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Posted in: A craft beer born from Tokyo’s center of subculture, Shimokitazawa See in context

So it was made in partnership with a Shimokita Izakaya, but "where to drink it" doesn't list that Izakaya. Not good enough for them to sell, even as a takeaway if they are not serving alcohol inside??

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Posted in: Time to start tipping taxi drivers in Japan? Cab company now gives passengers option in Tokyo See in context

@Sven - by tipping you are encouraging Uber Eats to exploit their drivers. They should pay an adequate amount - after all they take delivery fee and service fee from us AND a fee from the restaurant, which is why the prices are marked up compared to restaurants. All in all they are getting 25+ of the order price on average.

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Posted in: Japan to start multilingual coronavirus helpline See in context

Do Vietnamese get up an hour late? Or is there only one Vietnamese person employed and they were doing something before 10am?

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Posted in: Japan eyes 35% quota for women political candidates by 2025 See in context

To be a politician in Japan you need whack loads of money. Gender balance is good but ultimately it will still be the same rich people - no balance there.

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Posted in: Tokyo best city in the world to live in, study says See in context

Great city. Unfortunately policy of Japan towards perm residents sucks. Perhaps if they surveyed perm residents here they would get a different answer

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Posted in: Burger King releases its first-ever 'buns-free' burger in Japan See in context

Heart attack waiting to happen

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Posted in: 'Wonder Woman 1984' to debut in theaters and on HBO Max in December See in context

Japanese cinemas?

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Posted in: ANA announces new mileage redemption program with Peach Aviation See in context

*like Shinkansen

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Posted in: ANA announces new mileage redemption program with Peach Aviation See in context

What would be added flexibility is if airlines stopped this rubbish of having an expensive airline and a cheap airline. No wonder the industry is in trouble. Just give us sensible stable prices line Shinkansen.

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Posted in: Charlie Brown specials to air on TV, after all, in PBS deal See in context

Which channel is that in JAPAN? Because surely this must be Japan relevant given its Japan Today

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Posted in: Cram school operator arrested for holding 6-year-old boy upside down, causing eye injury See in context

A ballet teacher did similar to my daughter (thankfully not as serious) and gave similar excuse. I gave her a bollocking and we quit immediately.

Amazing the reaction of the Japanese mums I told the story too - ah, that’s what Japanese “teachers” do, it’s how they teach, we experienced that.. etc

Encourage kids - no. Motivate kids - no. Shout at them and abuse them - that’s the way to do it. They just don’t have a clue in Japan.

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Posted in: Beaujolais Nouveau released See in context

”Where should we send this crap that no one wants to drink in France?”

”Japanese convenience stores!”

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Posted in: Nissan's UK business tough to sustain without Brexit trade deal: COO Gupta See in context

Wouldn’t buy another Nissan anyway after the Ghosn witch hunt

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Posted in: IHO OKs proposal that maintains exclusive use of 'Japan Sea' name See in context

Look. Here’s the scoop. It will no longer be called Japan Sea or Sea to Japan. But for a laugh to annoy the Koreans one more time, they are pretending it will be. Then sitting back with some popcorn.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift says back catalog sold without her knowledge See in context

Let me summarise: Signed a contract at the beginning of her career as an adult. Now regrets it. Never shuts up about it because she thinks she’s entitled.

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Posted in: Walmart to sell 85% of Seiyu to KKR, Rakuten See in context

“The problem for Japan is the ever-declining base of consumers and rate of consumption ... That's a huge no-no for any foreign retail giant like Walmart or TESCO.”

This is completely wrong. Japan supports convenience stores on every corner and multitudes of mini supermarkets - which doesn’t work in western countries. Similarly, western companies thinking they can apply a western model here doesn’t work.

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Posted in: Walmart to sell 85% of Seiyu to KKR, Rakuten See in context

Expect to be spammed with newsletters and leaflets on the way out the shop just like Rakuten online shop spams you with junk mail if you forget to seek out the hidden “don’t subscribe me to a million newsletters” tick boxes.

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Posted in: Japanese katsu chain releases heaps of bacon and chicken katsu series See in context

That looks like Japanese bacon which is nothing like western bacon. Got my hopes up for a second there.

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Posted in: Rakuten launches Rakuten DX solution See in context

Oh gosh now when you buy something from a real store you’ll find yourself on a billion spam Rakuten newsletters because you didn’t notice the hidden opt out options when you enter your credit card pin.

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Posted in: Public money guarantees 'risky' fossil fuel projects: experts See in context

Japanese public money?

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Posted in: Japan finds luring businesses from Hong Kong may be tough See in context

Not just income tax rate - but tax on worldwide income after 5 years and draconian inheritance tax laws.

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Posted in: 93% of airline passengers in Asia-Pacific say their travel routines have changed forever See in context

Good. I was fed up of airlines with wildly different prices for the same seats, ripping us off with inflated pricing whenever they could, charging more for an A to B compared with an A to C via B flight, Nickle-and-dime charges for things like 1lg over baggage, etc. Please return with consistent pricing ala Shinkansen.

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Posted in: The world’s first eggwich speciality store opens in Osaka See in context

A burger with a “healthy alternative” lower carb bun as their business model, paired with... carby fries and carby sugar coke. They haven’t thought this concept through.

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Posted in: Women bear brunt of online abuse as world goes digital in pandemic See in context

“The International Women's Media Foundation said 58% of nearly 600 female journalists interviewed in 2018 had been threatened or harassed in person, and one in 10 had received death threats.”

Not disputing this - but would be good to hear the figures of an equivalent men’s survey. Only then can we truly judge how much of a sex divide there is. Male journalists like Piers Morgan who is a polarising individual, or investigative journalists, would probably say they have been threatened or harasssed.

Also, what about people who don’t identify as male or female - what are their stats? Sex isn’t just M / F these days

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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting sex from teenage girl See in context

It’s about time Japan banned Manga showing people having (sometimes abusive) sex with school kids, AKB48 and co sexualising their members with school uniforms. I’m not saying this is a direct cause for people having sex with school kids but it’s not right to have such material as accepted in society when the act is actually illegal.

As others have said, 17 is legal in many other countries, and legal age in Japan is inconsistent. It would help to have a clear country wide age set.

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Posted in: 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek dies at 80 See in context

Was he very famous in Japan?

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Posted in: Johnson Town: Japan's own little slice of 1950s America See in context

Can’t see any lawns in the main photos. Got a photo to illustrate that?

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Posted in: Muji’s new soy meat can be stored at room temperature, needs no hydration See in context

“With the expanding availability of plant-based meats in Japan” - where is this expanding availability? Please tell us where else sells plant based meats

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Posted in: Muji’s new soy meat can be stored at room temperature, needs no hydration See in context

generically modified or not?

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