harassment of underlings

Well that's awkward..

This describes exactly what it means work in Japan, doesn't it?

Or am I the unlucky one that worked in about seven corporations and in every single one of them, all of these "traits" were basically a company motto.

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Posted in: Housing website to offer LGBT support in finding tolerant landlords See in context

Well, i just remembered the first year i was in Japan, i was at a real estate and i was looking through some apartments, since i had no Japanese conversational/writing/reading skills whatsoever i had to stick with the cheaper ones, then, i found a cozy one 1LDK near a convenience store and was quite cheap. But the agent insisted "外国人だめ".

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Posted in: Gov't sets sights on improving pay for contract workers See in context

Too early for April Fools' i guess-- right?

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending Christmas in Japan? See in context

"Just like always, working overtime at Sunday."

Unfortunately, this, exemplifies accurately Japan nowadays.

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Posted in: Hard work yields no rewards; Y4 million salary barrier is impenetrable See in context

Well, that's odd, I find it hard to surpass the 2M barrier. rofl

With less than 180.000 a month without any kind of bonuses adding to that, i find it quite easy to survive. But i don't feel bad about it since-

I can eat sort of properly. Plus going out to cheap popular restaurants once or twice a month.

I can get dressed on cold/hot weathers. (gotta love shimamura rofl)

I can have a bike (although i can't use my phones while pedaling :sigh:)

I can pay my rent and bills.

I can get a little sick about once a year and my budget won't be hurt so badly.

Well, that's not a fancy lifestyle, but, it is quite nice.

But what i do feel bad about is that- it's not peaceful as i thought it would be.

I can't get to a gym (it seems that there aren't any around here in Shizuoka-Fukuroi)

I can't get a good night of sleep. (It seems that all the corporations around love to make the employees to work over 10+ hours a day)

I can't socialize. Since i'm not japanese (born-in-japan), and my japanese (language) is remarkably awful. Seems im not quite the sharpest tool in the shed on any friendlist.

But with all the problems, Japan is a nice place to live. Even without money.

(Although the corporate-guys are always trying to take all the peace away with their Zangyo-loving policy)

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Posted in: Police offer ramen discounts to elderly as incentive not to drive See in context

Perhaps we shouldn't blame the consequences, but, try and find the source of the problems.

Why do these "elderly" keep driving?

I've been in Japan for quite a time and i've seen lots of things, i've always found easier to speak with elder people, they tend to be much more friendly.

I've seen cases where a octagenarian were put out of her house by her son and his fiancée, and she was left living inside a 15sqm house in the garden without AC or a proper bathroom. Her son argued "Since father is gone You've been here by yourself, you don't need a house that big anyways.".

And she felt happy, because she was going to live once again with her son nearby. She hasn't even talked to him since he left to Tokyo a few decades ago.

But even now, he doesn't speak to her, neither his fiancée. So everyday she picks up her little car and drive to the park, feeding the birds and talking to strangers out of loneliness.

She told me her story with teary eyes and since that day i feel very uneasy when people mistreat the elderly.

The government should treat them right. But it won't work if their kids doesn't do the same.

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Posted in: Dentsu's 'power harassment hell' See in context

People keep mistaking this limit of "65 hour a month" with "65 effective hours a month".

How nice their lives must be... To think that no one would ever do 65 hours overtime.

As a matter of fact it is 160 a month [40 a week] plus 65. Which means about 3 hours overtime a day, which is quite low for nowadays standards. Me? Zettai teiji. Never been bothered by threats.

I always believed that if a day has 24 hours. 8 is used to work, 8 for basic needs [sleep eat drink and bath] and 8 for whatever you want. This is the balance. It's not quite possible to achieve it, but, you can get very close to it.

May not be profitable but it's quite fun, as long as I don't have any Fancy plans for the future. Well i dont need them, Japan is quite a nice country to wander around anyways.

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