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Posted in: Let’s get back to worksheets See in context

Hmmm, I honestly don't know what to make of this argument. Gluing, cutting, and pasting to learn math? I've never heard of that before, unless we're talking pre-school. (shrug) I currently reside in Hawaii, and here the math is taught in a very traditional (for lack of a better word) fashion, with the use of worksheets and other aids. My only gripe is the rate at which it (and other subjects as well) are taught, which is much too fast, in my opinion. It seems like a whole week hasn't gone by before new concepts are introduced, without making sure the students have fully grasped previous ones. Times are financially tough for my family, and even though I feel that my return to the workforce would help out, my husband often reminds me that being a stay at home mother helps as it ensures I can spend more time with my children, going over subjects with them so that they can get develop a solid understanding of what they are being taught in school. It's a sacrifice now, but hopefully one that will reap rewards later.

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Posted in: Student hangs himself in Hokkaido; note hints at being bullied See in context

Lots of good points raised here! I definitely agree that parents should make it a point to be there for their kids to talk to, but unfortunately most parents don't have that kind of relationship with their children. Sometimes you really do just have to step in as a parent and put your foot down! Of course, ideally, we'd like situations to be resolved as peacefully as possible, but sometimes the bullying party involved doesn't make it that easy, and children sometimes have to physically defend themselves as well.

My children are the victims of bullying, and I always make it a point to tell them to stick up for themselves, because if they don't the bullying will continue, possibly even progress. There's "supposed" to be a tough no-bullying policy at the school. One of my sons told me a kid in his class pushed him at school, even spit water and then food at him. I told him to report it to his teacher (because that's proper protocol, right?). He said he did, but nothing was really done about it. I then told my son that if that kid pushes you again, push his a** back! He said the teacher told him that if he did, he'd be suspended or expelled even. I feel like this, that if a kid can give a lick, he can sure as hell take one! I told my son not to allow anyone to put his hands on him, and in the event he gets in trouble for defending himself, not to worry about being in any trouble with me because I have nooo problem in letting the school or the parents of the bully know where I stand! Damn that!

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Posted in: Girl held for setting apartment on fire after stabbing mother See in context

This has got to be a parent's worst nightmare, to have one of your own children try to kill you?!

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Posted in: Tattoos See in context

I wonder what SHE does for a living?

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Posted in: Club host held for giving drinks to woman who caused fatal accident See in context

I admit I don't care for the club scene myself, neither do I drink, but if I were a betting woman, I'd say that drinking is what usually occurs at these kinds of places? I actually place the blame on both the host and the woman. Sure, the host should have done the good samaritan deed and not plied the woman with as much alcohol as he did, or even offered to call her a cab if she appeared too drunk to drive. At the same time, I'm sure the woman planned on having alcohol beforehand, and therefore should have taken the responsibility to secure a designated driver. Of course I'm basing that on what is available in this article as it does seem to lack details.

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Posted in: Veggie-inspired KitKats See in context

I think I'll pass on this one, thank you very much.

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Posted in: 82-yr-old man fatally stabs neighbor after argument over shogi See in context

LOL @ 'Random Murder of the Day' section!

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai's yakuza upbringing in spotlight See in context

Ahhh, nobody's family is perfect. Hell, I'm just waiting on the book. Better yet, I agree with another comment, I'm waiting on the J-dorama, too! Who's gonna play Nori-P?

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Posted in: Kumamoto man arrested after fatally stabbing his daughter’s 38-year-old boyfriend See in context

If I'm not mistaken, isn't the age of legal sexual consent for a girl in Japan, like, 13 or something? I'm just putting that out there to point out that even though many of us have a hard time with a man of that age dating a girl that young (hell, even I disagree with it), his decision to have sex with a girl of that young an age is considered legal, at least in Japan. So while the father's actions are criminal, the daughter's boyfriend's were not.

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Posted in: Woman drowns trying to save son in Miyazaki See in context

With all the horror stories of women out there mutilitating, abusing, and murdering their own children these days, I commend this woman. She reacted with the instinct to save her child, a protective instinct only found in "mothers". My heart truly goes out to the family. No doubt they are suffering right now.

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Posted in: Body of newborn infant found floating in sea in Okinawa See in context

It's very easy to get emotional when reading a story like this. After all, the victim was an innocent baby. Yet, I agree with 'alphawolf' in that we should refrain from jumping to conclusions as the facts aren't in yet. Still, even I can't help but think this crime seems befitting of a young girl who, out of fear, may have hid her pregnancy from her family, birthed the child alone, and then disposed of its body in the only manner she could think of. Stories like this have surfaced in the past, but hopefully the facts in this case will be revealed soon enough. I also agree with 'alphawolf' that it's good when stories like this are revealed. The way I see it, it's a step closer in reaching the justice that should be sought for the sake of the baby. How many other such similar stories like this have taken place without anyone ever being made aware (i.e. the public)? It's almost as if it never happened, and how unfair is that to the child? I think stories like this "should" be made public, in hopes that it will send a message that such crimes will "not" be tolerated, action "will" be taken, justice "will" be sought. But, that's just my opinion, though. (shrug)

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