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Posted in: K-pop band TWICE reveals its daring side on new album See in context

Mixing up Japan and Korea again? All Asian countries are not the sma you know

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Posted in: First look at Keanu Reeves’ Japanese dub in 'Cyberpunk 2077' trailer See in context

Because readers of English language japantoday reallly care about how an English film is dubbed into Japanese

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Posted in: How to stay healthy when recovering from disordered eating behavior See in context

Let me summarise: non-Japanese woman living in Japan feels bad because she can’t get into Japanese free size clothes and Japanese can. Eating disorders are low in number here; author hasn’t been disagnosed with an eating disorder but thinks she must have one because she has struggled with her weight.

Be happy in yourself. Stop trying to attain the body of a woman of another culture when your metabolism isn’t built that way.

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Posted in: Financial regulators probe Tokyo Stock Exchange over outage See in context

A 25 person committee will get nothing done. Let’s see - is it 90%+ old Japanese men?

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

The Japanese must have been holding back their giggles. Yes, reduced car tariffs in exchange for cheaper lamb into Japan. Lamb that no one eats here. Lol

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

I once had a Japanese person get angry at me on LINE because I said something good about Korea during the “boycott Korea” movement last year. How dare I say good things about Korea - we should boycott everything Korean... she ranted to me, missing the complete irony that she was using LINE, owned by Korean Naver.

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Posted in: Budget airline Zipair starts Tokyo-Seoul passenger service despite pandemic See in context

And this on the same day that there’s also an article on opinions of South Koreans on Japanese being at a record low

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Posted in: Sushi chain starts contactless service as pandemic grinds on See in context

And making and plating the sushi is contactless too?

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Posted in: Mail delivery robot makes test run on Tokyo road See in context

“the first of its kind on a public road in Japan”

You mean a public sidewalk?

Just what we need. Bad enough trying to dodge mama chari’s and Uber Eats manics and smokers when walking down the street without this thing that replaces the job of a human being.

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Posted in: Coe supports athletes' right to advocate for social or racial justice at Olympics See in context

Olympics is propoganda. It’s become a dictatorship driven by money.

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Posted in: TSE sets up committee on outage as Fujitsu continues investigation See in context

This sentence makes no sense: after a memory in one of its discs was physically broken

A disk/c can’t have “a memory”. Therefore it can’t have be “physically” broken since it doesn’t exist.

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Posted in: Push to bring coronavirus vaccines to the poor faces trouble See in context

Don’t worry y’all - Apple, Nike, etc will ensure the poor sweatshop workers get their vaccinations.

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Posted in: Making vegan and organic dishes in Japan See in context

Must be great to be paid to just watch YouTube videos and write about them.

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Posted in: NEC face recognition engine provides highly accurate results even when face masks are worn See in context

iPhone facial recognition works great if you don’t cover your nose with your mask.

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Posted in: James Bond movie 'No Time to Die' delayed until April 2021 See in context

Laughingly it’s currently advertised on posters around Tokyo for November. You think they would have held off on the advertising if a delay was a possibility.

Just put it straight to Netflix.

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Posted in: Over 500 karaoke booths close due to COVID-19, dealing blow to the industry See in context

Wish it was pachinko closing. But being backed by organised crime, they can survive.

Are karaoke places not backed by organised crime too - I’m shocked

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Posted in: Sony's new $500 PlayStation 5 will launch Nov 12 See in context

I just bought two Switch’s for the family. Love that they can be used portably and on the TV. Games like Animal Crossing are fun too and they look good on my 4K 65inch TB. Other than load time and making it VR, I can’t see how a next gen console would really improve games like Animal Crossing.

One of the biggest issues with digital is the restrictions put in place. Apple got it right with Family Sharing. Nintendo’s system JUST works when sharing between two consoles - but while one console can have a digital game played by any user, the second can only have it played by the game purchaser and they must have WI-FI for DRM. It’s clunky and only JUST works. It wouldn’t work if we bought a 3rd console.

If I was buying a next gen system it would be based on how flexible the digital rights system is for multi users, multi devices

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Posted in: Japan's e-money service fraud widens; 5 other operators involved See in context

Japanese banks don’t help the situation. Recently Japan Post sent requests for “Know your customer” type information by letter requiring you to visit a website which looked dodgy as hell (different URL from the normal URL etc) and enter in depth personal information. Unless you do so, they restrict your account. Sounds totally fishy but it’s genuine. This kind of thing makes it hard for people to know what’s genuine and what’s not

Got the same from SMBC requiring it to be sent back by paper, which is at least better - but I hate all this information gathering in the name of protecting you when really you are just exposing your information.

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Posted in: Amazon's Japan unit to return ¥2 bil to suppliers See in context

Unfortunately there is no decent competitor to Amazon. Rakuten is a disaster with spam newsletters, pages half covered in ads, inconsistent delivery and service. All the other Japanese shopping malls are just as bad as Rakuten.

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Posted in: China expects Japan's next PM to be conciliatory amid U.S. tensions See in context

China bullies.

He is unlikely to be elected by the public if he bends over for China.

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context

“On Thursday, Tokyo reported 276 additional virus cases, bringing the cumulative total in the capital to 22,444, the highest by far among Japan's 47 prefectures.”

Also the highest population of the 47 prefectures so of course it will have the highest count.

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Posted in: Go To travel subsidy program to cover half of costs from October See in context

Makes no sense to exclude Tokyo. In percentage terms we are similar to places like Osaka.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: Partner's sex demands ruining my mental health See in context

Are people missing that she is disgusted IN LOVE. So she loves this dude that treats her this way. That says a lot about her mental stability - probably what attracted her to him in the first place.

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Posted in: New episodes of Disney+ hit 'Mandalorian' coming in October See in context

Is Disney+ available in Japan?

Disney channel streaming is horribly locked here

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 116 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 449 See in context

Perhaps they stopped testing in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku night bars

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Posted in: Reality show 'Bachelor Japan' cast member dies in suspected suicide See in context

Extremely sad she took her own life.

But there were warning bells

She went on one TV show to try to get married. That failed. She then went on another where a marriage partner was chosen and the first 30 days were shown on TV.

To be that obsessed with getting married and to go to such extreme measures, at that age. something must have been wrong.

We should also be cognisant that the word star in “reality tv star”, means nothing other than “participator”. These people are not stars. The media calling them such just adds to the problems. Invent another word for them like Instagram Stars becoming Instagram Influencers.

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Posted in: Light-up See in context

So it’s set for times that are not advertised so only a few people can attend. The only people this is cheering up is the firework companies. Hope this isn’t taxpayer funded.

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Posted in: SoftBank to sell $12.5 bil shares of its Japan telecoms unit See in context

“It said the offering replaced no change in its relationship with SoftBank Group Corp”

How can you replace “no change...”? JT once again didn’t proof read

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Posted in: Race for new PM starts after Abe's resignation; Aso won't run See in context

Combover has to win. These days you can’t be a country leader without a ridiculous hairdo.

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Posted in: Abe says decision to resign before accomplishing his goals 'gut-wrenching' See in context

“Without a clear consensus on who should succeed Abe, LDP lawmakers could elect Aso as a temporary leader if Abe resigns”

IF Abe resigns? Hasn’t he already resigned!

Amazed that someone aged 39 is too young. There is hope for me. I no longer feel old.

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